Hammer Dahn | Friday October 9th, 2020 

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Digs, Gumpy, and former NFL General Manager Michael Lombardi breakdown all the betting action across the sporting landscape and will put the Hammer Dahn on their best bets. Join Every Monday, Thursday, and Friday.
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9 okt. 2020




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justcanthang 14 dagen geleden
Baker Football!!!!!!
Carleano Libretto
Carleano Libretto 14 dagen geleden
All these picks wrong
Russ Flynn
Russ Flynn 14 dagen geleden
My Browns tho!!!!
James Rojas
James Rojas 14 dagen geleden
what time is the week 5 picks
Mason Benjamin
Mason Benjamin 14 dagen geleden
Thanks for the greasy 700$ parley boys
Kevin Kilkenny
Kevin Kilkenny 15 dagen geleden
Yankees are ahhht. Tampa Bay baby perfect in 2020. Lightning, Rays, and Bucs. Serve that up like RAFA
Kevin Kilkenny
Kevin Kilkenny 15 dagen geleden
Honarable mention Chiefs because they deserved it :). I went in on Bills 25 to 1. Ya heard
D C 15 dagen geleden
Took the Rays on the money line, feeling smarter than you rn.
Caleb 15 dagen geleden
Patiently awaiting FanDuel to come online in Tennessee so I can put all this knowledge to use.
Eric Divins
Eric Divins 15 dagen geleden
We need a Sunday morning Hammer Dahn. NEED.
WhereOceansLie 15 dagen geleden
Philly and the 7?? 😂😂😂😂 Lombardi off a bean
Mini N
Mini N 15 dagen geleden
Can someone tell me what site they use to see what % of money the public has on each team etc.
Raji Sosa
Raji Sosa 15 dagen geleden
Bleacher report
Pretty Flacko
Pretty Flacko 15 dagen geleden
lifelong bears fan (unfortunately) WE ARE FRAUDS! one of the worst 4-1 starts ever, were really winning ugly games out there. regardless BEAR DAHN
FatBuddhas 15 dagen geleden
Love how nick comes in acts like people care what he has to say
LiningCheetah61 15 dagen geleden
Who else stayed for the horrible Yankees call
Jack Lawrence
Jack Lawrence 15 dagen geleden
rip to Pat for $1000 on the Yankees lol
Morgan Freegan
Morgan Freegan 15 dagen geleden
Panthers/browns moneyline parlay. See y’all on the otherside.
Morgan Freegan
Morgan Freegan 14 dagen geleden
Jackson Fincher not too shabby! Thankfully went in hard on that bet, had some with added chiefs that got smoked but hey who saw that coming?
Jackson Fincher
Jackson Fincher 14 dagen geleden
how ya feelin bub
Jordan Harris
Jordan Harris 15 dagen geleden
Pat is about to really have his own network one day this show is better the the ESPN CBS and Fox sports
P L 15 dagen geleden
Bear dahn
john rendon
john rendon 15 dagen geleden
I wish L.v ☠ would have gotten 🧸
Bear Down
Bear Down 16 dagen geleden
Horrible calls only for tampa? Horrible roughing the passer on Chicago. No pi on the bucs on the real jimmy g one handed td catch. Tampas 3rd tight end had 3 no calls on offensive pi. Buster strine got a pi on gronks slow ass that was a horrible call. I love watching my boys make almost every sports media person look like they have no idea what football is when they keep doubling and tripling down on the Beats being awful. How many awful NFL teams can anyone remember being 4-1?
Phillychill L
Phillychill L 16 dagen geleden
I don't understand why leslie Frazier can't get a head coaching job
CCP Dragon
CCP Dragon 16 dagen geleden
Todd Bowles sucks.....That's why your not a GM anymore Mike...
Bear Down
Bear Down 16 dagen geleden
Give the Bears defense some dead credit. This is starting to become a sad look for everyone against them. BEAR DOWN
Earl Simmons IV
Earl Simmons IV 16 dagen geleden
Love the Steelers baby 💯🔥🔥🖤💛
James Laverty
James Laverty 16 dagen geleden
This is the show after the show. Love it, keep it up guys!
Theo Matzureff
Theo Matzureff 16 dagen geleden
Y’all know where Tone goes to find the ticket counts and where the money is?
Bryce D
Bryce D 16 dagen geleden
Everyone hammer chiefs over
Richie Benites
Richie Benites 16 dagen geleden
How we feeling on Pitt V Philly?
Ryan Muzzin
Ryan Muzzin 16 dagen geleden
Hammer Pittsburgh
Team Roberto
Team Roberto 16 dagen geleden
Team Roberto
Team Roberto 16 dagen geleden
Yes finally jay picks ty
Kristofer Prophet
Kristofer Prophet 16 dagen geleden
I really don’t buy that Lombardi doesn’t gamble. It makes 0 sense. GMs and Coaches never need to know what the point spread is. It doesn’t help them or benefit them in any way. I think he just still has ties to the NFL obviously and doesn’t want to get in trouble. Why would he care about his hypothetical record, which around 6:45 he says “for me too”. Because of his own made up power ranking system? Do GMs and Coaches (current or former) really power rank their teams? No. Doubtful. You think Belichic does that at all? No. So... someone is lying. Just my 2 cents. Also it’s been stated on the show that he goes to casinos, so who does all this work in power rankings, coming on a gambling podcast 3 times a week, thoroughly talking about point spreads and etc. but doesn’t gamble? I just don’t really buy it. 8:36 “and US as BETTORS..” yeah so, is it a schtick that he says he doesn’t? Because he clearly speaks like someone who heavily does.
Schnell 15 dagen geleden
Kristofer Prophet Any person willing to type out two paragraphs obviously cares more than they should on this particular matter
Kristofer Prophet
Kristofer Prophet 15 dagen geleden
Schnell nope
Schnell 15 dagen geleden
So Michael Lombardi betting on sports is a big deal for you
T Dawg McGraw
T Dawg McGraw 16 dagen geleden
Some heavy stuff there ogre 🤙
Phil Bonney
Phil Bonney 16 dagen geleden
I'm a bears fan and Matt Nagy is not a genius. The Bears have gotten so lucky they aren't 0-5. Nagy is basically your average college head coach who loves only lining his offense up in shotgun except he refuses to run the ball.This was the only season I wanted the bears to suck just so they could clean house(Fire Pace and Nagy) and draft a QB in round one in a pretty good QB draft. But of course the bears just have to disappoint me and play good.*sigh* I hope what looks like a winning season doesn't hurt our tam in the long run.
Daniel Butrum
Daniel Butrum 16 dagen geleden
We need more play calling competition instead of kicking competition. Wouldn’t need to rely on the kicker as much if we actually scored 6 when we do score
jason cowan
jason cowan 16 dagen geleden
32:20 is what makes the boys the boys
Graham Martin
Graham Martin 16 dagen geleden
At 29:55, Tone definitely lets out a perfect middle school response to Nick's pick of the Steelers
Nathaniel Ochs
Nathaniel Ochs 16 dagen geleden
Bear down
Anthony Ruffin
Anthony Ruffin 16 dagen geleden
yooo peep the 100 thieves jersey from billy tuuuubes
Anthony Ruffin
Anthony Ruffin 16 dagen geleden
Gaming pod???
Zach H
Zach H 16 dagen geleden
Survivor picks you guys should be having to take a different team each of you. Best record in the picks picks first
Bubblegum Cowboy
Bubblegum Cowboy 16 dagen geleden
I’ve thought for the past 5 years or so that the bears would play to their opponents level of make sense of of so many weird close games with “good” and “bad” teams. Now I’m just thinking the bears just play ugly football, defense keeping us in close games and offense is just warm dookie with some diamonds in it.
Jhalen Belcher
Jhalen Belcher 16 dagen geleden
Deserves way more than 511 likes stooges. Great show.
Mcgreatness 16 dagen geleden
Lombardi talks out is ass why is not a coach and sucks at gambling keep moving fool
IG LuckyFetus
IG LuckyFetus 16 dagen geleden
"Guy's are so buried with their head in the play-sheet that they don't see the game" Well said 🧐
Schnell 15 dagen geleden
People aren’t seeing a lot of things nowadays.
Eliudi 15 dagen geleden
Good line!
Tony N
Tony N 16 dagen geleden
My neighbor has a hammer down license plate who do I send a picture of it too lol
Greg 16 dagen geleden
Pmi twitter account
mdalekid0303 16 dagen geleden
Where does Gump get his stats?????
Greg 16 dagen geleden
mdalekid0303 don’t mention it
mdalekid0303 16 dagen geleden
@Greg makes sense ty
Greg 16 dagen geleden
Serge Storms
Serge Storms 16 dagen geleden
Good move addin the vikes n da Brahms tone👊
Dr. Jamie Jakes
Dr. Jamie Jakes 16 dagen geleden
He said it "Us betters"!!!!
Dr. Jamie Jakes
Dr. Jamie Jakes 16 dagen geleden
@Kristofer Prophet pretty laughable at this point.
Kristofer Prophet
Kristofer Prophet 16 dagen geleden
Yeah but he “doesn’t gamble”...
Josh Parsons
Josh Parsons 16 dagen geleden
Steelers and Yanks getting the hammer!
Boz Bozman
Boz Bozman 16 dagen geleden
Josh Parsons same
Ryan Godson
Ryan Godson 16 dagen geleden
Love the show! Maybe we could sneak an extra show a week in for other sports like footy & really cash in?
Nameless King
Nameless King 16 dagen geleden
Low ticket high money, get rid of Lombardi, bet on what everyone else is betting on, he's absolutely clueless
Nameless King
Nameless King 16 dagen geleden
@Boz Bozman I will never and have never taken his picks he is garbage at picking bets, all his useless data leads to nothing but losses. Look at pats record compared to his, my own picks have a better success rate than him and he's meant to be an "expert"
Boz Bozman
Boz Bozman 16 dagen geleden
Nameless King you are an idiot. He was right about the bears and pat got him to play TB and right about the under. Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose ya stooge
PMS Store
PMS Store 16 dagen geleden
Chuckie Dumond
Chuckie Dumond 16 dagen geleden
I was like number 420
greg harbinson
greg harbinson 16 dagen geleden
Easily the best show on NLblock but like Pat says "it's an expensive show"
Ryan Muzzin
Ryan Muzzin 16 dagen geleden
Ryan yoder ya but when you put back over a G what she gona say then ?
Ryan yoder
Ryan yoder 16 dagen geleden
Next thing ya know I’m playing 12 picks over a G on the line and my wife as asking why I took $500 out the checking account!
Bob Saget
Bob Saget 16 dagen geleden
hell yea
R SLIM 16 dagen geleden