Hammer Dahn | Monday October 5th, 2020 

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Digs, Gumpy, and former NFL General Manager Michael Lombardi breakdown all the betting action across the sporting landscape and will put the Hammer Dahn on their best bets. Join Every Monday, Thursday, and Friday.
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5 okt. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Dustin Wales
Dustin Wales 17 dagen geleden
Why lombardi neck like that
big stepper
big stepper 18 dagen geleden
took the spread on both the Packers n Chiefs thanks for nada lol
lucas zamorano
lucas zamorano 18 dagen geleden
This video didn’t age well
kiwionemanarmy 18 dagen geleden
Your Collingwood Magpies pulled off the win of the season thanks to COx check it out
jgman2645 18 dagen geleden
Pat needs to realize he’s not the host of this show.
Thomas McShane
Thomas McShane 18 dagen geleden
If we unsubscribe and get under 1M and then resubscribe and get back over are there two 100k giveaways?
Iskatebaker412 19 dagen geleden
Lombardi went 1-1-1. He pushed on the chargers +7........
Jacob Podolski
Jacob Podolski 19 dagen geleden
Jokes on them, we will celebrate it twice
B Myers
B Myers 19 dagen geleden
I'm watching this with my woman, and they don't even HAMMER DAHN anything.!.!?!!?
Wild Whit
Wild Whit 19 dagen geleden
Pat needs to stop letting these guys with a worse record than him talk him into bets lol
Ryan Robinson
Ryan Robinson 19 dagen geleden
Love the yinzers and the piasano talking about the bets... congrats on 1 milli.
NIcholas Bonaparte
NIcholas Bonaparte 19 dagen geleden
Vincent Limon
Vincent Limon 19 dagen geleden
Also, can the website add some more content with the PMI personalities?
Vincent Limon
Vincent Limon 19 dagen geleden
I want some hammer dahn merc
PMS Store
PMS Store 19 dagen geleden
Dr. Jamie Jakes
Dr. Jamie Jakes 19 dagen geleden
Prime Time Teaser Chiefs -4.5 & Packers to win.
Z E 19 dagen geleden
someone tell me how to bet on footballl while living in washington
Nameless King
Nameless King 19 dagen geleden
Lombardi is clueless
Alex Pagliarini
Alex Pagliarini 19 dagen geleden
Hammer Dahn Merch!!!
Nathan Hegg
Nathan Hegg 19 dagen geleden
Lombardi is a beast, electric
Connor Afoa
Connor Afoa 19 dagen geleden
Lombardi has trash picks , but I love to hear him talk football. His brain for the game is so far beyond anyone else who talks picks it’s insane!
Derek The Diesel
Derek The Diesel 19 dagen geleden
@Nameless King judge him by week 8 or 9. Hes VERY data driven, which is hard to quantify in early weeks, even harder without preseason, OTAs, etc. And rona running around skewing things. I expect him to be over 500, which, btw, is making money which is all that matters. If you wouldve copied everyone's picks every week, you made money this year, which is all that matters
Nameless King
Nameless King 19 dagen geleden
It's all smoke and mirrors with him, you can see the results
Jordan Dixon Reed
Jordan Dixon Reed 19 dagen geleden
Teased Chiefs down a point to -9.5
Nathan Hegg
Nathan Hegg 19 dagen geleden
I'd be willing to hammer dahn that I have more time watched on this channel than anyone else all time since pms 2.0
Keto Croix
Keto Croix 19 dagen geleden
KC - 13.5 , GB -14 HAMMER IT!!!!! 🔒
Shepard 19 dagen geleden
Good job boyz .. let’s get this show up to 500k!!! Let’s go.....
Ethan Pflomm
Ethan Pflomm 19 dagen geleden
Luke Pearson
Luke Pearson 19 dagen geleden
Can we get some Hammer Dahn merch going?
B R3
B R3 19 dagen geleden
Talked me off buffalo for Arz on 4 gamer and hit 3 of them
Samuel 19 dagen geleden
Two reasons I watch this show. Great picks from great people and Vegas Dave slander lmao
Travis M
Travis M 19 dagen geleden
I loooooovvvveeee the slander
HSB 19 dagen geleden
oh hey how you doin? keep it movin
Colinator 19 dagen geleden
Cool glasses
Marwin Navarrete
Marwin Navarrete 19 dagen geleden
Rookie Kenneth Murray out of Oklahoma for the chargers playing better than Isaiah Simmons
Marwin Navarrete
Marwin Navarrete 19 dagen geleden
manuel guia he’s actually got 35 and Kenneth has 30
manuel guia
manuel guia 19 dagen geleden
Have you heard of Jeremy chin he is lb/S and is leading all rookies in tackles with 29 and a couple passes defense and an pressures
Marwin Navarrete
Marwin Navarrete 19 dagen geleden
Frank L Kenneth is a starter Simmons is not
Marwin Navarrete
Marwin Navarrete 19 dagen geleden
PAINTnPONG hey bub Kenneth Murray is a starter .. 15 assist 15 solo tackles.. Simmons 5 solo tackles 0 assist
PAINTnPONG 19 dagen geleden
Both are having rookie moments and Simmons has a much higher ceiling I think, but both are studs regardless
Evergreen 19 dagen geleden
They’re 0-4 betting against Russell Wilson 😂😂
Sixsoul 19 dagen geleden
Derek The Diesel
Derek The Diesel 19 dagen geleden
Packers are gunna beat the brakes off of Atlanta tonight. Also, hammer the over in this one. Neither team can play defense.
T Dawg McGraw
T Dawg McGraw 18 dagen geleden
Shouldve taken under. Atl can't play offense either.
Marko Jovanovic
Marko Jovanovic 19 dagen geleden
Shepherd is gonna get about 16 touchdowns bout a buck50 yards... need it for my fantasy team lmao
Nate Gingrich
Nate Gingrich 19 dagen geleden
I played ball with Julian at Kent during my freshman year. Coach Martin used an offense similar to the one they are using with Cam. I don't think they'd have to change much for Julian to step in.
Dr Squishybelly
Dr Squishybelly 19 dagen geleden
1 million subs
Will D
Will D 19 dagen geleden
Wouldn't have happened without 🔨 dahn
Marshall Wacker
Marshall Wacker 19 dagen geleden
We Wrecked a Rental RV...