Pat McAfee Almost Built A Moat Around His House 

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I mean... It's not a TERRIBLE idea.
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17 okt. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Banned Socks
Banned Socks Dag geleden
Moat quote
LORD GCA 4 dagen geleden
Pat is a legend
willofdodge1 5 dagen geleden
How about the gas and water lines, will you have to reroute the lines? You need a sheet pile while building moat so house doesn't "Mud Slide" into the moat. Water cannot remained stagnant as mosquitos breed in stagnant water and carry diseases.
tspeth22 5 dagen geleden
Not sure a guy known for jumping in canals while drunk should be putting a moat with a great white shark around his house...
Ravex24 6 dagen geleden
Dude learns marine biology by being dumb af. Awesome!
Youric Hunt
Youric Hunt 6 dagen geleden
"I wanted a" *gestures hand in flowing motion* "I wanted a great white, the thought was a great white shark".
Leafy Radio
Leafy Radio 6 dagen geleden
Come to the feed mill in town ere, getcha a skid of 85 pounders of salt fer cheap were all big fans
Jonny Taboggin
Jonny Taboggin 7 dagen geleden
Wish someone would get on here and explain the goddamn truths about life for once and not talk about our 100 million dollar contracts. Someone should tell people how you get 50 out of the 100 but the government is smart enough to give u an option so that you pay taxes later and that's what you and all the players do and then talk about the 75% you have to pay when you lose everything gambling and knowing everything. Noone talks about that
dino59mob 7 dagen geleden
I love these guys. But, as soon as you get them talking about anything not sport related... just meatheads Hahahaha.
Daniel Selby
Daniel Selby 7 dagen geleden
If I were to set up a booby trap for intruders, it would be a flash setup to blind them and send them packing. Non-lethal and effective. I would think long and hard before doing so as the liabilities start to outweigh the benefits real quick.
Deputy Brennan
Deputy Brennan 7 dagen geleden
I miss humble Pat. Now he's just another douche bag surrounded by Yes Men. Later Pat
AttilatheThrilla 8 dagen geleden
A shark doesn’t mean a great white Diggs!
PMS Store
PMS Store 8 dagen geleden
Chaise Bryant
Chaise Bryant 8 dagen geleden
makes since to me
Brandee Foley
Brandee Foley 8 dagen geleden
Load up on the money line jets will win flat out and get there first win
Yunus Emre Uluocak
Yunus Emre Uluocak 8 dagen geleden
two quotes on a moat with a boat?
Nicholas Sharp
Nicholas Sharp 8 dagen geleden
A moat would be sick. (Cool)
Nico M
Nico M 8 dagen geleden
Thighs = Moat
Kevin Beard
Kevin Beard 8 dagen geleden
Need a lot of salt tho 😂😂😂😂
William Ruebsamen
William Ruebsamen 8 dagen geleden
He should have gone with bull sharks. They secrete their own salt so they can survive in fresh water much longer.
iGAL330 8 dagen geleden
A king needs his castle.
Nickolas McELroy
Nickolas McELroy 8 dagen geleden
Great white sharks can't live in captivity, it's why none are in zoo's, moats and hos ✌️
Daniel Hearne
Daniel Hearne 8 dagen geleden
I think the met life overhang would be the best booby trap
Ed Gar
Ed Gar 8 dagen geleden
Why did pat block aj’s picture with his framed jersey?
Alabama_Dawg 8 dagen geleden
ESPN game day appearance
Chad H
Chad H 8 dagen geleden
Why not build a indoor practice facility instead🤔🤔🤔
Jamie Craig
Jamie Craig 8 dagen geleden
The trap in Home Alone when Marv gets electrocuted. Classic!
Royal Lion
Royal Lion 8 dagen geleden
I mean Pat does have a flooding problem 😂😂
The Law_v1001
The Law_v1001 8 dagen geleden
Pat can't help with cost part but bull sharks are plentiful to catch brackish water so you'll be good or Iceland shark good no matter how cold. Might want to try digging it how you want and just have them concrete it. Lot cheaper
Papa Meags 69
Papa Meags 69 8 dagen geleden
Pat u need to react to the AFL grand final next week for ‘Aussie rules’
Chris Button
Chris Button 8 dagen geleden
He should
Ty ZoSo
Ty ZoSo 8 dagen geleden
the Pacific gets warm in the deep
XGU 8 dagen geleden
Punji Sticks simple yet affective
Phillip Green
Phillip Green 8 dagen geleden
I love this! I actually want to put a retractable door on my front door like at a castle, and also build a moat :-)
_kr¡mzen_ 8 dagen geleden
Great whites only survive about 3 days in captivity. Gators dude.
John Maguire
John Maguire 8 dagen geleden
I have a quote on a moat: "If you're the GOAT, build a moat." You can quote me on that.
Richard Hamler
Richard Hamler 8 dagen geleden
Pat, when you eventually get a moat dont put great white sharks in it. Put bull sharks, they can live in both fresh and salt water plus they are more dangerous than great whites too!
Charlie Loader
Charlie Loader 8 dagen geleden
0:26 😂
Ben Isaiah
Ben Isaiah 8 dagen geleden
Sean T
Sean T 8 dagen geleden
Lol....I actually have a moat. I knew like this guys for a reason
Christopher J. Murray Jr
Christopher J. Murray Jr 8 dagen geleden
A great white shark? I’m guessing drinking and/or vitamins were involved.
Michael Haburay
Michael Haburay 8 dagen geleden
"claymore's pretty effective"
ChrisMaiTheAsianGuy 9 dagen geleden
The Chicago 1’s😍❤️❤️❤️
aidan zeidman
aidan zeidman 9 dagen geleden
“That’s not bad, claymore also pretty effective” my favorite new Ty quote
That Boy
That Boy 9 dagen geleden
Who wouldn't want a mote? You could literally go fishing out your window!
Green Man
Green Man 6 dagen geleden
You would have to add the fish lol
Timothy Hodgson
Timothy Hodgson 9 dagen geleden
Bert Krisher wanted a moat then he got robbed
Nick Kirkpatrick
Nick Kirkpatrick 9 dagen geleden
Of all the things Pat didn’t pull the trigger on, a moat would’ve gotten him the 30 for 30. Just changin the sports show game.
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Pat should've called Greg Witstock the pond guy for an estimate and collab. he made Shaq a pond. a moat is just a giant circular pond surrounding your castle 😏
Jack Sheridan
Jack Sheridan 5 dagen geleden
There is a monetary difference between Shaq and Pat.
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith 9 dagen geleden
Great white Sharks don’t survive in small environments. There’s a reason you don’t see one at aquariums. They die after a few months
SKO Show
SKO Show 9 dagen geleden
Yea probably cause there’s not enough salt, ya know?
jacob lydamore
jacob lydamore 9 dagen geleden
Pat should have just gotten a bull shark because they can swim in fresh and salt water
Brodown64 9 dagen geleden
Moat with mini Troy Polamalu's with mini C gaps under them.
Scott O
Scott O 9 dagen geleden
Hey dick nothing about wvu game?
micheal davidson
micheal davidson 9 dagen geleden
If you get a moat, expect an insane amount of mosquitoes....
Perceptious37 4 dagen geleden
@Andrew Russo if it was a concrete basin, you could have fresh water and a filtration system with piranhas in it. If you spend the ~$1000 per square foot, you should be able to afford a filtration system to stop it from becoming stagnant and filled with mosquitoes. Also, since it is a concrete basin, you could put a liner on top of the concrete to almost completely nullify erosion. It literally would become a swimming pool or a giant fish tank surrounding your home.
Colby Austin
Colby Austin 5 dagen geleden
@Andrew Russo especially if it’s deep enough for a fuckin shark to live in 😂😂
1000 FC
1000 FC 6 dagen geleden
@Andrew Russo not really. A moat would be a thin pool around the house in a square or rectangle, in Pat's case it would probably be more water then an olympic swimming pool. Saltwater pools are not filled with seawater..... they have less than 10% of the salt levels of the oceans.
Andrew Russo
Andrew Russo 8 dagen geleden
@Dark_Winter .... really dude there’s a pretty big difference between a mote and a pool and most of the people I know that have saltwater pools live on the salt water.
Dark_Winter 8 dagen geleden
@Andrew Russo he has plenty of money for that. People have salt water pools.
Carson Snaychuk
Carson Snaychuk 9 dagen geleden
Use the water from your flood plain out back and do it.
Josh Shefter
Josh Shefter 9 dagen geleden
I fee like he got this idea from very jreischer
Wyatt Packer
Wyatt Packer 9 dagen geleden
What is this podcast called?
Assault 9 dagen geleden
The Pat McAfee
Alex Melo
Alex Melo 9 dagen geleden
25791 SW 167th Ave, Homestead, FL 33031 If anyone wants to see what the house in the thumbnail looks like.
Andrew Wright
Andrew Wright 9 dagen geleden
Been awhile since we’ve seen Connor’s eyes
Julian White
Julian White 9 dagen geleden
I’m sayin it made me uncomfortable 🤣🤣
Michael Greenway
Michael Greenway 9 dagen geleden
Early gang what’s up
KiNG DiNGALiNG 9 dagen geleden
ThAt would be so dope.
Daniel Forrest
Daniel Forrest 9 dagen geleden
This does not surprise me
Jungerknaut 9 dagen geleden
Moats are definitely a booby trap. I want to say the main purpose of moats were to prevent people from tunneling into the castle during a siege. So when they got under the moat, the tunnel would collapse and flood.
Blah Blah
Blah Blah 4 dagen geleden
Jungerknaut well. Rip
Jungerknaut 4 dagen geleden
@Blah Blah I'm in agreeance. But what if they were sharks with frickin laser beams attached to their heads?
Blah Blah
Blah Blah 4 dagen geleden
as hole can America call the Atlantic and pacific booby traps? They have sharks 😂 No. It’s still not a trap. Just a defense. That i personally think is better filled with crocs. They’d be way better at attacking than sharks.
as hole
as hole 5 dagen geleden
@Blah Blah now if you add sharks that’s another story.
Blah Blah
Blah Blah 7 dagen geleden
Definitely not a booby trap. A defense yes but not a trap
Lance Harper
Lance Harper 9 dagen geleden
Lol great whites don't survive captivity
ShockzTP 9 dagen geleden
McCafee visit the Burghhhh
Rome Herrera
Rome Herrera 9 dagen geleden
Motion sensors and multiple hidden cameras around my yard and home is the best home defense I've ever invested in. I get to see all kinds of shinnanigans sent to my mobile app 😆
riley garcia
riley garcia 9 dagen geleden
Can someone explain to me where these clips come from? They don't seem like they are part of the normal weekly podcast
Alex James
Alex James 9 dagen geleden
@riley garcia I think if you become a member you get the entire pod in video format. Dont quote me on that though
riley garcia
riley garcia 9 dagen geleden
@Stealthee 3k Okay that makes sense, thank you for responding. Idk why they wouldn't put them on youtube
Stealthee 3k
Stealthee 3k 9 dagen geleden
They're not. The boys have their own podcast and Pat will join in. People have requested them be uploaded to NLblock in their entirety but for now we just get snippets. If you look in the extended description there are links to how you can listen on Spotify or ITunes.
TDMK Hippo
TDMK Hippo 9 dagen geleden
Moat Dahn
Sixsoul 8 dagen geleden
TDMK Hippo
TDMK Hippo 8 dagen geleden
@ShockzTP 😂
ShockzTP 9 dagen geleden
I’m dying I love this comment “Moat Dahn”😭
Nathan Macaluso
Nathan Macaluso 9 dagen geleden
Pleas like my comment your my favorite youtuber and your super funny keep it up BTW first
Jeron Williams
Jeron Williams 9 dagen geleden
Nice 1s Nick
Justin Paul
Justin Paul 9 dagen geleden
" They never called me back "
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 9 dagen geleden
Hola 👋
DasNuk 9 dagen geleden
Moat with electric eels
Nathaniel Baxter
Nathaniel Baxter 9 dagen geleden
@MLG BEASTLY dogs with bees in their mouths.
MLG BEASTLY 9 dagen geleden
Sharks with lasers on thier heads*
Bobthefrog07 9 dagen geleden
Im number 1
xXTaGGaXx 9 dagen geleden
A moat would be sick