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Greg Allen F1
Greg Allen F1 8 seconden geleden
I hate everything about this take....because it is pretty much 100% spot on.
Snafu 11 seconden geleden
I like how only Pat and Boys are talking Dan BS leak but nun of the other big sports shows are which is kinda weird.
VoltXxShot2 41 seconde geleden
Steve Schutte
Steve Schutte 47 seconden geleden
As a Chiefs fan, I'm obviously biased towards Tyreek and Mecole as the fastest players in the NFL, but neither of them would make the U.S. track team. After Ross set the combine record in 2017, everyone talked about how he would dominate the Olympics. So University of Tennessee track star Christian Coleman demonstrated the idiocy of that idea by running a 4.12 40 with no distance specific training. In 2016 Coleman barely made the U.S. team as a member of 4x100 meter relay team and he competed in the heats only. He didn't qualify for any individual event. He is considerably faster now being the current 100 meter champion. I hope Metcalf tries to make the Olympic team this year so he gets embarrassed at the Olympic Trials and then we can put this idea that NFL players would dominate the Olympics to rest.
Dante Minuut geleden
I need that SmackDahn shirt LOL way too good
Lee Garghan
Lee Garghan Minuut geleden
What was going through Pats head as Vince approaches........."he's gonna fire me"
Matt Favaloro
Matt Favaloro Minuut geleden
Ochocinco is fighting on the undercard
Jesus Ccccccc
Jesus Ccccccc Minuut geleden
I support this pat. Lets open up a GoFundMe page and get enought money to go buy the greenbay packers..
Elliot 3 minuten geleden
Could someone list all the questions? Don't think I'm gonna have time to hear the whole show
TankBromansky 3 minuten geleden
Why is Pat such a fan of the douche Bag Bros?
piougar 3 minuten geleden
some people never graduate JR.HIGH
WORkM4N 3 minuten geleden
Am I the only one that doesn't see a problem with Pittman not giving his number up?
Bilistik 3 minuten geleden
That was a great point about all the cameras. Where is all the footage?! Are they actors?? I keep seeing the same few angles.
Mooemoney 4 minuten geleden
Actually you Americans have some top players who play in Europe right now sad thing is majority of Americans won't know their names
Bello B
Bello B 4 minuten geleden
Jake is taking over the world
LRG1013 4 minuten geleden
Yo my boy AJ looks like Woody Harrelson with that cut 💇‍♂️
mArked4death 07
mArked4death 07 4 minuten geleden
You little slap head haha
TheU2001 MIA
TheU2001 MIA 6 minuten geleden
Just a Kickers #. No one should care.
Alvalanker 6 minuten geleden
Diehard NY Rangers fan here. Very funny video, great content.
hoppy7777 Hopkins
hoppy7777 Hopkins 6 minuten geleden
That rugby team wouldn't lose a game!
Chris Malham
Chris Malham 6 minuten geleden
Joe Flacco is shortest interview right
Jayben Hinckley
Jayben Hinckley 8 minuten geleden
DBut Friday’s!!!
Marlene Combs
Marlene Combs 9 minuten geleden
It was 100% real. Your guy is wrong. Jake planned it but again was real no doubt
luffySenpai619 10 minuten geleden
Taking over the world, my asssss, your opinion suck!!that’s disrespecting af, and acting like a middle school child!!
Cooper S
Cooper S 10 minuten geleden
The ticker is literally just an employee directly quoting what people have said during the show😂 beautiful. “Shohei Ohtani is VERY VERY good at baseball.”
Michael Verschoore
Michael Verschoore 10 minuten geleden
He sounds like he's saying it's more fun to be on a run first team cause they the receiver's "get bored" and need to make a name else where cause they're not all getting obj moments
Jason Kyle
Jason Kyle 10 minuten geleden
The Paul brothers are a cancer to society.
CeeWorld 11 minuten geleden
Adam Schefter is a REAL piece of 💩 gah damn!!! Lol 😂🤣😆
PenguinREA008 11 minuten geleden
Lets go jj watt
Warren Mazengwe
Warren Mazengwe 12 minuten geleden
I have always said when it comes to athletes, especially basketball players; there are some that the world should be happy to become pro Athletes instead of becoming gangsta; Matt Barnes (6'7), Stephen Jackson (6'8), Ron Artest (6'6), and Russell Westbrook(6'3). Those dudes are enormous compared to the average man, but they have the same attitude on the court. That would be scary to see vs. a human or doing crime.
Michael Gorden
Michael Gorden 12 minuten geleden
Surprised ur defense didn't get ya find more! Lol
DrVonDumervil 12 minuten geleden
He isnt getting paid. He’ll get a settlement and thats it. Dude has been trash and played 64 snaps in 3 years. This is the biggest out for denver and this anchor of a contract.
Ruben D
Ruben D 13 minuten geleden
Come on Pat, you're realy entertaining this reality TV propaganda bs? I love you brother but don't....
hoppy7777 Hopkins
hoppy7777 Hopkins 14 minuten geleden
Rugby 7s
Toby James
Toby James 14 minuten geleden
NLblock comments came at me hard for saying that incident was a work . I stand by it , it was definitely a work .
CT-_-Tr33l0v3r YT
CT-_-Tr33l0v3r YT 15 minuten geleden
Pat said oh my God there's a firm handshake just got to do it right and then I'll be good
Jesus Torres
Jesus Torres 15 minuten geleden
A bunch of casuals😂💀
Mike Gallagher
Mike Gallagher 16 minuten geleden
... show fuckin stinks....
Terrence Childs
Terrence Childs 16 minuten geleden
Gase does stink.
Brine Gill
Brine Gill 16 minuten geleden
Wow ty looks a lot like Darius today.
Brine Gill
Brine Gill 10 minuten geleden
@Blivious 1305 his last name is butler. He was a cornerback on the same team as Pat. He on the show a lot.
Blivious 1305
Blivious 1305 12 minuten geleden
Yo there’s a lot of former and current Darius’s in this and I am not good with faces whats Darius’s last name
The Journey
The Journey 16 minuten geleden
This man lived one amazing life I’ll tell you that 💯
true Patriot
true Patriot 16 minuten geleden
Yeah they had to change the rules when the Patriots own the receivers from the Colts and Peyton Manning cried so they changed it
E J 16 minuten geleden
I love Darius, man. Pat surrounds himself with great people
rich dieso
rich dieso 16 minuten geleden
Boxing a dead sport. This just hyped up wrestling all these matches are a work.
mlwilliam213 17 minuten geleden
Darius' takes on Mac Jones were hilarious.
Coma Gin
Coma Gin 17 minuten geleden
Where was Jake Paul's entourage that stepped to Askren with a quickness?
Ryan Regan
Ryan Regan 17 minuten geleden
Drinki before Smack Dahn ok Pat do ya thing bro
Fishin an huntin Outdoors
Fishin an huntin Outdoors 17 minuten geleden
Mr. Rogers go to denver
Hedy Did
Hedy Did 19 minuten geleden
If your not holding the Mic, then Never touch the Microphone.
ProfPolish 19 minuten geleden
Jake Paul is an idiot. He’s gonna get put to sleep by a geezer.
VoltXxShot2 19 minuten geleden
Malante Hayworth
Malante Hayworth 21 minuut geleden
Spoken perfectly like people who don't know [email protected] about boxing. "one shot". Jesus
Jeff Jacobsen
Jeff Jacobsen 21 minuut geleden
All credit to Pat and the boys for taking a calm, logical approach to these things. That's why you have Rodgers on your show. Because he respects you enough to want to be there. ESPN used to be respected sports journalism and has really disappointed over years with allowing these types of stories not be classified purely as "opinion pieces" but actually be presented as facts. This is costly to a lot of parties, reckless, and a liability.
Brent Hood
Brent Hood 21 minuut geleden
How many times was Farve done?
Trevor bush
Trevor bush 21 minuut geleden
Pat Jerry Krause did not draft mj..ha doesn't get credit for putting together the best team if he doesn't draft the best player!!
Ben 21 minuut geleden
I hate the Paul brother's more than the next man, but you got to respect the MASSIVE balls Jake has for going through the sea of bodyguards to steal his hat. Jake took a straight right and lost a tooth, so I doubt it was fake for publicity. Jake rolled through solo aka no bodyguards.
PenguinREA008 21 minuut geleden
Trey Yama
Trey Yama 22 minuten geleden
Pat the best sports analyst in the damn world
Dorian Preister
Dorian Preister 23 minuten geleden
Wilson is the goat
Dan Spriggs
Dan Spriggs 23 minuten geleden
Who is the DB?
Cy Floriana
Cy Floriana 23 minuten geleden
Pat kinda looks like Jake Paul in 15 years.
Cadillac Jack
Cadillac Jack 24 minuten geleden
I've seen better promos from the golden era of WWF
Dan D
Dan D 24 minuten geleden
Pat thinking “Holy crap, I can’t believe I’m seeing him again. I’m gonna die!”
kiddada3 24 minuten geleden
We need to band together as a society and ignore these fuqing tools....
HansomR 7
HansomR 7 25 minuten geleden
This is why I have him blocked on Twitter. He's a liberal troll
Jacob Fischer
Jacob Fischer 26 minuten geleden
Maybe Tom Brady's success has always been due to the number rule. He wasn't the college goat.
David 1298
David 1298 26 minuten geleden
Jake Paul just cost his brother his life lmao
Oliver Santikham
Oliver Santikham 27 minuten geleden
I remember watching the interview and thinking that it was becoming weirdly combative because of how defensive schefter became. No wonder now that he basically exposed himself as being fake news.
2fast4death 28 minuten geleden
why dont you guys ever credit the people who made the video
Ayo 47
Ayo 47 24 minuten geleden
They credited the guy who got interviewed polamalu about the C-gap
Adam Navigato
Adam Navigato 29 minuten geleden
Aaron Rodgers should write a book about how to be so chill. He's just so chill.
Devon Smith
Devon Smith 29 minuten geleden
Whats up with these Colts WRs taking peoples numbers? s
Wind 30 minuten geleden
This is taking over the world. ........ ...... .... .... And nobody cared
J. C.
J. C. 30 minuten geleden
They CREATED it THEMSELVES. Aliens walk among us for centuries but you just don't have the eye to see them... and for your information they look just like YOU BECAUSE THEY CAN SHAPESHIFT and I see them BUT NOBODY EVERRRRRR BELIEVED ME. Time for you to face the CONSEQUENCES, the TRUTH is now about to be revealed THANK GOD it was about TIME 🙏🏽
J. C.
J. C. 30 minuten geleden
BY THE WAY IT'S NOT A LEAK: The US Government through the PENTAGON decided to release this to SCARE THE PEOPLE & MAKE THEM FEEL THREATENED!!! SO THEY CAN BUILD MORE GUNS AND DESTRUCTIVE WEAPONS LIKE THE COVID VACCINE Oops Corona beer I meant, Oh so sorry I ment Covid19 man made virus anyway whatever you call it, ITS A WEAPON IN THE HANDS OF A PSYCHOPATH DECEIVING EVERYONE WITH MONEY: the devil 😈
K L 30 minuten geleden
I don't find the relaxed jersey number rule appealing at all. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Electric Paper
Electric Paper 30 minuten geleden
I don't think they'd pay, it would count against the salary cap. Why pay him when you can pay someone else who can play? That'd be better for the other players, the coaches, and the fans.
Silent Storm
Silent Storm 31 minuut geleden
Who thinks that player took his number just to see Pat’s reaction on the show🤔🤣
Alex Cooper
Alex Cooper 31 minuut geleden
I see potential. Bring on the Olympics.
Rich Sill
Rich Sill 33 minuten geleden
4700th like
Grub 34 minuten geleden
Damn Pat is legit the only sports analyst I like to listen to now
Cory Lowe
Cory Lowe 34 minuten geleden
That "nah he stinks" at the end is such a perfect way to end the video lol