Does Pat McAfee Hate Josh Allen? 

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Listen, I never said I hated Josh Allen...
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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1 okt. 2020




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matt dalton
matt dalton 10 dagen geleden
Only two people up for this debate: Russell Wilson and Arron Rodgers. No teams have scored more this this season other than these guys.
espben360 11 dagen geleden
Russell wildon is best player out there 100%
Joey Hudson
Joey Hudson 12 dagen geleden
Trace mcsorley MVP!
AsiaCaster 12 dagen geleden
why does pat hate josh Allen so much
Whipah Snapah
Whipah Snapah 12 dagen geleden
Josh Allen is a beast.
No Cover TV
No Cover TV 14 dagen geleden
Bro!!!! Come on Patty
RichHomieTaff 14 dagen geleden
I’m bills fan an i agree with what you said , he’s great but it’s Arron Rodgers
SS _Deestroyer
SS _Deestroyer 14 dagen geleden
I’m got going to lie I think Arron Rodgers is way way too overrated I think my man is only playing good cause of the sorry ass teams he’s played already
Chris Berg
Chris Berg 14 dagen geleden
Mahomes is the best player on the planet right now.
Buffalo Bear
Buffalo Bear 15 dagen geleden
I like you despite your hatred of Josh Allen McAfee
Justin Morello
Justin Morello 15 dagen geleden
Yeah some of Bills Mafia gets a little crazy. And I'm part of bills Mafia but I'm not THAT crazy lol
Petty Wap
Petty Wap 15 dagen geleden
its early and he still has dumb habits..that rams last drive is an example. not to mention lets see when they play better teams,when it gets cold and when diggs start to act up because brown gets more targets or whatever the case and see how he allen plays
Kelly Doyle
Kelly Doyle 15 dagen geleden
Russ def better than Rodgers
Simply Bumfuzzled
Simply Bumfuzzled 15 dagen geleden
Just bring Allen on the show and settle this officially.
Dan McClintock
Dan McClintock 15 dagen geleden
I know I hate him, everyone in that nasty alcoholic town thinks he’s the second coming of jesus christ
Derek Rau
Derek Rau 15 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers is not better then Russell Wilson. Never has been
Henry Thompson
Henry Thompson 16 dagen geleden
I like to watch NFL
I like to watch NFL 16 dagen geleden
He hates seahawks..
Se11out huh
Se11out huh 16 dagen geleden
am i the only one who read the title and went bills mafia is abt to kill him🤣🤣
Colt Dumba
Colt Dumba 16 dagen geleden
"Dont be Like THE Browns fan" I love this show
United League of Gamers
United League of Gamers 16 dagen geleden
Okay Aaron Rodgers is not the best QB on earth. Russel Wilson is.
silentwulffff 16 dagen geleden
Eli Williams
Eli Williams 16 dagen geleden
Don’t be like browns fans 😂😂
Dillion Marsee
Dillion Marsee 16 dagen geleden
You guys keep forgetting there is no fans in attendance that matters !
Cody Jundzilo
Cody Jundzilo 16 dagen geleden
Let's go buffalo
Eric Broten
Eric Broten 16 dagen geleden
You should catch more heat for saying Rodgers is playing better than any other qb right now
Peddler Inc
Peddler Inc 17 dagen geleden
i love when bills mafia gets outta pocket
Rip It
Rip It 17 dagen geleden
Less than 2K more subs until you hit 1 mil! Congrats in advance!
Jake Sandry
Jake Sandry 17 dagen geleden
Literally the only thing I don't like about this show is how much y'all love aaron rodgers
pearboii II
pearboii II 17 dagen geleden
That fan spoke facts josh allen is playing like an mvp and rodgers is not
Abraham Rico
Abraham Rico 17 dagen geleden
1.Patrick 2.Wilson 3.Rodgers :)
Crown Of Aries
Crown Of Aries 17 dagen geleden
i feel like russ is playing the best besides Mahomes in the league
James Hendricks
James Hendricks 17 dagen geleden
That dude bugging
ballislife TWolvesNation
ballislife TWolvesNation 17 dagen geleden
Wait someone thinks Josh is better than Aaron? Is that dude smoking crack?
A Jacks
A Jacks 17 dagen geleden
Dude there is no way Aaron is playing better then Russ the only thing I you could complain about is one pick and even that was on Olson. Dude had it in his hands
Alex Vass
Alex Vass 18 dagen geleden
GO POKES!!! Powder River! Let'r Buck!!!
Marshall Plexi
Marshall Plexi 18 dagen geleden
Bills Mafia
Bills Mafia 18 dagen geleden
And you on the right smoke your cigar and shut up
Bills Mafia
Bills Mafia 18 dagen geleden
I don’t think you that your who you are talking to when you could us soft
Brian Mulhern
Brian Mulhern 18 dagen geleden
I actually agree with Pat. Rodgers is def better.
Shawn Hoelzle
Shawn Hoelzle 18 dagen geleden
Well, have Josh Allen on the show.......
Salah Albakri
Salah Albakri 18 dagen geleden
Pat you don’t have to apologize. We bills mafia still love you!
Will Klenk
Will Klenk 18 dagen geleden
Bills fan here that’s no disrespect to Allen but let’s be honest Russell Wilson is better than Aaron Rodgers right now
Los Trem
Los Trem 18 dagen geleden
Allen is good but he's not a great qb until he wins a playoff game. Love that he added more touch and calmed down some. His ceiling is ridiculous with his frame, strength and athleticism. He's my favorite qb to watch for sure. I really believe he can become the best qb the Bills have ever had and one of the best ever to play football and hope he does. Bills fans, who were offended, need to learn to act like they've been there before. Remember when they beat New England in the regular season and acted like they won the superbowl? Embarrassing.
Los Trem
Los Trem 18 dagen geleden
Rogers is the most gifted quarterback that ever lived. -bills fan
Jack OConnell
Jack OConnell 18 dagen geleden
Alec Johnson
Alec Johnson 18 dagen geleden
AJ’s house must smell ripe
Will Headley
Will Headley 18 dagen geleden
I love you Patty I’m a Bills fan I don’t think that you are disrespectful but Green Bay’s running game is better
Nick Duncan
Nick Duncan 18 dagen geleden
Pat’s calling the bills fan base soft, when he’s acting EXTREMELY pressed about being questioned. If anything, Pat’s the soft one. You don’t compare people to nine year olds and then act like one yourself. Take criticism or get out.
An AustintatiousGamer
An AustintatiousGamer 18 dagen geleden
That guy does not represent the rest of Bills mafia, Josh is playing phenomenal football, but y’all said it best, elevating Rodgers doesnt take anything away from Allen, love the show, that guy should go back to his goats
Salvador Moronta
Salvador Moronta 18 dagen geleden
Allen is not in the same class as Rogers. Allen is having a good year and getting better.
SCH71 18 dagen geleden
I want to smack AJ Hawk...feed him his cigar !!!
buffalobills2012 18 dagen geleden
Bills mafia has love for you pat we are one of the same
Mattholomue 18 dagen geleden
Yea I’m sorry there are these bills “fans” out there boss man
Kyle Myers
Kyle Myers 18 dagen geleden
Patmcafeeshow did Russell Wilson retire or something?
Kyle Myers
Kyle Myers 18 dagen geleden
3,082 days in the NFL and Russ still doesn't get talked about or get a SINGLE MVP vote in his entire career. Aaron Rodgers is so great he can't beat Seattle when it matters but he's the best? Ok. Don't forget Patrick Mahomes lost to Seattle too but we don't talk about that I guess
Eli Williams
Eli Williams 18 dagen geleden
Hey pat u should invite josh on the show and talk about how crazy us bills fans r
Pollock Palooza
Pollock Palooza 18 dagen geleden
Pat, you’re disrespecting bills mafia now calling us 9 year olds lmao
Ashwin Poefra
Ashwin Poefra 18 dagen geleden
Road to one million subs
Hank Jr
Hank Jr 18 dagen geleden
As a Bills fan it doesn’t surprise me that some fans are taking this a little to far and are being a bit overprotective of Allen. It’s been two and a half decades since we’ve had a franchise QB like this so there are generations of fans like myself who’ve never been in this situation before and we don’t really know how to react to having a good QB. You take into account all the heavy criticism Josh Allen has received and combine that with a desperate Billsmafia and you’ll have fans that’ll do or say anything to defend and protect our QB that we’ve waited so long for. We are a very passionate fan base and our inexperience in this situation is kind of shows with fans like that.
Nathan Stegner
Nathan Stegner 18 dagen geleden
Rogers is better than Allen and it’s a fact. That’s not to say Allen won’t surpass Rogers at some point in his career. And I am Bills Mafia.
Jeremy Senko
Jeremy Senko 18 dagen geleden
Cant get mad at you saying that rodgers is a stud thats been doing his things at the highest level for ages.
Hunter Gibson
Hunter Gibson 18 dagen geleden
Bills mafia yinz are soft af go Steelers
Bailey Ouellette
Bailey Ouellette 18 dagen geleden
Every time Ty opens his mouth about the Seahawks, he should shut it right back up because he clearly has absolutely 0 idea what he is talking about. Russ literally won the Hawks a playoff game last year moron. Russ has a super bowl ring, plus another he should have won. Why do you talk about Russ like that Ty? Just shut your mouth, instead of sounding like a dumbass when you speak.
Matt Brooks
Matt Brooks 18 dagen geleden
All of us Bills Mafia aren’t sensitive vaginas like him! Please don’t think we’re all like that cause I love you and the boys!
Joab the Javelin
Joab the Javelin 18 dagen geleden
Russell Wilson is the best.
Carlos Alaniz
Carlos Alaniz 18 dagen geleden
...'' Don't be like Brown's fans ''
Matthew Winter
Matthew Winter 18 dagen geleden
I’m a bills fan and you’re 100% right Pat. Don’t see how anyone could argue with what you’re saying here... it’s not like you’re saying “Allen is complete garbage”, or “Allen is comparable to Hodges” or something lmao...
Ttuck 19 dagen geleden
But this guy only seemed to be saying put some respect on Josh Allen’s name not so much the fact you was putting Aaron Rodgers above him cause everyone knows he isn’t on the level of Rodgers but you all still hype him up after a 300-400 yard game and like you said he’s been doing this for a decade Josh Allen just started doing this I’m no bills fan but the hype should be there so I understand there perspective
Badvibes Forever
Badvibes Forever 19 dagen geleden
Hey pat I’m a bills fans yeah we have some josh Allen groupies out there 😂and there sensitive but are team have sucked since the franchise started and nobody wants to see us win. Now that josh Allen looks legit we have some type of hope never had a quarterback doing this since Jim Kelly so when we get media attention some of us don’t know how to act 😅
Daniel Ventura
Daniel Ventura 19 dagen geleden
Yeah currently Josh is doing better but Aaron is better overall
BigC1096 19 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers is good but Pat Mahomes is the best QB in the league right now and it’s not really that close, I’m a bills fan and would be happy to say Josh is top 5 QB so far this year.
JP Ludwig
JP Ludwig 19 dagen geleden
ARod is gonna be 42 years old on his last legs, switched teams like Brady did, and Pat is gonna be saying "Nobody is playing better than Aaron Rodgers right now" smh go Hawks
Richard Sharpe
Richard Sharpe 19 dagen geleden
We only feel this way cause Josh Allen is the most memed and hated on QB aht there bay bay, we got are guy though
Shaun Buscemi
Shaun Buscemi 19 dagen geleden
Your response is spot on, but come on, Bills Mafia just wants some love. Can't lump in a few ppl who nerd rage about your comments and say thats everyone. Rodgers + Wilson + Mahomes are Top of the Top.
Shaun Buscemi
Shaun Buscemi 19 dagen geleden
Yall gotta understand it's been 25 years since we've been above average. Also, theres a few Bills fan that rage like that.. But come on!! It's not all of us. Most of us understand Wilson, Rodgers. Mahomes are best of the Best. I just want media to acknowledge he's killing it. I do want u to apologize for saying Bills won the game against the Rams due to the Refs. Refs gave the Rams a fake INT + ignored a face mask on Josh allen on the Fumble play.
TetrisTech 19 dagen geleden
Based on this year alone, its Russ, Allen, Rodgers in that order
Victor Castillo
Victor Castillo 19 dagen geleden
My boy Pat ain't no hataaaa!!
Nathan James
Nathan James 19 dagen geleden
That guy’s not Bills Mafia, that hill billy needs to shut his mouth and get back on the band wagon
Jake Porth
Jake Porth 19 dagen geleden
bills fan here, by no means is he better then rodgers... yet
nosearchwarrant 19 dagen geleden
bills here. At the games, we pretty much yell at our own players more than anyone. I miss that the most . Don’t fuckin apologize , challenge Josh , gettem fired up! Then love him when he is great, you said it like a real mafioso Pat
The Modern Day Gamer
The Modern Day Gamer 19 dagen geleden
So far this season 1. Patrick Mahomes/Russell Wilson 2. Aaron Rodgers 3. Josh Allen 4. Lamar Jackson
Dylan Vaccaro
Dylan Vaccaro 19 dagen geleden
as a bills fan we need to pump the brakes. its been three games. josh looks good but he needs to put together a full season
Bradley Rowe jr
Bradley Rowe jr 19 dagen geleden
I understand why pat says this i mean your not gonna say the new stud is better than your friend 🤣🤣
Dacrook802 19 dagen geleden
So because Rogers has done it for longer, he's playing better right now? That is a legit terrible argument. Bills would be 1-2 without Allen, he doesn't deserve to get deflected instantly because Rogers has done it for longer, right now Josh Allen, is that guy. You don't have to say go say but Rogers has done it for years. We are talking about this year and right now, and right now Josh is right there, if not just as good as Aaron this year.
Slavko Miljic
Slavko Miljic 19 dagen geleden
Shoutout to AJ for dropping his kids age so fast! I just asked my dad & he got mine right after calculating it back from my birthyear & missed my brothers by 2 years
Rob W
Rob W 17 dagen geleden
Next time someone asks, just confidently drop their estimate age ASAP. Nobody will question it. Ask me right now? My kids are 4 and 11 months jk I don’t have kids, but I typed it with conviction which is the key to success. Long story short he could have just spit some random numbers and we wouldn’t know they’re correct let alone for the correct number of kids. Is he counting summer kids? For real tho, I doubt any of that. He’s a good dude, clearly a good dad.
L. Sunshine
L. Sunshine 19 dagen geleden
Pat McAstooge: talked more about cam newton's MVP odds than josh allen Defended henry anderson after henry dove into josh's knees ten seconds post-play defended henry anderson after henry cheap shotted a kicker who was jogging off the field
Jimmy 19 dagen geleden
Does pat really think Aaron Rodgers is better than Russ and Mahomes
Jimmy 16 dagen geleden
Chase Gross Russ has been winning for years with an average or even below average team. Last year he may not have had the best numbers, but he made plays out of nothing and with one of the worst offensive lines for years
Chase Gross
Chase Gross 17 dagen geleden
Look what Rodgers is doing with no name receivers. KC and SEA have a really good receiver core. MVP doesn't translate to best player. If you take Mahomes and Wilson out those teams will still win games, you take Rodgers out and the Pack goes 2-14
Caleb Cicero
Caleb Cicero 19 dagen geleden
I mean Lamar hasn’t Won a playoff game and Dak can’t even get there
Caleb Cicero
Caleb Cicero 19 dagen geleden
Just a random comparison tho like saying lebron is better then dame like obviously
Andrew Le
Andrew Le 19 dagen geleden
I will disrespect Josh Allen by calling him Bortles 3.0 because he's fearless and reckless which leads to either spectacular moments of success or horrendous fails.
William D'Amicis
William D'Amicis 19 dagen geleden
Anyone who said Allen is better has been a bills fan for 2 weeks
Gnarly Pioneers Film Co.
Gnarly Pioneers Film Co. 19 dagen geleden
So Wilson don’t exist? Cuz he’s playing better than A Rodge
LeWelker83 19 dagen geleden
Josh Allen in high pressure situations at least so far is a complete scatterbrain. Watch the playoffs or the 25+ point lead they almost blew the other week.
BigBoiRaps 19 dagen geleden
400th like
matt johnson
matt johnson 19 dagen geleden
Pat "conflict of interest" Mcafee
Salvatore Ventura
Salvatore Ventura 19 dagen geleden
BillsMafia just wants respect. Thank you pat. Rn Aaron Rodgers is better. Love the show.
MTE Mafia
MTE Mafia 19 dagen geleden
Allen has better stats
MTE Mafia
MTE Mafia 19 dagen geleden
Josh Allen is having a better year then Aron Rodgers simple
Richard Roman
Richard Roman 19 dagen geleden
Bills Mafia competing with Who Dat? For them most snowflake fans in the league.