Pat McAfee "How Does Adam Gase Still Have A Job?!" 

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Do you think the Jets stick with Gase for much longer?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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2 okt. 2020




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Alexander Ethel-King
Alexander Ethel-King 4 uur geleden
he snitched lmaooo
Equitable Apple
Equitable Apple 8 uur geleden
With a 99.94% Survival Rate for the Covid Project illness why are people still living in Fear ?
K ghost0311
K ghost0311 9 uur geleden
Peyton called his own plays. Even drew them up on the ground. Can't give adam credit for that
A R Dag geleden
Peyton screwed the jets again.... Like not entering the draft when the jets had the number 1 spot wasn't enough! 🤣🤣🤣
98671 X
98671 X Dag geleden
Adam Gase is snorting coke with Chris Foerster 🤔🙄
Che Gotti
Che Gotti 2 dagen geleden
As Many Bad Decisions Darnold Has Made With The Ball In His Hand Sometimes, I Cant Literally Blame 85% Of The Jets Failure On Coaching
Christopher Schustor
Christopher Schustor 2 dagen geleden
Easy, they’re tanking... why switch things up just to win a couple games and lose draft positions??
Mike Kelly
Mike Kelly 3 dagen geleden
How can u be a jets fan?
william shea
william shea 3 dagen geleden
The jets owner is actually a genius. They’re keeping Adam Gase because they know if they fire him they have a better chance of winning a game. If they keep him they’ll never win and then they get the first pick
bill mcquay
bill mcquay 4 dagen geleden
Wilbur Woke II
Wilbur Woke II 5 dagen geleden
JarOfSnokes 5 dagen geleden
This came up in my recommended and I thought it was from today's show. Sheesh
Perfect Game Walkthroughs
My theory is that the Johnson family is purposefully tanking for Trevor Lawrence, and they don't want the risk of losing that tank by firing Adam Gase six weeks in.
I. Reid
I. Reid 6 dagen geleden
I love woody’s logic!!! Because I watched Peyton Manning beat the jags on a Thursday night, which lead to him meeting Gase, and winning a super bowl . It’s my fault too
ValensBellator 7 dagen geleden
Adam gase definitely has some pictures of the owner crossdressing or some other sort of blackmail... only possible explanation.
TheTeamLeader 7 dagen geleden
Mcafees faces and reactions are too funny
Mike Lameris
Mike Lameris 7 dagen geleden
You don't want cooter Woody had him at the lions all he did was call checkdowns
Rowan Wilson
Rowan Wilson 7 dagen geleden
Josh or Russell for mvp I’m takin russ
Lukeragerman 7 dagen geleden
My question is that who do you think will most likely be the league’s MVP? I’m torn between these four so far: Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, and Russell Wilson.(Please note that it’s in no particular order). So far I’d say going into week 6? Either Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers, if I was to solely base it off weekly performance. That’s not something I do.
Gabriel Afonso
Gabriel Afonso 8 dagen geleden
I didn’t think White Privilege was real until Adam I know it’s real. What a sad world we live in 😂
Conrad Krueger
Conrad Krueger 8 dagen geleden
russ....... td leader and seahawks 5-0
Matt Marlowe
Matt Marlowe 8 dagen geleden
Pat doesn’t know who Russell Wilson is?!?
Eric Pedrosa
Eric Pedrosa 8 dagen geleden
Russ is playing better than both of them!!
Ryan Lucas
Ryan Lucas 8 dagen geleden
Welp now he cut bell and bells on KC
raysurx2010 8 dagen geleden
Damien Woddy for Jets coach!!! C'mon Damien! Man Jamal and Leveon would still be Jets and the team would be playing hard for you!
raysurx2010 8 dagen geleden
Yes LOVE Damien Woody! Damien should have his own show! Damien love ya bro! I will join you in the Misery of the Jets!
Dusty Davis
Dusty Davis 9 dagen geleden
White privilege i figured people would say
Chris Badal
Chris Badal 9 dagen geleden
I personally love watching the JETS. Like that time they gave up a 55 yard run on 3rd &31. I've never seen that before, it was very exciting to see. As it happened, I said out loud "Only the Jets!". And the entertainment of Jets football is absolutely surpassed by the entertainment of watching Jets fans discuss just how well their football team is performing. Literally hours and hours of fun. Thank you NYJ for this comedic masterpiece. I appreciate you!
Luka Beast
Luka Beast 9 dagen geleden
Russell Wilson has entered the chat.
Anthony3581 9 dagen geleden
As a lions fan. U do not want Jim Bob Cooter
pp Pentzy
pp Pentzy 10 dagen geleden
Im one week late but hear me out.. if James Franklin were to leave PSU I feel like he could coach the jets tbh
Johnny Lebert
Johnny Lebert 10 dagen geleden
Adam Gase got ROASTED by D Woody!
Oneispi Spike
Oneispi Spike 10 dagen geleden
i totally agree with D. Woody!! WTF did Gase do to get a 2nd chance at the apple!!?? Also agree with Will Gray that D. Woody should make more appearances on the McAfee show!! That was great!!! Perhaps a weekly like ARod.... Just sayin Bring Back Rex!!!!!
721MiamiHeatGang 10 dagen geleden
Frank gore wheel routes 🤣🤣🤣
Ryan 919
Ryan 919 10 dagen geleden
Look how good Miami is now since Adam Gase left 😂😂
Mike W
Mike W 10 dagen geleden
We are talking about a coach who showed up at his info conference high.
MONDO Duke 9
MONDO Duke 9 10 dagen geleden
Haha..... be a Buffalo Bills Fan! 3 Teams in NY! 😂
kevin timperley
kevin timperley 10 dagen geleden
Woody is hysterical, i am dead!!!
Logan Par
Logan Par 10 dagen geleden
The fact they got rid of bell and kept gase pissed me off
Mortal Films
Mortal Films 10 dagen geleden
Who is worst as a coach?Adam Or Patricia?
Psyoper Josh
Psyoper Josh 11 dagen geleden
How does Anthony Lynn have a job?
Nuraby _
Nuraby _ 11 dagen geleden
Tank Commander Gase leading the charge towards Trevor Lawrence
Brian Turner
Brian Turner 11 dagen geleden
As a Dolphins fan for life I LMAO when the Jets "stole" Gase away from Miami. They are now getting exactly what I knew they would cause it happened to my Phins!! LOL
Sam Soto
Sam Soto 11 dagen geleden
All the Giants fans become Bills fans lol
Danny B
Danny B 11 dagen geleden
Thinking Allen is better than Rodgers is literally worse than anything Adam Gase has done as head coach lmaoo
jj jj
jj jj 12 dagen geleden
I can't believe he disrespected Aaron Rodgers the 🐐🤔😳
Taylor jones
Taylor jones 12 dagen geleden
Ooooooh..... Ooooooooh..... Oooooooh...... Damn this show is gold!
Clay McIsaac
Clay McIsaac 12 dagen geleden
AY AY RON dude I wanna hear damien woody talk some more he gets me man
Julio Dylan Estrada
Julio Dylan Estrada 12 dagen geleden
"He's not that much of a *good* difference maker" 😂
Çôôł Whîp
Çôôł Whîp 12 dagen geleden
I personally think josh Allen is one of the most overrated players in the nfl rn, no disrespect just my opinion,
Hiwa Kika
Hiwa Kika 12 dagen geleden
Gase won't admit that he's out-coached every week.
Jake Laskey
Jake Laskey 12 dagen geleden
D-Wood needs to be on this show regularly. He's dynamite with the ability to speak freely here.
4:08 Finland was destroyed
Tawatchai Kirawittaya
Tawatchai Kirawittaya 12 dagen geleden
Tim Cain
Tim Cain 13 dagen geleden
Trevor Lawrence is headed for the big apple, after that Giants debacle in Dallas
El guapo del feugo
El guapo del feugo 13 dagen geleden
Hairbear herbert>>>>> Josh allen
Taylor Bergman
Taylor Bergman 13 dagen geleden
He would be way better on this show than local sports. Get him on here more
Xbox Master26
Xbox Master26 14 dagen geleden
At least the Giants have a bright future. The Jets won't make the playoffs until 2030.
nick b
nick b 14 dagen geleden
The One & Only
The One & Only 14 dagen geleden
Whose playing better, Rodgers or Allen? I’d have to go with Russel Wilson
BlogTrump 14 dagen geleden
Urban Meyer
lou Nicks
lou Nicks 14 dagen geleden
Should Gase be fired? Absolutely. The jets have gotten worse believe it or not. But I'm not a believer in Sam Darnold. He looks lost on some plays. Plus I never trusted USC QBs. They dont do too well once they get to the NFL. Carson Palmer was OK but never able to lead his teams to at least 1 Super Bowl appearance.
Nick Blake
Nick Blake 14 dagen geleden
Lets pray jets get josh mcdaniels 2021
nzKnut 14 dagen geleden
Josh McDaniels should take over the Jets
JD Dunham
JD Dunham 15 dagen geleden
Rodgers edges Allen with the passing stats by a bit, but factor in the running game and that combo gives Allen the leg up this year in my opinion.
RHETT BELL 15 dagen geleden
*GIANTS* and *JETS* are horrible.....
Sports Machine
Sports Machine 15 dagen geleden
Cheer up New York at least you got the bills, Bills Mafia lets go
Robby Coughlan
Robby Coughlan 15 dagen geleden
Yooo I know mr woody and one of his sons is on my football team and he even coached us for a little bit last year, so this was really cool to see
One Buffalo
One Buffalo 15 dagen geleden
Its not that you put Rodgers ahead of Allen Pat its that anytime you mention allen you give him a backhanded compliment that disses him.
Animals are Perfect
Animals are Perfect 15 dagen geleden
Fire everyone that works for jets, owners should fire them self's
animalraider 15 dagen geleden
Let's don't act like the Jets were relevant before Adam Gase..
Kain dahurricane
Kain dahurricane 15 dagen geleden
If the jets go 0-16 we will know why
chris P
chris P 16 dagen geleden
Let me stop ya there. Tannenhill was improving in Miami UNTIL Gase arrived. Then he got worse.
Andrew Wenman
Andrew Wenman 16 dagen geleden
Gase at my Cooter😂😂😂
Moe Greene
Moe Greene 16 dagen geleden
Rylan Wallace
Rylan Wallace 16 dagen geleden
Damien Woody is such a cheerful dude! Love listening to him talk
Jacob Traver
Jacob Traver 16 dagen geleden
A losing record teams: I'll do the job for 25% of what you're currently paying. I mean, I can't do any worse, so you may as well save some money right?
Eric T
Eric T 16 dagen geleden
Great question
Anthony Thompson
Anthony Thompson 16 dagen geleden
Gregg Williams may be the next jets coach
John Wagz
John Wagz 16 dagen geleden
Ryan Dabel is bunk its josh allen not dabel
Zack Swanson
Zack Swanson 16 dagen geleden
Josh Allen mvp
troy smith
troy smith 16 dagen geleden
Peyton manning called his own plays adam gase was just a yes man people need to stop crediting a coach for a already good players success
The Triple S Podcast
The Triple S Podcast 16 dagen geleden
Ryan Tannehill was never all pro with or without Gase lol
New Name
New Name 16 dagen geleden
Love, LOVE that the coaches keep getting tossed under the bus but no one wants to put the blame where it belongs at the feet of incompetent owners. Spanos, Ford, Johnson, Kronke, Snyder, how can so many teams be so bad for so long if not for ownership?!
Andrew Huch
Andrew Huch 17 dagen geleden
damien woody is so fuckin funny
B D 17 dagen geleden
Tell your kids go bills
I’m Boras The PortaPotty
Aye he might be a bad coach but he went to my high school 😂 he a goat for that
Roman T
Roman T 17 dagen geleden
Adam just basked in Paytons shadow and reaped the rewards of his talent. I mean didnt Payton do like %50 of his own playcalling in the games
John Budzinski
John Budzinski 17 dagen geleden
U stay away from my OC
The Highwind
The Highwind 17 dagen geleden
As a Jets fan, I would give advice to Trevor Lawerence that he should absolutely request a trade if we ever draft him #1 overall until the Johnson's sell this atrocity of a franchise.
Michael Haburay
Michael Haburay 17 dagen geleden
Nah, the giants have more of a future than the jets
James Mayo
James Mayo 17 dagen geleden
damien is HILARIOUS
Nolan D
Nolan D 17 dagen geleden
Gase won't get fired bc of all the injuries on the team.. even though he would put players with minor injuries back into the game that would cause major injuries lmao
Daniel Cochran
Daniel Cochran 17 dagen geleden
Damien Woody is the man
dank sinatra
dank sinatra 17 dagen geleden
Dylan Worley
Dylan Worley 17 dagen geleden
Its early but Jets take Trevor Lawrence
Dante151 17 dagen geleden
No you do not want Jim bob cooter did you see what happened in Detroit?!?!?
Stumpi 17 dagen geleden
WHY DOESNT YOUR ACTUAL GUY JIM CALDWELL HAVE A JOB? Dude has a well above 500 record. made the lions a competing team before getting chucked to the side for man who BB willed into a HC job. (patriots D went 10 fold better after he left). and Caldwell is a superbowl coach. I feel he should be head coaching a team but yet we have (had BoB), and have Adam Gase. Jim Caldwell didn't fail when he was fired by the Lions. He had a 9-7 record with them and kept them in contention. If you get Jim on the show and have him talk about that Lions team I think it'd make for good entertainment and help him get his name out for a strong Texans team led by a stud QB.
Matthew Jacques
Matthew Jacques 17 dagen geleden
He acts like the Cowboys are that much better they both are 0-4 and it doesn’t look good for either team 😂
Alan luff
Alan luff 17 dagen geleden
Does Russell Wilson not exist?