Aaron Rodgers Talks How Media Twists Words To Fit Their Narratives 

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Seeing how major media outlets twist stories to fit their narratives is insane.
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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6 okt. 2020




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Tyler Sellin
Tyler Sellin 10 dagen geleden
I have not enjoyed anything more in a long time than an nfl mvp teaching me about confirmation bias
Jackson Basquin
Jackson Basquin 14 dagen geleden
i wish aaron would just curse out skip on the show
Eric Roberts
Eric Roberts 14 dagen geleden
Sooo anyone else see ESPN reaction to AR’s quote... not saying they proved this buttttttttt😂😂
Gavin Sloane
Gavin Sloane 15 dagen geleden
Aaron on Pat's show is must watch. Great stuff!
Tim Weihrauch
Tim Weihrauch 15 dagen geleden
This is the best segment in sports every week.
That Newbie Dm
That Newbie Dm 16 dagen geleden
I’m forever heartbroken we drafted Alex smith instead of Aaron Rodgers
T Po1994
T Po1994 16 dagen geleden
Did he just say read both sides of a book? Wft
Stephen Grahn
Stephen Grahn 16 dagen geleden
He comes across way cooler than I thought he was but hey I am a Hawks fan and was not really being objective
Stefan Urquelle
Stefan Urquelle 17 dagen geleden
I absolutely love how what he said here is the exact thing that happened with those dipshits working at ESPN on both Get Up and First Take, which are both clickbait whore shows to begin with. Take a small blip, out of context, and twist it around for clicks. Except it was about his average season being most quarterback's good season.
UnexpectedWonder 17 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers is out Here preaching.
Rean Kitchell
Rean Kitchell 17 dagen geleden
Kind of awkward how Pat has his own media platform and he’s saying all the media does is twist words. Yes they always need a story but 50% of the time there’s a story to be had. Wrong or not, Aaron’s attitude of it is perfect because the packers are winning and he’s BALLING. No fans really helps quarterbacks like Rodgers/Wilson/Mahomes, who can just dial in like no others. Allen is the outlier qb who’s balling
Joel Farley
Joel Farley 17 dagen geleden
I feel like Rodgers on this show is a person we’ve never seen before and I love it !
Slick_907 17 dagen geleden
Calling the right plays on and off the field!
Josiah Brady
Josiah Brady 17 dagen geleden
bro started preaching when he got onto what confirmation bias does
n0b0dykn0wswh0 17 dagen geleden
Pat's face when Aaron calls Bob Devosky out hahahaha
Mick Dundee
Mick Dundee 17 dagen geleden
Rodgers is the Eminem of the NFL. Dropping 💯 Facts like em did to mgk and everyone else
Benjamin Rhodes
Benjamin Rhodes 17 dagen geleden
I am now the biggest Aaron Rodgers fan
Houston Paul
Houston Paul 17 dagen geleden
Pat and the guy who looks like a man baby really gobbling every inch of Rodgers in this one
Joshua Wells
Joshua Wells 17 dagen geleden
Dropping the confirmation bias bomb. Nice!
Ben Wheeler
Ben Wheeler 17 dagen geleden
Tristan McDaniel
Tristan McDaniel 17 dagen geleden
This show is better than ESPN and GMFB
Mitch Goldenberg
Mitch Goldenberg 17 dagen geleden
I listen Aaron ❤️
Kyle Lowrey
Kyle Lowrey 17 dagen geleden
👏👏👏 amen to what that man said! Read both sides, question everything.. My montra. I think I just became a bit of a Packers fan. 🤔
Austin Dungey
Austin Dungey 17 dagen geleden
Bring back the discount double check
Denis Milchev
Denis Milchev 17 dagen geleden
Having Aaron on the show is was a great addition
GodKongSnake 17 dagen geleden
Wasn't expecting a Rodgers F bomb but ok.
Teresa Cokl
Teresa Cokl 17 dagen geleden
PackerBronco 17 dagen geleden
This video is confirmation bias of the awesomeness of Aaron Rodgers ...
Alex 17 dagen geleden
this looks like the guy from the state farm commercials
Ttuck 17 dagen geleden
Okay they may have took that story out of context but Aaron Rodgers is a savage I think we can all agree on that
Tim Lanvermann
Tim Lanvermann 17 dagen geleden
Beastmode did the only right thing
Jorge Gil
Jorge Gil 17 dagen geleden
This platform is good for Rodgers
Jay Gray
Jay Gray 17 dagen geleden
Aaron became the homie 3 years ago. Now he just hit "Hood protected status." Respect.
GundamGoku 17 dagen geleden
I like that this has become a show where players can come on and say whatever.
Schuyler Collett
Schuyler Collett 17 dagen geleden
CNN is fake news!!!
Eric Kollmansberger
Eric Kollmansberger 17 dagen geleden
I love hearing ARod curse. Seems more honest and relatable
Geoffrey Heffernan
Geoffrey Heffernan 17 dagen geleden
Aaron Rogers is a legend! Keep dropping those truth bombs!
Christian Cooper
Christian Cooper 17 dagen geleden
Rodgers is a real one for sure ✊🏾
IsMiseAnthony 18 dagen geleden
This interview segment is the best. I look forward to it every week.
DISKID2COLD 18 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers just cussed so casually
Obinna E
Obinna E 18 dagen geleden
wow i love Aaron Rodgers. Thanks to Pat, Aaron is the first QB i've heard use the F-bomb
Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson 18 dagen geleden
Skip is gonna rip Aaron tomorrow for trashing the media
Brandon Brown
Brandon Brown 18 dagen geleden
I’ve always heard that Aaron was a really intelligent person, but listening to him speak when he’s open like this definitely supports that. He’s down to earth, makes great observations, and has an impressive vocabulary.
Johna Warner
Johna Warner 17 dagen geleden
He is an amazing person. IQ of 130, gifted on the field & off the field.
OMeng Gosh
OMeng Gosh 18 dagen geleden
A-a-ron with the f bomb 💣 is a hell yeahhh
Jack Raczek
Jack Raczek 18 dagen geleden
Bro how can I continue to hate the guy that beats my bears 2x a year but is this smart and plays like did on Monday. I wish young me stayed a packers fan
Snowboard Dan
Snowboard Dan 18 dagen geleden
Worst part was listening to Aaron push some left leaning bias with the "great hack" documentry. Typically Cali boy
Nolan DeMartino
Nolan DeMartino 18 dagen geleden
Wait... what? Media is making stuff up? Noooo. hey boys welcome to the Republican Party
Jack Habib
Jack Habib 18 dagen geleden
Aaron rodgers speaking truth to power baby.
Eddie Moen
Eddie Moen 18 dagen geleden
man the bad man is smart
Eddie Bear
Eddie Bear 18 dagen geleden
What separates McAfee from overly micromanaged sports content (coughespncough) is the meta and self-actualization from a video like this to generate clicks in and of itself.
Zander T.V.
Zander T.V. 18 dagen geleden
Man I would get the pat mcafee show logo tattooed on me to just get to hang out with the boys on the show one day.
Terry Pullen
Terry Pullen 18 dagen geleden
Smart dude... I think he could kill me by throwing a football at my head though. So I'm really careful around him.
Adam McKay
Adam McKay 18 dagen geleden
Damn. Dude nailed it. Like, this should be a national PSA.
Ian Thomas
Ian Thomas 18 dagen geleden
Terrell Owens: That's my quarterback
Marc Tokarski
Marc Tokarski 18 dagen geleden
Arodg to the bears. Bear dahn.
Sam Ahola
Sam Ahola 18 dagen geleden
I come for the sports. But I leave with life lessons.
CupidStuntqq 18 dagen geleden
Damn I respect that man
Zoggosh 18 dagen geleden
this segment you guys do with aaron has really turned me around on him. big fan now
GamingExpress 18 dagen geleden
God damn I hate the mainstream media. Bad man Aaron knows
Charles McBride
Charles McBride 18 dagen geleden
AROD woke AF
2nd_place 18 dagen geleden
Reporters have to twist things to their narrative to look smart. They have to look smart to keep their jobs and cater to their audience. They have to cater to their audience because the media is an advertising reseller. If they don’t get views and clicks then they die. But we need a free press to help the people keep accountability over their government. The problem in 2020 is that there are way too many freaking media outlets vying for what little cash is left.
Carter Sinclair
Carter Sinclair 18 dagen geleden
can yall please ask aaron about the senior bowl reporter video
Daniel Hiller
Daniel Hiller 18 dagen geleden
Devin Graves
Devin Graves 18 dagen geleden
Much more respect for Aaron Rodgers after he's coming on this show
Justa Servant
Justa Servant 18 dagen geleden
**Hears ARod use a bad word for the first time** Me: you dun messed up A-a-Ron!!!
Justa Servant
Justa Servant 18 dagen geleden
This dude ARod is the TRUTH!!!
Greggles Geronimo
Greggles Geronimo 18 dagen geleden
I gotta admit, I bought into the narrative about Aaron Rogers, but after watching him on the show I've really grown to respect this guy. Good QB, smart guy, sarcastic, confidence without arrogance, and a really funny dude. Might make the Packers my back up team (Broncos fan)
Hayden Cook
Hayden Cook 18 dagen geleden
He's spot on...the media is literally going to be the root of a civil war because so many of us can not take the time to actually look into things. For example, go look at the most recent numbers from the CDC on this virus and they WILL NOT match up with the mainstream media at all.
Tanner D
Tanner D 18 dagen geleden
Pat... I think you've helped unleash a beast... I dont think ive ever seen Rodgers have so much fun on the football field. Then he gets to relax on Tuesday... Nice to see him be able to let loose...
N L 18 dagen geleden
Keylon Hampton
Keylon Hampton 18 dagen geleden
as a Bears fan, i literally write in 2 Ls on the schedule for when we play AR 12 and the Pack
Satchith Harve
Satchith Harve 18 dagen geleden
So much "yes" for this video
Jason Nah
Jason Nah 18 dagen geleden
Everybody should be watching this segment! Aaron Rodgers for president!!! Like if you agree Comment if you disagree or see otherwise
Kevin Rooney
Kevin Rooney 18 dagen geleden
Bears fan here. I love A A Ron. such an amazing qb. Personality from afar seems like a straight shooter. My kinda guy.
Brad Green
Brad Green 18 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers for President!
Brandon Watts
Brandon Watts 18 dagen geleden
The 🐐 🐐🐐
Amaan Mohammed
Amaan Mohammed 18 dagen geleden
I’ve seen a bears fan on each of these clips we wish we had Aaron or at least a starting caliber qb
Prizz 18 dagen geleden
Slowly becoming my favorite personality in sports
Creepy Stares
Creepy Stares 18 dagen geleden
He's wrong about one thing. I don't listen live but the access to Rodgers true talking is so rare. I watch the thing. Chico baby!
Ben Filangeri
Ben Filangeri 18 dagen geleden
My respect for AA-Ron 📈📈📈
electric norseman
electric norseman 18 dagen geleden
People wear masks because their television tells them to...
cole schubert
cole schubert 18 dagen geleden
Can't wait for the bucs packers game. I'm probably going to have a heart attack watching Rodgers rip apart the bucs defense.
PMS Store
PMS Store 18 dagen geleden
Black 007
Black 007 18 dagen geleden
Green Bay has been blessed with some cool ass quarterbacks..
Kee Vang
Kee Vang 18 dagen geleden
Love Pat's show and love seeing Aaron Rodgers speak freely!
Ian P
Ian P 18 dagen geleden
The mainstream media is so biased... anything to get clicks, views or just to shame what they don’t agree with
ayy sluumped
ayy sluumped 18 dagen geleden
Man I love Aaron Rodgers. Go Pack Go!
Scruff D0g
Scruff D0g 18 dagen geleden
That has been the media over the past 10 years.
bryan smith
bryan smith 18 dagen geleden
Tuesdays are quickly becoming the best day on youtube!!!!!!! you all are doing get work here and Aaron rodgers is a hell of a guy.
Maziar Beiramee
Maziar Beiramee 18 dagen geleden
Its so weird hearing Aaron cuss
NE Playbook
NE Playbook 18 dagen geleden
A-Rod spitting facts!
hey hey
hey hey 18 dagen geleden
The MEDIA is Also ALL Liberals!
David Larcher
David Larcher 18 dagen geleden
Pat, Hawk, I'm am so pleased that you give Rodgers a platform to speak the truth. I'm liking Aaron more and more...
Chris Hudz
Chris Hudz 18 dagen geleden
Long time Saints fan, but watching Aaron Rogers every Tuesday has turned me into a huge fan! This guy is hilarious! 😂😂
Yarden Leshem
Yarden Leshem 18 dagen geleden
as a life long packer and rodgers fan... this is the first time i’ve ever heard him curse
jdls12 18 dagen geleden
He’s the best
Bryan G
Bryan G 18 dagen geleden
This is the first time I’ve heard Rodgers curse. We have a bad ass QB🔥😤
Calloway Schmidt
Calloway Schmidt 18 dagen geleden
Hard not to love Aaron Rodgers
Dawson J
Dawson J 18 dagen geleden
PMS the new CNN
Tyler Prince
Tyler Prince 18 dagen geleden
How have both Pat and Aaron not been on JRE yet.. it would be legend
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