Hammer Dahn | Monday October 12th, 2020 

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Digs, Gumpy, and former NFL General Manager Michael Lombardi breakdown all the betting action across the sporting landscape and will put the Hammer Dahn on their best bets. Join Every Monday, Thursday, and Friday.
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12 okt. 2020




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Kevin Lachance
Kevin Lachance 9 dagen geleden
Yo I love the Hammer Dawn segment but yall gave to flip the hammer for me lol.
lilceaz99 11 dagen geleden
Not even an Alex smith fan but yeah i was pulling for him and praying every tackle he’d be okay
Jackson Fincher
Jackson Fincher 11 dagen geleden
I’m tried of Lombardi losing me money
ballislife TWolvesNation
ballislife TWolvesNation 11 dagen geleden
Fishing 11 dagen geleden
I told y'all boys to hit that Saints ML and Braves ML Parlay
Dylan Burke
Dylan Burke 11 dagen geleden
lol smikle
pikeeplaya 12 dagen geleden
Where do you find the situational over/under stats?
Meghraj - Chargers FAN India #BoltUp
Even we fans don't know how every year our players get injured 😤😢😥🤔😡
49ers 18
49ers 18 12 dagen geleden
I love coming back here after the game, wow digs and pat Nice picks chargers and over!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁
Nameless King
Nameless King 12 dagen geleden
Look at Lombardi's record 😂😂😂😂
g3161 12 dagen geleden
Hammer Dahn!!!
Monaco Athlete
Monaco Athlete 12 dagen geleden
Taylor Garcia
Taylor Garcia 12 dagen geleden
Spotify gonna have to give these guys 200 million
Frank L
Frank L 12 dagen geleden
Lombardi wasn't saying that when Pederson played for the tie
Brandon Cody
Brandon Cody 12 dagen geleden
Phillip Rivers is turning into Jay Cutler lol just slinging the ball with no regard for whether it might get picked or not 😂
Ethan Camps
Ethan Camps 12 dagen geleden
best sports show out
PMS Store
PMS Store 12 dagen geleden
Morgan Freegan
Morgan Freegan 12 dagen geleden
Out of all the players to make a comparison to, Aaron Hernandez? I mean really? Love ya Mike but WTF. 😵
Adam Fisher
Adam Fisher 12 dagen geleden
Patty Two Bets
mangler103 12 dagen geleden
Colts are a 10-6 team which should be 12-4 or 13-3 if their QB could move.
Brandon Mabbitt
Brandon Mabbitt 12 dagen geleden
Chargers plus 10 and the overs!! Pair that with bills money line and bills Titans unders!!
Party Pandamonium
Party Pandamonium 12 dagen geleden
What makes you think the Bills game will be under? I think the bills offense has been amazing, and their defense doesnt look great against the run
Dr. Jamie Jakes
Dr. Jamie Jakes 12 dagen geleden
Y'all probably should have watched the game film from last week before backing Noodle Arm Rivers.
DillonDank 12 dagen geleden
Colts will make it further in the playoffs than Titans
stew yoder
stew yoder 12 dagen geleden
Rivers looks like he's throwing a bowling ball.
Cc 12 dagen geleden
4:05 lmao, Lombardi’s face
Jeron Williams
Jeron Williams 12 dagen geleden
So Lombardi just said the league is fixed... y’all chillin or??
justintheking1 12 dagen geleden
What’s brees record ATS without Thomas? I’m taking the under and I’m also taking the chargers to not only cover but to WIN THE GAME!
justintheking1 11 dagen geleden
@Ferris Gasmi I was so close to being right there until the chargers couldn’t get one stop. Owell
Ferris Gasmi
Ferris Gasmi 11 dagen geleden
This aged well
Michael Flowers
Michael Flowers 12 dagen geleden
Tried put a 6 game teaser, colts were the downfall, it happens lol
Michael Flowers
Michael Flowers 11 dagen geleden
That’s awesome Brandon!! Me and Morgan will just have to give it another go round’
Morgan Freegan
Morgan Freegan 12 dagen geleden
I had one that got killed by chiefs 😵
Brandon Mabbitt
Brandon Mabbitt 12 dagen geleden
Brandon Mabbitt
Brandon Mabbitt 12 dagen geleden
My 6 teamer hot
Ryan Godson
Ryan Godson 12 dagen geleden
Tuesday Hammer Dahn lets gooooooo
G Man
G Man 12 dagen geleden
Lombardi was always one of the best guests every week on the main show. Unbelievable insight. It’s been great they got him on here 3 times a week.
Bama Blake
Bama Blake 12 dagen geleden
Great show Hammer dahn
Connie B
Connie B 12 dagen geleden
Everybody can look bad against Aaron Donald of Rams. He knocked our Brees in first quarter. How much did Brady score in that Super Bowl against Rams. Wilson goes down and curls in fetal position against Donald-“playing smart.”
Connie B
Connie B 12 dagen geleden
Rivers no conscience. Played for dad as coach. No consequences. Then here in Cali, same thing. If black, he’d been gone. White privilege.
Chris Sosa
Chris Sosa 11 dagen geleden
@Mactallica 92 now that i think about it we should just let him be, if they want to use the race card on everything then that's on them, which is funny because apparently they forgot how Lamar Jackson beat Joe Flacco for the starting spot, Mahomes beating Alex Smith, the Patriots picking Cam Newton over Brian Hoyer and Jared Stidham, Seattle having two black quarterbacks, Kyler Murray beating Josh Rosen, the Saints going with Teddy Bridgewater instead of Taysom Hill when Brees got injured, but hey, Phillip Rivers remains as a starter despite not taking care of the football therefore white privilege, it's got nothin to do with the front office wanting to get the most bang for their buck am i right?
Mactallica 92
Mactallica 92 11 dagen geleden
He's going to be in the hall of fame, what are you talking about
Chris Sosa
Chris Sosa 12 dagen geleden
Sure buddy
Kiki Alexander
Kiki Alexander 12 dagen geleden
Great episode as always guys! Glad there’s another one tomorrow.
Mike Norm
Mike Norm 12 dagen geleden
fade lombardi
Taylor Price
Taylor Price 12 dagen geleden
Would you rather a Chargers +14 or a Saints pk
Tyler 12 dagen geleden
Cole Kaufman
Cole Kaufman 12 dagen geleden
sevendustpc 12 dagen geleden
Chargers +14
Goblin 12 dagen geleden
He sounds like bobs burgers lmao
Brock LaFace
Brock LaFace 12 dagen geleden
make it longer, keep it movin'
Jordan 12 dagen geleden
I don't even gamble but I love this show, better analysis then most syndicated shows. Lombardi is a savage and a genius, fantastic addition to the boys.
Jordan 12 dagen geleden
@Brandon Mabbitt While I do like the pat mcafee show with AJ, no bud, that's not what I meant. This show is more the boys and lombardi, also love the pod with the boys. Love all the content, just like the chemistry better on the side shows and pod.
Brandon Mabbitt
Brandon Mabbitt 12 dagen geleden
So your a fan of the actual pat mcafee show not hammer dahn
K 12 dagen geleden
Claypool reminds me of Deebo Samuel with a good vertical
Chris Moura
Chris Moura 12 dagen geleden
Frank L lmao damn man you’re not wrong but let him live. Also no chance he’s better than megatron in any aspect. At least not yet.
Frank L
Frank L 12 dagen geleden
@K He's not better after than Calvin but it's still a terrible comp
Frank L
Frank L 12 dagen geleden
Yea they are literally That's like saying Mahomes reminds me of Peyton Manning, just with a better arm and athleticism lol
K 12 dagen geleden
@Chris Moura Claypool is better after the catch than the 2 guys you mentioned. That was the reason for the comparison
Chris Moura
Chris Moura 12 dagen geleden
One is 6 feet and an over the middle bruiser. Modern day Anquan Boldin. One is a 6 foot4 throw it high field stretcher. Like a Vincent Jackson or Megatron.
Sixsoul 12 dagen geleden
ballislife TWolvesNation
ballislife TWolvesNation 12 dagen geleden
Lombardi: "How much time was left on the clock?" Pat: "Idk about 20 secs." Lombardi: "There was 3:47 left on the clock patrick." Hahahahaha
AMMISSARIUS 11 dagen geleden
Pat was talking about a game a couple weeks ago when they went for it instead of kicking a 60 some harder.
Tyler Black
Tyler Black 12 dagen geleden
Damn Pat 😂 4:05
Flex _24
Flex _24 12 dagen geleden
This is better then ESPN and fox
PerfectReflex 11 dagen geleden
Except listening to diggs throw up in his mouth
Morgan Freegan
Morgan Freegan 12 dagen geleden
Pat and the boys saw this a mile away, espn and fox sports are going way of the dinosaurs now.
T Dawg McGraw
T Dawg McGraw 12 dagen geleden
Combined and still not close. The amount of content on this channel is incredible
sevendustpc 12 dagen geleden
No comparison. I can’t even watch anything else
Manel Ponte
Manel Ponte 12 dagen geleden
This podcast should be longer
eduardo orozco
eduardo orozco 12 dagen geleden
The pod with tate on the ringer years ago was awsome
Flex _24
Flex _24 12 dagen geleden
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Kuruluş Osman 30. Bölüm
Weergaven 2,6 mln.
Event 1 & 2 - 2020 CrossFit Games