Hammer Dahn | Monday, September 28th, 2020 

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28 sep. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Merry Harry
Merry Harry 24 dagen geleden
I love gumpy. Hes rad as hell
LuftHANDsa 25 dagen geleden
Pat wrong on all of his bets lmao
Jamie 25 dagen geleden
The under for Mahomes throwing yards?! How dare you
akingpa 25 dagen geleden
Just look at these freaking communists...
Brett Young
Brett Young 25 dagen geleden
🍗🍗🍗 more chicken dinner
Brett Young
Brett Young 25 dagen geleden
This show keeps making me money. Appreciate it!
Rory Burnell
Rory Burnell 26 dagen geleden
Where can I see the Vegas money % on each line?
Ken Forrester
Ken Forrester 26 dagen geleden
lol love the intro.. makes me laugh everytime.. "Welcome to HAMMER DAHHHHHN" lol
Joseph mannion
Joseph mannion 26 dagen geleden
Lombardi is awful I can't stand him
Kyle S
Kyle S 26 dagen geleden
HAMMERED the over. Now I hate myself and everyone and everything.
Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams 26 dagen geleden
I got it at 53.5 when it came out hahahaha
caleb flynn
caleb flynn 26 dagen geleden
Ok Pat. Watch russell wilsons crazy throw against the cardinals a few years ago..absolutely INSANE and has been for quite sometime bub
Maxwell Miller
Maxwell Miller 26 dagen geleden
I bet my life savings on your picks and lost almost all of it. Now im gonna be living in a van down by the river, because of you guys! Thx alot fellas!
Boz Bozman
Boz Bozman 26 dagen geleden
Maxwell Miller Everone knows to only bet what you can afford to lose. And really smart bettors only make 1 or 2 bets a week. Also Pats in a winning record.
Eric Ciaramella
Eric Ciaramella 26 dagen geleden
Pat messed up the chant.
Daniel Butrum
Daniel Butrum 26 dagen geleden
Hit a 6 teamer listening to these guys and and making educated decisions for this week. HammerDahn
Colinator 26 dagen geleden
Shot out to Alex Smith
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell 26 dagen geleden
I wish they’d do fantasy coverage for the states that can’t do lines
Drago 26 dagen geleden
Gruden doesn't want another qb that's just some BS the media keeps crying about and it wasn't Joe montana it was his wife that stopped the kidnapping
samuel cottongim
samuel cottongim 26 dagen geleden
Got me driving to Indiana just to hammer Dahn on some games.
Andrew Nelson
Andrew Nelson 26 dagen geleden
Cool glasses
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 26 dagen geleden
Jake Elliot nailed a 61 yard game winner in his second nfl game.
BMLGaming 26 dagen geleden
Went big on the Chiefs... lets go Mahomey
Nick Brennan
Nick Brennan 26 dagen geleden
You know all the dislikes are people who bet their paycheck on your picks this weekend and are living off ramen until the next one 😂
Phillip Green
Phillip Green 26 dagen geleden
Chiefs, spread, moneyline, CEH, Hill, TD . +1104
Fanny Pack Films
Fanny Pack Films 26 dagen geleden
Bold move cotton. Id go ravens spread, money then then TDs
unknown 26 dagen geleden
when pat appears on HAMMER DAHN: SICKLE DAHN
Jacob Davis
Jacob Davis 26 dagen geleden
Pat, do you mind uploading your videos to Odysee?
Mactallica 92
Mactallica 92 26 dagen geleden
Day 2 of asking if Lombardi is going to come out and say how wrong he was about Josh Allen
xXTaGGaXx 26 dagen geleden
Mike T
Mike T 26 dagen geleden
I randomly scream hammer dahn now
Kodi Luvaas
Kodi Luvaas 26 dagen geleden
Wish Washington state wasn't as bad as it is... on so many levels. I miss gambling online, l could only imagine sports betting on FanDuel like that
Hunter L
Hunter L 26 dagen geleden
Mahomes +2000 on 2 or more TDs
Evan Malone
Evan Malone 26 dagen geleden
Those are for rushing or catching TDs . Not passing.
Andrew James
Andrew James 26 dagen geleden
the 49ers pick was the easiest slam dunk this year.... should have bet a lot more.
Jimmy T
Jimmy T 26 dagen geleden
That fat guy's hoodie and Indiana Jones hat combination got me out here questioning my sexuality
Kenneth Shaull
Kenneth Shaull 26 dagen geleden
Mike is a good talker. Hard not to bet along Pat right now while he's on this heater!
Travis M
Travis M 26 dagen geleden
I really don't understand why this doesn't have more likes....people really don't understand that you all are helping us Bankrupt FanDuel I guess 🗣️
Boz Bozman
Boz Bozman 26 dagen geleden
Travis M their records stink. Except Pat
PMS Store
PMS Store 26 dagen geleden
Jared Kinney Jr
Jared Kinney Jr 26 dagen geleden
I dont gamble or even know the 1st thing to even placing a bet but this show is so good & makes me want to gamble. I honestly think I'm gona DL Fanduel & start placing bets that Michael Lombardi picks
Andrew Nelson
Andrew Nelson 26 dagen geleden
Can't do FD sports book in most states, best of luck.
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell 26 dagen geleden
I’ll send you my link so you can get free money
Boz Bozman
Boz Bozman 26 dagen geleden
Jared Kinney Jr actually his record stinks, even though his logic is sound. I hope he makes an epic come back
Kcdiesel34248 26 dagen geleden
I just wanna know where I can get some of those sweet shades on the table.
Jacob Rogers
Jacob Rogers 26 dagen geleden
Cool glasses
Alex breault
Alex breault 26 dagen geleden
Nice glasses
Jason Peterson
Jason Peterson 26 dagen geleden
@D Wiggy I do like my shades just like BC plus Pat was wearing a pair off the desk last week and could see the logo. I like those glasses except for the logo placement.
D Wiggy
D Wiggy 26 dagen geleden
@Jason Peterson Hey thanks. Clearly you know shades better, I just thought they were promoting a sponsor. FTB.
Jason Peterson
Jason Peterson 26 dagen geleden
They are Pit Viper brand. Shady Rays are more basic like Ray-Bans.
Watermelon boii
Watermelon boii 26 dagen geleden
We Wrecked a Rental RV...