Hammer Dahn | Thursday October 1st, 2020 

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Digs, Gumpy, and former NFL General Manager Michael Lombardi breakdown all the betting action across the sporting landscape and will put the Hammer Dahn on their best bets. Join Every Monday, Thursday, and Friday.
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1 okt. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Steven Sawyer
Steven Sawyer 21 dag geleden
“Oh no it’s a new team cause of the tripod!” 😂 BDN lives forever
ballislife TWolvesNation
Pat is so stoned he had to put on the shades
hunter watkins
hunter watkins 21 dag geleden
Wish they called that hold on bosa on 3rd down in the Superbowl
Cody Fannin
Cody Fannin 22 dagen geleden
What website do they use for all these betting stats?
Ace Purple
Ace Purple 22 dagen geleden
That lambardi mo fo is a clown.
Brian Spilner
Brian Spilner 22 dagen geleden
We need Gumpy's soccer picks.
Jeff McCann
Jeff McCann 22 dagen geleden
Thanks for building everyones bank account boys💰💰
G BS 22 dagen geleden
Lombardi stay taking L's
DubDeeZys 23 dagen geleden
3 games is not a legitimate sample size. I honestly can't believe that they keep bringing this Lombardi clown back on the show. Analytics is changing the game on different levels for every sport out there, but thinking that 3 games is a sufficient sample size to base spreads off of, is absolutely ridiculous. It even goes against the exact principles that, analytics in sports, stands for. There's a reason that this guy has a losing record and is no longer a gm in the NFL. With that said, take the Cowboys this week. Easy money.
J Yee
J Yee 23 dagen geleden
Lombardi seems to be on a losing streak
Sixsoul 23 dagen geleden
Brendan Conant
Brendan Conant 23 dagen geleden
Looks like broncos and the over. Denver nearly covered the over by themselves lol
Jebus1364 23 dagen geleden
My accumulator bet is in, £1 for £787 return. These are my picks: Broncos Jaguars Texans 49ers Seahwaks Panthers Bears Packers Buccs Rams Raiders Browns
Ragnar Lothbrok
Ragnar Lothbrok 23 dagen geleden
"What is that?! The Italians??" Hahaha pat
Adam Barnhart
Adam Barnhart 23 dagen geleden
Connor looks like Pat
Michael Adams
Michael Adams 23 dagen geleden
Sounds like those boys at DVOA are on ALL the vitamins 😂
runawayturtl _
runawayturtl _ 23 dagen geleden
i lov
Scott No More
Scott No More 23 dagen geleden
Looked it up and I kind of get money line stuff but I just am having trouble figuring the whole picture out.
Scott No More
Scott No More 23 dagen geleden
Need an episode dedicated to teaching us the jargon and number speak you boys use
Rene Andrade
Rene Andrade 23 dagen geleden
Antonio brown to the eagles
Rene Andrade
Rene Andrade 23 dagen geleden
Antonio Brown to the Eagles
Kevin Feely
Kevin Feely 23 dagen geleden
Never change the intro to this show
Andrew James
Andrew James 23 dagen geleden
Denver and Vikings at +4 were my bets this week. Texans and Jets are both on the skids... Vikings have too much talent to go 0-4.
Rj Hampton
Rj Hampton 23 dagen geleden
It feels weird to say outloud but Deshaun and co. may not figure it out this year I have to agree with you nice bets.
Brandon Cody
Brandon Cody 23 dagen geleden
Mike shouldn't have shown his screens. I'm about to tap into his excel spreadsheets and steal his algorithms 😂😂😂
I only have this account to comment
Pat!!!! My husband is a HUGE fan!! Of course, I am now too considering how great the show and all your boys are!! He’s been telling me for MONTHS that once you reach 1 million subs you’ll be doing something awesome! We know now you plan to be super generous and plan to give away some money! I’m not sure what your criteria is for picking your candidates but if you’re looking for a truly good person, a truly deserving person, I hope you pick my husband! Not only is he my best friend (yesterday was our 11 years together and next week will mark our 5 years married) but he’s THE most AMAZING father, son, friend and is so giving! He is the best provider and made my dreams come true by supporting us financially to be a stay at home mom! His name on NLblock is SK33T! I hope you pick him as he is not only loyal to your team but loyal to his family and our community! Thank you!!
I only have this account to comment
P.S. we are from KC but are NY Jets fans (My husband grew up in a house divided and chose the Jets so he wouldn’t have to pick sides between his parents!) we could use a little something positive! 😂
Nico G
Nico G 23 dagen geleden
Pat was out from the beginning just to let everyone know that record 😂
King JD
King JD 23 dagen geleden
What's the bet to HAMMER? I'm at work I cant watch the whole thing before the game tonight😭
King JD
King JD 23 dagen geleden
Thank you boss!
Trent 23 dagen geleden
I found the timestamp! 29:00
Finnegan Gallagher
Finnegan Gallagher 23 dagen geleden
Michael is a football genius. Amazing listen.
Jayz 4 Dayz
Jayz 4 Dayz 23 dagen geleden
I wish sportsbook betting was legal in Texas
Frank L
Frank L 23 dagen geleden
Lombardi clearly didn't watch the KC - Ravens Film because we played a ton of zone. We did over blitz them but the " play the Chargers style " take is so stupid. That's not how this team is built. They aren't an even front, zone really and tackle team. They need to work on that part of there defense clearly just to stop KC tho
James Rojas
James Rojas 23 dagen geleden
pat or whoever runs the clips should put time stamps
Isaac Aguilera
Isaac Aguilera 23 dagen geleden
I'm getting sick of this schmuck disrespecting the steelers bruh
Frank L
Frank L 23 dagen geleden
Refs aren't calling penalties, except against the coverage. You still aren't allowed to defend. No crowd also greatly diminishes the defenses. Mostly just the crowds energy
Анатолий Фмель
0:51 I will setup your blog and setup it to earn money w h a t s a p p +7 9 6 7 1 5 7 0 5 8 1
Colin Mccoy
Colin Mccoy 23 dagen geleden
Hammmerrr dahnnnnnn goated
Colin Mccoy
Colin Mccoy 23 dagen geleden
Imagine taking Dave portnoys pick and not Lombardi and the boyyyysssssssss
jeremy 23 dagen geleden
Bear dahn
Septer 23 dagen geleden
If you're happy and you know it, Hammer Dahn!
PMS Store
PMS Store 23 dagen geleden
Scotty Duzknow
Scotty Duzknow 23 dagen geleden
Tease those spreads DAHN!!!
S Ellison
S Ellison 23 dagen geleden
I think the NFL should have let the teams have extra players.
Drago 23 dagen geleden
DVOA stands for Defense-adjusted Value Over Average.
Jason Boore
Jason Boore 22 dagen geleden
lol right!? How many times does someone have to be asked what DVOA is to just answer it in a roundabout way lol That dude should be a politician! He'd be perfect, it's quite obvious. His skills of "answer circumvention" are second to none lol ...and, if it was obliviously done, even better lol Hammer Dahn
Jon 23 dagen geleden
like the NFL version of WAR in MLB
Boz Bozman
Boz Bozman 23 dagen geleden
He wasn’t taking pats bait on that crooked ref
Fanny Pack Films
Fanny Pack Films 23 dagen geleden
Off the normal sport topic because I know Tennis is not talked about on here but we are here for easy money. Betting top 10 players on the games they serve. In the first 3 rounds. 13-4 this mornin. 9-2 yesterday.
Fanny Pack Films
Fanny Pack Films 23 dagen geleden
@alan nah we gotta spread the knowledge and wealth. Books benefit from the volume. Especially given the cash out features.
alan 23 dagen geleden
Shhhhhhhhhh bro c'mon
Scotty Duzknow
Scotty Duzknow 23 dagen geleden
Before the major sports were back I was killing it with tennis, and ping pong bets. Got a whole spreadsheet on those Ruskis
mikecip2311 23 dagen geleden
Is this guy serious? His strategy is everywhere.... “ if the wind is going east at 9pm and at 9:01 it goes west, the giants win every time.”
Joshua Price
Joshua Price 22 dagen geleden
No successful bettors actually think Lombardi is sharp
Brandon Cody
Brandon Cody 23 dagen geleden
😂😂😂 you gotta follow the numbers though lol
Eli 23 dagen geleden
Neal Randell
Neal Randell 23 dagen geleden
McAfee and the boys hammer down it's like rain man these guys are special when it comes to sports betting scores Love it keep it up You guys rock you rocking rockers I've tried calling you guys numerous times but I can't get in because all the other people are calling 🥺😢🥺😢 maybe one day I'll get through But keep up the work fellas
Scott Hudson
Scott Hudson 23 dagen geleden
Phil Mickelson is hot
Scott Hudson
Scott Hudson 23 dagen geleden
ScrawnyMoney on Tik tok
Brodown64 23 dagen geleden
Hammer dahn joe momma!
Jeff McCann
Jeff McCann 23 dagen geleden
I try to work a system like Lombardi. It's clever🤑
The Bengals Don’t Have An Indoor Practice Facility
Hammer Dahn on these clahns for not mentioning the Bengals don’t have an indoor facility
Dustin B
Dustin B 23 dagen geleden
Makes since. Cincinnati has been surviving on loans as a city for over a decade.
Angel Martinez
Angel Martinez 23 dagen geleden
Fact of the day: the clippers blew a 3-1 lead
Draven Gill
Draven Gill 23 dagen geleden
Multiple times