Movie Theaters Are Now Officially contraire mon frere 

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Is this the REAL end of movie theaters? Not SO FAST!!!!
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10 okt. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Brandon Vernuccio
Brandon Vernuccio 4 dagen geleden
Hearing Gumpy saying Connor looked defeated had me dying
Arthur Rahman
Arthur Rahman 6 dagen geleden
Movie Theatres are a thing of the past, they were so epic back in the day when the TV at home was a little potato tube that didn't do big time movies justice. Now when consumers can get a massive 4K TV with Dolby surround sound and stream movies at the touch of a button with vitamins and booze, the real question is: Why would you want to go to a theatre?
Famous Danish
Famous Danish 7 dagen geleden
Ive always thought theaters were built WAAAY too big. 5-10 good size screens showing the best movies makes sense. Rather than 30+ screens playing movies nobody cares about. How often are theaters occupied - not very often - i worked in the biz and can tell you most of the advertisers are wasting their money. Nobody see's their ad's because we have been programmed now to show up late to miss all the BS. Seats are assigned now anyway - so there's literally zero reason to go early.
MvpAspirations _1
MvpAspirations _1 7 dagen geleden
Movie theaters wont die, a multi billion dollar company will buy them when it becomes a smart investment again. That could be as soon as April of 2021
David Guzman
David Guzman 7 dagen geleden
I clicked on the vid thinking it was Tom segura
bourne817 8 dagen geleden
Officially dead huh?
Kegan 8 dagen geleden
Stick to football. You know nothing about the business.
Pete Davis
Pete Davis 8 dagen geleden
55 seconds in and some hipster is saying “fuckin’” over and over. I forgot this show is for 19 year old boys.
T Ferguson
T Ferguson 8 dagen geleden
I feel ya Connor, Lion King was My first movie I went to, My grandma took me, it bums me out it sounds like movie theaters will have the same fate as video rentals stores, just glad our generation got to be a part of it.
D G 8 dagen geleden
Why pay for going to a movie and be restricted by what i can do when I can sit at home and watch everything on firestick... I can eat... Smoke... Drink... Whatever I want to do... For free...
Wilson Simons
Wilson Simons 8 dagen geleden
Imagine Marvel and big name movies in arenas tho. The crowd reactions would be insane
C. Cho
C. Cho 8 dagen geleden
Tryna hear da guy's story if the duck dynasty mfers won't stfu
Radical Vlogs
Radical Vlogs 8 dagen geleden
Since when is this a movie show?
Corey Maxwell
Corey Maxwell 8 dagen geleden
Endgame broke all the records just last year. Movie theaters will make a comeback.
12neef 7 dagen geleden
Problem is theaters get a small percentage of ticket sales. They make the bulk of their money from concessions stands. I hope they’ll make a come back. But a lot of studios are focusing on streaming services now. Disney just announced they are going to be focusing a lot more on theirs.
Tony Jr
Tony Jr 9 dagen geleden
Theatres will be fine whenever covid is done
Cedric Walker
Cedric Walker 9 dagen geleden
"You're a wizard, Harry" at the very end. Lol
Dan Perez
Dan Perez 9 dagen geleden
They alive still
Chuck P
Chuck P 9 dagen geleden
Screw hollywood and their communist masters
Carlton 9 dagen geleden
Meh I prefer watching at home on my Xbox or mobile device
Ezrha Walraven
Ezrha Walraven 9 dagen geleden
There is a couple of drive ins going up in Montana, I mean with nothing in this state it’s not like they can’t find room for one
J Gunzler
J Gunzler 9 dagen geleden
Josh Beatty
Josh Beatty 9 dagen geleden
Theatres will come back. Give it a year
Sharen Davis
Sharen Davis 9 dagen geleden
The theatres can only die if every major movie studio started doing home releases.
Dylan Clarke
Dylan Clarke 9 dagen geleden
My local theatre is doing just fine in Michigan. Just recently opened up and has been busy since. Hoping it can survive until normal movies come back. We haven't seen the last of them yet
Anakins Twin
Anakins Twin 9 dagen geleden
That was a stupid story, don't be proud🙈
volz man
volz man 9 dagen geleden
Plot twist: The movie didn't start till 4:30.
Adam Colby
Adam Colby 9 dagen geleden
just a thought
just a thought 9 dagen geleden
Imagine theaters start showing NLblock vids lol
Wardawg 9 dagen geleden
Not true at all. My theater makes a killing every weekend. Covid sucks but when things get better they'll be back.
Michael Ivanov
Michael Ivanov 9 dagen geleden
Tenet didn't kill the Cinema. The latest delay of the new James Bond did.
Michael Ivanov
Michael Ivanov 9 dagen geleden
Went to see Tenet last week with a couple of friends and it was good. Go watch it if you can.
megacide84 9 dagen geleden
For the record. Had we never experienced this pandemic/lockdown. Tenet would have probably made at least just as much as "The Dark knight" when adjusted for inflation.
Tony Gaertner
Tony Gaertner 9 dagen geleden
New world order
Jose Boyer
Jose Boyer 10 dagen geleden
Like for the Icee reference
deltaecho1 10 dagen geleden
I remember the good ol days of Imax
Joseph Calvert
Joseph Calvert 10 dagen geleden
They dead cause they have not re opened yet 😂
Daniel Klassen
Daniel Klassen 10 dagen geleden
In December I saw 1917 in theaters with my dad. So glad I did. It really made me appreciate moments with friends and family, and how fleeting they may be.
Julio Dylan Estrada
Julio Dylan Estrada 10 dagen geleden
"Sounds like a good day actually"
PMS Store
PMS Store 10 dagen geleden
da hulk
da hulk 10 dagen geleden
I watched the tenet but even before I watched it I knew I wasn't gonna like it!!!see what I did there!!??
Rabin Rai
Rabin Rai 10 dagen geleden
1:16 I stopped my 9-5 thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
nick clarke
nick clarke 10 dagen geleden
Is this on live at all??
Gavin Matosich
Gavin Matosich 10 dagen geleden
I worked at a regal movie theater for over a year and lost my job just yesterday. They handled it so poorly. We didn’t even know until Sunday.
Matt beer
Matt beer 10 dagen geleden
The only way I can see theatre chains surviving is if Hollywood helps the theatres. If they don’t it’s going to be hard to stay open. I do think Hollywood will help though since it’s impossible for a blockbuster movie to make a billion dollars on streaming.
Matt beer
Matt beer 10 dagen geleden
hossein yousefzadi Netflix is in a ton of debt right now they have a total of 14.5 billion in debt. Also, Disney already tried it with Mulan. They made $35 Million. They lost a potential of hundreds of millions on that movie. I wouldn’t be shocked if the studios buy movie theatres now
hossein yousefzadi
hossein yousefzadi 10 dagen geleden
@Matt beer yeah but look how netflix is making billions, all these Hollywood studios can launch their own streaming services and bring their products to that service cuz it's defo gonna be better than whatever they re making from the cinemas rn.
Matt beer
Matt beer 10 dagen geleden
hossein yousefzadi It probably would’ve taken a year before one did since people are still being safe, but if the studios help they’ll be around. Studios know there’s more money to be made in theatres instead of on demand. For example, Mulan made $35 million on Disney plus, which is terrible for a Disney movie
hossein yousefzadi
hossein yousefzadi 10 dagen geleden
nah they're dead for good.... would be a long time till we see another movie come even close to a billion dollars.
Fanboy 3000
Fanboy 3000 10 dagen geleden
Despite being able to enjoy a satisfying movie experience at home I do enjoy going to the theater and seeing movies on the big screen. As an ex smoker in their late 40s I just can’t take the risk of going out for recreation when it could potential prove fatal. If the theaters could make it through this pandemic I will be eager to return to the theater when I know I can do it safely.
Electric Paper
Electric Paper 10 dagen geleden
I never liked movie theaters anyway. Way too loud, no subtitles, and with large screen 4k TVs it doesn’t provide that much value. Now it’s more of a social thing and for movies that you really want to see right away.
John Hutchison
John Hutchison 10 dagen geleden
Sad sad day my friend
E J.
E J. 10 dagen geleden
Just watched Tenet. What a great movie’
Austin Wilwayco
Austin Wilwayco 10 dagen geleden
This is sad. I’d go more but I’m in college so I’m crazy busy
OMERTA 3:16 TV 10 dagen geleden
I haven't been to the theater since 2007 / 08
Dan Peck
Dan Peck 10 dagen geleden
ryan tuttle
ryan tuttle 10 dagen geleden
all these dummies that are cracking jokes about movie theatres are the ones gonna be waiting in line for 15 min to buy their popcorn at the movies. once 2021 comes arround, and all these movies that are being pushed back, all get released with the ones already coming out in 2021....AMC gonna be ocupado.
hossein yousefzadi
hossein yousefzadi 10 dagen geleden
like what movies???
Dylan 10 dagen geleden
Theaters will come back the second a Marvel movie comes out so no worries. 😂
hossein yousefzadi
hossein yousefzadi 10 dagen geleden
don't know about that dog.... looks like most of them are gonna go on disney+ 😂😂😂
liam brems
liam brems 11 dagen geleden
Make the pod a show!
schischillyjr 11 dagen geleden
Everyone thought it was going to be a Covid blizzard, and we missed our chance for it be a Covid Winter, now we don't have an end in sight. Can't trust anyone.
Alaskiss Sanchez
Alaskiss Sanchez 11 dagen geleden
17 minute commercials. Used To be a popcorn boy
The art of fighting without fighting
to the sunglasses guy, that's the longest most boring story i've ever heard
Edison Hernandez
Edison Hernandez 11 dagen geleden
Hold up a sec. So they didn't play his movie he paid for?? Did he get his freakin money back????
Patrick Mangan
Patrick Mangan 11 dagen geleden
Can we get a full video of THE POD
Steps 11 dagen geleden
These idiot journalists have predicted our downfall for decades.
anonymous2024 11 dagen geleden
yeah cost to much and you have to deal with annoying ass people. now you have a real reason to tell the 1 friend that likes to go to them...
Daniel Wyrembelski
Daniel Wyrembelski 11 dagen geleden
This makes me sad cause i have so many great memories of the movie Theater with friends and family. I hope they come back after this Covid goes away. If it goes away.
WayHighDudeMan 11 dagen geleden
Bring back the drive ins!!!
FreakyFace 11 dagen geleden
No they are not my movie theater is open 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
SFS116 11 dagen geleden
What was the last comedy that you saw at the theaters? I remember movies like There's Something About Mary or Dumb and Dumber. The entire theater roared in laughter. Comedy is now dead and there's nothing funny out anymore. As far as action, its all CG, with as much going on each shot as possible....superhero movies. Those are now action movies. COVID helped, but Hollywood killed movies.
Jorge Ortiz
Jorge Ortiz 11 dagen geleden
Tenet was amazing. I drove 60 miles to the nearest IMAX theatre to watch it; and I just came back from another IMAX theatre that was closer (state opened em back up). That kind of film is meant to be seen in theatres. If that kind of experience is "dead" , then I am glad I got to experience it one last time.
Dick Trickle
Dick Trickle 11 dagen geleden
You mean businesses are closing for good? Whoodathunkit....
maxpowr90 11 dagen geleden
James Bond getting pushed back till 2021 didn't help the theatres either.
T0nyMc716 11 dagen geleden
AMCs where doing a thing to go watch the NFL games there. Fuckin Covid
Nick Rofail
Nick Rofail 11 dagen geleden
the movie theaters in my area are charging 25 cents for a ticket to get business back
Warren Mazengwe
Warren Mazengwe 11 dagen geleden
Movies have sucked since 2017 anyways.
Lukasafer 11 dagen geleden
There's something about patriots fans having an abundance of unearned confidence that urks me Its like they think they have more swag for being the fan of a winning organization Sure brag when it's relevant but Patriots fans could be a part time dish washer at 46 and still living with their mom and STILL walk around with unearned big dick energy
LimitedSpartan 11 dagen geleden
I used to work at AMC, Imma tell you right now, before covid they had people coming in sick consistently and they continued to violate health codes. Last place you should ever go during a pandemic.
Eric Anderson
Eric Anderson 11 dagen geleden
We are still in a f-ing pandemic. Who is going to theaters, let alone inside anywhere with a group of people?
Luke Turgeon
Luke Turgeon 11 dagen geleden
Wisconsin would blow your mind... In Northern Wisconsin you wouldn't even know there is a pandemic going on right now
The Sze Progression
The Sze Progression 11 dagen geleden
Whatever it takes to stop making comic book movies, remakes, sequels and prequels. Maybe some original stories can come out of this.
Bossmanjr 11 dagen geleden
So wtf happened? Why didn’t the movie play?
John J
John J 11 dagen geleden
Large Icee, guaranteed diarrhea!!!
Reality 11 dagen geleden
Imagine in 10 years when you explain to your kids that there was a place where people would go to see new movies instead of streaming them in the living room
Lilium 8 dagen geleden
@N_JAMES Any major theatre outlet charges about that much, unless they're mom and pop shops and not any of the big corps. Where I'm at it's like $23, $12 for matinee
No Heart Nick
No Heart Nick 8 dagen geleden
@Tyler Cooper 🧢
N_JAMES 8 dagen geleden
@Lilium what theatre charges 20? The theaters around me charge 5 and not to bad pricing for candy
J King
J King 10 dagen geleden
Lilium yes but I’m guessing you’ve never enjoyed going to the movies. Like I said it’s a matter of preference. People not enjoying the experience of going to the movies is not new. There have always been those people. And there have and always will be people who love going to the movies. I know many people who really enjoy the experience of going to see a movie. It just depends on the person.
Lilium 10 dagen geleden
@Joe Bee Imagine paying $20 for a ticket, sometimes more, wait in line for an hour to buy overpriced candies you could get for a dollar elsewhere, struggle to find your seat in a disgusting theatre with popcorn and soda all over the floor, then have to deal with someone that won't shut up, all to see a blurry, out of resolution version of a movie you could have rented on Amazon for cheaper at home.
Kurt Labelle
Kurt Labelle 11 dagen geleden
Drive ins suck 7 months a year
Riley Corcoran
Riley Corcoran 11 dagen geleden
easier to get head with less people
cesar reyes
cesar reyes 7 dagen geleden
Tf 😆
STAT PADFORD 11 dagen geleden
why would i risk not beating that night netflix and chillin at the movies when i can do that in the comfort of the cribo where i’m almost guaranteed to beat ?
STAT PADFORD 11 dagen geleden
lol they gotta put beds in there to save the theater.
Ethan Chu
Ethan Chu 11 dagen geleden
Where are the long forms of this... y’all should just have ur own podcast on the days hammer down isn’t on... the boys are ascending !!!
Cian Gallagher
Cian Gallagher 11 dagen geleden
Why are there only clips with the boys? Is there not another podcast?
Garrett Green
Garrett Green 11 dagen geleden
I’ve honestly hated the experience of going to the movies for the last decade or so. Good riddance.
Shawn C
Shawn C 11 dagen geleden
Going to AMC was the first mistake but it sounds like either he walked into the wrong theater or that theater was having problems and nobody told him. He should of went out and got a refund at least. C’mon Connor
chiefs 417
chiefs 417 11 dagen geleden
I want a theater with strippers
Nicholas Francoletti
Nicholas Francoletti 11 dagen geleden
I haven't been to a Movie Theater in over 7 years. Now I know why!
728huey 11 dagen geleden
Movie theaters aren't dead, but it's been in decline for the past 20 years, and much of the damage has accelerated prior to COVID 19. The theaters have to rely on tent pole movies to make any money, which means they overload on the latest superhero movie, Disney animated movie, or some other big action movie with lots of CGI, car chases, and explosions that cater to people aged 13 to 25. As a result, more adult-themed movies are relegated to smaller screens, and older adults are less likely to go to the movies. Combine that with the rise of larger and increasingly cheaper flat screen TV'S along with streaming services, and that seriously bites into movie theater revenue. Someone else suggested these theaters show live sports, which would seriously help bring in some revenue,but then those rights would have to be negotiated with the major sports leagues.
Kris Keilman
Kris Keilman 11 dagen geleden
Pat you need to support local drive in theaters. Skyline drive in theater in Shelbyville Indiana is the best drive in theater in the country. Support the drive ins.
Thebaz13 11 dagen geleden
Once covid is over they will be back
Johncas416 11 dagen geleden
Theaters might me done but BRING BACK THE DRIVE IN. Billy but cheeks can now get a handy in the comfort of his own car
Dan R Goodnight
Dan R Goodnight 11 dagen geleden
Bring Back DRIVE INS !!
Jesse Smith
Jesse Smith 11 dagen geleden
Movie theaters are we saying 2020 is the end of the lifespan. Cause the majestic may be the worst movie ever.
boochduke13 11 dagen geleden
No movie killed the theater business, COVID did but it’s nobodys fault it’s a circumstance nobody can really control
Jesse Smith
Jesse Smith 11 dagen geleden
You guys gotta see this new UFO documentary The Phenomenon. It's on Amazon and it costs some money but it gets everyone on this planet up to speed so we can move forward together.
Moe Bandz
Moe Bandz 11 dagen geleden
Tenet was really great I saw it twice.
packer backer420
packer backer420 11 dagen geleden
I feel like I have only been hearing about the movie theaters from y'all
Goose 11 dagen geleden
I’ve been twice in the last month and possibly going again soon 🤷‍♂️
HTTRskins21 11 dagen geleden
I didnt go to the theaters often but at least 1-2x per year for a major blockbuster. Dunkirk, Infinity War, Endgame were my last 3.. show up right on time. Eat a lot of vitamins in the car, walk into theatre, order chicken tenders and an Icee. By the time that was all ready and I was in my seat the vitamins would be kicking in by the opening scene of the movie.. Was so going to do that for Tenet and Dune but......😭😭😭😭
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