Pat McAfee Almost Killed A Guy With A Kick During An NFL Game 

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Pat Did WHAT!
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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28 sep. 2020




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G3rvin Dag geleden
Plot twist: That doctor thought it was Tyrod Taylor who then sought out revenge and punctured his lung
Jordan Johnson
Jordan Johnson 2 dagen geleden
How about a small batting cage style net... like a 5 ft long "cage" for punters
Gabriel Rodríguez
Gabriel Rodríguez 3 dagen geleden
VAE Dubs
VAE Dubs 3 dagen geleden
You should unretire
The Joose
The Joose 4 dagen geleden
“He turned the net around” mind blown. God Pats the best 😂
Clay McIsaac
Clay McIsaac 9 dagen geleden
They don't care enough about the kickers to give em that stuff. It sounds like a no brainier, give the kickers a tent to kick into and simulate the wind and trajectory and hang time and etc
JSansi 19 dagen geleden
lmao the casual fan has no clue how difficult kicking is
Grayson Howard
Grayson Howard 19 dagen geleden
Does that guy with the ski shades ever stop talking?
Colby McClelland
Colby McClelland 20 dagen geleden
Almost kills a guy and just admits that he had to act like it didnt happen😂
tom d
tom d 21 dag geleden
I missed the net over the top in high school, wouldn’t say it was my best lol
Vivian Ferchaw
Vivian Ferchaw 22 dagen geleden
You were a hard core player now your a better man.Still hard core!
Another Person
Another Person 22 dagen geleden
dudes jumping down 20 stairs on skateboards.... aww his knees thats so cuteee poor guy.
Big Kicks
Big Kicks 22 dagen geleden
There was a time or 2 in HS I hit the top bar and it bounced around and hit someone. Also got cleets stuck in the net, not a fun time lol. But kicking into a net is more to stay warm and keep a rhythm there is no way to see direction in one of those things
Jon Knisley
Jon Knisley 22 dagen geleden
Payton manning and ellen go to the same leadership conventions lol
sugar tits
sugar tits 22 dagen geleden
Not going to kill him 😆
G.E. 22 dagen geleden
where is the video pat?
Santa Clause
Santa Clause 23 dagen geleden
I played football in 5th grade and I was a DT and our starting punter got injured so they pulled our punt/pass and kick and I had the farthest punt. We haven’t punted all season we always went for it until our first game with me at punter my first punt was a 50 yarder but got called back for a false start. Then my next punt was for 30 yards. I had averaged 30 yards a punt the whole season and our starting punter came back and his first punt back was for negative 2 yards and I never punted again.
Sam G
Sam G 23 dagen geleden
Okay kicker
N400 Aviation
N400 Aviation 24 dagen geleden
I missed the net once and hit my friend who was on this sketchy metal tower filming the game. So I can say I also almost killed a guy with a kick during a game!
PSC 24 dagen geleden
Brett Wilson
Brett Wilson 24 dagen geleden
All the consequences would have been worth it if it would have been hochuli
Mac Smitty
Mac Smitty 24 dagen geleden
Need to put pat in a batting cage lol
R K 24 dagen geleden
I took some vitamins for the first time in a about a month and I am laughing manically like Joker right now.
DocDoge 25 dagen geleden
“Doctors down do we have a doctor?!” Killed me
blackcrowe318 25 dagen geleden
Someone missed the net this season
blackcrowe318 25 dagen geleden
oops 2017
KLEINBURGER13 25 dagen geleden
I know you want a SB ring
KLEINBURGER13 25 dagen geleden
Why dont you just try out for the pats because folk sucks ass
MahoneyP573 25 dagen geleden
Can’t wait to wow people with my net knowledge
Doin Sports DAHT CAHM
Doin Sports DAHT CAHM 25 dagen geleden
In Pat's defense, that guy shouldn't have been standing there
PMS Store
PMS Store 25 dagen geleden
Brian O
Brian O 26 dagen geleden
I just thought of this. FanDuel makes money when we lose right ... Doesn't that mean... being sponsored by fanduel is in one shape or another hoping your listeners lose?
Brian O
Brian O 25 dagen geleden
@Not Mick Blotters FanDuel takes a portion of winnings ?! That's legal?
Not Mick Blotters
Not Mick Blotters 25 dagen geleden
But also fanduel takes a portion of your winnings so... they win either way.
Not Mick Blotters
Not Mick Blotters 25 dagen geleden
But if all listeners lost, there would be no fanduel. No one would want to participate. So putting their name on this show is in hopes of attracting more winners but as a result, more losers. Pat has his money whether listeners win or lose. You’ll always have more losers than winners obviously. Fanduel would probably prefer you lose but do you really think Pat is steering you towards losing money?
NoName 1234
NoName 1234 26 dagen geleden
Kickin' balls and taking names
xygonz 26 dagen geleden
ive seen one person miss the kicking net not named pat, forgot his name but he was kicking for the chargers
Geckaway 24 dagen geleden
Drew Kaser
Joe Black
Joe Black 26 dagen geleden
I got to say Pat's stories are so funny. He can tell a good laugh of a story.
Ocelittle 26 dagen geleden
I think Pat is such an underrated speaker. He doesn’t use any crutch words AT ALL. If this were me, there would be too many “uhms” to count. Gosh that’s impressive
Rafa Moss
Rafa Moss 4 dagen geleden
@MediumSizedZach 😬
MediumSizedZach 4 dagen geleden
@Rafa Moss man i really dislike you i cant even watch the video anymore my ears “like” ring every time they here him say “like” now
ted trench
ted trench 20 dagen geleden
Also the sheer volume of good stories he has. I’ve been a fan Since the draft show and the only story I’ve heard twice is troy in the c gap.
Rory Schmidt
Rory Schmidt 23 dagen geleden
@Rafa Moss still very impressive, now that it's been mentioned it's really unnerving
Rafa Moss
Rafa Moss 23 dagen geleden
He says "like" a lot.
Eli Waxman
Eli Waxman 26 dagen geleden
Pat, I love you, dude, but the desk is getting cluttered. Please please please organize it in a Most Dope™ fashion. Best, your pal.
Tony Ly
Tony Ly 26 dagen geleden
build a Sim for kicking just like how they do for golf
Ben Dillon
Ben Dillon 26 dagen geleden
Ur career may have been different if the ball went on the field😂😂 That’s an awesome story!! haha
I AM THE HIGHWAY 26 dagen geleden
Boys Boys Boys... DON'T DO CLICK BAIT! OK? Enough with the sht.
Ethan Witt
Ethan Witt 26 dagen geleden
Herodotus 26 dagen geleden
There was blood!!!
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant 26 dagen geleden
Almost killed Adam Cole too
Shawn Wright
Shawn Wright 26 dagen geleden
Do a segment on the best punter in the league Fox from Detroit. Dude is booming kicks.
Not Mick Blotters
Not Mick Blotters 25 dagen geleden
Vincent Frank I love that lil guy
Vincent Frank
Vincent Frank 25 dagen geleden
Not Mick Blotters Respect for recognizing Scott. Aside from a couple rough punts last year he’s been killing it
Not Mick Blotters
Not Mick Blotters 25 dagen geleden
Net gain is nice but punts inside the 20 and 10 are the real goal. Packers punter JK Scott is 4 for 5 with two of those inside the 10 and a long of 54 that also went out inside the 20. You can only boom punts if the offense doesn’t move.
jlk 26 dagen geleden
Pat. Legend.
Quest4Adventure 26 dagen geleden
I kick moderately well. For a fat 30 something anyway. So anyway I still have some college eligibility left so I was thinking maybe I walk on to the local community college football team. (Just for fun) Spent a week kicking 40-50 a day. By day 5 I could barely walk. So scratch that idea
Gibson Mumford
Gibson Mumford 26 dagen geleden
They should use turtles to kick into. The thing they use behind home plate during batting practice
josh wagner
josh wagner 26 dagen geleden
Thanks for the code for manscaped
Zachary allanStark
Zachary allanStark 26 dagen geleden
Net 4.0
CFC Gabe
CFC Gabe 26 dagen geleden
I still remember when Chargers punter Drew Kaser missed the net when he was warming up lol
Dab 6 HC
Dab 6 HC 26 dagen geleden
Same day this comes out my punter nailed the LS in the dome knocking him tf out
Pizza_ delivery
Pizza_ delivery 26 dagen geleden
Has anyone ever seen that clip where the dolphins kicker a few years back is practicing and shanks it's Into the stands? It was hilarious
Stealthee 3k
Stealthee 3k 23 dagen geleden
Don't think I seen that one, but I went to a WVU game years back (it may have even been before Pat's time there). It was a Saturday afternoon game and my brother and I got there real early so we just took our seats and hung out watching warm ups. Syracuse's punter is out on the field warming up bombing punts when somehow on a punt his foot came out from under him and he was literally parallel to the ground and landed flat on his back and ass. He sits up and starts looking around as if "I wonder if anyone saw that?" I don't know how many of the other 20k or so people hanging early on out saw it, but I know my brother and I did and we were laughing hysterically.
Ryan Davadi
Ryan Davadi 25 dagen geleden
someone post a video of it lmfao
Chris Hare
Chris Hare 26 dagen geleden
Pats the 🐐
Keegan Hill
Keegan Hill 26 dagen geleden
What phase of net did OBJ hit himself with when he swung his helmet a few years back?
My Teams Suck
My Teams Suck 26 dagen geleden
Pat and crew are the goats
J Reese
J Reese 26 dagen geleden
At my high school we don’t even have kicking nets so I use the lacrosse goals on the sidelines 😂
Markel Scott
Markel Scott 8 uur geleden
@Not Mick Blotters haha
Not Mick Blotters
Not Mick Blotters 25 dagen geleden
Y’all got la crosse but no practice net?? That schools priorities are fucked lol
stew yoder
stew yoder 26 dagen geleden
Pats NFL stories never get old.
Raul Alonso
Raul Alonso 26 dagen geleden
I used to kick never EVER thought of moving the net the direction we going 💀
Tammie A
Tammie A 26 dagen geleden
I think you need more stuff on your desk. Too much!
Gavin Doucet
Gavin Doucet 26 dagen geleden
Why don’t they get them to punt into like a canopy?
CodingCrusader1095 21 dag geleden
Brian P kickers can use it while offense are on field. Offense can use it to catch a ball while defense are on field
Brian P
Brian P 22 dagen geleden
Batting cage on the sideline, plenty of room
Mac Smitty
Mac Smitty 24 dagen geleden
Batting cage lmao
X7Maverick 26 dagen geleden
"I missed the net one time, almost killed a guy... GOOD BALL!"
ToiletPaperRoll 21 dag geleden
I love how pat conjures up these sentences😂😂😂
Sean Bunting
Sean Bunting 26 dagen geleden
Francisco Gonzales
Francisco Gonzales 26 dagen geleden
Vinny is basically a wizard in every story Pat tells.
howardtutorials 6 dagen geleden
Hes one of the only kickers jerseys you can buy outside of the team store, and probably the only kicker jersey youll actually see people rock very regularly same as a running back or wide reciever
Marcus Cook
Marcus Cook 11 dagen geleden
He's the single best special teams player of all time, so it's warranted lol.
Nunya Bizness
Nunya Bizness 23 dagen geleden
Well yeah...he held his balls for years.
JamesJamersonIsAGod 23 dagen geleden
I mean in Pat’s defense, when he joined the league in 2009, Vinny had amassed an ungodly number of points, had played in 5 Super Bowls, won 4, had too many clutch kicks to count AND could regale players with stories of “oh yeah one time I chased down Herschel Walker from behind and waist tackled him.” Dude was definitely a Wizard already by then.
BIG DC 26 dagen geleden
I'll fix your sentence. "Vinny is a wizard" And pat says stuff about it.
Zachary Wiebe
Zachary Wiebe 26 dagen geleden
How does Pat have such a big leg
iLLa SkriLLa
iLLa SkriLLa 26 dagen geleden
Bc he kicked a soccer ball at the side of a barn thousands of times a day, over and over while growing up
Lance 26 dagen geleden
messy ass desk
Cowboys Franchise
Cowboys Franchise 26 dagen geleden
Seems messy, but is organized. Mostly trophies
Zach Ginkel
Zach Ginkel 26 dagen geleden
What time is Rodgers on Tuesdays?
My Teams Suck
My Teams Suck 26 dagen geleden
1:00 ct
Bobafatty 111
Bobafatty 111 26 dagen geleden
Probably sometime on Tuesday
Master Anay
Master Anay 26 dagen geleden
Pats a legend
Jason McGrath
Jason McGrath 26 dagen geleden
Of his own mind
Geoff McBride
Geoff McBride 26 dagen geleden
Right? A good story teller I wish more NFL guys would tell the good,bad and embarrassing moments of their careers
xSteveOx 26 dagen geleden
Hey Pat i think you need a bigger desk now
Axl Krow
Axl Krow 3 dagen geleden
Nah, it's perfect.
Tombstone Jones
Tombstone Jones 25 dagen geleden
Colin Cowherd desk?
Michael Coose
Michael Coose 25 dagen geleden
@Scott No More mega desk like in the office
Scott No More
Scott No More 25 dagen geleden
Just add a second desk.
Upon Wrath
Upon Wrath 25 dagen geleden
cm Caution lol right
Owin Killer Memestar
Owin Killer Memestar 26 dagen geleden
I didn’t kick it hard enough to hurt him that bad, but when I was on my 7th grade team we lost our kicker because of grades, and they were letting other people try out for kicker. My first try, the ball hit a dude in the face and they never let me try it again.
Mariol225 6 dagen geleden
@RyTrapp0 Oh, you would be surprised how many women´s teams you have in US. 😉 Five years ago I played in Chicago, 1st league and by the time there was I believe 52 teams in 1st league and even more in the second (around 60?🤔) . I´m from Czech Republic and we have here 2 women´s leagues (9 teams together),so very small...but we do! 😊
RyTrapp0 6 dagen geleden
@Mariol225 A European women's American football league - pro or not, that's incredible! I'm shocked there was enough players to have a league, like that seems like it would be hard to pull off even here in the states.
psycho42069 25 dagen geleden
@Johnny Topside 😂
Johnny Topside
Johnny Topside 25 dagen geleden
My brother was a punter on his hs team and he shanked one punt so bad that it hit some elderly fan in the stands. The team did not punt for the rest of the season and moved my brother to nose tackle lol
Mariol225 25 dagen geleden
​@psycho42069 LOL, I think this is quite usual... :D In our team (Europe, women, local league - so nothing professional), we had 2nd kicker and whenever we were practising, she would end up kicking snappers ass. As I was longsnapper time to time too, I was always praying we will not end up needing that 2nd kicker for a game. :D
VottiTheDon 26 dagen geleden
jason mcafees an alcoholic
Sam W.
Sam W. 26 dagen geleden
Why am I giggling like a school girl
Ethan b
Ethan b 26 dagen geleden
The dislikes are from the doctor and his family
cody humble
cody humble 21 dag geleden
or black, and they're cousins
cody humble
cody humble 21 dag geleden
@TheQuadLaunchers or mormon, or mexican
TheQuadLaunchers 26 dagen geleden
Must be Catholic to have that many kids.
FISHMAN YT 26 dagen geleden
Pats leg is the stuff of legends
zefyelol 26 dagen geleden
Who’s winning Baltimore or Kansas City
James Costanzo
James Costanzo 23 dagen geleden
@FittyWrap! this didnt age well
GrumpyGaming 25 dagen geleden
765Dmar Johnson yeah, yikes
765Dmar Johnson
765Dmar Johnson 25 dagen geleden
@Techwood16 facts brother hope ya bounce back soon
Techwood16 25 dagen geleden
@765Dmar Johnson lol u win some u lose some
765Dmar Johnson
765Dmar Johnson 25 dagen geleden
@Techwood16 did u really put 500 up on a week 3 game? lol that's playoff skrilla lol
Lucas Woodcock
Lucas Woodcock 26 dagen geleden
William McIver
William McIver 26 dagen geleden
Repent and put your trust and faith in Christ
William McIver
William McIver 25 dagen geleden
Not Mick Blotters God Bless
William McIver
William McIver 25 dagen geleden
hazeofthegreensmoke God bless you
Not Mick Blotters
Not Mick Blotters 25 dagen geleden
Or you’ll be turned to a pillar of salt. Ok bud
hazeofthegreensmoke 26 dagen geleden
Hail Satan
Nefarias Bredd
Nefarias Bredd 26 dagen geleden
The guy that sacrificed himself on a cross for my sins? I'll settle for a dude that stubs his toe for my mortgage.
Cian Conklin
Cian Conklin 26 dagen geleden
Calvin Green
Calvin Green 26 dagen geleden
I am First
Not Mick Blotters
Not Mick Blotters 25 dagen geleden
My Teams Suck your teams don’t suck then lol but I won’t call us first in the north until we beat nick Foles.
My Teams Suck
My Teams Suck 26 dagen geleden
Like our packers
Ben Walters
Ben Walters 26 dagen geleden
3 min late
1 Take Jake
1 Take Jake 26 dagen geleden
Zach Adkisson
Zach Adkisson 26 dagen geleden
STRXTED 26 dagen geleden
Cowboys Franchise it probably does you never know if someone’s going thru it man 😐
Cowboys Franchise
Cowboys Franchise 26 dagen geleden
Congratulations does this maje your life better?
Ben Walters
Ben Walters 26 dagen geleden
STRXTED 26 dagen geleden
You are
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