Aaron Rodgers Tells Pat McAfee Why His Hard Count Is So Good 

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Rodgers' hard count is unmatched in the NFL.
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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29 sep. 2020




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Johnny Newport
Johnny Newport Dag geleden
Rodgers is hilarious! So happy there’s an amazing sports show that he feels comfortable on. Good job Pat!
Mary M0NR0E
Mary M0NR0E 11 dagen geleden
I just wanna watch the whole segment but breaking it up gets mo views
steel united111
steel united111 12 dagen geleden
I wish we had more of these player interviews, it shows they are just normal people, that are really good at what they do
julius ceasar
julius ceasar 12 dagen geleden
aaron is better this year since he dumped crash
Kevin Singh
Kevin Singh 12 dagen geleden
How does this not have over a million views?
Nick F
Nick F 14 dagen geleden
Pat's hard count cracked me tf up
Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott 15 dagen geleden
Aj hawk stay rockin the fake book background to make it seem like he reads haha
Dueling Jacks
Dueling Jacks 15 dagen geleden
Pat hit a milli!
Pequod Express
Pequod Express 15 dagen geleden
Why the hell does Aaron Rodgers keep the merchandising sticker on his hat? I understand kids from working class backgrounds wanting to show that they can acquire authentic commercial merchandise, but how does this trend filter "up" to an accomplished professional athlete, and an ostensibly intelligent one at that?
jordan5221 15 dagen geleden
They wont change the hard count, defense isnt supposed to move until the balls snapped not sound. They're gonna have to get more disciplined.
sam dorsa
sam dorsa 15 dagen geleden
I like that A Rod and Favre are friends now. I feel like Brett has given him some good tips on how to stay focused and have maximum longevity by being loose, having fun. I never thought Rodgers would be this accessible in his career. Good to see him opening up.
Nick Alex
Nick Alex 15 dagen geleden
Were there two chicks making out to his left cause he looked over an infinite amount of times.
John Stevens
John Stevens 16 dagen geleden
His hard counts good because he bobs his head like a rooster and the refs let him do it.
JD C 16 dagen geleden
Rodger for retirement 2020... that’s a hard yes 😂
Travis Carpenter
Travis Carpenter 16 dagen geleden
I like how there just chillin being you got a buddy that’s a QB in the NFL. Doesn’t seem phony like most interviews
Robert Fixit
Robert Fixit 17 dagen geleden
When you wear a tshirt with yourself on it LOL
kevin texter
kevin texter 17 dagen geleden
One day he is gonna not nees to be "pc"and I'm all ready for it
3nterprise Official
3nterprise Official 18 dagen geleden
Bro Aaron’s morning must suck, waking up at 36 playing in the NFL damn....a lot of body damage
Elijah Jackson
Elijah Jackson 18 dagen geleden
That’s it, right there. Aaron Rodgers wearing a shirt with his own face on it is why he only has (and while only ever have) one championship. He’s so full of himself that he can’t get out of his own way.
Ethan Niedorowski
Ethan Niedorowski 18 dagen geleden
So smart by arron an pat.... thanks aj for the hook up.... love the show even more now. Keep it up everyone
hc130radio 18 dagen geleden
Aaron Rogers is the type of guy that wears a shirt of himself.
MetallicSentry7 Burkinshaw
Pat at 2:02 doing his best Aaron Rodgers 🤣
Anthony B
Anthony B 18 dagen geleden
I like dude alot, and find him interesting to listen to. What's he looking at on his left? Notes?
pierre money bag
pierre money bag 18 dagen geleden
Clay Mathews looks like a dam women lmaooooo
youngBrys 18 dagen geleden
Goat talk !!!
Ben Obermayr
Ben Obermayr 18 dagen geleden
Pat!!! Next time you and Rodgers talk. Tell him he needs to bring his belt back! Ive said it for years if he brings his belt back. They will go to the super bowl! I want to see it again before he goes
Isaiah Correa
Isaiah Correa 19 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers deserves his own show point blank period !
danmenification 19 dagen geleden
My 2nd favorite QB of all time after Russell Wilson.
Lance 19 dagen geleden
is that a Rodgers x Degeneration X shirt? 😂
Byron ‘92
Byron ‘92 19 dagen geleden
Replace the “unt” in Count with “ck”
LORD GCA 19 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers is awesome
Never Fall
Never Fall 19 dagen geleden
AJ really has a picture of a bookcase behind him 😂
Nathan Isip
Nathan Isip 19 dagen geleden
"Soory" 5:30
Drop the Bassline
Drop the Bassline 19 dagen geleden
Shay Pewe
Shay Pewe 9 dagen geleden
@Mila Kunis Have you seen the defenses hes had to work with over the years? Hes only had top ten three times in 15 years contrast with who everyone thinks is the goat because they are simple and attracted by the shiny rings, Brady has a top ten Defense 15 of 20 years, 75% of his career he has played alongside defenses that Aaron has had three times. Yet the packers win the division just about every year like the pats. Make the playoffs just about year like the pats. He and Tom are almost always in the MVP discussion and both their are SB contenders pretty much every year. They put up similar stats win about the same amount of games and make the playoffs consistently and Aaron has to do with defenses that are more often than not ranked bottom 17, six times hes had a bottom 17 D yet he still made the playoffs four of those six times. Brady has only had a bottom 17 D only twice (the stat line I'm using is points allowed btw, I dont use overall, all that is anyway is the yards per game you give up, it makes more sense to use points allowed) and they missed one year and were one and done the next. So it really isn't even a debate, they post similar stats every year and make the playoffs and one has to do with defenses ranked twice as bad as what Tom has been blessed with for 75% of his career but when he doesn't have one they do feck all. So, whos the better QB? Not whose won more rings, that is the stupidest comparison for greatness, people who think that way like you seem to, if you hold true to your own logic Trent Dilfer is a better QB than Dan Marino, and that's simply not true, Rings dont make you great, lack of rings dont make you bad, its the performances you can give week to week year to year with talent around you that decide greatness and Rodgers has had to more with less and is still in the talk of the GOAT and the only reason people think Brady is better is because of the rings, always ignoring those top ten defenses.
Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis 14 dagen geleden
What kind of GOAT brags about gaming the system and drawing penalties instead of actual football plays? Or has 1 ring in 15 years as QB for a consistently great team? And hasn’t even made it to the big game since. GOATs don’t choke
Logical Dude
Logical Dude 15 dagen geleden
Guy spends 15 years in the league at the most important position, only wins it once when it really counts. Yeah, give me a break.
SilladX 15 dagen geleden
Yes Brady
DJ Hasta
DJ Hasta 19 dagen geleden
2:05 Does Pat McAfee have ADD? I'm just curious.
Austin Dungey
Austin Dungey 19 dagen geleden
This is my campaign for Rodgers to bring the discount double check back
Jeffery Zielke
Jeffery Zielke 19 dagen geleden
I wanna hear a " roll out the barrel" cadence!
chris Lovett
chris Lovett 19 dagen geleden
Wtf is arod looking at every word lol
chris Lovett
chris Lovett 19 dagen geleden
As a cheesehead thank god we have the best qb ever
hue bolser
hue bolser 19 dagen geleden
He practices his hard count to Pat McAfee stroking him off
nomax 19 dagen geleden
i wouldnt be mad if arod got another ring..
Lil Boat
Lil Boat 20 dagen geleden
ask him about the bad lockeroom guy narrative that everyone says he is
Bryce Cartwright
Bryce Cartwright 20 dagen geleden
Nobody: Pat: HUUUUTTT
Bob Fast
Bob Fast 20 dagen geleden
Why does he keep looking to his left?
Jerome 20 dagen geleden
This guy....amazing.
JenkoNYR 20 dagen geleden
I’m a Lions fan and I can even say that this makes Aaron very likable. Seems like a new guy.
TheCrazymonkey2323 20 dagen geleden
TheBarf 20 dagen geleden
The guy on the left appears to be on drugs.
TheBarf 20 dagen geleden
@The Pat McAfee Show lol
The Pat McAfee Show
The Pat McAfee Show 20 dagen geleden
Whoa... relax dude
John Sirko
John Sirko 20 dagen geleden
Aaron I feel is at his best ever right now! Majority and experience and his vision has him in a zone.
Clinton Bowers
Clinton Bowers 20 dagen geleden
Mcafee running his own sports shows he can curse, he can ask whatever he wants, and us as American men enjoy the realness of this. Freaking beautiful
The Pat McAfee Show
The Pat McAfee Show 20 dagen geleden
Thanks for watching brother. We’ll keep it going for as long as folks want to watch our incredibly dumb show.
adlwilliams 20 dagen geleden
Someone from the mideast. Columbus region
Sean Stapleton
Sean Stapleton 20 dagen geleden
Lets all just ignore the fact that Aaron is wearing a shirt of Aaron. Lol
Ricky Raines
Ricky Raines 20 dagen geleden
As a life long Packers’ fan, I love that you’re doing this weekly!
J 11
J 11 20 dagen geleden
Olivia munn said he's gay. What yall think?
travis nelson
travis nelson 20 dagen geleden
The PFF highest rated QB (and QBR) and everyone else is giving sympathy to Russel Wilson like he's running away with the MVP
Michael Tolbert
Michael Tolbert 20 dagen geleden
Why is Aaron Rodgers lying on his back?
Bax Mrackney
Bax Mrackney 20 dagen geleden
Aaron has a shirt of himself on 😂😂
david majerus
david majerus 20 dagen geleden
G and G fan The best thing is his experience and intellect Offers in depth perspective of the game Great guest Awesome show
Jarrett Hoogerhyde
Jarrett Hoogerhyde 20 dagen geleden
I'm interested to see what Rodgers will he like after a loss
Mitch Qumstein
Mitch Qumstein 20 dagen geleden
Fark that cark! How's the ratings, Roger G?
Dayton Smith Smith
Dayton Smith Smith 20 dagen geleden
Love to see all the appreciation for Rodgers now after coming on the podcast. Good stuff lol, hope he can keep this energy throughout the season.
Small Goat
Small Goat 20 dagen geleden
How can anyone hate this guy? So mild mannered, polite, and well spoken off the field, and always locked in with laser focus and elite play throwing the football around. I’m not even a packers fan but what a player and person Rodgers is
The Ranger
The Ranger 21 dag geleden
He actually got the shirt lol
WillisIsTalking 21 dag geleden
Did he yell out “Kent Murphy” on an audible his last game??
Mike Dag
Mike Dag 21 dag geleden
I need that shirt Aron got on
Erica Bertagnoli
Erica Bertagnoli 21 dag geleden
He looks like such a tool smoking a cigar thinking he’s cool
bruhhh 21 dag geleden
Hes just addicted lol hes always smoking. I dont think its to look cool at this point
Jeff A. Taylor
Jeff A. Taylor 21 dag geleden
Oh mah gersh, this yinzer is sumpin, just bewdful how he gets these innerstin ahnswers.
JBeasy 56
JBeasy 56 21 dag geleden
I have a feeling Pat knew how good Aaron's hard count was a long time ago.
PrinceRomani 21 dag geleden
I was just gonna say I’m ngl I like hearing Rodgers talk
Rick Nash
Rick Nash 21 dag geleden
Aaron gets a bad reputation personality wise I don't see it
sdog8i 21 dag geleden
AJ why do you have to smoke a cigar on the air?
will arthur
will arthur 21 dag geleden
Hands down the best sports shop by far.... it’s not even close
RASMUS 21 dag geleden
No homo, but when Rodgers gets his Hard Count going, I get a different Hard Count going, if you know what I mean.. Such a joy to see his brilliance in action Edit: Broooo his t-shirt 😂😂😂
Wesley Bundy
Wesley Bundy 21 dag geleden
As A Giants Fan, I am so glad I got watch Aaron Rodgers- And Pat! I am officially a Fan!
Chris Mason
Chris Mason 21 dag geleden
Aaron Rodgers the type of dude that wears his own self on his T-Shirts
J Weezy
J Weezy 21 dag geleden
I like that Aaron wears a shirt with himself on it, that's how you let people know you don't give a F
DABDUCK 21 dag geleden
Pat grinding his ass into Aaron's face during the promo is not an awesome look
Marcus Moore
Marcus Moore 21 dag geleden
“Yep, suck it” - Aaron Rodgers every year to my Lions 😔
Lanny F
Lanny F 21 dag geleden
Pat's hard count at 2:05 with Rodgers & AJ's reactions killed me 😆😆
Lanny F
Lanny F 21 dag geleden
@FishGuyJer * so good!
FishGuyJer *
FishGuyJer * 21 dag geleden
Idk how I missed that 😂
J Stawch
J Stawch 21 dag geleden
Cringe, wearing a tshirt of yourself? Is he in the WWE now?
bruhhh 21 dag geleden
Its a joke from last weeks appearance
C Smith
C Smith 21 dag geleden
You obviously didn’t watch last weeks show. You should probably do that then delete this comment
Eden Glover
Eden Glover 21 dag geleden
I'm fairly new here. Is AJ yooted out of his mind? his eyes are always so bloodshot
Paul Elliott
Paul Elliott 21 dag geleden
This guy is the goat at the position. Yea Tom has rings and all, but from a skill set this guy is on another level than anyone else.
Jamie 21 dag geleden
he really wore the shirt 😂
504 Handles 504
504 Handles 504 21 dag geleden
i hate that the saints only allow friends and family
rivolver ocelot
rivolver ocelot 21 dag geleden
Some teams snap counts were fkin rubix cubes in high school.....silent snaps left me standing straight up
John Kearney
John Kearney 21 dag geleden
U know what dropping dimes means in other places? Snitching
Houston Paul
Houston Paul 21 dag geleden
I too wear a shirt of myself
FMA Bincarim
FMA Bincarim 21 dag geleden
I QB was a one player sport like tennis or golf were looking at the NFL Tiger Woods
Jon Kozlowski
Jon Kozlowski 21 dag geleden
Aaron Rodgers. The GOAT. His hard count. The way he runs the offense. The way he throws the football is unheard of. Its beautiful music. People can say whatever they want and continue to call him "washed up." "Overrated." "Part of the problem." But guess what? They're ALWAYS proven wrong by this man. THE GOAT! let's go 1-0 this weekend boys! GO PACK GO!!! 🇺🇸🏈🧀
易趣Dyego 21 dag geleden
Wtf is hard count guys?
gully wumper
gully wumper 21 dag geleden
wonder if 3 yrs of watching 4 work the hard count helped 12 get the point of how important it is to use
Jordan Mazzitelle
Jordan Mazzitelle 21 dag geleden
I hate that commercial so much. I loved it at first lol. But stfu
TheTechGuru 21 dag geleden
Rodgers wearing his own shirt like it’s no big deal... hahaha
Brett Penrod
Brett Penrod 21 dag geleden
The Get Roman ad was right on Aaron’s face lol
Daniel Green
Daniel Green 21 dag geleden
I like Aaron Rodgers now lol
Greytness _
Greytness _ 21 dag geleden
2:05 😂
TheTomphson 21 dag geleden
Get AARon a proper broadcasting setup. I'd love to hear his beautiful voice through an EV-RE20 or an SM7B and see his lovely face on a stable camera
JohannWillSpielen 21 dag geleden
Isnt this guy supposed to be ass ?? Why i like him so much ;(
2dthoughts 21 dag geleden
Ah Discount Double Check time
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