Pat McAfee Josh Allen Is A STUD 

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Josh Allen really has been on a roll
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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5 okt. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Andreas J
Andreas J 15 dagen geleden
He'll win more rings than Discount Doublecheck
Andreas J
Andreas J 15 dagen geleden
Bout time
William Frank
William Frank 15 dagen geleden
I’m 15 and live 2 hours away from buffalo and this is the first year of my life where I feel my team has a LEGIT chance of a Super Bowl run not just oh we’re good.
Nate & Erica
Nate & Erica 15 dagen geleden
N we are very pumped up!! N I agree with you pay, we need to see it in the playoffs too
Nate & Erica
Nate & Erica 15 dagen geleden
It's about time you've come around buddy, welcome to the wagon, ur a little late but that's ok
Ben Weierstall
Ben Weierstall 15 dagen geleden
Josh Allen is the new Carson Wentz
Ronnie Johnson
Ronnie Johnson 16 dagen geleden
Koala Bear Khan
Koala Bear Khan 16 dagen geleden
Just get off twitter Pat. Too much toxicity, even if you agree with the fans of their teams.
anal fungus
anal fungus 16 dagen geleden
Brandon beans son goes to my school its pretty cool talking to him about inside stuff with the bills. The orchard park communtiy is so cool
Joe Sundquist
Joe Sundquist 16 dagen geleden
Josh Allen > Lamar Jackson
La’ Garv
La’ Garv 10 dagen geleden
Mathew DiStefano
Mathew DiStefano 17 dagen geleden
Best team in 25 years and they can’t have fans at the games. What a bummer! That town would be off the chains.
KofHemgluck 17 dagen geleden
Id crown him
Intelligenze 17 dagen geleden
His only problem is his always trying to make a play type of attitude. He’s always trying to make a huge play which is why they tend to fall apart during the third quarter, my dads a bills fan so I watch their games every week. Ignoring my favorite team the 40 handicaps I mean 49ers(they’re my favorite team, I can make all the jokes I want)
Michael Richardson
Michael Richardson 17 dagen geleden
Josh Allen is great. The Pegulas keeping their grubby little hands off of Bills football operations is better.
Robert Cooper
Robert Cooper 17 dagen geleden
Fuckin right Pat!!! Im a die hard Chiefs fan with love for the bills and been saying this since last year it's gonna b Mahomes/Allen for the next decade!
anthrojim 17 dagen geleden
71% completion percentage plus he's hittin' the deep ball. Last year he couldn't connect one to save his life.
Max BT
Max BT 18 dagen geleden
Love from the bills mafia. We forgive you, were used to being slept on
Jeepers Creepers
Jeepers Creepers 18 dagen geleden
eircification 18 dagen geleden
Ed Picchi
Ed Picchi 18 dagen geleden
You hate Josh Allen. Why you like him now. #12 is obviously better. U watched the Packer game, right?
Ed Picchi
Ed Picchi 18 dagen geleden
Further thought. Josh Allen is acceptable to watch when you can't find #12 on the TV. But why would you bother?
tr3v0r100 18 dagen geleden
Allen stated Rodgers was his favorite NFL QB !!! Let that sink in !
33moneyball 18 dagen geleden
Yep...this year. He wasn’t last year and certainly wasn’t as a rookie. And he’s not even close to Rodgers. Aaron is a super precise surgeon. Allen has been great but he’s not even close to Rodgers. “Bills Mafia” doesn’t watch the games apparently.
Matt Chapell
Matt Chapell 19 dagen geleden
Get Allen on the show with Diggs
Mike Rotchburns
Mike Rotchburns 19 dagen geleden
josh allen up next 💯
Kgc32 -
Kgc32 - 19 dagen geleden
Bet Antonio brown wishes he didn’t cry about getting traded to the bills now
America Freedom
America Freedom 19 dagen geleden
He’s the most exciting QB to watch in football period.
Matthew Belamont
Matthew Belamont 19 dagen geleden
Justin Herbert ftw
Sheppdaddy 06
Sheppdaddy 06 19 dagen geleden
Perfect way to describe josh Allen
Ali Jordan
Ali Jordan 19 dagen geleden
Pat why don’t you ever do a segment on how great russel Wilson is??? Are u just a flat out Seahawks hater like the rest of the media is?
Nate Crossway
Nate Crossway 19 dagen geleden
Most Bills fans don't think that Josh Allen is better than A-Rod. It is just a bunch of boneheads looking for attention. JA17 is having a hell of a season thus far, but he still has a long ways to go. Bringing up this very small minority of fans giving you a hard time everything you talk about the Bills is just adding fuel to the fire
Andrew Williamson
Andrew Williamson 19 dagen geleden
I may not be Bills Mafia, but I have been a huge Josh guy from the very beginning. I have always believed in Josh Allen.
TheDebtCollector 19 dagen geleden
Born in Buffalo, live in WNY. I still love you Pat, It's okay.
Papa Kingpin
Papa Kingpin 19 dagen geleden
I’m a bills fan lived in buffalo my whole life and still do josh is a legit franchise qb best qb we’ve had since Jim kelly for sure. With that being said josh is not better then Arron Rodgers 😂not yet at least. GO BILLS
Dual Titan
Dual Titan 19 dagen geleden
Allen is a stud for my fantasy team rn
Paul Hilburger
Paul Hilburger 19 dagen geleden
Hey Pat, Josh Allen will do a tap dance on your head, and make you like it.
Adam 19 dagen geleden
I have a good friend from buffalo and even when i praise the bills its never enough for him. Bills fans are insatiable just ignore them and watch them eventually get mad at everyone for joining their bandwagon
Chris Chreative
Chris Chreative 19 dagen geleden
I thought Jaylen Ramsey said josh Allen would never be nothing 😏
BMXrider915 19 dagen geleden
As a bills fan I couldn’t agree with you more Allen has been phenomenal but he’s not Rodgers who in my opinion is the MVP so far he’s playing with no one at WR unless Adams is healthy but he’s barley played this year and Rodgers is still balling.
john adams
john adams 20 dagen geleden
crown him now
Billy Klauber
Billy Klauber 20 dagen geleden
I apologize for those who are offended by certain members of Bills Mafia we haven't been good in a really long time and we dont know how to handle it
Will Faes
Will Faes 20 dagen geleden
Oh wow the FIRST Josh Allen game pat has seen haha
Luke E.
Luke E. 20 dagen geleden
What does Pat have against Russell Wilson??
Golden 185
Golden 185 20 dagen geleden
So glad they got him a #1 wide receiver
Bigfoot Anthropologist
Bigfoot Anthropologist 20 dagen geleden
He spreads the love around. Always credits his teammates. Even talks about the scout team in interviews and how the prepare him. Loves Buffalo, the fans, and their passion for football. You need to move your show to Buffalo in order to appreciate how much western New York loves Josh Allen, the Bills and the NFL. It's not just when the Bills are winning like they're doing this year. When I lived in Arkansas and Missouri in the 70's and 80's, I used to tell people that on the local news stations in Buffalo, no matter what time of the year or what else was going on in the Sports world (be it playoffs or championships in other sports), the sports reporters would always start off with their broadcasts with "The Bills today..." Canton's said to be the home of the NFL, but pro football had, at the same time of the Canton Bulldogs, the Tonawanda Cardex and other NFL teams in the region. The NFL is so big in the Buffalo "market" that just check the Neilson ratings for the Super Bowl over the years. There are times when the Buffalo area out watch the cities that are playing in the Super Bowl.
CM Perkins
CM Perkins 20 dagen geleden
I rescind all the crap that I said about Allen. I watched him play a few times in college. I was not impressed. He proved all of us wrong! Much success to him.
Jack OConnell
Jack OConnell 20 dagen geleden
Glad you watched an entire game! Go BILLS!
Mick Mc
Mick Mc 20 dagen geleden
Accuracy jump from year 1 to 2 includes a roughly 25% acc on the deep ball. Says a lot about his aim everywhere else.
J Barkley
J Barkley 20 dagen geleden
This season he has a perfect QBR on passes 15 yards or more
Dylan Rees
Dylan Rees 20 dagen geleden
He’s nowhere near Lamar that is disrespectful on another level
J Barkley
J Barkley 19 dagen geleden
Dylan Rees Lol. Hey I don’t want it to seem like I don’t like Lamar or think he’s any good. I like him a lot and think he’s definitely a top 5 QB. I just think Josh is better and will continue to get better as a QB. Lamar is no joke though. As far as the playoffs, hey Andrew Luck didn’t play well in his 1st playoff game. Josh only had one and it was mixed results in play. Lamar was bad in his 1st, second one, the Titans had seen how well the Bills d had played Lamar last season for the most part, and applied what they saw and added some wrinkles to make thin tough for him. Both are very talented young QBs. This league is set up for the future at QB. Lots of young talent
Dylan Rees
Dylan Rees 20 dagen geleden
J Barkley well they’ve both not got any playoff wins so they must be bums 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴
J Barkley
J Barkley 20 dagen geleden
Dylan Rees He is definitely not a better thrower or smarter. Josh plays one of the most complex systems in the league and is brilliant with the football. He’s making full field reads, going through his progressions and is reading defenses like a champ.
Dylan Rees
Dylan Rees 20 dagen geleden
J Barkley lamar is the best running QB ever, he’s so clear, hasn’t got Allen’s arms but his is a cannon and he’s a much better thrower all around. he’s smarter, uses the read option vastly better, makes subpar receivers elevate their game if you want some more im sure i can help you out x
J Barkley
J Barkley 20 dagen geleden
What’s Lamar done that Josh hasn’t, besides relying on his running as much as he has?
Dwight Mocum
Dwight Mocum 20 dagen geleden
Life long Bills fan. I'm just trying to keep a level head in regards to Allen. I remain cautious optimistic.
Loweke Productions
Loweke Productions 20 dagen geleden
Top 5 is gonna change to top 3 very quickly just wait for it PAT !!
Face of Bear
Face of Bear 20 dagen geleden
He said Josh is only a top 5 QB? GET 'EM!
Charles Brown
Charles Brown 20 dagen geleden
Exactly Mahomes vs Allan is going to be the big showdown every year . Lamar is a great athlete but please he will be out of the league in say 4 yrs max . I like top shelf QB play not a wide receiver playing or trying to play QB position . This is why he struggles when he is down in points .
Ryan Martin
Ryan Martin 20 dagen geleden
Nailed it
Chitown4Life 20 dagen geleden
He has finally turned the corner
JLH Blitz
JLH Blitz 20 dagen geleden
1 million subs nice job growing the channel
Astros17 20 dagen geleden
Mahomes and Wilson
Vigero 20 dagen geleden
Feels good to see a non Bills fan say Allen is elite now
Den O mac
Den O mac 20 dagen geleden
Bills mafia finally got u to wake up PAT the Bills will surprise alot of teams the season
kenneth Schultz
kenneth Schultz 20 dagen geleden
Pat, we in the Bills mafia love you. We just want a little extra love for Josh.
Martin P
Martin P 20 dagen geleden
Bills fan here, I never felt wronged by any episode yet as a Josh Allen and lifelong Bills fan brother. I enjoy the analysis and commentary every week! I AGREE, THE KID IS A STUD... LET'S GO BILLS!!!
Damian Szalaj
Damian Szalaj 20 dagen geleden
Sam donald ...ok good luck jets
Jamie Craig
Jamie Craig 20 dagen geleden
"Slap hands! Slap hands!"
C Cecchini
C Cecchini 20 dagen geleden
Could’ve played golf all summer with Allen, but I went back home. Damnit
CipherBytes 20 dagen geleden
We're watching you. Don't mess up again, Pat. j/k
Paris Peach
Paris Peach 20 dagen geleden
Josh Allen is just straight up exciting to watch, but you are just one decision away from complete flipping a game on its head and potentially losing. Let’s go bills!
gottabump 20 dagen geleden
I'm a Bills Fan but Rodgers is playing better & fyi Lamar Jackson is wildly overrated
silentwulffff 20 dagen geleden
Josh “Wildcard bitches” Allen
silentwulffff 20 dagen geleden
Josh Allen slings the fuckin rock
yocrash 20 dagen geleden
yeaahhh Allen is heat rn love to see him do great
Ancestral Rage
Ancestral Rage 20 dagen geleden
Ravens > Bills
corey boundy
corey boundy 20 dagen geleden
Hell yeah! We all ballin' Let's go Buffalo! From Adelaide, Australia!
Bills Fan butalsogopackgopleaselovemetom
BillsMafia world wide baby
Grant G
Grant G 20 dagen geleden
Go bills 💪🏻
Daryn Coon
Daryn Coon 20 dagen geleden
Buffalo Bear
Buffalo Bear 20 dagen geleden
Not gonna crown him..... WHEN WILL YOUR HATRED OF ALLEN STOP!?
JAYDEGARROW 20 dagen geleden
Bills Mafia appreciates the love
Blake Roach
Blake Roach 20 dagen geleden
Why Havnt you reacted to Big Cox’s 3 goals in the elimination final
Randy Garcia
Randy Garcia 20 dagen geleden
He's good but not an mvp
Bryce Micky
Bryce Micky 20 dagen geleden
Still not convinced Pat isn’t a Josh Allen hater
Ryan Pelopero
Ryan Pelopero 20 dagen geleden
Josh Allen looking like Andrew Luck rn
Tecc32k 20 dagen geleden
Josh allen is incredible
clash legend
clash legend 20 dagen geleden
“JOSH ALLEN TOP 5 QB.” Words not many bills fans thought they’d hear this year from top sports analysts
FinalFirebrand 20 dagen geleden
The future has some good news for you, Pat.
Asa Simmons
Asa Simmons 20 dagen geleden
Honestly top QB for fantasy I haven’t lost a game with him in my qb slot
William La Rue
William La Rue 20 dagen geleden
Don’t come to buffalo
Bigoso1011 20 dagen geleden
They played a banged up raiders D what these guys talking about.
Peen Head
Peen Head 20 dagen geleden
Josh Allen the best and worst player in the league
Meistro Shine
Meistro Shine 20 dagen geleden
They’re gonna be saying “let’s see IF it can continue” ten years from now.
Bruce Simmons
Bruce Simmons 20 dagen geleden
D. Carr didn't look bad either, given his decimated WR corp.
Leonel Lomas
Leonel Lomas 19 dagen geleden
No he did not. He’s still gotta get some help well the team in general but if they fix some things they can be in the mix as well. Carr will be alright he’s not done in Vegas. Just get the guy some help
Tim MacPherson
Tim MacPherson 20 dagen geleden
I'm telling you Pat. He's playing out of his mind and i think it isn't a fluke. I think this is what he actually is. In fact, i'm pretty sure he's only going to get better.
Damager dave
Damager dave 20 dagen geleden
go bills
Nope Wipty
Nope Wipty 20 dagen geleden
Darnold is amazing as well js
Buffalo Bobby
Buffalo Bobby 20 dagen geleden
Bills Mafia 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 Air Allen baby
Gregory Brew
Gregory Brew 20 dagen geleden
Justin Herbert is a very similar player to Josh Allen.
Matthew Rollins
Matthew Rollins 20 dagen geleden
Top 5??!! Why are you such a hater?
Sea Hawks
Sea Hawks 20 dagen geleden
You jinxed the Bill O’Brien fire 🤣🤣🤣
Thomas Coniglio
Thomas Coniglio 20 dagen geleden
I think Josh and Patrick will have their throwing contest when they meet in two weeks.
Joe P
Joe P 20 dagen geleden
Rodgers is playing better tham Allen right now. But allen is close
2 Guys 1 Sport
2 Guys 1 Sport 20 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers: comes on the show Pat: *gagging sounds*
Nick Jim
Nick Jim 20 dagen geleden
billy O stooge is gone!
Gunk MasterFlex
Gunk MasterFlex 20 dagen geleden
I don't say this to be an asshole or to stir up controversy, but honestly speaking: I just don't see it. I feel like the media is hying the dood up for narrative purposes. Again Josh Allen is doing fine, eventhough the defense is 5outta5. I wanna see Josh work on being smooth and create better continuity.
Adam Morgan
Adam Morgan 20 dagen geleden