Pat McAfee & Aaron Rodgers Talk Jordan Love's Development, Ancient Aliens, And More 

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Rodgers ALWAYS brings the heat.
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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13 okt. 2020




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Ricky Springfield
Ricky Springfield 4 uur geleden
21:18 Watch any FBI interrogation video and the first thing they will tell you is that if the respondent touches their face directly after a question it means subconsciously that they are lying. I would not hold much hope for Love if he's not progressing yet.
Brian Wurch
Brian Wurch 21 uur geleden
David McKenna
David McKenna 21 uur geleden
Aaron seems like the coolest dude to do mushrooms with
James Brey
James Brey Dag geleden
Do people realize that Tom Brady’s wife is a witch ? I think she put a spell on the Packers !!! Last Sunday !!!
The Amazingly Randy
Colin's show yesterday was brutal. Rodgers really is a front runner.
Johnny Newport
Johnny Newport Dag geleden
Dang Rodgers is a real one. Also great job Pat and the whole crew! Definitely my favorite sports talk show
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius Dag geleden
Aaron Rodgers gets benched because the Packers have no chance. Never remember that happening to Brady.
xM xH
xM xH Dag geleden
Then you must have missed the Chiefs game back in 2014 when they blew the pats out 41-14 and Brady was benched in the 4th quarter?
Jeff Roach
Jeff Roach 2 dagen geleden
Aaron just dropped graham Hancock on here I’m panthers fan but now I have to be a Rodgers fan for the rest of my life absolutely gold!!!
Zach Martinez
Zach Martinez 2 dagen geleden
Popped up after watching skip and shannon on A-Arons loss. Somehow brady still gets credit for tampas D
Juan Lizardo
Juan Lizardo 2 dagen geleden
AJ is shell of his former self since they switched to sirius
Chu Lo
Chu Lo 2 dagen geleden
Looks like someone was a bit full of himself on his bye week. Heaping pile of humble pie to Erin.
Joseph Barlow
Joseph Barlow 2 dagen geleden
Pat seams disappointed Aaron doesn’t hate Orlovskie 😂😂😂
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller 3 dagen geleden
Eat it! Suck it up baby!
Hartland Heffernan
Hartland Heffernan 3 dagen geleden
The Goat been eating some gummies! 😂👍 Rock on Aaron! You inspire us aged warriors. 🙏
I’m all out of bubble gum
The goat is throwing less than 50%, has 2 picks and is losing by 30
navynugget7 3 dagen geleden
I hope he talks about how great he is again, this week!
Ed Gar
Ed Gar 3 dagen geleden
Packers 4-1
Shaston McNaspy
Shaston McNaspy 3 dagen geleden
Does AJ smoke cigars constantly?
The Raging Majority
The Raging Majority 3 dagen geleden
Anyone else think Rodgers is dead stoned in this? LMAO
woofer13 3 dagen geleden
The part about Lamar starts around 13:50
michael dailey
michael dailey 3 dagen geleden
13 losses by one score , it's the Chargers baby !!! We'll turn it around !! ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
michael dailey
michael dailey 3 dagen geleden
One of the best interviews I've seen !!
Tanner 3 dagen geleden
Anyone that thinks Rodgers comes off as arrogant or cocky should watch this. Gotta have that chip on your shoulder to have success like him.
b Champ
b Champ 3 dagen geleden
The MUST catch sports segment. Great work Pat and team, and thanks to the GOAT for coming back every Tuesday.
Jobroni Monster
Jobroni Monster 4 dagen geleden
I just have to say: it’s so great having The one and only A-Aron to have a one sided conversation with every week :)
strahljd 4 dagen geleden
It makes me profoundly happy to know that Aaron Rodgers is a Wes Anderson fan, my liking of him just increased tenfold
Navid 4 dagen geleden
Pat trying not to laugh listening to Aaron being a GM is great at 12:54
ChrisMBrown Christopher
ChrisMBrown Christopher 4 dagen geleden
"she doesn't, that's why i married her" lmao
John Agozzino
John Agozzino 4 dagen geleden
Love Aaron's respect to Lamar.
Cody Carleton
Cody Carleton 4 dagen geleden
I’ve been a Cowboys fan my whole life and Aaron Rodgers has killed a lot of my hopes and dreams, but hearing him being a fan of Egypt and Graham Hancock I am now a super fan.
Jaime Garcia
Jaime Garcia 4 dagen geleden
Butte college god
TheBaseballboy555 4 dagen geleden
Aaron shouting out graham Hancock hell yeah!
hiphopesq 5 dagen geleden
I can't believe we get this content for free. This is an amazing time to be alive. A hall of fame QB, still playing, as a regular on the best dang sports show... Talking inside football like I have never heard.
Ryan Hallman
Ryan Hallman 5 dagen geleden
I'll say it again, absolutely love these!!!!
PAGE 37 CREATIONS 5 dagen geleden
Rodgers I still have that autographed photo of you and Zack as Harry and Loyd. I was the pad 🤣🤣🤣
DemonofLight80 3 dagen geleden
Picture needed
christianbarona 5 dagen geleden
Butte County!!!!!!
Zachary Zabala
Zachary Zabala 5 dagen geleden
As a packer fan I value these aaron Rodgers interviews. Seeing him and A.J Hawk mesh like they do. I also have signed AJ Hawk memorabilia. But i have to ask. Do his books behind him smell like cigar smoke? He smokes in that room by the books all the tile hahahahaha
JxrZ 5 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers looks and sounds like he’s enjoying life right now and is also playing like he’s gotta a lot left in the tank. Seeing Rodgers being his 2011 self gives me hope that Green Bay will make it to the playoffs. As a Green Bay fan, I’m waiting for them to play a legit team. The bucs are their first test. They have a long stretch of good teams, we’ll see how it goes.
Jimmie Herron
Jimmie Herron 5 dagen geleden
Pat please please please tell arod to be Negan from walking dead this year he definitely looks just like him an it would be huuuge
Ryan Sanders
Ryan Sanders 5 dagen geleden
Best Chanel for NFL content
Ryan Sanders
Ryan Sanders 5 dagen geleden
Aarons weekly visit
Think Think
Think Think 5 dagen geleden
12:59 Rodgers has a very good point
Phillip Kanealy
Phillip Kanealy 5 dagen geleden
Just received my Dropping Dimes and Suck It signs t-shirt!
Pavlock Productions
Pavlock Productions 5 dagen geleden
Noooo, my boy Aaron is a Graham Hitchcock fan :,(
Stephen Bradley
Stephen Bradley 5 dagen geleden
The wonders DO have great explanations! These explanations just aren't mainstream yet! Davidovits has shown the pyramids are made of concrete poured into rectangular molds, and Fomenko has shown that all this stuff was built in the last 1000 years, so no need to bring aliens in to invent the concrete and stuff!
BTD 5 dagen geleden
107 people are bear, lions, and Viking fans 💀
Logik 5 dagen geleden
Aaron: Mentions graham hancock and egypt Me: Aaron watches joe rogan confirmed
Pigeon Trails
Pigeon Trails 5 dagen geleden
Pat’s face when PAC12 is mentioned 😂
reymond lopez
reymond lopez 5 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers has to be the most chill dude ever
No Filter A Nintendo Podcast
This show is seriously the best. Aaron fits so naturally too
Brad Stonesifer
Brad Stonesifer 5 dagen geleden
Simply put, Tuesdays with Aaron is becoming a MUST-SEE event. This is better NFL content than anything else out there. Kudos to everyone involved for putting this together.
p4i2m0p God
p4i2m0p God 5 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers forever, don't ever leave us! Patrick and Lamar has nothing on you. Rodgers MVP!
2Rivers 5 dagen geleden
Lol MacAfee is like the Joe Rogan of football
Happier and with your mouth open
Aaron is the goat you can’t change my mind
Loon3y 2oons
Loon3y 2oons 5 dagen geleden
Damn arron is such a sweetheart. Such a well mannered well spoken person. Seems like a great guy 😁
Tommy Testosterone
Tommy Testosterone 5 dagen geleden
"Nob Slobbing Mr. 1 Ring Rodgers is a favorite hobby of mine" Pat McAfee..
Richmond Home Sales
Richmond Home Sales 5 dagen geleden
Aaron is the man!!! Pat and/or AJ are also the man for getting these awesome interviews.
Miguel Angel Ramirez
Miguel Angel Ramirez 5 dagen geleden
I feel like AJ is always high as a kite
jolbox 2
jolbox 2 5 dagen geleden
I love this special show with arod, go pack go but not only that he's a really nice guy and a lot of people don't see that they just assume from the stereotypes set by the Media
Brendon Buffaloe
Brendon Buffaloe 6 dagen geleden
“Our careers really mirrored each other early on” Had us in the first half ngl
Brendon Buffaloe
Brendon Buffaloe 6 dagen geleden
Aaron: uses onside kicks as a unit of measurement Pat: 🤯
Maximum Blaster
Maximum Blaster 6 dagen geleden
Brady can be the GOAT to some, but Aaron is no doubt the most talented QB to ever threw a football in the NFL
Daniel Deborin
Daniel Deborin 3 dagen geleden
Exactly. Brady is the greatest of all time but Rodgerd is the best of all time. Both can be true and I'm a bears fan
luke dough nelly 2
luke dough nelly 2 6 dagen geleden
Great nfl content!
Gene Karson
Gene Karson 6 dagen geleden
imagine going to the pyramids with Graham Hancock and Aaron Rodgers
terrazasd 6 dagen geleden
Hey Pat and Team- suggestion: can we get time stamp links in the description to jump to certain topics?
Tom Lavin
Tom Lavin 6 dagen geleden
Jay Cutler with Aaron would be hilarious.
Shiiiiiiiiiiizzzzz 6 dagen geleden
AR is a top bloke!! Love this segment 🤣🤣🤣
blyatt 6 dagen geleden
Having a conversation about history with Aaron Rodgers would be the pinnacle of my existence. Aaron, I have a history degree focused on the more ancient stuff and would love to go to Egypt with you. Just let me know when we're going.
Hank Hill
Hank Hill 6 dagen geleden
Aaron's hat looks like a poorly photoshopped afro.
anonymous4711 6 dagen geleden
23:30 has anyone else other than Aaron Rodgers ever called Bret Farve "Farvy"? lmao
Thomas Waite
Thomas Waite 6 dagen geleden
I hate aaron as a lions fan. But i kinda like him a little more after this
Sean Bunting
Sean Bunting 6 dagen geleden
AJ never got that cigar lit properly
Seth Benson
Seth Benson 6 dagen geleden
Alex Smith had the best Halloween costume last year. It was him on a beach and his kids were shark taking bites out of his leg ☠☠
A. Lamar Ziegler
A. Lamar Ziegler 6 dagen geleden
Certain lines move because of big fan bases be weary (Dallas, Raiders, Steelers and Notre Dame)
Arnold Torres11
Arnold Torres11 6 dagen geleden
I still have yet to know who the guy on the right is, clay Mathews?
b Champ
b Champ 3 dagen geleden
AJ Hawk
Johncas416 6 dagen geleden
It’s Tuh-rod not Ty-rod. His mom and came out with this years ago. I hope this spreads on, I’m surprised he hasn’t come out on espn or something and said the correct pronunciation
BIG Bodygaming
BIG Bodygaming 6 dagen geleden
love the fact that Aaron rodgers comes from my home town
Snazzy 6 dagen geleden
Love the Graham hancick reference
Mike Richardson
Mike Richardson 6 dagen geleden
Lets beat the Bills! GO CHIEFS
Sheraz Ahmed
Sheraz Ahmed 6 dagen geleden
As a Vikings fan I’ve been trained to hate Rodgers...but after watching this I can’t lie, he seems like a down to earth chill dude. Respect
Ben Greenwood
Ben Greenwood 6 dagen geleden
How many of us are secretly hoping he gets abducted by aliens sometime during the season so he can talk about it with AJ and Pat?
marvinbaby 6 dagen geleden
Yeah I love this.
DakAttack 4
DakAttack 4 6 dagen geleden
Could you time stamp this with topics covered during the interview next time?
Patrick Lee
Patrick Lee 6 dagen geleden
Pat please ask Aaron if the reporter who asked for the tv ever came to watch a movie? 😂
Terrence Brantley
Terrence Brantley 6 dagen geleden
Love how they go crazy in the intro 😂😂😂
Sean H
Sean H 6 dagen geleden
This show is growing on me. Pat's faces kill me.
TheJulez14 6 dagen geleden
As a Packers and Pat fan this is the greatest thing ever. Love seeing this every week.
Gabriel Lyles
Gabriel Lyles 6 dagen geleden
The aliens are really called ''nephilim'' as seen in you know the BIBLE. but I digress.
S Moore
S Moore 6 dagen geleden
The only time I watch Mcafee is Aaron Rogers Tuesday
Trey Lowry
Trey Lowry 6 dagen geleden
I love all three of y’all so I really hope ur voting the RIGHT way 😂
mxpxmtb 6 dagen geleden
Please get JK on here.
Rick S
Rick S 6 dagen geleden
Funny A Rod said Lamar Jackson has it but these critics and analysts keep hating on that young man.
Matt Ibarra
Matt Ibarra 6 dagen geleden
Great interview 🙌🏼
Abel Lopez
Abel Lopez 6 dagen geleden
Does he take Derek Carr for taking Jordy Nelson from him?
Matt 6 dagen geleden
Tony Romo is the best commentator since Gruden.
Pride Phiri
Pride Phiri 6 dagen geleden
I love me some 12!!
bmurph24 6 dagen geleden
Dropping Graham Hancock references mid podcast Aaron Rodgers is the goat for. a reason
Ryan Alexander Marvel
Ryan Alexander Marvel 6 dagen geleden
Aaron is the best
Antonio Carvajal
Antonio Carvajal 6 dagen geleden
Aaron I wish you could’ve gotten me one more points last week
Jose Salas
Jose Salas 6 dagen geleden
Way to shout out graham hancock!!
Never ending Nujabes
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