Pat McAfee: Is Josh Allen Is An MVP Contender? 

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Do you think Buffalo Bills Own Josh Allen is a top 5 QB?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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28 sep. 2020




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Purple Pops86
Purple Pops86 11 dagen geleden
Leave it to a kicker who acts tough but never got snuffed during a This aged bad lost against the same team Lamar lost against so ... Allen is garbage if everyone said Lamar is because of the Titans losss
bangarang74 11 dagen geleden
Good lord, Pat, at least study the things you're pretending to know about.
Pizza Baratheon
Pizza Baratheon 15 dagen geleden
Do these guys even watch the games?
Aditya Patel
Aditya Patel 22 dagen geleden
Is this is a proper sentence structure?
Peter Wysochanski
Peter Wysochanski 22 dagen geleden
What about the "interception" Pat? Beyond questionable. JA hater? Not seeing it. Go Bills.
Jack OConnell
Jack OConnell 22 dagen geleden
Pat is awesome but wrong , He doesn't even know what he's talking about. Josh allen is carrying that team! Rogers is NOT! Not to mention the the fake made up smoke and mirrors 🦄 unicorn of an interseption that started the rams comeback.
Freshly Fried
Freshly Fried 22 dagen geleden
You guys are bums
Freshly Fried
Freshly Fried 22 dagen geleden
What about the interception call you bum
Patrick Cardoso
Patrick Cardoso 23 dagen geleden
Kyle Harpole
Kyle Harpole 23 dagen geleden
Tannehill > Allen
Zach Leigh
Zach Leigh 23 dagen geleden
You know Pat i was a huge fan up until today. Does your vendetta with the Bills have to do with Chris Gragg blocking one of your punts? I remember watching that.
SWiFT MK7 23 dagen geleden
Why are they talking about the PI call. Regardless, it was at the very least illegal contact. Still a 1st. But truthfully, why does nobody bring up that bogus INT call that even gave the rams the momentum to start scoring points? Had that bs not happened, Buffalo would’ve scored another TD. You wanna call that PI bogus, so was the PI AND the INT on Tyler kroft. People wouldn’t get mad at you if you’d acknowledge BOTH sides.
Shir Waziri
Shir Waziri 23 dagen geleden
Do you think josh Allen is mvp That was pass interferences
rep tile
rep tile 24 dagen geleden
You are a punter wtf would you know
wkyken 24 dagen geleden
Pat has every reason to like Josh Allen for the same reason I do. Out of the five QBs drafted in the first round in 2018, Josh was the one swept under the carpet by the media. Small school (Wyoming), so he wasn't legit. Let me tell you: He and Lamar Jackson led their teams to the playoffs last season -- NOT Baker Mayfield, NOT Sam Darnold and NOT Josh "I'm on my third team, on the practice squad" Rosen. I'm not so sure Josh is a top-five QB yet, but he's knocking on the door because nobody has worked harder to raise his skills to a higher level three seasons in a row.
Nate & Erica
Nate & Erica 24 dagen geleden
N u were a great punter
Nate & Erica
Nate & Erica 24 dagen geleden
Ur n objective professional pay n I appreciate what you do
HOG 24 dagen geleden
Horrible Take I lost respect for this show YOU ARE WRONG BOUT JOSH ALLEN...Plus get off the Bandwagon y’all weren’t here Allen’s rookie like we where!!!
Louis Urbancic
Louis Urbancic 24 dagen geleden
Rodgers is waaay better than Allen. Anyone who gets upset about that fact is an idiot. Allen hasn't won crap. A few playoff games is nice. 8 Pro Bowls, 2 All Pros, 2 MVPs and a SB ring VS. ______________________________ I rest my case.
Richard Sharpe
Richard Sharpe 24 dagen geleden
As a bills fan yes, the running game has been average, the MVP isn’t the best player it’s the Most valuable to the team, that’s good. Josh is that guy
Beast 85
Beast 85 25 dagen geleden
Pat didn’t actually watch any bills games this year I guess
billychipp 25 dagen geleden
On the pass interference - dude held up the guilty hands. It was PI
London Stackhouse
London Stackhouse 25 dagen geleden
Pat is a 🌟
Hunter Mckay
Hunter Mckay 25 dagen geleden
Bills hater that’s all I see in pat
Stearns Bullen
Stearns Bullen 25 dagen geleden
Allen hater!!! Yes u are Allen hater bater!!!...... Allen......yeah... hater!
Connor Jones
Connor Jones 25 dagen geleden
audio is so quiet
Free My Boi OJ
Free My Boi OJ 25 dagen geleden
The reason Bill Mafia for saying you were a Josh Allen haters because the dumb ass comment that you open up with by saying they have an awesome run game so was it really all on Josh Allen
R D 25 dagen geleden
This is how many people think Josh Allen will win the Super Bowl this year ⬇️
NewYorkNYKer 25 dagen geleden
Is this program located LA?? It is fun but no credibility for sure. Very little knowledge about NFL teams!! Specially once in country zone or less interested places.
Cooking Fever Extravaganza
TheDebtCollector 25 dagen geleden
If I, as a Bills fan, can hear Josh Allen, Being in a conversation about NFL MVP against Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson, I have no complaints
Lil Chromosome
Lil Chromosome 25 dagen geleden
Russ: *plays amazing for 8 years without any MVP consideration* Josh Allen: *has 3 good games* “omg mvp!”
shane winspear
shane winspear 25 dagen geleden
Bonkers that people get paid to talk about sports without watching the game
Mike Albanese
Mike Albanese 25 dagen geleden
“They have a great running game”. No they don’t.
Cody Phinney
Cody Phinney 25 dagen geleden
Pat. As a die hard Bills fan and JA17 supporter, cool dude, but, Allen has been lights out for...3 games, 13 YEARS! So I’ll agree, see if Allen plays like this ALL YEAR! As for the agent, Josh being a Country Boy/Farm boy, sure Josh smacked his agent in the mouth for you.
Mathew DiStefano
Mathew DiStefano 25 dagen geleden
The refs put their stamp on the game when they gift wrapped and gave the rams not one but two outrageous turnovers. A lot of teams could make come backs if the refs just gave the other team the ball for no reason. Don’t get it twisted!!!
TheRageLivesOn 25 dagen geleden
yea they have a good running game because of Josh Allen 😂
DATH VADER82 25 dagen geleden
My point, that pass interference call was just as shady as that "interception" as well
Buffalo Bobby
Buffalo Bobby 25 dagen geleden
Oh please, talk about the BS INT call, that was worse idiots!
IbTusPeter 25 dagen geleden
The kid has serious heart. He's also fearless. He was nowhere close to being ready his rookie season in 2018, but you saw the heart the kid had. The more you saw him play, the more you became a fan. If Sam Darnold or Baker Mayfield even had half the heart that Josh Allen has, they'd be successful too. I give the Bills coaching staff major props for developing him correctly. They kept him reeled in just enough to allow minimal mistakes, & thus allowed his improvisation game to shine. It's a very similar development trajectory that Brett Favre had when he was starting off in Green Bay.
Ben Baker
Ben Baker 25 dagen geleden
Look at the number josh allen is playing better football and allen is buffalo's running game what about that one fake interception the officials called
joseph bigelow
joseph bigelow 25 dagen geleden
Why arent u talking about the inteception call?
Kenneth Chonillo
Kenneth Chonillo 25 dagen geleden
Oh come on Pat, the Rams are the KINGS of getting PI calls. NFC Championship against the Saints? PI against the Cowboys? INT against the Bills? come on man, you need to acknowledge that win is a win.
MooseHead 25 dagen geleden
Not a Bills fans, but I loved when the Bills picking Josh Allen. When I heard him doing interviews during the draft, I knew he was going to be a great QB.
Zachary Dunham
Zachary Dunham 25 dagen geleden
Pat mcafee confirmed josh allen hater
Fan of J.C.M.
Fan of J.C.M. 25 dagen geleden
What about that bullsh*t call about the interception on the bills... that was ridiculous. Allen is playing great... idiots hating on him.
LsxEater 25 dagen geleden
I've got Josh allen in fantasy and everyone was laughing when I picked him. Kid has been dominant. Nothing but 30 point games
Andrew gk
Andrew gk 25 dagen geleden
This guys a joke. Bills run game has been the worse it’s been in a while
NOX1CK 25 dagen geleden
Josh allen is good but people make him overrated asf and don’t just wait and they say he an mvp and all that this year he looks good to start the year
Chris M
Chris M 25 dagen geleden
Way to expose yourself. Clearly you don’t want the Bills and saying the running game is great. It’s good but definitely not what is driving the offense down the field. Credibility just went away.
jizzyfresh 25 dagen geleden
Y doesn’t n e 1 talk about the “INT” that changed the momentum of the game for the rams?!?!?!?
MastenPark 25 dagen geleden
Why did the DB put his arms up like that if he didn’t think he was holding Gabriel Davis.
irfbjif i3rufbui3bf
irfbjif i3rufbui3bf 25 dagen geleden
Josh allen looked like actual dogshit in the 2nd half. He made countless high school level mistakes.
McBurgerDeluxe 25 dagen geleden
Josh Allen has SCARY potential.
RM87 87
RM87 87 25 dagen geleden
This feels like Pat got caught making a less-than-educated assessment of J.Allen but can't reverse course because he'll look like a stooge. So what do you do? DOUBLE DAHN on your opinion!
Malicious Clouds
Malicious Clouds 25 dagen geleden
Ya know what else can decide a game? A blown INTERCEPTION call!!!
Bill Barone
Bill Barone 25 dagen geleden
Guess you forgot snout 3rd and 23and 3rd and 25 but thats irrelevant...right?!
Dan Kelly
Dan Kelly 25 dagen geleden
Our running game hasn't been good thus far yet this season
Ryan Moore
Ryan Moore 25 dagen geleden
He's been amazing for me in fantasy this year
Vanadyan 25 dagen geleden
Fan is short for fanatic. Don't expect people whose personal identity revolves around their fandom to be reasonable.
John Schreckengost
John Schreckengost 25 dagen geleden
Pats' analysis is what happens when you watch 5 minutes of a Bills game.
Paul Sweet
Paul Sweet 25 dagen geleden
Nah Josh isnt playing as well as Russell or rodgers but he's up there
big matt_716
big matt_716 25 dagen geleden
Well the interfere call was to make up for the “interception “ call
Jordan Synakowski
Jordan Synakowski 25 dagen geleden
That's what I said too lol
Cindy Vazquez
Cindy Vazquez 25 dagen geleden
go bills .3-0
Anthony Rosengrant
Anthony Rosengrant 25 dagen geleden
How after only 3 weeks can you start saying mvp for josh allan and Russel wilson has never got a vote. Doesnt make sense
chrisbowmusic 25 dagen geleden
Josh Allen is Ben Roethlisberger 2.0 ... new, improved lightning fast CPU.
James Harry
James Harry 25 dagen geleden
I’m a Bills fan but only an idiot would say Allen is better then Rogers
eric michaelis
eric michaelis 25 dagen geleden
I wouldn’t consider a 24th ranked run game great
M.B.C. 25 dagen geleden
You don’t watch bills games do you buffalo passes 90% of the game what run game we have that’s so good you speak of🤔
Joseph Sheehan
Joseph Sheehan 25 dagen geleden
The pass interference call was balanced out by the momentum shifting int call that was NOT a pick
Ean 25 dagen geleden
Spoken like someone who doesn’t know the Bills
iceicebuddy 25 dagen geleden
This show hates bills mafia. We don't need your candy ass, fool.
PMS Store
PMS Store 25 dagen geleden
Nick Francis
Nick Francis 25 dagen geleden
Josh Allen got a good team around him if you watched that game he almost lost it for them he is careless with the ball
Real Is Real
Real Is Real 25 dagen geleden
Cam Newton is the MVP
Real Is Real
Real Is Real 25 dagen geleden
Cam Newton is the MVP
Not Mick Blotters
Not Mick Blotters 25 dagen geleden
Lmao every fan thinks their team got the worst call ever. Do I have to remind any of you of the game that sank the replacement refs? Or the no call that directly cost a team a win? Bills fans can stfu
YD 25 dagen geleden
Love McAfee and Hawk but Pat honestly knows very little about football. Has some insights from being in a locker room but comments he makes shows he doesn’t actually watch the game and has limited analytical capability
America Freedom
America Freedom 25 dagen geleden
They have a great running game? Did you watch the first 3 games?? That’s a no.
JLU41 25 dagen geleden
His Riveron rants are legendary 😂
RageDaug 25 dagen geleden
Williams doesn't throw his hands up in the air to protest his innocence (which he did even before the flag was thrown) if he knows he's not guilty. Ref saw him throw his hands up, and only then threw the flag. My guess is the Ref wasn't sure if it was and would have let the play go until Williams threw his hands up in the air, basically admitting he knew it was illegal holding.
TheLegendOfTheEast 25 dagen geleden
It’s just clear pat hasn’t watched a bills game this season
Tim MacPherson
Tim MacPherson 25 dagen geleden
Sad i know. Talking head.
David Moss
David Moss 26 dagen geleden
Ever heard of Russell Wilson?
Neal Jenneve
Neal Jenneve 26 dagen geleden
Someone rigged come back almost cost the Bills a game.. All I got to say about that is. Vegas Odds💰
Kevin Sargent
Kevin Sargent 26 dagen geleden
Hard to imagine Russell Wilson not winning MVP 1/5 through the season and on pace for 75td 0int
Veevee Archer
Veevee Archer 26 dagen geleden
Bills fans write comments like cowgirls fans would. I had previously, erroneously, thought better of Bills fans.
Collidiscope 26 dagen geleden
That was far far far from the worst call of the game. You can’t be serious Pat.
Julian Joseph
Julian Joseph 26 dagen geleden
facemask was epic
Mac Damon
Mac Damon 26 dagen geleden
Wait until week 10-12 Last year everybody went crazy for all the 4-0 Teams and eventually everyone lost. It's too early in the season to know who is that "guy' that will DO EVERYTHING for the team
Verattio 26 dagen geleden
Pat I agree with you and im a bills fan I don't know why people hate Josh Allen can be MVP and we do have a running game i dint see why people are hating on you for that i feel they just don't watch the games or pay attention lmao
Steely Fan
Steely Fan 26 dagen geleden
Former Pat hating bills......Josh Allen isnt even hit his ceiling ....Allen has 12 tds , over a 1000 yards passing in 3 games and is undefeated w/ 2, 4th quarter comeback wins.....I realize everyone is sucking off AR for the past performances but #17 is the present and the future....
James Sanders
James Sanders 26 dagen geleden
I did hear some Bills fans saying that. I think they're wrong. Just understand the Bills hate that the team and fans have endured for ages. It doesn't make it right but it should explain the reactiveness.
Sean Harbour
Sean Harbour 26 dagen geleden
Yo bills fans gotta chill
JAYDEGARROW 26 dagen geleden
Yeah just dont speak of the interception...ok
Green Bastard
Green Bastard 26 dagen geleden
Reedley College Baby!
Connor Curtin
Connor Curtin 26 dagen geleden
As a rational member of the Bills Mafia, that was not pass interference.
SealTeamRick 26 dagen geleden
"Wowwww starrrrBOARRD my friend" 🤣
onelove5191 26 dagen geleden
A lot of people in this comments section are pissed but 2 things about this video make me happy. 1 Pat acknowledged that Josh Allen is a superstar and just keeps getting better and 2 AJ Hawk said he's a legit MVP candidate.
Ben Vanfossen
Ben Vanfossen 26 dagen geleden
What “great running game” is he talking ab
Jimmy - TLOPO
Jimmy - TLOPO 26 dagen geleden
Russell Wilson
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