Darren Waller Tells Pat McAfee His INSANE Comeback Story To The NFL 

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Darren Waller is balling on the field, but his story is nuts.
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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15 okt. 2020




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Aye Mayne
Aye Mayne 16 uur geleden
If you close your eyes and listen he sounds a little bit like John Cena
Nick T
Nick T Dag geleden
wow so open i like this guy
Smitty Luke1
Smitty Luke1 Dag geleden
When he said he felt death coming .. man I could feel the energy through the screen .. nothing fake bout this guy .. btw I’m a raider fan your the hero we need Waller !
Will Spurrier
Will Spurrier Dag geleden
I feel the same way. I am a really good cross country runner probably going to go college on a scholarship. i don’t genuinely enjoy the sport or have self motivation. i only do it do that i can be notice by girls and so that i can maybe be more appealing for people to make friends with
Marlo Stanfield
Marlo Stanfield Dag geleden
This was dope. Been there.
Mason Mullins
Mason Mullins 2 dagen geleden
Go watch Bussin with the boys podcast on NLblock with Darren Waller it’s amazing
Rich Colon
Rich Colon 2 dagen geleden
Waller is my TE
Christian 2 dagen geleden
Why he sound like IsaiahThePlaya on youtube 😂😂
Nate REG
Nate REG 2 dagen geleden
Wait...Henderson...Sprouts and Target...I know exactly what intersection he’s talking about! I shop there all the time! Holy crap
CPGRAPPLE 2 dagen geleden
Great interview!!
supreme_clay 101
supreme_clay 101 2 dagen geleden
Ok i liked darren waller as a player but know i love him no homo as a person
CANTGUARDCJ_ 3 dagen geleden
Love that. Dude went from getting worried about his next fix to getting excited about target being near his home😭change really does happen
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 3 dagen geleden
I found Darren during the Raiders HBO show & instantly thought the world of him. He is a fighter, an inspiration, & has been my fantasy TE for the past 2 seasons. Definite all Pro player & person.
Abel North
Abel North 3 dagen geleden
i will never not like Darren Waller
hooyoan81 3 dagen geleden
He caught my eye last season n I was like I need to draft him on my fantasy team haven’t had no regrets w/ him! Good luck brother!
Gabriel Vidaurre
Gabriel Vidaurre 4 dagen geleden
I wish the ravens kept this guy. 😭
Zachary Wolf
Zachary Wolf 4 dagen geleden
Respect for that man right there
George Coull
George Coull 4 dagen geleden
Great interview boy's glad he got to one of them outstanding rehabs. Good for him screw the raiders here we go Steelers
BH Beats
BH Beats 4 dagen geleden
god told him he aint done yet son.
Erik Berg
Erik Berg 4 dagen geleden
After he’s done in the league he definitely has a future in motivational speaking and sharing his story like Ryan Leaf does. That’s absolutely incredible.
DANIEL 4 dagen geleden
As a football fan I love this guy but as a 49er fan I hate him
Kylan Young
Kylan Young 4 dagen geleden
Glad i have him on fantasy
Native KING
Native KING 4 dagen geleden
I love this guy so much... no pause
JJ JJ 4 dagen geleden
aj hawk is the chad meme
Jr04Sleepy Gaming
Jr04Sleepy Gaming 4 dagen geleden
Cornerstone Conservative
Cornerstone Conservative 4 dagen geleden
This is such an inspirational video!! Congratulations on the comeback man!!
David Harless
David Harless 4 dagen geleden
RRRRAAAAIIIIDDDDEEEERRRRSSSS!!!!! Your a beast on and off the field Darren.
Nathan Onsurez
Nathan Onsurez 4 dagen geleden
Hate the Raiders (Steelers fan) but respect and root for this guy every week. I've been where he's been and it's a lonely, dark place. The brightest stars shine most in the darkest of places. Stay up kid, you're life is just beginning.
Austin Rohlfing
Austin Rohlfing 4 dagen geleden
Wow I appreciate his humility and honesty and his courage to being so open about what he was struggling with inside. Damn I have mad respect for him so much more now than just as a football player. God bless you Darren.
Bradum 4 dagen geleden
Ravens fan here. Was pretty disappointing when Waller didn't pan out in Baltimore, but I'm super happy to hear he was able to step back, get himself right, and find success. Best of luck dude!
Henry Henk
Henry Henk 4 dagen geleden
Love to see this interview man. I've always heard about him overcoming addiction but never heard him speak on it before. Im 8 months into recovery rn and it's success stories like this that make me want it even more. Prayers up for Darren. Wish him all the best 🙏
Ethan Pettit
Ethan Pettit 5 dagen geleden
Waller a beast, my Fav TE and I am a Jags fan. Have him on MUT and he goes for like 125 yards and 2 TDS every game
NV Progressive
NV Progressive 5 dagen geleden
Doesnt help that guys who came here ended up owing the casinos to the point they were sued. It was a sharks player during the playoffs a couple years ago.
Corey Forsberg
Corey Forsberg 5 dagen geleden
His great grandfather was a great musician. Fat's Waller.
J Goree
J Goree 5 dagen geleden
That was a fantastic interview and very insightful. My hats off to him for sure.
Ethan Niedorowski
Ethan Niedorowski 5 dagen geleden
Keep it up young man
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez 5 dagen geleden
Proud to have him on my fantasy team😪
tomgio1 5 dagen geleden
Open, honest, vulnerable, and inspiring; leads by example, with no excuses and no proselytizing. What a wonderful and uplifting story, and a great interview.
Matthew Bowers
Matthew Bowers 5 dagen geleden
Man I am so glad to hear that. Its not even 12 step or a particular format of rehab, it’s getting time to think about what really drives you and what needs you aren’t meeting and it can come back together it seems.
BP Lup
BP Lup 5 dagen geleden
He wanted to impress others but it wasn't until he realized he only needed to impress himself that things got better. I feel that.
Jeremy Redden
Jeremy Redden 5 dagen geleden
When pat and aj were just like dayum....
Chris G
Chris G 5 dagen geleden
Way to go Darren !!! good on you
Christopher Kirby
Christopher Kirby 5 dagen geleden
Big Baller Waller! What an inspiring dude.
The Proud Asshole MGTOW
The Proud Asshole MGTOW 5 dagen geleden
THE WALRUS!!! I had him for 2 years straight now!
Corbin Pool
Corbin Pool 5 dagen geleden
Troubled eNVy
Troubled eNVy 5 dagen geleden
Waller is a fuckin beast. On and off the field
Samuel Cruz
Samuel Cruz 5 dagen geleden
Raidersssss we going 2 da ship
Logan Hurley
Logan Hurley 5 dagen geleden
Armando Calvillo
Armando Calvillo 5 dagen geleden
Rehab will do that. I think if everyone went thru rehab addict or not you would be a better person for it. Just my opinion
Teau Satuala
Teau Satuala 5 dagen geleden
What he did is hard thing to do. All props to him and his story and happy for the positive turnaround.
TyJM0 5 dagen geleden
As a Chiefs fan, this dude is an example of what more players should be. So open about his past struggles, and continues to be a stud and leader on the field. Thankful to have Mathieu on our squad who is the heart and soul of the team, and I think Waller could easily be that for the Raiders.
Tyler Huttenlocher
Tyler Huttenlocher 5 dagen geleden
Can you get AJ a better video camera? That this is like 720p.
t neil
t neil 5 dagen geleden
I'm so thankful we have him on our team.. What a genuine guy!
Joe Reyes
Joe Reyes 5 dagen geleden
you love to see this!
j corn
j corn 5 dagen geleden
AJ Hawk is the slowest blinker of all time
KhemnuFrost 5 dagen geleden
Play some blast beats on that electronic kit! \m/
Racer Z
Racer Z 5 dagen geleden
Calm and well spoken....good for him. He definitely enjoys the competitive aspect. Enjoy watching him.
Full Send Cheesy
Full Send Cheesy 5 dagen geleden
I remember when Waller was a beast for salary cap in MUT. 89 speed at TE but 65 overall lol
Will Klenk
Will Klenk 5 dagen geleden
If you want to learn more about Darren there is a great Podcast Bussin with the Boys that have an incredible podcast with Waller
David Brown
David Brown 5 dagen geleden
Being this honest is hard!! I respect buddy even more now 👌 everyone loves a comeback story
bob billiam
bob billiam 5 dagen geleden
great guy, good talk with the man.. lets go pat.
Team AHGG 5 dagen geleden
Does anyone know what mic he uses?
DBarker614 5 dagen geleden
Still got mad love for Darren Waller as a ravens fan
Semaj yo
Semaj yo 5 dagen geleden
Damn shout out to him man real honest guy
Austin Cleveland
Austin Cleveland 5 dagen geleden
Fantasy TE number 1😤😤
The AnimlMother
The AnimlMother 5 dagen geleden
I can’t believe... AJ wasn’t smokin a fat ass stogie
The Bowl Combo
The Bowl Combo 5 dagen geleden
Wow, this guy's answers were so honest....Impressed
Stihl Yunas
Stihl Yunas 5 dagen geleden
Glad he’s going good, while my raven heart bleeds
Abdulaziz Kahaili
Abdulaziz Kahaili 5 dagen geleden
I swear I thought he was drafted this year 😅
Spencer Misfeldt
Spencer Misfeldt 5 dagen geleden
I loved him already for being great on my fantasy team but now I’m a huge fan for a much realer reason
Jeremy Ruckman
Jeremy Ruckman 5 dagen geleden
I’m so stoked on this interview! New favorite player, Waller the Baller! Pat your the best WV Motown 304 baby.
Sean Driscoll
Sean Driscoll 5 dagen geleden
All jokes aside I was at a detox with him. I wouldn't say anything but he mentioned rehab in the video. I doubt he would remember it but me, him and another person were playing basketball and each hit a halfcourt shot, 3 in a row. Glad hes doing well and it's awesome to watch him on sundays.
The Taylor Squad36
The Taylor Squad36 5 dagen geleden
Gives us hope. Thank you!
Walter Simpson
Walter Simpson 5 dagen geleden
Glad he got his life turned around and is playing for the Raiders.
Jesse Bedolla
Jesse Bedolla 5 dagen geleden
This is another reason why "The Pat McAfee Show" is the best out there. I feel players feel so comfortable talking to him, he asks the best questions and can relate to them. Not like some interviewer that played peewee ball, and never struggled in their lives.
Amar 5 dagen geleden
Get jimmy graham or jonnu smith on the show. Both unbelievably talented dudes that rose from nothing. Love hearing these type of comeback stories
Connie B
Connie B 5 dagen geleden
He was young. He has basically grown up, 28 now. So glad he went to rehab. My supergirl, Amy Winehse, didn’t make it through. Fabulous he made it. I wish he’d share withJosh Gordon.
YourBioDad 5 dagen geleden
He’s the fastest TE in the league! Boy lines up everywhere on the field! He’s definitely top 3 TE in the league
D E 3 dagen geleden
Kelce kittle Waller top 3
RAAM855 5 dagen geleden
Was rooting for him since i heard his story on Hard Knocks
bronxbombers 2211
bronxbombers 2211 5 dagen geleden
good for this guy. As a recovering alcoholic these stories of guys like this are always motivating
Joel Williams
Joel Williams 5 dagen geleden
Grateful recovering alcoholic & addict, 03 Jan 21 will be my 24th year. Best decision I ever made. Cheers to this young fella who got a 2nd...or 3rd chance to live his dream. It's a great time to be sober!
Ryan Stone
Ryan Stone 5 dagen geleden
Another top tier interview 100% real love all Waller the baller
Chris Loco
Chris Loco 5 dagen geleden
Henderson is a good area, most people that live there tend to stay away from the strip
Politics is lit m8
Politics is lit m8 5 dagen geleden
I wish I had walkers voice omfg
Michael Tierney
Michael Tierney 5 dagen geleden
This is why players are the best interviewers. They bring the real side of players out!!
madbarber 5 dagen geleden
Always been a fan ....I wish my Ravens would've kept him But harbaugh is an idiot
Guerrero Lopez
Guerrero Lopez 5 dagen geleden
Why the hell would anyone downvote this? Waller just saved a few lives by telling his story.
Time Travel Tarot
Time Travel Tarot 5 dagen geleden
Andrew Edington
Andrew Edington 5 dagen geleden
Dudes a beast on fantasy
JJHcars 5 dagen geleden
Kudos for this young man self accountability and self reflection. He knows this game is only his job not who he is. Takes the weight off. Now he can just go preform. Enjoy it as best he can and set up his next phase of life. Much props!
Blaise Nibert
Blaise Nibert 5 dagen geleden
These interviews are amazing
Jacob Luto
Jacob Luto 5 dagen geleden
Damn bro I’m a broncos fan but hearing stories like his and josh Jacobs’ hard not to love these dudes
Ian Crook
Ian Crook 5 dagen geleden
more Raiders news please ♥️♥️♥️
Steven Bartels
Steven Bartels 5 dagen geleden
Good for Waller, and for Pat to get his story out!
Ryan 5 dagen geleden
Bring this guy back
jason thomas
jason thomas 5 dagen geleden
waller the baller
mr. banger
mr. banger 5 dagen geleden
God put u in a test situation to see if you really wanted it keep up the good work Darren once u get that contract an retire Ull have plenty of time to smoke woods on the beach my guy
Dthesun 5 dagen geleden
So proud of you Darren.
Chadro Donni
Chadro Donni 5 dagen geleden
Waller is a beast. Im glad he is in the league. Great role model.
Luna 209
Luna 209 5 dagen geleden