Pat McAfee Bought A Bentley Just To Prove A Point 

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Just adding to the barn of bad decisions...
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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30 sep. 2020




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peanutbutter mike
peanutbutter mike 10 uur geleden
Jackson Wells
Jackson Wells Dag geleden
AJ hawk is the most throwback football name ever. I remember playing with him in madden 12 on 5v5 playing with the packers😂
Rodrigo Salazar
Rodrigo Salazar 2 dagen geleden
I feel that this dude is that insecure guy that has to keep boosting himself and also needs others to boost him for him to feel valuable. Cool dude I guess but the more I watch his videos the more I hear “oh bought a Bentley to prove a point”, “oh yeah I mean, not to sound cocky but when I was a punter the head coach said I was the most valuable asset on the team”, or “yeah guys I mean back when I was a punter I had like the most punt yards and being a punter is more difficult than being a runningback... punters are super athletes” like okay dude... okay hahaha
D C 6 dagen geleden
Dave Ramsey’s heart just skipped a beat
Little _CrazyChild
Little _CrazyChild 7 dagen geleden
I love this show. Aj and pat are great . love when Rodgers is on 2. And I'm not a Rodgers fan
Joey Hudson
Joey Hudson 11 dagen geleden
When is this coming out?
Kid Carnage
Kid Carnage 13 dagen geleden
Kid carnage 609 on all platforms + Instagram. Check me out 🤙🏼
Lance 15 dagen geleden
I'm starting to not like Pat..
amit sharma
amit sharma 16 dagen geleden
Robert Mathis a Savage for that
Austin Geno
Austin Geno 17 dagen geleden
2 million Sub giveaway the Bentley
John Pace
John Pace 17 dagen geleden
I cant relate to a bently maybe i could afford go cart to blow up and have for a waste
Miguel Angel Ramirez
Miguel Angel Ramirez 17 dagen geleden
Is hawk smoking weed?
Drexl 18 dagen geleden
Ain’t nothing wrong with that!? He who dies with the most toys wins, Bub....
Harjot Singh
Harjot Singh 18 dagen geleden
Whack. I wonder if he knows that a new Bentley Continental comes with over 600 HP from the factory... also, Bentley driving experience is fire af, unless you compare it to a Porsche 911, or Ferrari 488,
Tyson McFarland
Tyson McFarland 18 dagen geleden
You seem a lil insecure Pat
Ferdinand Carson
Ferdinand Carson 18 dagen geleden
Good way to plug 🔌 your new buddy and brag simultaneously but checkout the Hennessy Cherokee WOW 1,000 HP.
John Cena
John Cena 18 dagen geleden
I think aj is so dope always saying the truth
R M 19 dagen geleden
A stock Hellcat has more than 70 horsepower more than your Shelby, Pat.
maxpowr90 19 dagen geleden
I saw a Bentley convertible at the liquor store on Monday and it was an automatic.I died a little inside.
yeshua saves
yeshua saves 19 dagen geleden
Why does youtube send me this guys videos I delete them so many times. I'm not interested in anything he has to say.
iceman bigman
iceman bigman 19 dagen geleden
Army vet here in Illinois ill buy tht dirt bike
Will Gazlay
Will Gazlay 19 dagen geleden
Get this channel to 1 million subs!!
Brett Wilson
Brett Wilson 19 dagen geleden
Amy Goff
Amy Goff 19 dagen geleden
you should give to your fan which is me😊😊😊
Vegan Penguin
Vegan Penguin 19 dagen geleden
Can you give away your dirt bike when you hit 1 million subscribers,
James Clarke
James Clarke 19 dagen geleden
How many times has this story been told about 1 Bentley. We get it pat
Lg Bradley
Lg Bradley 19 dagen geleden
Take the quads and dirt bike to the badlands no too far from Indy
Mike B
Mike B 20 dagen geleden
The 13-14 gt500s are 662hp. The closest to that is 550. This guy has no idea what he is talking about.
Mike B
Mike B 20 dagen geleden
They come stock with 600hp
Josue Martinez
Josue Martinez 20 dagen geleden
Aaron Donald drives a Bentley. You’re good!
Tim Porter
Tim Porter 20 dagen geleden
He bought that instead of buying the Bengals an indoor practice facility smh
John M
John M 20 dagen geleden
I wouldn’t care if my car had a bit of lag if that car was a BENTLEY
Aiden Puig
Aiden Puig 20 dagen geleden
when i was 20 i bought a truck my brother drove off in it and brought it back with the whole bumper missing
Android Shortclips
Android Shortclips 20 dagen geleden
So you bought a Bentley to prove a point??? 😡😡😡 Shame on you....your supposed to buy a Ferrari don't be a jerk lol.😅
Jamie Craig
Jamie Craig 20 dagen geleden
Pat McAfee seems like the type of guy to drive a hot pink Smart Car
Joshua Comfort
Joshua Comfort 20 dagen geleden
Join me in the big boost club pat. Single turbo N54 here
C. M.
C. M. 20 dagen geleden
LOL cmon man, you didnt want to sell it because you lost to much money on it.
Phoenix Wright
Phoenix Wright 20 dagen geleden
Pat's going to trick out the Bentley, then drive it to a parking lot where he'll donuts before blowing it up and watching it burn like Walter White did with the Dodge.
steven Hickman
steven Hickman 20 dagen geleden
McAfee is probably going to buy a tank at some point
Gregory Skinner
Gregory Skinner 20 dagen geleden
‘or u coulda opened up the app and said “oopp theres that money” 😂’
JamesJamersonIsAGod 20 dagen geleden
Such a good comeback, Bwhahaha.
Clarino I
Clarino I 20 dagen geleden
If someone had bought a car with 10 more BHP than mine just to have the most powerful car in the lot, I'd be back the next day with a Veyron.
Dan Smulders
Dan Smulders 20 dagen geleden
The biggest problem with that Bentley’s performance is its way to damn heavy, it nearly weighs as much as an F-150, and it’s a turbocharged car, so it takes a second for the boost to build and the car to accelerate once you step on the pedal, the “Turbo lag” will always be there, no matter how much power it makes. It’s just the mechanics of it. To get the most of a turbo car, the engine has to be in a higher RPM range, standing still launches and digs from a stop light, are not the car’s strong points.
Dan Smulders
Dan Smulders 20 dagen geleden
Also, pretty sure that those Bentley’s have a Volkswagen “W8” motor in them, basically a synonym for unreliability, have fun taking it to a dealer, or Rahal Performance, once a week to clear check engine lights, once the performance mods are done. VW electronics more or less self destruct once you start playing with them.
Tappy OG
Tappy OG 20 dagen geleden
I got a story for you pat, why dont you talk about the 2012 draft class for Middle Line Backers in the nfl and compare their stats, bobby wagner, levonta david, kuechly (retired, whitney marcellus, vontaze burcifet, donta hightower, demario davis, a historic draft class for inside LBs. And just to put my input out there levonta david has better stats than all of them through 9 years and isnt considered an elite def player like kuechly was or how wagner is. I think itd be a good topic.
BrokenBraille 20 dagen geleden
Can I borrow that Mustang for the weekend Pat?
PMS Store
PMS Store 20 dagen geleden
Geo 34
Geo 34 20 dagen geleden
I bought a $60 chain off Amazon for my big spend 🤕
Chilly Dawgg
Chilly Dawgg 20 dagen geleden
Just lease
Anthony Ochoa
Anthony Ochoa 20 dagen geleden
If Pat doesn't buy a semi now I'm just gonna believe he doesn't have the funds to do so. He talks the trucker now lets see it in action. 😂
Sam Holder
Sam Holder 20 dagen geleden
show the shelby
mason portner
mason portner 20 dagen geleden
Need more jdm fan football players 🥺
JamesJamersonIsAGod 20 dagen geleden
Alfred Morris drives a Mazda 626 like a frigging boss. Makes millions, drives 30 year old commuter car.
JT B 20 dagen geleden
sounds like some NFL players are immensely insecure, and live gluttonous lives.
jay bee
jay bee 12 dagen geleden
yeah both these guys sound ridiculously insecure, mhmm
Mac Damon
Mac Damon 20 dagen geleden
He should get a street legal Aston Vulcan
Funny Stuff
Funny Stuff 20 dagen geleden
He has said this so many times before
ballislife TWolvesNation
ballislife TWolvesNation 20 dagen geleden
It's awesome that Pat and Robert Fuckin Mathis are boys.
vvs gram
vvs gram 20 dagen geleden
Think The ford you mention that looks like a semi is a f-650
sean grand
sean grand 20 dagen geleden
If u have F U money and u don’t say F U with it, then wats the point of having F U money?
Thomas Fuller
Thomas Fuller 20 dagen geleden
The Bentley lags because it's a heavy ass car.
Relayer6a 20 dagen geleden
Parks a Bentley in his driveway to show he's rich. Look up S-H-A-L-L-O-W in the dictionary. LOL
Teddy Brosevelt
Teddy Brosevelt 19 dagen geleden
He's had it for three years so I'm sure it's view has been blocked by his other vehicles but I get what you mean like the whole thought process and stuff
Price Gentle
Price Gentle 20 dagen geleden
Love the format of this channel great work
Morgan Cohen
Morgan Cohen 20 dagen geleden
Can we get a video of the Shelby gt500?!?
Josh Madrid
Josh Madrid 20 dagen geleden
Is the big give away at 1 mill pat just giving some cars that he never started away...wouldnt hate that
Ryan Spencer Lauderdale
Ryan Spencer Lauderdale 20 dagen geleden
Seriously. It’s better to buy a 65 Mustang than it is to buy these luxury cars. At least the Mustang is not going to be a money pit when you need to fix it.
T Hunter
T Hunter 20 dagen geleden
😂 😂. 25 acres
Ymstae Ssa
Ymstae Ssa 20 dagen geleden
This is like dudes arguing about who’s junk is bigger. Buying a car with a lot of horses and then your teammate trying to say they have more a day later.
Max Terry
Max Terry 20 dagen geleden
All I hear is Pat worrying about what other people think
Ali Imtiaz
Ali Imtiaz 20 dagen geleden
Imagine being rich enough to get a bentley.
Nova Caine
Nova Caine 20 dagen geleden
Rich enough to get a Bentley just to park it in your driveway and never drive it lmao.
Tank Reacts
Tank Reacts 20 dagen geleden
Show your car collection!!!
Dec O
Dec O 20 dagen geleden
Bentleys and sleeveless hoodies Pat McAfee everybody
Jay Dom
Jay Dom 21 dag geleden
AJ spoke only facts
Cooper Copper
Cooper Copper 21 dag geleden
No names on the spine AJ has fake books
Joel Tait
Joel Tait 20 dagen geleden
I think it's one of the stock backgrounds that you can use (in applications like Teams).
Mortalis Ares
Mortalis Ares 21 dag geleden
The semi was an f-650 most likely!
Christopher Stewart
Christopher Stewart 21 dag geleden
Should have got a Rolls Royce Ghost black badge imo.
Snowboard Dan
Snowboard Dan 21 dag geleden
These stories is what make the show the best
XlG3n3ralXl 21 dag geleden
ill take the dirtbike off of your hands XD
1sAm 1
1sAm 1 21 dag geleden
Pat spend it to late model race craft (LMR) In Texas.
jlk 21 dag geleden
Sell it to AB.
Kalan Hitchens87
Kalan Hitchens87 21 dag geleden
Woody harrelson got beefy
Sean Cordy
Sean Cordy 21 dag geleden
Cowboys lineman with the semi was Marc Columbo
00 FSHH8ME 21 dag geleden
Gonna look gooooood in the SANDBOX🏜
Vincent P.
Vincent P. 21 dag geleden
My eyes popped when he said he owned a shelby😍
Explosev 21 dag geleden
low key wished pat had a personal channel with like vlogs haha
Charlie Sinnott
Charlie Sinnott 21 dag geleden
Film his first ride and post it paaaaleeeease!
Bren Smith
Bren Smith 21 dag geleden
Ok, a gt500 has 662 hp and a hellcat has 707. Just had to clear that up as a car guy I just couldn’t let it go
Bierstadt54 21 dag geleden
Stupid decisions, at least they can afford them. I bought a kite that I don't use...
Euro Guy 85
Euro Guy 85 21 dag geleden
Who remembers Ochocinco driving his semi to the stadium
Troy Grace
Troy Grace 20 dagen geleden
Was waiting on hawk to mention that
Carter Garnon
Carter Garnon 20 dagen geleden
Aiden Holmes these were Freightliner Sportchassis
Aiden Holmes
Aiden Holmes 20 dagen geleden
What are the semis called
Mr GO MODE 21 dag geleden
I would never buy a slow Bentley 😂😂😂
Gabriel Muniz
Gabriel Muniz 21 dag geleden
Hey pat you wanna give me your Shelby
Joe Frisco
Joe Frisco 21 dag geleden
If you live in eastern pa plenty of atv dirt bike riding 🤙🤙
Adam Barnhart
Adam Barnhart 21 dag geleden
X Wu
X Wu 21 dag geleden
But then when it flood and snow you can't call in sick cause you know that semi will get you to work
Lettie Vazq
Lettie Vazq 21 dag geleden
when AJ mentions the f650 he saw in Dallas is accurate lmao. It’s a Texas thing
Nordic Viking
Nordic Viking 20 dagen geleden
I use to drive a F550 for work but the F650 is just insane and way bigger taller
Earth Warrior 503
Earth Warrior 503 21 dag geleden
Field Trip.... burnouts live!
Don Solo
Don Solo 21 dag geleden
Pat is the definition of a dumb jock lol Robert mathis refusing to let a punter have the car with the most horses is also hilarious
b 21 dag geleden
You should give it away for 1 million subs.
2nd_place 21 dag geleden
Pat, if you like big trucks, you should look into getting a military 5 ton with a Cummins turbo diesel. I saw it on the Demolition Ranch channel. There’s this guy in Georgia who rebuilds them and can even make them into an extended cab for the whole family. Thing weighs 18,000lbs and has two winches with wooden bench seating in the very back for all the boys.
Mac Johnson
Mac Johnson 21 dag geleden
Neil Flack
Neil Flack 21 dag geleden
I wonder what the guys would think if an athletic trainer rolls up to mini camp in an old muscle car
7700Football 21 dag geleden
I'm still driving my 1972 Pinto.
Aaron S
Aaron S 21 dag geleden
You could’ve proved a better point by contributing to a charity, like helping kids with cancer or providing food and water to people without... Love you though Pat, but total waste of money...
Chilly Dawgg
Chilly Dawgg 20 dagen geleden
I wish this is what rappers would brag about
plop pill
plop pill 21 dag geleden
You proved something that most people knew already