Aaron Rodgers On How Jordan Love Is Learning And Developing 

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Coming into the season, may people questioned if Rodgers and Love would have a good relationship...
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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13 okt. 2020




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mike wingate
mike wingate 5 dagen geleden
This may be the greatest sports podcast out. Change my mind.
Lil George
Lil George 5 dagen geleden
15-1 here we go
NEEMS 6 dagen geleden
Bears are in 1st
Cassel01 6 dagen geleden
Aaron I love you man, don't let this game bring us down
Mikey M
Mikey M 6 dagen geleden
Damn, I wish the Niners had Aaron Rodgers. At the end of the day, treat people with love and respect and good karma will be coming your way.
Steven Hornostaj
Steven Hornostaj 6 dagen geleden
Pat got sunburn
Steven Hornostaj
Steven Hornostaj 6 dagen geleden
Why this meathead smoking a cigar 😕
Alex Peterson
Alex Peterson 7 dagen geleden
I love the brick wall that’s always behind him 😂
Gills and Grills Outdoors
AJ Hawk looks like Ryan Braun
Samuel Napier
Samuel Napier 7 dagen geleden
I always assumed A a ron was a jerk the way he was betrayed by the media... im clearly wrong ive seen him on THE Pat Mccafee show a couple times and he is so cool n chill
Siv Yis Vaj
Siv Yis Vaj 7 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers you are going to the 9ers next season. 😁
Jason Jimerson
Jason Jimerson 7 dagen geleden
This interview reminds me of when Aaron Rodgers told everyone to R-E-L-A-X.
Rockstar 6900
Rockstar 6900 7 dagen geleden
Aaron understands fake news
Madden Clips
Madden Clips 8 dagen geleden
jordan love isnt gonna be an aaron rodgers but he is gonna be great
Jamie Roseman
Jamie Roseman 8 dagen geleden
Does Hawk really need to smoke a cigar every time?
Riley P
Riley P 8 dagen geleden
Jordan is just Aaron's seat warmer, that's his current role
R. William Comm
R. William Comm 8 dagen geleden
AaRodg has figured out media as to how it sets itself up for win-win regardless of whether they are correct. Most ppl aren’t aware as to just how much of the media is fake & how its goal is to divide the working class to prevent us from uniting & outvoting the ruling class.
chidrummer1 8 dagen geleden
When Pat asks Aaron how Love is doing, and he answers he's doing good. right away he looks up to his right and scratches his nose. Those are tells of not giving a truthful answer.
Rags2Riches 2
Rags2Riches 2 8 dagen geleden
Anyone going to talk about the guy smoking on the right? 😂
Grayson Howard
Grayson Howard 8 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers is like if Sturgill Simpson played football
Blender Wiki
Blender Wiki 9 dagen geleden
Sorry I like your video and AR but I put a thumb down because I really can't stand this arrogant guy with a cigar on the right screen. I am a smoker, but Is just disgusting doing this on air.
Ricky !!!!!
Ricky !!!!! 9 dagen geleden
Jordan love! He has the rite name
Juan Contreras
Juan Contreras 9 dagen geleden
You settle in to being the back up or being the back upp💀🙏😅
__ 9 dagen geleden
Why tf is Jordan always inactive
Eric Jacome
Eric Jacome 9 dagen geleden
Rodgers is a beast haha
Kyle Thurk
Kyle Thurk 9 dagen geleden
Can you guys make a Canadian version of For the Brand shirt that just says Ferda Brand?
Fat Man
Fat Man 9 dagen geleden
Hawk is alway smoking
Turbo9987 9 dagen geleden
That Favre shade tho
shawn brock
shawn brock 9 dagen geleden
What happened to the audio
Cam Clark
Cam Clark 9 dagen geleden
Love this
joshua anthony
joshua anthony 9 dagen geleden
As a Minnesotan I now love Aaron Rodgers
cintijones 9 dagen geleden
i have a feeling that’s 12’s joint smoking seat
family man
family man 9 dagen geleden
I want whatever Aaron Rodgers is smoking he seems so chill
Ke'J Reed
Ke'J Reed 9 dagen geleden
crazy how people are just now seeing how cool 12 really is
Hellboy 9 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers the fantasy god
Clayton Rhoads
Clayton Rhoads 9 dagen geleden
Pack should talk to Atlanta about Julio Jones. Jordan Love might be enough to get him.
Valley BOX Chevy
Valley BOX Chevy 9 dagen geleden
Well for the BYE he had to stay in Wisconsin I bet he was trying to fly to California for a break but coach like "No you stay here with Love" 😠
Matthew Colwell
Matthew Colwell 9 dagen geleden
Say what you want, Packers knew Rodgers needed a kick in the ass. He's a great qb but he's been way too full of himself. He definitely looks like a guy with something to prove on the field. Haven't seen this for years
A.J. Matthews
A.J. Matthews 9 dagen geleden
I love how Aaron doesn’t do a lot of media but he’s always in the show 😂
Sugundese Nuz
Sugundese Nuz 9 dagen geleden
I never understood why people were saying Rodgers wouldn't want to help out Love. If Rodgers really cares about the future of the organization he would train Love, not do what Favre did to him.
Zack Vincent
Zack Vincent 9 dagen geleden
Hawk downs these cigars like it’s no ones business lmao
Broncos Stampede
Broncos Stampede 9 dagen geleden
This Is Why Aaron Is The Greatest Packer Of All Time.
ChrisRis1505 9 dagen geleden
Notice how Aaron wiped his nose when asked hows Jordan? Yea that man lying his ass up 😂 he’s throwing subliminal shots 💀
Justin Goodrich
Justin Goodrich 9 dagen geleden
Dam Arron lookin rough, got that pill head look
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 9 dagen geleden
People talking about AR only winning one SB... Meanwhile management does Jordan Love type crap with on the brink teams every three years
encdee 10 dagen geleden
"Jordan Love is doing well. He's soaking it all up. I'm sure he'll do well wherever he ends up playing.." At least that's what I heard.. 🙄
andrew padilla
andrew padilla 7 dagen geleden
You must have misinterpreted what he said
Matthew Aleman
Matthew Aleman 10 dagen geleden
If Rodgers keeps playing like this love will get traded and arod will retire as a packer in 5 years
Dorifto ?!?!?!
Dorifto ?!?!?! 10 dagen geleden
Jordan love better get ready to be replaced by my 8 y/o cousin with a cannon for an arm in about 12 years(he’s super fast and I taught him everything btw)
AxshunJaxon Jackson
AxshunJaxon Jackson 10 dagen geleden
Jordan Love is getting traded, he is just trade bait. They’ll go on a run, he’ll go crazy for 2 weeks while Aaron’s resting. Get traded the next offseason.
Brandon Poley
Brandon Poley 10 dagen geleden
gotta take into consideration that with covid you need lots ot depth at every position , we may look at qbs like pitchers in the future . deft doesn't hurt to have a good back up . Aaron could catch covid during a game no fault of his own thats about 2-3 weeks. packers fan wont be so sour to have a solid back-up
Aaron Seidl
Aaron Seidl 10 dagen geleden
I worked with a guy who hates Rodgers with a passion and legit thought Hundley was better 😂
Jsn Army
Jsn Army 10 dagen geleden
Aaron taking shots at Favre lmao
Jonah Vetter
Jonah Vetter 10 dagen geleden
As a Packer fan I remember when Rogers was just a wiry photo bombing rookie we had no idea he would become better than Brett Favre
Oscar Deleon
Oscar Deleon 10 dagen geleden
That’s awesome Aaron !!
Dallas Wood
Dallas Wood 10 dagen geleden
when asked how he's doing immediately brings hand to face and covers mouth when saying he's doing well. i'm no FBI interrogator but...
Andrew Anderson
Andrew Anderson 10 dagen geleden
This has made me a rodgers fan. Sucks i hated ti even watch him play till he came on this show
Thomas Pick
Thomas Pick 10 dagen geleden
Aaron answered this one with great skill. He is so nice about it. Aaron went through what Jordan is going through. I am sure he is as supportive as he can possibly be, giving support to Jordan, answering his questions.
Alex Dunn
Alex Dunn 10 dagen geleden
Pat can never decide when a good time is to end his question
Frederick Garrett
Frederick Garrett 10 dagen geleden
I never knew it was that short
45 pewterpirate
45 pewterpirate 10 dagen geleden
We comin for ya Rodgers! Lace up ur running shoes bby!!
Jacob Stevens
Jacob Stevens 10 dagen geleden
Love isn't seeing the field anytime soon
Mukammel Chowdhury
Mukammel Chowdhury 10 dagen geleden
I want Rodgers to keep playing but I do want to see Love as a starter in a few years if he's ready. Hopefully he's another elite qb like Rodgers was
james Sparrow
james Sparrow 10 dagen geleden
Come to the colts mr. Rodgers
Matthew Smet
Matthew Smet 10 dagen geleden
AJ pulling on the puro is pure gold!
N M 10 dagen geleden
What is the song at the end of this clip?
Cod Bus
Cod Bus 10 dagen geleden
I Love this content. haha
Sean Newton
Sean Newton 10 dagen geleden
Having Aaron on this show is a blessing. We get to see a completely different side of him
spidermonkey304 10 dagen geleden
So jealous packer have had 2 qbs my entire lifetime meanwhile in Washington we’ve had like 30 since our last SB.
Larsonian Larson
Larsonian Larson 10 dagen geleden
soooooooo true!!!!!! I like how it feels like I'm just sitting around talkin with the boys
Nathanael Heil
Nathanael Heil 10 dagen geleden
The media should have to give you money Pat, these interviews give them half their stories.
Mike Ehrcke
Mike Ehrcke 10 dagen geleden
He said nah I’m not about to do him like Brady did jimmy g🤣
Playa from the Himalayas
Playa from the Himalayas 10 dagen geleden
Jordan Love was a pawn in a chess move to get A-aron to get a checkmate
HayDs 10 dagen geleden
It’s really nice to see how Pat can just magically get people to enjoy themselves on a talk show. It’s almost like he doesn’t ask baited questions and uses his own personal experience to make things relatable right? 😆
Channel Name
Channel Name 10 dagen geleden
Notice the moment Jordan Love's name is brought up, he touches his face and looks away from the camera....
Hornblad 10 dagen geleden
I hope he teacher jordan how to be crafty in the pocket and avoid sack like rodgers does
Kay M
Kay M 10 dagen geleden
Does pat and Aaron know there's a forehead just smoking cigars next to them
Gib Son
Gib Son 10 dagen geleden
Never was a fan of Aaron. He has won me over. Really like the guy and cheering for him
John Beck
John Beck 10 dagen geleden
Down vote for AJ Hawk smoking. It poses a known health problem, and it sends a BAD message.
Joe Rulo
Joe Rulo 11 dagen geleden
And people say Rodgers is a diva. Dude seems pretty chill to me
Young Buck1999
Young Buck1999 8 dagen geleden
He’s only a diva when he gets hit .
Austin Cox
Austin Cox 11 dagen geleden
We really wanna hear about Tonyan
Erik Newton
Erik Newton 11 dagen geleden
Two things guaranteed when I tune in to the Great Pat McAfee show: 1. Quality sports talk with the boys 2. Hawk roasting a stogie
p kokos
p kokos 11 dagen geleden
PANTOMIME. Pat: How is Jordan love doing? Aaron: He's doing well. ** Maybe I play too much poker but did you see him right after when he was asked that question Wipe His Nose? This is one of the PANTOMIMES Christopher Walken was talking about in the movie True Romance.
Arron/ B
Arron/ B 11 dagen geleden
Damn I wish niners took him instead of Smith Rogers was so upset they didn’t pick him dumbass gm at the time
Greg Kaczmarek
Greg Kaczmarek 11 dagen geleden
At 2:15, did he really say Farvee.
MotherLoveBone 11 dagen geleden
Aaron looking like a young Harry from Home Alone.
David John
David John 11 dagen geleden
Aaron having a year
Michael Marrs
Michael Marrs 11 dagen geleden
I’m really impressed with Aaron not doing what Farve did to him.
Gage Hodgson
Gage Hodgson 11 dagen geleden
Aaron is paving a path that farve did not
That’s my QB 🐐🧀
TheSacred55 11 dagen geleden
A-rod for the next coolest main alive beer commercial....
dustin keeney
dustin keeney 11 dagen geleden
So this is just a thought iv had so last year and the year or two before where what people call his down years and let’s be honest he wasn’t him self now the year or two below he was with that Burnett I can’t remember her name and last year he was with Danica Patrick and as to my memories I can’t think of any time before where he had a girl not saying he didn’t I just can’t think of any but to my point dose anyone else see the connection between him having a girl and his down years I could be miles off but it has crossed my mind the maybe he can focus on football a little more when he don’t have a girl to worrie about dose anyone else have anything to add to or argue my thought maybe pat or someone on the show if this gets read ask Rodgers next week if there is any connection / dis connection between him and football when there is a woman involved just looked it up Olivia munn is the Brunette I was talking about
Creme Fraiche
Creme Fraiche 11 dagen geleden
Why did my Saints win a Monday night in overtime and I am listening to Aaron Rodgers talk for 40mins?
Jim K
Jim K 11 dagen geleden
I see you were excited for Aaron. But I couldn't help notice is that your first Cuban curb chain 8 millimeter 28in 18 karat gold? Anyway I don't know if it's the links or you put it on Twisted not hanging right bruh!?
C Babs
C Babs 11 dagen geleden
I am not sold on the packers yet they haven’t played anyone
Q M 11 dagen geleden
Pat is pretty much awesome he is a American treasure can’t wait for him to get that MNF call
Bryce Ripley
Bryce Ripley 11 dagen geleden
Make Journalism Great Again
Phoenyx 787
Phoenyx 787 11 dagen geleden
I just love how Pat has a regular interview with Aaron. Pat is a different animal in sportsmedia....he's never prying or trying to stab a narrative. He hears breaking news but DOESNT break it...he lets his guests be themselves. And as a result, we get these dimes from Pat and Aaron each week! I love it!
coolidge2010colts 8 dagen geleden
Pat And matt barnes transitioned so well
Johnny Rodriguez
Johnny Rodriguez 11 dagen geleden
He looked away and wiped his nose. Signs of lying
navanater123 11 dagen geleden
I saw that too, face touching is a big sign but its ok love can suck all he wants! More rodgers lol
A Duh
A Duh 11 dagen geleden
I dont know why Aaron gets a bad rap, I've talked to him on multiple occasions and never gave the cold shoulder to me or my family
rockspace 3
rockspace 3 10 dagen geleden
😳 woah rlly ?
Randall Martin
Randall Martin 11 dagen geleden
This show has made me like Aaron Rodgers
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