Aaron Rodgers Says "Down Years For Me Are Career Years For Other Quarterbacks" 

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Rodgers is the best... also an absolute SAVAGE.
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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6 okt. 2020




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Andy Strub
Andy Strub 5 dagen geleden
Rogders is a bad, bad man...Top 5 best qbs of all time in order: 1. TOM BRADY 2. AARON RODGERS 3. JOE MONTANA 4. STEVE YOUNG 5. JOHN ELWAY
navynugget7 6 dagen geleden
Average QBs also won only one superbowl!
Damien Butler
Damien Butler 7 dagen geleden
Just the facts bro- Aaron Rodgers!!! Talk yo stuff 🐐Rodgers!!!!
Kafala 7 dagen geleden
Coming from a Bears fan, Id take Aaron Rodgers any day of the week. I've seen him beat my Bears so many times.
Dryjack 8 dagen geleden
Nice show! But you played as an Punter, that’s not a real Football Player for me! Björn Werner is one, and I heard e play better table tennis as You😃💋👁
Big Balls
Big Balls 8 dagen geleden
Imma Titans fan but always had respect for AR! He is still the best QB in the league.
Jackpot Strikes Again
Jackpot Strikes Again 5 dagen geleden
Derrick Henry might be the MVP.
Ace Arch
Ace Arch 8 dagen geleden
the android on the right is my favorite character from this show
Matthew Morris
Matthew Morris 8 dagen geleden
Best sound byte EVER
Josh Snow
Josh Snow 9 dagen geleden
BDE irradiates from this quote like a piece of Chernobyl graphite
john carlo lanoy
john carlo lanoy 10 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers had a point🏈🏈🏈
Kyle 10 dagen geleden
Rodgers and mcafee are both douches. They would get along great.
mxamiss5 11 dagen geleden
This guy forgets the playoffs apparently. Biggest big game choke ever.
TheBigdog6554 11 dagen geleden
I don't know if I can continue to watch Tues clips with Aaron because I'm actually starting to like the guy
Moonroof 11 dagen geleden
Rodgers is a monster
Carina Martinez
Carina Martinez 11 dagen geleden
4TimesAsFunky 12 dagen geleden
AJ Hawk is Woody Harrelson on steroids.
Dakota Sexton
Dakota Sexton 12 dagen geleden
Pat is so stoned hahaha
DM1986 13 dagen geleden
He didn't make the stats it's just how it is lol
Luke 13 dagen geleden
I would take Arod over Brady any day. Hands down. I would say the same thing 7 years ago as well.
ariel colon
ariel colon 14 dagen geleden
Hey Rogers if you ever feel like coming to Chicago well tell Mack to not hit you so hard before hand 🐻⬇️
Shay Pewe
Shay Pewe 13 dagen geleden
@ariel colon Ya, he would supply the offense and the bears would supply the D, it would really be a perfect fit now that I think about lol.
ariel colon
ariel colon 14 dagen geleden
Shay Pewe lol just come to Chicago Rogers will win championships baby
Shay Pewe
Shay Pewe 14 dagen geleden
Could you do that anyway by chance? I'll be your best friend.
Patrick Green
Patrick Green 14 dagen geleden
Who cares he only has one Super Bowl ring Eli has two it’s a wash
Patrick Green
Patrick Green 13 dagen geleden
Shay Pewe that sucks I’m not a cowboys fan but I like dak if he can’t play football anymore I hope Jerry takes care of him
Shay Pewe
Shay Pewe 13 dagen geleden
@Patrick Green Hey sorry about Dak man.
Patrick Green
Patrick Green 14 dagen geleden
Shay Pewe my comment was sarcastic it’s all good
Shay Pewe
Shay Pewe 14 dagen geleden
@Patrick Green No Marino didn't win a ring, that my whole point you said and I quote "Who cares Eli has two its a wash." Maybe I interpreted that wrong but I took that as you are under the impression that since Eli has Two Rings and Rodgers only has one that Eli is better, if I was wrong I apologize, although if that is what you meant, you'd be wrong, just like you'd be wrong to say that Trent Dilfer was better than Marino because Dilfer won a ring, its not true. And again with the Prescott, I never said he sucked, hes still unproven in my eyes, he hasn't played enough at a high level long enough to be considered one of the greats, that may very well change in a few years hes been in the playoffs three of his five years and he puts up pretty good numbers but hes not better than A-rod right now, you want to talk stats? Aaron has a higher comp percentage with 70.5%, higher avg yards per pass att with 8.7, tied 4th in the league for longest pass at 72 yards, Daks only at 58 but the year is young, Aaron has more TDs ,fewer INTs, taken less sacks, lost fewer yards, has a higher QBR (but that's the useless ESPN Stat) and a higher Passer rating with 128.4 (that's the NFL Official Stat) second only to Wilson who is blowing the league a new A-hole to be honest with a rating of 136.7 and that is mind boggling. The only stats Dak beats Aaron on are total yards and yards per game, he also has about 60 more pass attempts than Rodgers, but that's not a good thing for Dak the fact that Rodgers has more yards per pass and more TDs on less pass attempts, ya sorry man, hes not better this year. Dak is currently sitting at 102.6, hes having a great year, maybe even the best of his young career, but its not better than year A-rod is having at this moment in time, by week 17 that could change its a week to week league but right now, which is what you said, Dak is not doing as well as Rodgers. To answer your Question Fully, NO I dont think hes Trash, hardly any players at the pro level are trash and the ones that are gets phased out very quickly, the man has started for 5 years hes a pro caliber player, hes a good QB but hes not great, not yet.
Patrick Green
Patrick Green 14 dagen geleden
Shay Pewe has everything to do with your points you mentioned Marino did he win a ring? No neither has dak bet my left nut you think he’s garbage and he’s better than Rodgers is right now
Caleb DesJardins
Caleb DesJardins 14 dagen geleden
Look that’s the quote of the year man.
Samatar David
Samatar David 14 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers is the QB I have ever seen
Shay Pewe
Shay Pewe 14 dagen geleden
I assume you meant best but you forgot it.
john holena
john holena 14 dagen geleden
Aaron “the best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be” Rodgers
Shay Pewe
Shay Pewe 14 dagen geleden
Preach it baby!!
Racer Z
Racer Z 14 dagen geleden
Ain't cocky....if it's 100% true haha🙃
David Richardson
David Richardson 14 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers has consistently performed with the weight of about 50 men plus a coaching staff on his shoulders. He has the right to tell the truth about his talent. When he has weapons, he throws 45 tds and 6 interceptions. When he has no weapons he throws 26 tds and 4 interceptions. It’s raw talent that’s so dense and potent, that it makes completely mediocre teams super bowl contenders every year.
Shay Pewe
Shay Pewe 14 dagen geleden
And to think, hes hardly ever had any talent to throw to, he only has two TDs to first round picks. Year after year elevating the players around to pro caliber, he is the GOAT
L G 14 dagen geleden
D S A 14 dagen geleden
be honest: not your first time watching this
Uncagedbeast22 Jeehe
Uncagedbeast22 Jeehe 14 dagen geleden
Idk why people said Aaron Rodgers was bad last year they went 13-3 he through for over 4000 passing yards he may of not thrown the most touchdowns last year but most quarterbacks that play for 15 years will only have 1 year or no years that they throw for over 4000 year so Aaron Rodgers is right besides there’s nothing wrong with throwing 26!touchdown passes
V6 Vic
V6 Vic 14 dagen geleden
DS 14 dagen geleden
“Hey, it’s just the facts”
Bud Lyle
Bud Lyle 14 dagen geleden
Best line ever Truth hurts
F46TRAINING 14 dagen geleden
Theory on arods change stopped getting crossed only smokes now
Kyle Richey
Kyle Richey 15 dagen geleden
As a Cowboys fan, I can confirm this is 100% accurate statement
Fabricio 15 dagen geleden
Rodgers dropping facts .
Lumpy 15 dagen geleden
comparison is the thief of joy
dredhead117 15 dagen geleden
everyone's reactions (including Aaron reacting to your reactions) are the best part
Michael B
Michael B 15 dagen geleden
Pat you should have done the A-Rod belt after that comment. I've said that to other before. Aaron is among to top to ever play the game. There are always things that could have been done differently but in the moment I don't question what he does looking back we always see what could have been in moments. I will be a packer fan when we have bad years and when we have up heard and God forbid Arron goes to another team I will be a fan of his as well and cheer for him as long as he isn't playing against the Pac. 😁
Steven Sather
Steven Sather 15 dagen geleden
As a Vikings fan who has been beaten by Rodgers plenty of times, but first and foremost, a fan of football, thumbs up, Aaron. Love that confidence.
Hotzcakez P
Hotzcakez P 15 dagen geleden
How to do a reaction video. This should be the results.
ceave 15 dagen geleden
RIP headphone users.
Texting Prince
Texting Prince 15 dagen geleden
Dangit. As a lifelong Vikings fan I don’t like that I’m starting to like Aaron Rodgers. He seems like a cool dude though.
phoolishbwoy 16 dagen geleden
A baaaaaaaaad man.
junkies1111 16 dagen geleden
The most overrated qb in history. Cry baby Rogers
Shay Pewe
Shay Pewe 14 dagen geleden
Heres part two, just how much he isnt overrated; NFL records Career Highest career passer rating in regular season with a minimum of 1,500 passing attempts (102.4) Most consecutive seasons with a passer rating of over 100.0, with 6 (2009-2014) 5th highest postseason passer rating (99.4) Lowest career pass interception % (1.4%) Best touchdown to interception ratio in NFL history (4.33)closest Best passing yards to interception ratio (558.88:1) (46,946:84) First player in NFL history to pass for over 4,000 yards in each of the first two seasons as a starting QB Most consecutive pass attempts without an interception (402)[335] Most consecutive touchdown passes at home without an interception, (including playoffs) (49) Most consecutive pass attempts without a pick six (4,502) November 8, 2009 - September 24, 2017 Fewest pick sixes per attempts (two pick-sixes: 5,905 attempts) Most consecutive passes without an interception at home, (including playoffs) (587) One of only seven quarterbacks (Kurt Warner, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Joe Flacco, Dan Marino, and Tom Brady) to pass for over 1,000 yards in a single postseason Most consecutive games without throwing multiple interceptions (41) Fewest interceptions (42) before throwing 150th career touchdown (Dan Marino threw 69 interceptions) Fewest interceptions (53) before throwing 200th career touchdown (Tom Brady threw 88 interceptions) 21,332 passing yards from 2008 to 2012, the most by a QB in his first five seasons as a starter. Fewest attempts to get to 30,000 passing yards, with 3,652 Second-most touchdown passes of 70+ yards (18) (Tied with Eli Manning and behind Drew Brees). Most seasons with a passer rating over 100.0 (8). Most seasons with an interception percentage below 1.5% (6). One of only five quarterbacks to have a passer rating of at least 110 in multiple seasons. One of four quarterbacks to pass for 40 touchdowns in multiple seasons. One of four quarterbacks to pass for at least 35 touchdowns in four seasons. Single season and games Single season QB Passer Rating (122.5) Single season QB Interception Percentage (0.3) Most games with a passer rating over 95.0 (14) in a season (2011). Most games with a passer rating over 100.0 (13) in a season (2011). Most games with a passer rating over 110.0 (12) in a season (2011). Most games with a passer rating over 115.0 (10) in a season (2011). Most games with a passer rating over 130.0 (6) in a season (2011). Most games with a passer rating over 140.0 (4) in a season (2011) Most consecutive games with a passer rating over 95.0 (13) in a season (2011) Most consecutive games with a passer rating over 100.0 (12) in a season (2011] Most consecutive games with a passer rating over 110.0 (11) in a season (2011). Most games with 200+ passing yards and no interceptions in a season (11) (2014) Most games with 2+ touchdown passes and no interceptions in a season (11) (2014) Most games with 3+ touchdown passes and no interceptions in a season (8) (2014). 6th most touchdown passes in a season (45) (2011).[364] 4th most total touchdowns in a season (48: 45 passing, 3 rushing) (2011). 6th most passing yards in a postseason (1,094) (2010). 5th most touchdown passes in a postseason (9) (2010). 2nd lowest interception percentage (1.1%) with at least pass 600 attempts (2016) 2nd lowest interception percentage (0.96%) with at least 500 pass attempts (2014). 2nd highest touchdown pass percentage (9.0%) in a season with at least 450 pass attempts (2011) 2nd highest yards per attempt average in a season with at least 500 pass attempts (9.25) (2011). Highest touchdown-to-interception ratio (7.6) with at least 500 pass attempts (2014). Most touchdown passes in a half (6) (November 9, 2014 against the Chicago Bears). Only player to pass for over 400 yards while throwing four touchdown passes and running for two in one game (October 2, 2011 against the Denver Broncos). Most touchdown passes by a quarterback in his first three playoff games (10). Second-most consecutive playoff games with at least three touchdown passes (3). Most passing yards (423), touchdown passes (4) and total touchdowns (5) by a QB in his first playoff game. One of only five quarterbacks to pass for over 300 yards, with 3 touchdown passes and no interceptions in a Super Bowl Highest passer rating at home in a season (133.2) (2014). Best touchdown-to-interception ratio at home in a season (25:0) (2014). Second-most consecutive games with at least 3 touchdown passes and no interceptions (4) (2014). Highest completion percentage (86.1%) in a playoff game with a minimum of 35 pass attempts. College awards and honors 2003 Honorable mention All-Pac-10 2003 Insight Bowl Offensive MVP 2004 California Golden Bears Co-Offensive MVP 2004 First-team All-Pac-10 2004 Second-team Academic All-Pac-10 2004 Honorable mention All-American by Sports Illustrated NFL awards and honors Super Bowl MVP (XLV) 2× NFL Most Valuable Player (2011, 2014) 2× GMC Never Say Never Award (2013, 2014) 2× NFC Offensive Player of the Year (2011, 2014) 2× FedEx Air NFL Player of the Year (2010, 2014) The Wisconsin Legislature approved a proposal that declared December 12, 2012 (stylized as 12/12/12) "Aaron Rodgers Day" in honor of Rodgers whose jersey number in the NFL is 12.[383][384] So yep, all these awards and accolades not to mention a few others like the fastest to 300 touchdowns, least number of ints thrown for a starter at this point in their career and others that are not coming to mind right now but ya he sucks and is overrated, that's why the packers have only missed the playoffs I think three times in his tenure as QB, that doesn't happen on teams with bad QBs. Your turn, tell me how he is overrated please.
Shay Pewe
Shay Pewe 14 dagen geleden
How? Please do tell I'm all ears. Are you sure you're not thinking of Namath, you know the guy who finished his career with more ints than he did tds? that's the most overrated qb in history hands down. Now, again do tell.
amit sharma
amit sharma 16 dagen geleden
No reporter would've ever been able To Get Aaron Rodgers to talk more then a few sentences. And here he is Making the one of the most Accurate statements in the world.
AS J 16 dagen geleden
Im here to watch AJ Hawk smoke cigars and pop adderall.
gumbo 16 dagen geleden
lmao what a beast
Tonosi 02
Tonosi 02 16 dagen geleden
Love it
People are dumb
People are dumb 16 dagen geleden
Dude has more skill in his pinky than most have in their lifetimes...I’m not even a GB fan but Rodgers is one cool cat
Salvador Canales
Salvador Canales 16 dagen geleden
Jesus can walk on water... Rodgers can swim on land.
Frederick Martin
Frederick Martin 16 dagen geleden
Won’t be better than Brady....
Shay Pewe
Shay Pewe 14 dagen geleden
He already is.
JEFF Merrell
JEFF Merrell 16 dagen geleden
Jose Boyer
Jose Boyer 16 dagen geleden
Rodgers please don’t change !!! Be you, GOAT 🐐
Corey 16 dagen geleden
Aaron "I just landed you a free spot on every major sports network" Rodgers
uyuyuy_bajura 16 dagen geleden
pat's reaction lol got me so weak
Brickman Pictures
Brickman Pictures 16 dagen geleden
Good lord my contempt for him only grows. What a complete ass.
Tim DeCoste
Tim DeCoste 16 dagen geleden
The reaction was better than the quote haha
Nicholas Francoletti
Nicholas Francoletti 16 dagen geleden
This clip also made ESPN First Take the very next morning!
Tom Green
Tom Green 16 dagen geleden
He's not wrong.
CJGamer 16 dagen geleden
Aaron speaking fax
Darrel 16 dagen geleden
For many seasons, every Sunday gameday my wife expresses her dislike of Rodgers and every time I like him more and more. Thanks Honey, you dipshit!!!
DERPMAXINIUM 16 dagen geleden
Someday I wish to have that confidence
Chaz Garden
Chaz Garden 16 dagen geleden
So long as you care more about the stats & fantasy season than winning in the actual playoffs! Cuz when the playoffs come around get ready to blame the defense or the coach!
Chaz Garden
Chaz Garden 13 dagen geleden
@Shay Pewe In a league where the QB is disproportionally blamed, he is let off the the hook. In games where the defense was not great Brady, Mahomes and even Foles were able to overcome get it done. Take a look at Rodgers fourth quarter comeback/GWD ranking, it pathetically low for someone the media slobs over and has played this many years. When the chips are down and the month is January keep that laundry list of excuses ready because you are going to need it!
Shay Pewe
Shay Pewe 14 dagen geleden
Jeez its almost like blaming the defense for their failures is accurate or something, I mean its not like Hes never had the best defense in the NFL right? Wait, he hasn't, not once! and hes only had a top ten defense twice? More! Hes only thrown two TDs to first round draft picks? Wow its almost like defenses win championships and not drafting high talent skill positions limits your offense, that couldn't be it though could it? Its not like its an old adage in the NFL that defenses win Championships, I mean absolutely no truth to that its all Rodgers fault, all those game breaking INTs that he throws, wait, he doesn't do that does he, no he performs and 95% of the time the packers are always in a position to win, we make the playoffs practically every single year and Aaron is usually always in the MVP talks and how its always our defense that holds us back 99% of the time, think back to Favre, how many Packer season ended on a Favre INT? Lots of them right, how many have ended on a Rodgers INT? I may be wrong but i believe its a big fat zero. So now I ask, with never having First round receiving talent and only having a top ten defense twice in is whole career and never having the number 1 ranked D, yet we still made the playoffs nine seasons in a row tying the record and consistently continue to make the playoffs almost every year, how is it his fault?
Nathan Lambert
Nathan Lambert 16 dagen geleden
I just need a cropped photo of pat doing the dx suck it for my phone wallpaper
Anthony Layton
Anthony Layton 16 dagen geleden
The only thing that would have been better is if Rodgers got up and did the crotch chops with Pat. This was absolute gold!
Lord Clarke
Lord Clarke 16 dagen geleden
People said he was slipping but no one said he was washed up. I'm assuming that Ryan Tannenill comment was a mixture of him being younger and ppl just heaping on hyperbole
Gabriel Vazquez
Gabriel Vazquez 16 dagen geleden
And he has every bragging right to say that
Made in the USA
Made in the USA 16 dagen geleden
G af
Marquis Covington
Marquis Covington 16 dagen geleden
Does Aaron have a shoe deal? If not we need them Arod1s
The Journey
The Journey 16 dagen geleden
No lies detected 💯
I Dabzy
I Dabzy 16 dagen geleden
Welcome to Mr. Rodgers neighborhood. GB VS KC for the Lombardi
Living Room Cinema
Living Room Cinema 16 dagen geleden
The GOAT Aaron Rodgers
knute armstrong
knute armstrong 17 dagen geleden
Rodgers slaps and is an amazing qb. His worst year is better than tanehill's best so far. That being said 10 years is a long time and if I needed to pick one to be the franchise qb for the next TEN YEARS I'm taking the young guy. Not because Aaron isnt one of the greatest of all time but because I dont want to be up the creek without a paddle in 6 years
AdiEdits 17 dagen geleden
Unreal that anyone can think otherwise. Aaron Rodgers is one of the best QBs of all time... too many people saying Brees > Rodgers after Brees passed Peyton in total TDs
Shay Pewe
Shay Pewe 14 dagen geleden
Right you are, that is some BS Brees is not better than Rodgers, the man has never even won MVP.
Dillon Belcher
Dillon Belcher 17 dagen geleden
It makes it even more hilarious for me because you could tell pat genuinely enjoyed the hell out of that statement lol. Bonus points for mini DX suck it lol
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius 17 dagen geleden
Pretty humble
Shay Pewe
Shay Pewe 14 dagen geleden
R E L A X Relax man.
UnexpectedWonder 17 dagen geleden
That was such a Mic Drop Moment for Pat. 😁😁😂😂🤣🤣😝😝 Legends have the right and earned the right to say that. He's been Mad Disrespected for two years while flat out ballin'. He's like LeBron.
Simon Dewitt
Simon Dewitt 17 dagen geleden
If there was ever a time to be wearing the droppin dimes shirt...
Andrew Beveridge
Andrew Beveridge 17 dagen geleden
As a Packer fan it's hard to describe how utterly delicious this is.
Yung Moy
Yung Moy 17 dagen geleden
Jesus loves you. He died for our sins and resurrected on the third day. The pay of sin is death. We need to repent from our sins and accept him as our Lord and Savior to be saved. He is coming soon and we need to follow him.
BehindDTruth!! 17 dagen geleden
AJ Hawk started smoking for the first time
Josh Hutton
Josh Hutton 17 dagen geleden
In an Aaron Rodgers down year, he became the 1ST QB EVER to throw for 4000+ yards, 25+ TDs and less that 5 INTs.
Richard Dean
Richard Dean 17 dagen geleden
I totally agree with what Aaron Rodgers said. I consider him the best passer of the football ever - bar none. If Green Bay had a passable defense - #12 would have 5 SB rings. If he was the Patriots quarterback - he may have never lost a game.
Shay Pewe
Shay Pewe 14 dagen geleden
Finally a man intellect. Always love how people forget the that Tom has had top ten defense 12 years out of 20 with only two years with a bottom half defense whilst Aaron has only had it twice, just twice and bottom half four times yet they still make the playoffs almost every single year, if they had a defense the Patriot Dynasty would have ended 10 years ago period.
OPJacob 17 dagen geleden
Is Arron a quarterback or is he Jesus because I can’t tell the difference
Ed 17 dagen geleden
Aaron has such a natural swagger it’s awesome
Wet Soap McJagger
Wet Soap McJagger 17 dagen geleden
What's in the cigar, AJ?
Steven Hempel
Steven Hempel 17 dagen geleden
Bow before the QB GOD!!!
dylan gideon
dylan gideon 17 dagen geleden
Rodgers real!
ConnorHFishing 17 dagen geleden
Let’s go Rodgers
HeavyLifted 17 dagen geleden
Well sometimes you gotta give yourself flowers since no one else will.
IFM 17 dagen geleden
"Just the facts" Hell yes
NPAMike 17 dagen geleden
26td 4int last year for Rodgers. 22td 6int for Ryan Tannehill in arguably his best year as a starter. Yup down year is other peoples career year.
Sarah Wolfe
Sarah Wolfe 17 dagen geleden
AJ Hawk knows
Okami Akatsuki
Okami Akatsuki 17 dagen geleden
Someone call the burn unit.
brandon aldana
brandon aldana 17 dagen geleden
The guy on the right looks like Quagmire's dad before surgery
Toby Vanliew
Toby Vanliew 17 dagen geleden
Can we get Coach Lou Holtz on Aaron Rodger Tuesday?
36090pburke 17 dagen geleden
Well he's not lying lol
Paper Products
Paper Products 17 dagen geleden
Even Aaron knows he's almost done. He wouldn't be transitioning into the media if he wasn't
Shay Pewe
Shay Pewe 14 dagen geleden
You might be right, you might wrong all I know is When I'm an old man, I will be happy to say I watched him play in his prime. I was sad when Favre retired, and I'll be sad when he does as well. Appreciate greatness while it's still here. Brady, Brees, Roethlisberger, Rodgers heck even Wilson is over 30 now, who knows how much time they have left, enjoy it while you can.
Juwan Anderson
Juwan Anderson 17 dagen geleden
C Wyatt
C Wyatt 17 dagen geleden
Yo I'm a die hard eagles fan and I must say I'm hype as hell that he said that cuz what he said is very true.
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