Hammer Dahn | October 16th, 2020 

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Digs, Gumpy, and former NFL General Manager Michael Lombardi breakdown all the betting action across the sporting landscape and will put the Hammer Dahn on their best bets. Join Every Monday, Thursday, and Friday.
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16 okt. 2020




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49ers 18
49ers 18 7 dagen geleden
I love coming back to check out the picks, Looks like Lombardi had pitt, Tampa, dallas for Monday night, not bad lombardi lets get these Wins!!!!
Kyle Inman
Kyle Inman 7 dagen geleden
Pat I hammered dahn 10k on Rodgers and the over. Can I get a loan
Nick OLSON 8 dagen geleden
Foxy : ya Mattison is ok over there “He ran for 120” 😂
PMS Store
PMS Store 8 dagen geleden
Brandee Foley
Brandee Foley 8 dagen geleden
Load up on money line with jets today gonna get there first win against miami write it down trust and believe money to be made fellas
Patrick Hoey
Patrick Hoey 8 dagen geleden
Pat is really building a media empire. Feels like there’s the potential to dethrone Bill Simmons and The Ringer, and I’m here for it 💪🏻
akingpa 7 dagen geleden
A lot of simps out there
Denzel Crawley
Denzel Crawley 7 dagen geleden
I agree.. but it’s gonna be hard. Pat needs to get a basketball guy. Bill is a hooper at heart
Pat Crawford
Pat Crawford 8 dagen geleden
Bill Simmons sucks he hates on greatness (lebron), something Pat would never do!
Oli Hughes
Oli Hughes 8 dagen geleden
Digs starting the week off well already 1-0
Harlon Barnes
Harlon Barnes 8 dagen geleden
Respect the show but pat wasn't listening like half the show gumpy literally money line after his picks
Henny Jo
Henny Jo 8 dagen geleden
Are they making these bets on fanduel or a different source? New to this hammer dahn videos
Don't Go to College
Don't Go to College 8 dagen geleden
Yes all fan duel numbers
James Laverty
James Laverty 8 dagen geleden
Gumpy Nukes 💣 💣 💣
David Destefani
David Destefani 9 dagen geleden
17:40 I bet Brian Hoyer can count to 4 though.
Lucas Johnson
Lucas Johnson 9 dagen geleden
Nice seeing Pat on the TV in the den!
Bama Blake
Bama Blake 9 dagen geleden
Hammer dahn
Real Is Real
Real Is Real 9 dagen geleden
Buccaneers +1.5
Uptown Militia
Uptown Militia 9 dagen geleden
All Facts
All Facts 9 dagen geleden
You guys should post the week picks in the description of the video.
Zach Draper
Zach Draper 9 dagen geleden
Sativa today
Diego Ortiz
Diego Ortiz 9 dagen geleden
Can someone point me to a video explaining point spreads? I under stand money lines but not the spreads so much
Jamie 9 dagen geleden
The spread is just how much the professionals think the winning team is going to win by, but also making it a challenging point that is enticing to the underdog bettors. If one team is way better than another the spread will be much higher because they expect that team to win by much more. The more evenly matched the teams are, the more even the spread
Robert Stahl
Robert Stahl 9 dagen geleden
Love gumpy but some of these stats are useless. What denver did after a bye ten years ago is not relevant to today's team
Michael Griffing
Michael Griffing 8 dagen geleden
The theory is that NFL ownership may incentivize coaches/players for winning by covering (or not covering). A track record showing a certain pattern may indicate this to be true for a certain team. No one ever mentions it directly, because it is taboo, but we must make a realistic assumption; I am sure most of these owners are avid gamblers.
Daniel Butrum
Daniel Butrum 9 dagen geleden
I like hearing the stuff but I agree. I feel anything past 2-3 years ago is totally useless. Teams change like crazy and only a handful really stay the same for 4+ years for that stuff to even matter. So many different playoff teams every year proves that theory, the league changes every season. Hearing what the lions did against the Jags in 2014 means nothing (just an example there)
Andrew Ludwick
Andrew Ludwick 9 dagen geleden
You guys are the best
Finn 9 dagen geleden
Love Chase Smith
Jackson Fincher
Jackson Fincher 9 dagen geleden
welcome to hammer dahn
Connor Afoa
Connor Afoa 9 dagen geleden
Can you plug the email list in the description one time
Luke D
Luke D 8 dagen geleden
Google The Daily Coach
Dustin Woolley
Dustin Woolley 9 dagen geleden
Do you guys think adam thielen and Justin Jefferson have a low key beef?? please answer me guys
Avp_4 8 dagen geleden
Dustin Woolley
Dustin Woolley 9 dagen geleden
Bruh, there's 32 comments, I know yall fellas seen this
Dustin Woolley
Dustin Woolley 9 dagen geleden
Do you guys think adam thielen and Justin Jefferson have a low key beef??
rssparks17 9 dagen geleden
Good show boys!
Troy Forbes
Troy Forbes 9 dagen geleden
I look forward to this every M,Th, and Fri! Hammer Dahhhhhhn
Proud Straight White Christian Conservative
They’re not MY team, so to speak but I’m REALLY enjoying watching the Cowboys right now. They’ve had some really exciting football games this year so far. Hell, I even bought a couple of their ball caps this week! Shame about Prescott :(
Dr. Jamie Jakes
Dr. Jamie Jakes 9 dagen geleden
I may have made this stat up, but if you teas the Ravens and the Jets opponent this year, you are 5-0 on the season.
Dr. Jamie Jakes
Dr. Jamie Jakes 9 dagen geleden
@All Facts Lamar looked really bad against Cincinnati.. I'm looking forward to cashing in on the Steelers next week when they play the Ravens. Would help if Browns pulled off a win this week but I don't think they're heathy or I would hammer the Browns this week.
Dr. Jamie Jakes
Dr. Jamie Jakes 9 dagen geleden
Oh yeah.. forgot about the Chiefs game. I was not on Baltimore that week haha. @All Facts
All Facts
All Facts 9 dagen geleden
Another cool way to play fantasy is fantasy survivor. lowest point total for the week gets eliminated. Highest point total has immunity for the next week.
All Facts
All Facts 9 dagen geleden
Ravens haven’t played the best opponents obviously but I think their defence is really good. I’m thinking of dropping 1750 ML ravens to make 500. And I they didn’t mention much the dolphins but the Jets are horrible also. Like you said I’ve been loving the money off of jets opponents all year survivor as well got rid of some bad teams we play can’t take the same team twice. No spread tho. Only 2 entries. Won it last year we had 40 guys with 80 entries at 50 per so I cleaned 3900 won it week 11 to everyone got crushed by one upset cant remember which I know the year before was lions patriots got me on one of my entries.
All Facts
All Facts 9 dagen geleden
Jets opponents have covered every spread. And I’m pretty sure the jets were actually favoured against the broncos cause I had broncos money line that night but I’m not 100%. But Ravens chiefs was 34-20 spread was 3.5 so that wouldn’t of worked but they have covered every other game straight up and by a lot too. Other than that game they blew out the browns week 1 blew out the Texans week 2. Chiefs week 3 then Washington and the bengals. Pretty sure Washington was the closest game and they won by 14
bpercussive 9 dagen geleden
Dallas 0-5 ATS only wins are against 0-5 Falcons and 0-5 Giants by a combined 4 points. Kyler Murray has won 3 HS championships and a BigXII Championship in that stadium. Seems like a game to stay away from.
Don Solo
Don Solo 9 dagen geleden
You bet on cowboys to cover after they go down early. Easy ass money. Happens every week
lucas zamorano
lucas zamorano 9 dagen geleden
I want to get in that lombardi mail
Dillon Kosel
Dillon Kosel 9 dagen geleden
4:13 Cowboys have the money and tickets going their way, but the spread is moving in their favor??.. You just said on the last podcast this is a sign that it’s a trap. What am I missing?
Zenjamin Glenn
Zenjamin Glenn 9 dagen geleden
@Proud Straight White Christian Conservative great points!!!
Zenjamin Glenn
Zenjamin Glenn 9 dagen geleden
Fanduel is the modern day bookie. Only legalized with sharp money
Proud Straight White Christian Conservative
@Zenjamin Glenn I have a funny feeling we won’t see our CFL resume next year. First time in a hundred years they didn’t play. They don’t get paid the way the NFL pays their talent. And they certainly don’t have the big contracts with the media either. They DID ask the government for only 30 million to offset the costs of playing the season but of course that fell on deaf ears! If Justin the JOKE doesn’t have any issue turning his back on Canadian veterans he’s surely not going to give a good goddamn about one of the only other decent commercially viable professional sports league in Canada. Unfortunately, most of the CFL’s revenue source is from the fans and ticket sales in Canada but our illustrious and limp-wristed poor excuse for a leader put an end to any possibilities of that when he banned all outdoor sporting events in Canada.
Proud Straight White Christian Conservative
@Zenjamin Glenn Actually have never heard of them but I’m relatively new to watching the NFL. Took a bit of a 30 year break. The Bills were working on a dynasty (late 80’s, early 90’s maybe?) when I got into our own CFL a little more. Lol! Cheers.
Zenjamin Glenn
Zenjamin Glenn 9 dagen geleden
@Proud Straight White Christian Conservative fanduel
A.J. Torres
A.J. Torres 9 dagen geleden
I got a chase claypool rookie card if anyone interested lol
Robert Stahl
Robert Stahl 9 dagen geleden
Didn't lombardi earlier this week go on a rant about how he has to trust his numbers?!
BOT Chad
BOT Chad 8 dagen geleden
This season's just been unpredictable as hell, so he can justify his waffling imo
Zenjamin Glenn
Zenjamin Glenn 9 dagen geleden
Lombardi Lol riding the coattail
Boz Bozman
Boz Bozman 9 dagen geleden
I agree with Lombardi. Green Bay will gas out in the second half
Jason Benefiel
Jason Benefiel 9 dagen geleden
How do I get on this email list? where do I register?
Mr Requis
Mr Requis 9 dagen geleden
You guys remember when Pat was super ecstatic when they signed Phil rivers?
Jamie 9 dagen geleden
If you go back and watch the Philly Rivers interview you'd be excited too. The guy is very likable, just having a TERRIBLE year and end of career if i'm being honest
Morgan Freegan
Morgan Freegan 9 dagen geleden
Take the jags moneyline how ya doin keep it movin.
Morgan Freegan
Morgan Freegan 9 dagen geleden
@Ryan Muzzin don’t be surprised to see Detroit up by halftime but will still lose IMO.
Ryan Muzzin
Ryan Muzzin 9 dagen geleden
@Troy Forbes lmao he doesn’t know the pain and struggle. Lions will probably lead the first half maybe even through 3 quarters but they always find a way to lose in “LIONS” fashion people that don’t watch every game don’t understand I bet the against the lions every time they play a team they are supposed to beat and games like the patriots last year that they should lose I take the points sometimes take em ML
Kyle Walsh
Kyle Walsh 9 dagen geleden
@Troy Forbes lol I'll give u 7
Troy Forbes
Troy Forbes 9 dagen geleden
@Kyle WalshI’ll take Jags +13.5 all day. (45 year old disgruntled Lions fan here) 😂
Kyle Walsh
Kyle Walsh 9 dagen geleden
Haha lions gonna smoke em. Shoulda beat bears if it weren't for endzone drop and almost came back to beat new Orleans... Lions are the only team in the nfl who first four games were against winning teams. Detroits d sucks I'll give u that, but their offense will shred up the jags. Take the lions it's gonna be a 14 point win
AtGame7 9 dagen geleden
How do I get on Lombardi's E-Mail list?
AtGame7 9 dagen geleden
Damn, you guys are on your game.
Adam Barnhart
Adam Barnhart 9 dagen geleden
1st rule, you don’t ask...
Scotty Duzknow
Scotty Duzknow 9 dagen geleden
You gotta make him an offer he can't refuse...
Chase Nowaczyk
Chase Nowaczyk 9 dagen geleden
Taylor L
Taylor L 9 dagen geleden
Tony is the absolute worst.
Adam Huckel
Adam Huckel 9 dagen geleden
We love y'all too...
FatmanJonesTV 9 dagen geleden
I wouldn’t lay a bet on it, but I like the packers
Boogie aka Boogie
Boogie aka Boogie 9 dagen geleden
chase smith is a legend 🙌
Noble Vagabond
Noble Vagabond 9 dagen geleden
That interview with him was powerful
Eric Boyd
Eric Boyd 9 dagen geleden
Boogie aka Boogie
Boogie aka Boogie 9 dagen geleden
let's make some money
Boogie aka Boogie
Boogie aka Boogie 9 dagen geleden
I got packers moneyline -120 I also like the -1 @ -115 but I went with the line got the rams -170 cowboys +1 chiefs -4.5
Casey Wayne
Casey Wayne 9 dagen geleden
Trust your number Michael!
Mactallica 92
Mactallica 92 9 dagen geleden
Monday, he'll come on saying he needs to trust his numbers
Arthur Rahman
Arthur Rahman 9 dagen geleden
Nothing better than a Feel Good Friday PMS , followed by a Hammer Dahn, and The Pod, cruising into the weekend full of big football games