Aaron Rodgers Tells Pat McAfee Why Patrick Mahomes Is So Great. 

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Pat Mahomes has quickly earned the respect of the league it seems.
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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29 sep. 2020




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Main Man Bennett
Main Man Bennett 13 uur geleden
THE DISRESPECT?! Mahomes is great. Lamar is great. BUT COME ON!!!! Mahomes has literally only played one 16-game season, and Lamar hasn't even won a playoff game yet!! You know there is a guy named RUSSELL WILSON who has never missed a game, is a SEVEN-TIME Pro Bowler... Super Bowl Champion... Has led the league in touchdowns and passer rating... 9 Playoff victories... It cracks me up that you only need one great season and you get the crown. How the hell you gonna talk "Mobile Quarterback" and mention 10 guys, and Russell is casually not mentioned? THE. DIS. RE. SPECT!?!?
Bre Rogers
Bre Rogers 23 uur geleden
With all due respect, AJ lowkey looks like an Avatar character 😭❤️
Steven Fetter
Steven Fetter 2 dagen geleden
Nothing humble about Aaron Rodgers unfortunately. He could be top 5 all time if he didn’t make everything about himself.
Wallace Whitmore
Wallace Whitmore 3 dagen geleden
Only a narcissist wears a tee shirt with himself on it. Smh
Average Joe
Average Joe 3 dagen geleden
Mahomes is very talented. Put him on the Jets and "see how bad he is". He is surrounded with talent and his coaches are excellent.
Travis Belcher
Travis Belcher 4 dagen geleden
rickt1951 4 dagen geleden
He's great no doubt but can he be great on the Jets or any other sub-par team? Seriously how many QB's right now would be just as good or better on KC? Wilson, Brees, Brady, Rodgers to name a few come on man he's not superman lol. It's a team sport and if you are on a shity team then you will be a shity QB simple.
Aaron 6 dagen geleden
I really only get my sports commentary from Pat and Strong Opinion Sports
neil 6 dagen geleden
Let’s smoke a cigar during a show... what a loser! You’re cool bro
Akash Patel
Akash Patel 6 dagen geleden
I want them to face off in the SB and Arod win. Man has been getting disrespected last few years
joker78 7 dagen geleden
Hazelhurst 10 dagen geleden
Rodgers and Mahomes are national treasures
Tkmkim 09
Tkmkim 09 3 dagen geleden
So is Wilson too
Levi Agcalon
Levi Agcalon 11 dagen geleden
“Mah Knee”
Joseph Riehl
Joseph Riehl 12 dagen geleden
Aaron is the GOAT
Marina Prontelli
Marina Prontelli 13 dagen geleden
KC PMII 13 dagen geleden
Just 2 StateFarm QBs sticking up for ea other...If I got to pick a QB to lead my team to and in a Superbowl, give me either Rodgers or Mahomes. Or Montana/Favre/Elway/Brady.
hubcitygirl 14 dagen geleden
That cigar is obnoxious.
Mary M0NR0E
Mary M0NR0E 14 dagen geleden
Watching this on TV eating 🍽 dinner
SPIRITUAL Nando 15 dagen geleden
Russell Wilson >
John Cena
John Cena 15 dagen geleden
Top 3 QBs in the league rn in no particular order aaron rodgers russell wilson patrick mahomes
ben baker
ben baker 15 dagen geleden
ARod looks like he just got off the golf course, took a couple dimes off the guys he was playing, and has a handfull of free cocktails coming his way...
Unnecessary Roughness
Unnecessary Roughness 16 dagen geleden
You damn sure do! It’s no secret A Rod is his favorite qb!
RandomMindz 16 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers success = Patrick Mahomes - Good Receivers - Good Head Coach
dondookie98 16 dagen geleden
It takes a different kinda dude to wear a t-shirt with yourself on it 😂😂
Tom Green
Tom Green 16 dagen geleden
Get Aaron a tripod immediately.
70monte 70 monte
70monte 70 monte 17 dagen geleden
Greg Hutcherson
Greg Hutcherson 17 dagen geleden
In his future autobiography, I swear he comes out as addicted to opiates. Between pale skin, constructed pupils, weight loss, and distance with his family.. Probably Vicodin or oxy, but considering how he's playing this year, is pretty incredible. And I'm not a Packers fan..
Kamille James
Kamille James 17 dagen geleden
as a Packers fan I love watching Mahomes, he plays eerily similar to Aaron its almost like a Kobe/MJ identical moves type deal. I think Aaron still has the better accuracy but Mahomes has the stronger cannon. Regardless Chiefs fans are spoiled, Aarons got some years left in him and Mahomes is gonna be great for at least another decade and im here for it
Carlos Vazquez
Carlos Vazquez 9 dagen geleden
no way. Rodgers can throw it deep and accurately without putiing mustard on the throw.
Previn John
Previn John 15 dagen geleden
Bro I’ve made that same comparison. Kobe and Mike are the 2 most skilled players to ever play in the NBA. I think Rodgers and Mahomes are the most skilled QBs ever. Actually Marino is in that list too.
Funky Fresh
Funky Fresh 19 dagen geleden
I didn't know Ken Block was a fan of Rodgers being a snitch
Paul Mcelligott
Paul Mcelligott 19 dagen geleden
AJ Hawk needs to go. He contributes nothing to the show, he just sits there lighting his cigar.
Eden Moyal
Eden Moyal 20 dagen geleden
I love the sneaky athletic, crafty, first in last out dig at the commentators. They literally say that for every white skill player
P J 20 dagen geleden
Aj Hawk thinkin he looks cool smoking the cigar lmfao
K Moss
K Moss 21 dag geleden
AJ hawk looks great for a retired guy
Tom B.
Tom B. 21 dag geleden
Aaron Rodgers would make such a good sports caster/announcer during football games!!!
James Christopher
James Christopher 21 dag geleden
Aaron rodgers can kick rocks... douche bag
YT WW_Tim_Riggs_Do
YT WW_Tim_Riggs_Do 21 dag geleden
Pat and AJ face at 4:09 after Rodgers was talking about QBs😂
Siquan Wu
Siquan Wu 21 dag geleden
Aaron is the GOAT and best sports role model any kids can dream of.
Luka Beast
Luka Beast 22 dagen geleden
Nobody realizes that Mahomes is going to be the best QB in history hands down. He will win more mvps and super bowls than Brady could have dreamt of.
Luka Beast
Luka Beast 21 dag geleden
Michael DeFord what are you saying you imbecile. Nobody rigging his career, watch football then say that.
Michael DeFord
Michael DeFord 21 dag geleden
Nope. Not unless the NFL Riggs his career. Which they already are doing
Matthew Thomas-erwin
Matthew Thomas-erwin 22 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers is way better then mahomes it's not even close
Ramone DeCurta
Ramone DeCurta 22 dagen geleden
Interviewers: Aaron, why is Patrick Mahomes special? Aaron Rodgers: 🤔 Because he’s an Aaron Rodgers clone! 🤷🏽‍♂️😎
Kerry Gaines
Kerry Gaines 22 dagen geleden
I wanna see A Rod do a live read for a used car commercial “yeah I mean you should get a car here. Probably won’t have to put down too much money. Maybe low rates. Prolly have a good selection. I think it would be a cool thing to do. I like this place.”
crunk bunk
crunk bunk 22 dagen geleden
dude is wearing his own t-shirt lol
Allonzo Tate
Allonzo Tate 22 dagen geleden
Love A-rod the most accurate passer in NFL history but we have to be honest and cut the bias out . Pat mahomes is the most talented QB ever . Please stop the bias and watch the game it’s nothing on the field that kid cannot do as QB .. this point going forward it’s all IQ he would have to work on.
Steelers And Penn State
Steelers And Penn State 22 dagen geleden
I love when Pat McAfee brings A-Rod on the show
Hoosier Daddy
Hoosier Daddy 22 dagen geleden
He’s not great though
Cameron Lyons
Cameron Lyons 22 dagen geleden
I was there that day. I remember that.
T Rocka
T Rocka 22 dagen geleden
Wait Mahomes is good???
K xXPACK8Xx 22 dagen geleden
AJ Hawk is such a boss haha over here lighting that cigar like a pro!
Ryan Wehr
Ryan Wehr 22 dagen geleden
Patrick has an insane O line and awesome wide outs and a pro bowl tight end. The weapons is just nuts
Bryan B
Bryan B 22 dagen geleden
This may be Rogers year
Eman 22 dagen geleden
**Aaron Rodgers.exe has stopped working.**
Animal Science TV
Animal Science TV 22 dagen geleden
I love this! Weekly rodgers? He's very thoughtful and the dynamic with pat and aj works awesome
David Brown
David Brown 23 dagen geleden
Who invited Woody Harrelson to the video chat?!
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson 23 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers looks like a homeless guy that just hit the clothing drive after a x games event
Damien Butler
Damien Butler 23 dagen geleden
Top 2 QB’s in the game, Mahomes and Rodgers!!!
Robert Fan
Robert Fan 23 dagen geleden
"Patrick Mahomes sounds like Kermit throws the ball like Thor." - best comment of all time.
devonte williams
devonte williams 23 dagen geleden
Rodgers is everyone's favorite uncle
Rick Geise
Rick Geise 23 dagen geleden
Quit calling him "Pat"!... and I see similarities in your games too. Good chance we get to see a rematch of Super Bowl I at the end of the year and the best two QBs in the league (with similar games) go head-to-head.
Jay Bee Dreams
Jay Bee Dreams 23 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers is a type of dude to wear an Aaron Rodgers shirt Me: yeah thats how you promote 🤙
jedi master
jedi master 23 dagen geleden
luv AJ Hawk always smokin da stogies
Tyler Baker
Tyler Baker 23 dagen geleden
Stand up guy for sure
travis nelson
travis nelson 23 dagen geleden
Very happy Chicago didn't get Malhomes.
Chandler Smith
Chandler Smith 23 dagen geleden
“He’s got receivers”
meltedwaffles 23 dagen geleden
Nagy wants trubisky to be a pocket passer
Nick Mau
Nick Mau 23 dagen geleden
Imagine wearing a shirt with your own face on it.
RV slays noobs
RV slays noobs 23 dagen geleden
Did you know Aaron Rodgers was born at a very young age
Clear 23 dagen geleden
Why is Arron Rodgers wearing his own shirt🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nigol T.
Nigol T. 23 dagen geleden
I love Pat!!! He never interrupts a guest and never talks over them!!! Bravo Pat!
Steve g
Steve g 23 dagen geleden
he is clearly gay ,let him come out the closet
Potential XP
Potential XP 24 dagen geleden
AR U have one super bowl big ben as 3
thejarv 24 dagen geleden
Man, he must really hate Russell Wilson
thejarv 24 dagen geleden
@Jonny B Then why did he bring up Steve Young? He was talking like Mahomes was the first person since Rodgers came in the league to run around and extend plays. There is a very obvious parallel between Russell Wilson and Mahomes but instead he goes with Steve Young? That's someone who doesn't want to talk about the Fail Mary or the 2014 NFC Championship.
Max Reagan
Max Reagan 24 dagen geleden
Pat and Aaron are just talking and AJ is on the right smoking a cuban😂
I'm The best nigga in the world
Fran Tarkington.. ...your welcome.
Chloe 24 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers is laying on a couch... GOAT... and I am a Lions fan so its hard to say that.
James Brown
James Brown 24 dagen geleden
Woody Harrelson likes cigars
Nicholas King
Nicholas King 24 dagen geleden
lol... cant talk tabout Russ...
Mike Hdhavs
Mike Hdhavs 24 dagen geleden
Oh no don’t let his mom see Aaron Rodgers call him pat!!! That’s his damn dads name it’s not pat, it’s Patrick. Pat is his dad and get it right dammit !
Super Nutt
Super Nutt 24 dagen geleden
Aaron looks like the neighbor down the road that's been a mechanic pulling 16 hour days for the past 20 years and drinks a case of PBR every night
Faisal Karim
Faisal Karim 24 dagen geleden
WOW Patrick Mahomes, this is the best accolade you'll EVER receive. "I am a Pat Mahomes fan. I really am."~The great Aaron Rodgers. Go Chiefs!
Karan Phull
Karan Phull 24 dagen geleden
10 more K to a Millie 👍🏽
Speedy Newton
Speedy Newton 24 dagen geleden
Cam Newton?
Luc Welner-Monchuk
Luc Welner-Monchuk 24 dagen geleden
With his TD pass to Marcedes Lewis Sunday night, Aaron Rodgers now has one more TD pass to a 1st round pick in his career than Pat Mahomes has to Eric Fisher.
Gavin Ogden
Gavin Ogden 24 dagen geleden
Rodgers gets the award for narcissist of the year.
fiscer247 24 dagen geleden
Are cigars making a comeback or something? I've been seeing a lot of dudes smoking them recently.
Dylan .M
Dylan .M 24 dagen geleden
I think people forgot how much Rodgers use to run. I think the one year he had more rushing yards then vick
Daddy 24 dagen geleden
He wears his own merch cause that’s how much of a GOAT he is
CCWNYC 24 dagen geleden
This is a special show. Great format, like Rogan style, with no bickering. Im tired of the 2 hosts fighting. This is a reprieve.
readbear ttu
readbear ttu 24 dagen geleden
Get patrick mahomes on the show!!
Mary Ann K
Mary Ann K 24 dagen geleden
REALLY, you can't make it through this interview without smoking a cigar - great influence on younger folks, a-hole interviewer in blue.
Carter Clarke
Carter Clarke 24 dagen geleden
Anyone else hear someone eating
Berserker5150 24 dagen geleden
Pat could be aarons twin under center his IQ arm strength ability to move out of the pocket and create open receivers
Justin Murphy
Justin Murphy 24 dagen geleden
If Lazard would’ve threw me a block I woulda took it to the house Arron Rodgers is hilarious I’m glad he’s my quarter back ik he’s a little aged but I’d take his demeanor over a younger quarter back anyday that bounce back mentality is what makes me a fan your never out of the game
Africa Unite
Africa Unite 24 dagen geleden
My respects for Rodgers just went up way higher✊🏿✊🏿
Africa Unite
Africa Unite 24 dagen geleden
Chiefs vs Packers this year Super Bowl mark my words I guaranteed not Barkley Guranteeeeed😂😂.
Thomas Lucas
Thomas Lucas 24 dagen geleden
I love Rodgers for finally giving Mike Vick comparison with Lamar . Everyone seems to forget about Vick , no disrespect to Lamar because he's good , but Vick was simply must watch.
HyperGinger 24 dagen geleden
I love how Rodgers is wearing a shirt with himself on it
Africa Unite
Africa Unite 24 dagen geleden
Real Recognizes Real Go Chiefs.
Fenoix Flyte
Fenoix Flyte 24 dagen geleden
What about Josh Allen :D
Rich Diana
Rich Diana 24 dagen geleden
Tell AJ good cigars should always be lit with a match.
Majik0715 24 dagen geleden
Rodgers just seems like a cool guy!
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