Pat McAfee & Dallas Clark Talk Pat Being The Colts Backup QB 

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If only this really got to happen...
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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7 okt. 2020




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Adam Navigato
Adam Navigato 7 dagen geleden
Imagine an alternate universe where Peyton got hurt, and Pat rose up to become the greatest QB of all time.
Adam Navigato
Adam Navigato 7 dagen geleden
There has to be a way to get Peyton Manning on the show. Has Pat ever mentioned a reason he hasn’t? Or has Peyton been on the show and I can’t find it?
Marcus Cook
Marcus Cook 12 dagen geleden
We could have had Pat but we got Kerry Collins and Curtis Painter instead lol
Steph Shimmy
Steph Shimmy 14 dagen geleden
Dallas Clark kinda looks like the mandalorian
Jeremy James
Jeremy James 15 dagen geleden
Clark made so many clutch catches it's ridiculous. Should be a HOF
Jonathan Gwaley
Jonathan Gwaley 17 dagen geleden
Dallas is hilarious
Marcus Brumfield
Marcus Brumfield 17 dagen geleden
Kroger Kid
Jesse Kauffman
Jesse Kauffman 17 dagen geleden
Ty Le Don
Ty Le Don 18 dagen geleden
Play-action Pat
Marc Luft
Marc Luft 18 dagen geleden
Pat would need to work for a team with an indoor practice facility so he can focus on the C Gap rather than fighting the elements of Cincinnati winter
PMS Store
PMS Store 18 dagen geleden
mangler103 18 dagen geleden
I'd watch every episode of the Pat and Dallas show.
J T 18 dagen geleden
2000-2010 era TEs >>> 2020 TEs
Michael Hernandez
Michael Hernandez 18 dagen geleden
Shots fired
Jon 505
Jon 505 18 dagen geleden
They were never gonna let pat take an NFL snap
Thomas Berger
Thomas Berger 18 dagen geleden
Pats fan here!(Patriots not Pat)🤣
majinblack27 18 dagen geleden
You would never expect Dallas Clark to be a Monster TE
ARW 18 dagen geleden
Dallas Clark.. He and Bob Sanders, for whatever reason, I have just completely forgot were people in the NFL.
Mason Barnes
Mason Barnes 15 dagen geleden
He would've been in the conversation of best safety of all time
Tyler Wortman
Tyler Wortman 18 dagen geleden
ARW I miss Bob Sanders so much lol. Favorite Colt all time, no shits given and played his heart out. Shame he couldn’t stay healthy because he was amazing when he was
Assassin FingerSteak
Assassin FingerSteak 18 dagen geleden
I would love to have pat start a game as qb
RoyalArch322 18 dagen geleden
Aint nothing better than making 10 mil in a career by being back up.
Alex Rollinger
Alex Rollinger 18 dagen geleden
Iowa legend! 🌽🌽
Chad Bryant
Chad Bryant 18 dagen geleden
Pat I love your show so much
Don Solo
Don Solo 18 dagen geleden
I legit remember my utter surprise when I found out pat was the penciled in #2 QB on the roster. I also remember how funny i thought that was and always thought it was just a joke
Patrick 18 dagen geleden
i remember where i was during that saints game. such an embarrassing game
g4tviscool 18 dagen geleden
I would love to see Andrew Luck be interviewed during the show.
Shooter 18 dagen geleden
Hawk better chill with cigars I dint find it pleasant watching him smoke better be some tree instead
Shooter 17 dagen geleden
Protect David Chase Taylor ur so smart
Protect David Chase Taylor
Shooter I don’t think AJ hawk was in a single frame of this video lmao
Ernz Javier
Ernz Javier 18 dagen geleden
Your a nobody paty mcafee so we have to make U feel special like a place kicker.
BluezFan91 18 dagen geleden
Cmon man we gotta see Pat in action throwing some passes.
Xxdouble 18 dagen geleden
Hey pat my name is Wyatt Milhoan I’m from Ravenswood West Virginia’s I’m a fresh man and I’m kicking 47 yard field goals
david sanders
david sanders 18 dagen geleden
Why does he look like Tony Romo's cousin ?
Marc Malseptic
Marc Malseptic 18 dagen geleden
One team that loves blood more than the saints is the Yankees
Sam707BFBC 18 dagen geleden
Pat looks so scared to throw the ball in that thumb 😆
Caleb Haas-Rock
Caleb Haas-Rock 18 dagen geleden
The score of that Saints game was 62-7
A Boii Called Sunni
A Boii Called Sunni 18 dagen geleden
dallas is funny af😂😂😂😂
PR311 18 dagen geleden
I love that Dallas Clark gets on the show more often latley whenever he is on it just seems like Pat & him are having a good time
Shawn Reisz
Shawn Reisz 18 dagen geleden
Go Hawks!
Viggy 55
Viggy 55 18 dagen geleden
Can we get trace McSorley on the show
a b
a b 18 dagen geleden
😂 his "I didn't talk to you because you were a punter" comment still kills me
The Real
The Real 18 dagen geleden
McAfee twirling the ball and talking on a FaceTime call, chillin Whereas if he were talking to Michael Jordan, this would be a sign of not taking the call seriously, thus MJ would have taken this very personal
Dakotah Edwards
Dakotah Edwards 18 dagen geleden
Please get Peyton Manning on for an interview!
Youngboy_uzi_Kodak 18 dagen geleden
This is so funny 😂😂😂
H W 18 dagen geleden
I love Pat he is the best lmao 😂 dude always tells the best stories
TrIstan Hunter-Galvan
TrIstan Hunter-Galvan 18 dagen geleden
Talk about trace mcslowren
Ethan Haskins
Ethan Haskins 18 dagen geleden
He was about to thrown a touchdown and then kick the extra point 🤣🤣🤣
Mr. Eric
Mr. Eric 18 dagen geleden
Broooo Dallas Clark just comes on the show and roasts Pat
nathan d
nathan d 18 dagen geleden
Every time!
Dustin 18 dagen geleden
Damn I love this show. Even interviews with players are more authentic and you get a feel of who they truly are. And to see Skip and Stephen A were covering what Aaron Rodgers said on the show today was priceless. There's a new dauwgg in tauwn! For the Brand
Jamie Craig
Jamie Craig 18 dagen geleden
I wanted to see Pat McAfee at QB! I even made him QB on Madden the year the Colts had Curtis Painter lol
Jamie Craig
Jamie Craig 18 dagen geleden
Jamie Craig
Jamie Craig 18 dagen geleden
Is that the Saints 63 Colts 7 game? Probably when the Colts went to an 0-13 record
Jamie Craig
Jamie Craig 18 dagen geleden
As an Iowan & Colts fan, I love Dallas Clark!
Andy Ruggles
Andy Ruggles 18 dagen geleden
Are you perhaps from Indianapolis, Iowa?
Joe Reynolds
Joe Reynolds 18 dagen geleden
🇺🇸McAfee 2024🇺🇸
Connie B
Connie B 18 dagen geleden
Ah man, leave Pat alone. Pat could keep it going. Please. Leave him be.
The Wildcat Hotshot
The Wildcat Hotshot 18 dagen geleden
Way better then Rodgers.
Christian Romeo
Christian Romeo 18 dagen geleden
When’s pat going to interview Peyton?
H W 18 dagen geleden
PAINTnPONG nah I think Peyton would be like Dallas Clark and just kind of keep making fun of Pat lol 😂 like he did to Durant 🤣🤣
Sam707BFBC 18 dagen geleden
When Shannon interviews Elway
Abbey 18 dagen geleden
I have a feeling Pat has barked up that tree many times... I mean, I would. I'll always hope it happens eventually
Nightmare 18 dagen geleden
It they were teammates so I bet he’d agree
PAINTnPONG 18 dagen geleden
Probably never, be bad for the brand to have Peyton come on and correct all of Pat’s BS the whole time lol
Ryan Marshall
Ryan Marshall 18 dagen geleden
@The Pat McAfee Show, just curious, is Tom Tupa a god in the annals of NFL Punters for what he did as Emergency QB for the Jets?
Daegan Patterson
Daegan Patterson 18 dagen geleden
Anyone could be Phillip Rivers backup. I dont think hes ever missdd a start
Evil 18 dagen geleden
Don Solo I think thats Eli
Daegan Patterson
Daegan Patterson 18 dagen geleden
@Don Solo thats cool but rivers can also start for a while too. Did u know that. Its not a competition
Don Solo
Don Solo 18 dagen geleden
Peyton has the second longest QB starting streak behind Favre
seagk1343 18 dagen geleden
I love the Dallas Clark interview sections
Javier Sanchez
Javier Sanchez 18 dagen geleden
I wanna be like Dallas when I'm a grown man
Quinn Simmons
Quinn Simmons 18 dagen geleden
Pat should have taken over for Curtis Painter.
Mason Barnes
Mason Barnes 15 dagen geleden
Couldn't have done any worse
Zikin !
Zikin ! 18 dagen geleden
idk he was our mvp that game,
Thomas Carter
Thomas Carter 18 dagen geleden
Hilarious ....kroger kid doing work.
The Rotten Banana
The Rotten Banana 18 dagen geleden
I love Dallas go hawks
Ryan Hiatt
Ryan Hiatt 18 dagen geleden
Love Dallas Clark. Go Hawks
Noah Habtemichael
Noah Habtemichael 18 dagen geleden
After work distraction and laughs.. Good on you Pat
Dylan V
Dylan V 18 dagen geleden
There are a plethora of great NFL qbs with the initials P.M. Peyton Manning Patrick Mahomes Pat Mcafee
Jay 13 dagen geleden
Pam Mewton
justin ketterling
justin ketterling 18 dagen geleden
peterman, nathan
H W 18 dagen geleden
Jack H no it was directed towards the original comment lol I know your comment was just messing around lol u added a p & m to ButtFumble’s name lol that doesn’t ruin what the original comment said
OMERTA 3:16 TV 18 dagen geleden
Pay Mutler
2010realitycheck 18 dagen geleden
Peyton Millis...
JGall50 18 dagen geleden
We need him on more
Oliver McCall
Oliver McCall 18 dagen geleden
Better than Trubisky
Ryan Belisle
Ryan Belisle 18 dagen geleden
Did dallas clark win the punt pass and kick competition? AJ did you ever win that AJ!
SKO Show
SKO Show 18 dagen geleden
The city where I grew up, represented the team I won the NATIONAL Punt, Pass and Kick competition as a teenager. NATIONAL. Did you ever win the national Punt, Pass, and Kick, AJ? -I think I got 3rd or 4th... out of four. Oh. Hey good for you man. Anyways...
Carl Adams
Carl Adams 18 dagen geleden
He got third I think.
Tristan Otten
Tristan Otten 18 dagen geleden
Who's this peyton manning guy they had starting above pat
Justin B
Justin B 17 dagen geleden
Sum scrub
Hugo Saenz
Hugo Saenz 18 dagen geleden
Never heard of him 🤣
Trevor Jones
Trevor Jones 18 dagen geleden
I think he does nationwide commercials now.
Dark_Winter 18 dagen geleden
Comment of the day
MC Stove
MC Stove 18 dagen geleden
Gamer Kenny probably
Ricardo Masvidal
Ricardo Masvidal 18 dagen geleden
I feel like Pat is lookinf for excuses to get back on the field with the Colts and win a ring
Mat Johnson
Mat Johnson 12 dagen geleden
@Evil i mean it’s could happen, like they could draft the goat of running backs or something next year and just go off for all we know
Evil 18 dagen geleden
Colts are not winning anything anytime soon.
37pwpw 18 dagen geleden
I don't think he's got that many years left in him :)
Alan Govert
Alan Govert 18 dagen geleden
The shade Dallas has on you smh
Mitchell Boles
Mitchell Boles 18 dagen geleden
Hey pat good show today! You guys always make me laugh.
JOHNMARK GOODMAN 18 dagen geleden
Frank Smith
Frank Smith 18 dagen geleden
Still would be better than Jameis Winston
Tyler Daniel
Tyler Daniel 18 dagen geleden
Do it! Lol
Jason Thao
Jason Thao 18 dagen geleden
1st comment wooooo!!! go McAfee!!
Jacob Land
Jacob Land 18 dagen geleden
Dallas Clark seems like such a chill dude.
BLEED GREEN 18 dagen geleden
Was thinking the opposite actually🤔...dudes a straight *BUG* 🐛 🐞
Shooter 18 dagen geleden
Nothing beats woody
steve ferguson
steve ferguson 18 dagen geleden
Was thinking the same thing
Julia Hamon
Julia Hamon 18 dagen geleden
I mean ya if he laughs at butt rape he must be lollll
Nick Lance
Nick Lance 18 dagen geleden
Gotta love Dallas Clark!
Johnny Accardo
Johnny Accardo 18 dagen geleden
Hi pat
Jacob Hess
Jacob Hess 18 dagen geleden