Hammer Dahn | Thursday October 8th, 2020 

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Digs, Gumpy, and former NFL General Manager Michael Lombardi breakdown all the betting action across the sporting landscape and will put the Hammer Dahn on their best bets. Join Every Monday, Thursday, and Friday.
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8 okt. 2020




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colinsdad1 9 dagen geleden
My neighbor attended BUDS.... LITERALLY broke his hip falling from an obstacle. He ended up being a Sniper for the Coast Guard in Florida. In either case, freaking cool jobs!!
The Jonny-A Show!
The Jonny-A Show! 10 dagen geleden
Haskins is a Bum!
Michael Nielsen
Michael Nielsen 12 dagen geleden
Get a THOR’s hammer pinky ring for the survivor pool
Jacob Luto
Jacob Luto 12 dagen geleden
Texans will be like Man U when mourinho initially left
Jfreak 12 dagen geleden
*clears throat.... GOOOO BEARS!!!!
wakybee 12 dagen geleden
What if someones got fat pinkies?
Eddie Blaze
Eddie Blaze 12 dagen geleden
Why is Michael always wrong? I think the show is getting too big for him
dj arsonist
dj arsonist 12 dagen geleden
Killed me last night with TB
PMS Store
PMS Store 12 dagen geleden
Brian Napier
Brian Napier 12 dagen geleden
Gump looks like hes constantly calculating his next move. Can we start randomly asking my man gump what he's thinking about
Jon 12 dagen geleden
Where does gump procure these stats and trends?
Miserable Goat
Miserable Goat 12 dagen geleden
Whats in the Dark is now coming to Light. Not every person given the Opportunity Appreciate their situation for what it is
PJ Laake
PJ Laake 12 dagen geleden
Under bettors rejoice
Travis Martin
Travis Martin 12 dagen geleden
can we talk about tony’s ridiculous gas problem!?
mikeTECH 12 dagen geleden
i love watching this after the game...
Jacob Ball
Jacob Ball 12 dagen geleden
I love you guys. I'm sorry the bears beat the bucs. I'm sure you're all doing just fine though. Bad break
mikeTECH 12 dagen geleden
the backwards hammer bothers me more than it should
Johnny Blaze
Johnny Blaze 13 dagen geleden
Lombardi 🐐
World Peace
World Peace 13 dagen geleden
Great job boys we took a fat L tonight smh
jsixamore 13 dagen geleden
I mean they got Scary Terry and Gipson. They got at least two guys.
Bojokowski 13 dagen geleden
Whoever this “spread” team they keep talkin about is, they seem beatable.
Placeholder McGavinport
Placeholder McGavinport 13 dagen geleden
Digs, you killed that intro! Loving the energy, and the show just continues to improve. Now line up some nails in *exactly* the correct place on your lumber, carefully lift your arm over your head, and swing that Hammer DAHN
Jamie 13 dagen geleden
Low-ticket high-money lines are usually the smart guys betting against the general public. 77% of the bets are on Tampa but only 33% of the money, so it's basically a ton of small bets on the Bucs but all the big money bets are with Da Bears
cueball8464 13 dagen geleden
Who Dey! Let's go make BANK!
Scott Luckoff
Scott Luckoff 13 dagen geleden
Who would like to sit in a dive bar and talk football with, Lombardi?
Thomas Howard
Thomas Howard 13 dagen geleden
C. Patterson TD tonight ! +450 .... maybe 2 (fingers crossed) +5000 !
Ethan Camps
Ethan Camps 13 dagen geleden
deff hammering over if diggs taking under
Jeff Sharp
Jeff Sharp 13 dagen geleden
Foles shows up, overs on Bears 1st half
TheDoctorGnome 13 dagen geleden
God I love Lombardi looks like hes having fun!
jeremy 13 dagen geleden
Arthur Rahman
Arthur Rahman 13 dagen geleden
Protect Lombardi at all costs , guy is a national treasure.
Tyler Jacobson
Tyler Jacobson 13 dagen geleden
Don't think that ravens pick is gonna pan out. I think the Ravens will win by 12 even if they score
Chris Moura
Chris Moura 12 dagen geleden
If the O line can hold up just enough the bengals will cover easily. They have the weapons.
Rocco Lentz
Rocco Lentz 13 dagen geleden
Pat's so fried. Love it.
PRODBYCHE 13 dagen geleden
what website does digs use to see money and sharp bettors
Tyler Young
Tyler Young 13 dagen geleden
I'm new to sports betting, can someone explain how to get started betting, I just wanna bet on over unders but when I go to FanDuel it's just a bunch of gibberish. Thanks to anyone that could help
Tyler Young
Tyler Young 11 dagen geleden
@Conner Y thanks so much buddy !
Conner Y
Conner Y 12 dagen geleden
On FanDuel when you see the nfl game you want to bet on you’ll see 3 boxes for each team. 1 column is for the spread, 1 is for moneyline, 1 is for total. For over/under betting there will be a box that says for example “O 52.5” and right below that will say “U 52.5”. Select the one you want and it’ll pop up your bet slip. From there just enter your bet and hope for the best lol. Hope that explained it I was confused at first with it all as well
Tyler Young
Tyler Young 12 dagen geleden
@C P buddy*
Tyler Young
Tyler Young 12 dagen geleden
@C P thanks alot buddu
Tyler Young
Tyler Young 12 dagen geleden
@lubbock 257 I obviously already looked it up
Mikey Tudrick
Mikey Tudrick 13 dagen geleden
Big Lombardi fan but dam I instantly felt regret when he chose the BUCS
Frozen Wookiee
Frozen Wookiee 13 dagen geleden
Hammering the over tonight
Dr. Jamie Jakes
Dr. Jamie Jakes 13 dagen geleden
I’m fading Tony Unders.
Angelo Paulino
Angelo Paulino 13 dagen geleden
Yes sir! Bucs -3.5 (even $)
Jfreak 12 dagen geleden
Ppppffffffffff 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Daniel Delpha
Daniel Delpha 13 dagen geleden
Damn can't get my bucs bet in because I'm in CT working.
John J
John J 13 dagen geleden
You guys never mention that Mike was a D-lineman and long snapper in college....and he has 3 super bowl rings!!!
Sixsoul 13 dagen geleden
🔨⬇️ 🐻⬇️
kfl4y 13 dagen geleden
Didn't get to hear Pat's opinion of fellow Punter Pat Pat O'Donnell ☹️
Blake Severson
Blake Severson 13 dagen geleden
Since Diggs took the under I'm going over tonight baby!!
David Kirwan
David Kirwan 12 dagen geleden
This aged well
David Prevost
David Prevost 12 dagen geleden
And losing
samuel cottongim
samuel cottongim 13 dagen geleden
Isn’t max bet on FanDuel a million?
Henry V
Henry V 13 dagen geleden
#1 show on YT
Brett Young
Brett Young 13 dagen geleden
Hammer Dahn!!!
Zack Tziolis
Zack Tziolis 13 dagen geleden
The PMS Hammer Dahn
Jackson Bitzer
Jackson Bitzer 13 dagen geleden
Pat please rank punters and kickers in a video!
hottaco 13 dagen geleden
Sam Koch top 5
Teo The Plug TTV
Teo The Plug TTV 13 dagen geleden
That Nagy talk had me crying, per sad bears fan. So funny!
Jfreak 12 dagen geleden
Not sad now bro!!! WOOOOO
Arthur Rahman
Arthur Rahman 13 dagen geleden
I love lombardi
Austin E.
Austin E. 13 dagen geleden
Love the show Pat! Keep doing what you're doing.
Spooky 13 dagen geleden
Apple Event - October 13
Weergaven 54 mln.
Apple Event - October 13
Weergaven 54 mln.