Hammer Dahn | October 13th, 2020 

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Digs, Gumpy, and former NFL General Manager Michael Lombardi breakdown all the betting action across the sporting landscape and will put the Hammer Dahn on their best bets. Join Every Monday, Thursday, and Friday.
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13 okt. 2020




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Addison Peek
Addison Peek 6 dagen geleden
Lack of talent?! Humphries drops the ball all the time, thank God he’s out. Corey Davis is a loss but AJ Brown and the tightend core are insanely talented
Myke Z
Myke Z 7 dagen geleden
Pat and Mike almost had it 😂😂
Austin Gann
Austin Gann 7 dagen geleden
Very interesting to watch this show AFTER the game(s) happened to see how right on or wrong y’all were!
Adam Huckel
Adam Huckel 7 dagen geleden
People are sleeping on the Panthers
Ben Reese
Ben Reese 7 dagen geleden
Lombardi is like listening to Yoda speak it's amazing how much you learn, and then Pat high as a f*cking kite makes it even better!
That Boy
That Boy 7 dagen geleden
The Rams didn't blow that game against the Bills, what is Lombardi talking about. The Bills almost gave up a 3 possession game in the second half
Josh Sonter
Josh Sonter 7 dagen geleden
Bills -3 is "good business" PMI might end a lot sooner than we all hope
FillHerGuts 7 dagen geleden
Sad day when u watch this at 2 am after titans spanked the booty of the bills. Sorry about ur bets atleast the over hit
Randall 7 dagen geleden
Pat should of went with his gut
Matthew Withey
Matthew Withey 7 dagen geleden
Come on pat always go with your gut
David Prevost
David Prevost 7 dagen geleden
Shouldn't have let those losers change your bet pat. Bad call buddy.
Meghraj - Chargers Fanatic From India #BoltUp
Anthony Lynn 😡😡😡😡
Jamie 7 dagen geleden
Pat you had it! Digs even tried to hype you up with "The King stands ALONE!" but you changed your mind and went with the pack. Ya had it Pat
Jarrad Bruessel
Jarrad Bruessel 7 dagen geleden
I knew I should have put the money on the titans tonight. As Mad Mel would say, God Damn IT!
James Rojas
James Rojas 8 dagen geleden
come on pat should of stayed with your first pick
Wares Ahmed
Wares Ahmed 8 dagen geleden
Looks like Pat has decided to be miserable with the team.
SolidFunderful 8 dagen geleden
Pat chose to lose with the team. He was so convinced of the Titans earlier in the day as well
Isaac Hoz
Isaac Hoz 7 dagen geleden
I respect it.
Morgan Jeffers
Morgan Jeffers 8 dagen geleden
This did not age well
Johnny Rodriguez
Johnny Rodriguez 8 dagen geleden
Pat had a chance to be a real legend here. You blew it kid
J-dog 8 dagen geleden
Wow all those great stats and titans blow out the bills. this year is messed up. No wonder I'm losing money
J-dog 7 dagen geleden
@Two Dogs yeah this year is a wash. teams like patriots titans etc that have had a early bye due to covid have to hope like hell they don't get another covid case or they can't play that week they get another bye? Are they going to make teams play catch up games it's just dumb. Stats are ok just not like from 4 years when team have been through 2 qbs 2 or 3 head coaches and various coaching staff and roster changes it's not the same team every year.
Two Dogs
Two Dogs 8 dagen geleden
Lol Gumpy telling you the teams stats against the spread going back to last season is fairly irrelevant on this season.
g3161 8 dagen geleden
Lombardi is the man. Screw the haters get the F|_|(k out
Dylan Patel
Dylan Patel 8 dagen geleden
Do yourself a favor. Whatever Lombardi says, bet the opposite.
Kiki Alexander
Kiki Alexander 7 dagen geleden
He was right about the Titans spread at first. Idk why he changed his mind. I made the mistake of picking the Bills spread tonight but still made money on Titans parlay over and money line.
Papa Vari
Papa Vari 8 dagen geleden
Freezing takes
Tom McLain
Tom McLain 8 dagen geleden
David Sab
David Sab 8 dagen geleden
Lombardi never had the makings of a varsity athlete
Cody Leech
Cody Leech 8 dagen geleden
Lombardi is the man. But someone tell him its Frank Reich and not Frank Wright
bob bobson
bob bobson 8 dagen geleden
Two Dogs
Two Dogs 8 dagen geleden
How are they saying take under 52 when these 2 teams have 7 games combined and 5 out of those 7 have been over 52. Only the first game of the season for each team was under 52 when the offense was struggling without pre-season.
DillonDank 8 dagen geleden
Pretty obvious you don't understand how over/unders work
49ers 18
49ers 18 8 dagen geleden
Yesterday Lombardi said if bosa plays take chargers, lol he played and he stuck with saints hahahah , now today he switches from titans to bills , let's see what happens
Two Dogs
Two Dogs 8 dagen geleden
I was taking the Chargers because the Saints are bad but once you saw the news about the Michael Thomas punch then you know the locker room is in disarray and the Chargers +7 was a lock.
Switch-No-Comply 8 dagen geleden
Well, it happened..
Tyler LF
Tyler LF 8 dagen geleden
Lets go boys. Hammer DAHN ON BILLS -3
KZDiver 8 dagen geleden
I feel like a little kid listening to his Grandpa telling stories when Lombardi speaks.
49ers 18
49ers 18 8 dagen geleden
Love this show!!!!!
Isaac Hoz
Isaac Hoz 8 dagen geleden
It's going over. Bills are going to cover. Josh Allen will throw for 400+. EASY MONEY SON
Isaac Hoz
Isaac Hoz 7 dagen geleden
@Jarrad Bruessel Yeah dude it's a ball buster to lose. I was just coming off of a string of really good luck and had REALLY hoped it would continue. Not to be unfortunately but as long as you never bet what you can't afford to lose and you'll never feel too bad. Best of luck out there.
Jarrad Bruessel
Jarrad Bruessel 7 dagen geleden
@Isaac Hoz i had a gut feeling I should bet on the titans. I literally am dominating on my picks for games. On games i have predicted the last year, i am about 25-3. I just never bet because I get nervous and I feel like I am going to be wrong and I don't want to lose any money.
Isaac Hoz
Isaac Hoz 7 dagen geleden
@Jarrad Bruessel VERY BAD XD I came up big Monday so, I'll live. Still -- who knew the secret to the Titan's success would be getting COVID-19 and barely practicing?
Jarrad Bruessel
Jarrad Bruessel 7 dagen geleden
How did that go?
Boogie aka Boogie
Boogie aka Boogie 8 dagen geleden
i got the titans @ +3.5 but then again that plus the fact I'm not as entertaining add in the fact I never made it pro and thats why I dont have a show and pat and the boys do so maybe go with their pic
Boogie aka Boogie
Boogie aka Boogie 7 dagen geleden
congrats 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏
Two Dogs
Two Dogs 8 dagen geleden
Titans and the over all day.
PMS Store
PMS Store 8 dagen geleden
Franklin Stepnowski
Franklin Stepnowski 8 dagen geleden
I bet bell goes to Tampa. Boom trade rumors and 3rd down back ✅
MattyLight30 8 dagen geleden
So if it’s -3.5 take the Titian’s
Lydell Dorsey Jr
Lydell Dorsey Jr 8 dagen geleden
Rivers has no championship
brian mack
brian mack 8 dagen geleden
This show and team is the best. Pat if u just fucked my bills tonight...
Connor Huguenard
Connor Huguenard 8 dagen geleden
Are you taking the spread or moneyline when you mean bills plus 3?
Eric Snyder
Eric Snyder 8 dagen geleden
greg kelley
greg kelley 8 dagen geleden
Love the Al Davis quote to close out the show
R P Poker
R P Poker 8 dagen geleden
Hammerrrrrrrrrrrrr Dahnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Douglas Taylor
Douglas Taylor 8 dagen geleden
Lombardi is great
Drake Griner
Drake Griner 8 dagen geleden
Man people are sleeping on the panthers
CARDIAC_K3MBA 8 dagen geleden
The panthers excuse me
Jordan Dixon Reed
Jordan Dixon Reed 8 dagen geleden
Got the Over at 51.5
Jordan Goins
Jordan Goins 8 dagen geleden
To be fair, Lombardi told the guys yesterday that he liked the Chargers if Bosa ended up playing.
DillonDank 8 dagen geleden
Impressive the chargers backups took Brees to OT
agroumoutis 8 dagen geleden
He wasn’t wrong. Trash kicker
Colin Mccoy
Colin Mccoy 8 dagen geleden
Unchaind Django
Unchaind Django 8 dagen geleden
Eli Is not in the same ballpark as Philp Rivers lol
DillonDank 8 dagen geleden
Eli manning was a draft bust and destined to be as backup journeyman QB at best if his big brother didn't teach him everything. Eli manning rookie stats 1-6 48 percent completion percentage 6 TDS 9 interceptions.
gregory giles
gregory giles 8 dagen geleden
They really are but Eli got 2 rings I think tho
Unchaind Django
Unchaind Django 8 dagen geleden
@Eric Snyder Giants Dline deserve 90% Of the credit for both rings....but He get credit for a terrible pass that was a better play by the wider receiver to not letting it get INT...
Jeremiah Bontjes
Jeremiah Bontjes 8 dagen geleden
Is that what those 2 rings are for?
Matty G
Matty G 8 dagen geleden
@Eric Snyder took the words out my mouth
Eric Divins
Eric Divins 8 dagen geleden
I don't care if Lombardi goes 0-100 that man is a gem
FINSZONE TTV 7 dagen geleden
He was right on the browns two weeks ago
Nameless King
Nameless King 8 dagen geleden
He's a terrible tipster
David Sab
David Sab 8 dagen geleden
He never had the making of a varsity athlete
Two Dogs
Two Dogs 8 dagen geleden
It's funny how they make fun of the Browns for being terrible for 15 years and Lombardi was a GM for them and never got another job as GM. But somehow Lombardi is football jesus.
GrimmNastyy 8 dagen geleden
Respect his input on stuff but I'll always still bet with my own gut
Dennis TheGreat Corpas
Dennis TheGreat Corpas 8 dagen geleden
What a way to close out
Luke D
Luke D 8 dagen geleden
Screw the haters, I’m loving Lombardi
David Sab
David Sab 8 dagen geleden
@Two Dogs he never had the makings of a varsity athlete
Two Dogs
Two Dogs 8 dagen geleden
@Finn Lombardi is the Elizabeth Warren of football. She lied and said she was native american, Lombardi lied and said he was related to Vince.
Two Dogs
Two Dogs 8 dagen geleden
@Finn I'm not mad, it's just funny they keep saying he's so smart when he was the worst GM and is doing the worst in betting and constantly misses the most obvious picks.
Finn 8 dagen geleden
@Two Dogs dude why are you so mad
Two Dogs
Two Dogs 8 dagen geleden
He's a legit moron if he didn't take Chargers +7 "because Anthony Lynn let me down." The question wasn't whether Lynn would blow the lead in the 2nd half like last week, it was whether the Chargers would remain within 7.
Jonathan Tripi
Jonathan Tripi 8 dagen geleden
Lmao I love the flip to the Bills 😂
Two Dogs
Two Dogs 8 dagen geleden
Was a bad choice.
Eddie Blaze
Eddie Blaze 8 dagen geleden
Lombardi is always wrong 🙄
C Ya
C Ya 8 dagen geleden
artie lange lookin good these days
C Ya
C Ya 7 dagen geleden
@buddymax46 haha 👍🏼
buddymax46 8 dagen geleden
C Ya Bobby Bacala
Dennis TheGreat Corpas
Dennis TheGreat Corpas 8 dagen geleden
Brees comments earlier this year
Will Miller
Will Miller 8 dagen geleden
Lombardi STINKS
Brando _
Brando _ 8 dagen geleden
DAMMIT I can’t believe I missed the Tuesday edition of Hammer Dahn
Nameless King
Nameless King 8 dagen geleden
Lombardi wrong again 😂😂😂😂😂
Nameless King
Nameless King 8 dagen geleden
@B B you were wrong as well so it required a second response. I love the show I just can't stand bullshitters like him, claiming to be an expert. You have a good day now
B B 8 dagen geleden
@Nameless King don’t watch the show if you don’t like it 😉
B B 8 dagen geleden
@Nameless King sorry forgot to @ you and your stupidity
B B 8 dagen geleden
Imagine being this upset that you messaged twice at two separate occasions
Nameless King
Nameless King 8 dagen geleden
@B B did you watch the show? He clearly said the bills will win and took the bills -3. So yes, wrong again. My 5 year old could make better picks
Sixsoul 8 dagen geleden