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Pat McAfee's Week 4 NFL Bets
20 dagen geleden
Scott Thompson
Scott Thompson 9 uur geleden
I laughed out loud at the “3 pump”...Pretty hi-larious
Zach J
Zach J 9 uur geleden
The Cowboys are becoming the Mets of the NFL. Two games in and you start talking about next year. LoL
Shakester71 9 uur geleden
I get it. Douglas isn’t going to tie his career to a QB he didn’t draft. The problem is, what would he do with Darnold? Trade him for a second or third rounder pick? Maccagnan really screwed that roster up and it’s not gonna get fixed overnight. Another problem is that Adam Gase is a Douglas hire and Gase isn’t a good head coach. So it doesn’t matter if they draft Joe Montana, this team isn’t going anywhere for a long time.
Kenyon Bolling
Kenyon Bolling 9 uur geleden
they couldn't do it with Dak lol
Tdjdj Tesfns
Tdjdj Tesfns 9 uur geleden
I'm so confused this is why I dont watch wwe lol
Baby Shark
Baby Shark 9 uur geleden
This is the best segment in sports
Tdjdj Tesfns
Tdjdj Tesfns 9 uur geleden
13:01 little man tyme
1upization 9 uur geleden
Love how Rodgers keeps coming back, he clearly loves this lol
henry A avalos
henry A avalos 9 uur geleden
Zombie Puppies
Zombie Puppies 9 uur geleden
Guy is a Legend and funny!
Killa Beez
Killa Beez 9 uur geleden
Gase will ruin Lawrence lol
Allen Berman
Allen Berman 9 uur geleden
Love when Rodgers is on this show
Tdjdj Tesfns
Tdjdj Tesfns 9 uur geleden
Why does pat have the hudl logo in the top right
peeps barnyaard
peeps barnyaard 9 uur geleden
I'm still in the honey moon phase with Pat's show, and then i hear about the GDF? (game-day flop) That's like the time i found out my favorite band had 8 previous albums i didn't know about.
Dominic T Tremblay
Dominic T Tremblay 9 uur geleden
he problably made a robot version of him self so he doesnt die like elvis prestly
Rod Pasichnyk
Rod Pasichnyk 9 uur geleden
Question is, did they ask you to sign the pick-6 ball?
stephen harris
stephen harris 9 uur geleden
Hope the Steelers get Sam darnold
Jon Abbott
Jon Abbott 9 uur geleden
The draft is rigged.
Gene Villarreal
Gene Villarreal 9 uur geleden
3 pump chump 🤣😂
Nicknight12 10 uur geleden
If Gase leaves then they have a chance
Natearl13 10 uur geleden
I hope he pulls an Eli on draft day
Salvador Rodriguez
Salvador Rodriguez 10 uur geleden
Pat’s face when he realizes he’s gonna get what he wants to hear And then following with trying so hard not to smile like an idiot Priceless.
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson 10 uur geleden
Basically he's saying fire Adam gase
hugo 10 uur geleden
Why does mcafree keep saying he’s top 100 Hes top 1
Purplxd AFG
Purplxd AFG 10 uur geleden
Check out our latest video. We would appreciate it.
V Rip
V Rip 10 uur geleden
Aaron: "No, I didn't have any brown spots on the pants" Pat: *nods head* "Smart"
cell9899 10 uur geleden
Loving these ARod interviews!!!
Shalom Kadosh
Shalom Kadosh 10 uur geleden
Darnold was the biggest bust in the world
Leon Anderson
Leon Anderson 10 uur geleden
I look forward to these chats so much. Rodgers leaves little comments where he’s not disrespectful to opponents but a bit cheeky an Pats gets so excited
Average Joe
Average Joe 10 uur geleden
Mahomes is very talented. Put him on the Jets and "see how bad he is". He is surrounded with talent and his coaches are excellent.
Chase Angell_STi
Chase Angell_STi 10 uur geleden
If he shits the bed 🤣🤣😂😂😂
Cmkev 17
Cmkev 17 10 uur geleden
Futureforward 10 uur geleden
2:29 ... the funniest Pat and AJ synchronized reaction
Tucker Guenzel
Tucker Guenzel 10 uur geleden
Clay is always going to have a special place in my heart. Go Pack
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 10 uur geleden
Cannot wait until Kyle Allen dominates the Cowboys and everybody can shut up about me starting...😂
Mason Waclaw
Mason Waclaw 10 uur geleden
I’m a bears fan yet I love when Arron Rodgers goes on the show every week just seems like a nice guy
Connor Sutherland
Connor Sutherland 10 uur geleden
This guy is so Captain Obvious, has never had a hot take in his life. He also never answers the questions on the title. Damn is he boring...
DOS-FS Lady 10 uur geleden
AJ -- please just drink a glass of water like a man and quit sucking on the baby-bottle nozzle. Otherwise, all good!
king shark
king shark 10 uur geleden
Ron Rivera coaching calls say Washington is tanking for trevor too. Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
peanutbutter mike
peanutbutter mike 10 uur geleden
Caleb DesJardins
Caleb DesJardins 10 uur geleden
Fitz is so loved in buffalo. I sorta hope he comes back to B-Lo and helps Allen improve. They’re good friends and besides if Allen goes down I would rather Fitzpatrick than Matt Barkley.
MJestic Games & Reviews
AJ Hawk's microphone must stink in a deep cigar smell.
D Dubs
D Dubs 10 uur geleden
I want Aaron to read me bed time stories...oh that voice. Just like his smoooooth
Wayne Puckett
Wayne Puckett 10 uur geleden
Is the dog gonna replace Aaron on State Farm commercials? 🤣😂
Kevin Osborne
Kevin Osborne 10 uur geleden
Tua is another David Klinger
Mike Milly
Mike Milly 10 uur geleden
That rock reference is amazing lol
Falco Burke
Falco Burke 10 uur geleden
Cowboys are coming for you Trevor...
Jamie Nolastname
Jamie Nolastname 10 uur geleden
boomer, ok
boomer, ok 10 uur geleden
Everyone wants a franchise qb instead of assessing the whole team.
MontenegrinIcon 10 uur geleden
Loving the video, but am I the only one that has to constantly press up on the volume button on my phone so I can hear it properly?
Christopher B
Christopher B 10 uur geleden
If the cowboys were smart they would be on the Phone with Fitzmagic.
Taintsnorkeler 4
Taintsnorkeler 4 10 uur geleden
Fitz going to browns would be insane
Jack Combs
Jack Combs 10 uur geleden
Something tells me that the Jets don't have to tank
SeanDaNerd 10 uur geleden
Ha I knew it was Key and Peele
Christian Kelly
Christian Kelly 10 uur geleden
Wow Rodgers is a Bad Ass.. Northern California Kid! 🐻🐾🧀
sofaking777777 10 uur geleden
Mike McCarthy without Rodgers, is Bellicheat without Brady
Luke Regan
Luke Regan 11 uur geleden
If you wanna hear how bad rehabbing is, don't ask professional athletes with infinite resources and help. Ask the amateur athletes with no resources, in debt up to their neck, ask regular people with 9-5 jobs, children to take care of. I feel bad that professional athletes get injured, but I feel no sympathy for their rehabbing
FRANK 11 uur geleden
2:55 well that was accurate
Cooper Coffey
Cooper Coffey 11 uur geleden
Hahahah on the cardinals pick against Dallas: “I don’t know how that’s not illegal contact...that’s like..the rule.”
The Replay
The Replay 11 uur geleden
Only the Packers terrible defense make Gronks corpse look All-Pro.
TheJulez14 11 uur geleden
A Rod in Expendables 4 that would be great! Hahaha
B.Brenson Bell
B.Brenson Bell 11 uur geleden
“He could be a chemist”😂
Ross McFarland
Ross McFarland 11 uur geleden
Being a Lions fan ill admit that Suh was/is a dirty player but watching Rodgers cry and whine if Suh touched him was the best, but much respect to Rodgers for not pulling a Rivers lol
L M 11 uur geleden
Are Pat’s sources his eyes?
Helen Clarke
Helen Clarke 11 uur geleden
Michael looks tired.
Thomas Meadows
Thomas Meadows 11 uur geleden
Gronk isn't back as what he was yet. Can he ever be what he was probably not but can he be a legitimate starter in the NFL yes. I don't care who is the coach or runs the team Brady is the QB and the goat no knock on any of the guys I grew up on like Marino young Favre Elway Montana ect. In whatever order you want he's got 6 rings could have 7 or 8 if he puts It all together 1 or 2 more times but he's going to decide who he throws to period not a HC or OC nobody but Brady makes that call.
CIA Patsy Troublesome Westside Outlaw
Love was celebrating with Gudnpuss & Coach about the hit from AWJR.
Clay Hazelberg
Clay Hazelberg 11 uur geleden
Next time someone should tell Aaron he has a huge piece of dog hair lint on his hoodie before he goes on this show... poor guy! I blame AJ for not signaling him... LOL
Brian Halstead
Brian Halstead 11 uur geleden
And that’s when Trevor goes for another year in college lol
Alex Olson
Alex Olson 11 uur geleden
Inject this into my veins
Bill Graper
Bill Graper 11 uur geleden
In front of all those people, I'd probably miss the layup over & over.
Sterling Hiltabrand
Sterling Hiltabrand 11 uur geleden
Pat as an actual Cowboys fan (Im 20 been following them for 20 years), Dak is not the problem. I will be honest and say I personally do not like Dak, I think he puts up big numbers to back the money he wants but he can't win. I believe that if Dak played vs. the Cardinals and everything played out the same way i.e. Zeke fumbles and what not, they still would have lost maybe not by that much but it still would have been a loss. Dak being out is not the problem, the problem is the O-line - the most experienced player right now with Zach Martin going out is 3 years. The coaching, the DC, and the defense as a whole. And most of these problems start with Jerry. As long as Jerry runs this team how he wants to, they will never win. Jerry needs to swallow his pride and get a REAL GM and a young head coach who will challenge him. Stop paying people early, stop paying for "stars" - if Zeke played on the Pats, Bill would bench his ass for those two fumbles. THE REAL PROBLEM IS JERRY and no one else.
Mathew Andrist
Mathew Andrist 11 uur geleden
S/o my boy winfield jr. Use to play vs him in middle school in mn
Nickoli Stef
Nickoli Stef 11 uur geleden
Not a packers fan but I honestly respect Rogers for coming on here after a big loss he seems like a pretty cool person and not who I thought he was.
nicsandknacksandseans 11 uur geleden
“Hey! This kid did pretty good with those two whole passes he threw! Let’s start him!”
Andrew B
Andrew B 11 uur geleden
If I was stranded on a desert island and could only have one thing, I'd trade my fresh water supply for more Aaron Rodgers on the Pat McAfee Show.
California Cowboy
California Cowboy 11 uur geleden
Why would they want him when they have sam ?
James Ellis
James Ellis 11 uur geleden
you get along with everyone Roger's all but my family
Christopher Rivera
Christopher Rivera 11 uur geleden
Hey man, they need to bring back the chime song that they had at the end of every video!