Pat McAfee On How AWESOME Arch Manning Is 

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Could Arch be the best Manning?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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16 okt. 2020




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El james Rocha
El james Rocha 17 minuten geleden
Man I wish I paid attention to pat when he was a player. By far my favorite person on NLblock. Keep it up man we love the content. Your whole team is awesome
Dmack Uur geleden
He better come to indy you know he wants to be here let's go get him!
Hannah L
Hannah L 2 uur geleden
He's supposedly the best out of all of the Manning's according to Manning.
BardockThaRawest 4 uur geleden
Arch probably slays with all the girls in school
Cody LeBleu
Cody LeBleu 23 uur geleden
God please let him come to LSU!!!
DoobieKeebler 23 uur geleden
IF the hype stayed at the current levels, or even grows larger, look for an "Eli Manning-Phillip Rivers 2.0" scenario to play out on draft night as the NFL draft is starting & after Arch is drafted, where he will have to force his way onto a different team. No way in H-E-double-f***all-sticks that the Manning clan let Arch end up on a horrible team that might ruin his development or is a perennial loser where he end ups like his namesake (grandad).
LeBron James
LeBron James Dag geleden
That’s why the kid didn’t go to a D1 school
scarface24n Dag geleden
I’d love to see him paired up with belichick and see what happens.
Георгий Реутов
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Matt Blank
Matt Blank 2 dagen geleden
Manning greatest of all time over Brady?
Steven Hornostaj
Steven Hornostaj 2 dagen geleden
Pat sucks
Elijah White
Elijah White 2 dagen geleden
peyton rushed pretty decently in college and his first few years in the league. in the later years he might not do so in the NFL
Lachlan Poor
Lachlan Poor 2 dagen geleden
Imagine if he goes and plays for the Patriots XD
tom pistole
tom pistole 2 dagen geleden
Damn that kid must be facing a lot of pressure
Too much Remy
Too much Remy 2 dagen geleden
John Shannon
John Shannon 2 dagen geleden
This high school class is something else. Think about having both Bronny and Arch in the same graduation year. Yes they play different sports, but that is still pretty cool and both of them are studs. This is gonna be a fun 3 years.
Chris Dropulich
Chris Dropulich 2 dagen geleden
I hope he doesn't go to an Adam Gase coached team, or to the Jets.
Nick Gwyn
Nick Gwyn 2 dagen geleden
Georgia, Alabama, LSU, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Old Miss, North Carolina, BC and Duke has already offered this kid a scholarship.
Cedric Walker
Cedric Walker 2 dagen geleden
Pat - "two superbowl champion brothers sitting next to each other, and one of them is known as the greatest QB of all time" I had no idea that Tom Brady was a Manning brother... crazy! Nice fxcking try, Pat
Bear Down
Bear Down 2 dagen geleden
Arch manning s uncle is the greatest qb of all time? Didnt know he was related to TB12.
OGEvans 2 dagen geleden
Arch to detroit. Geeeeeet iiiiiiit.
tbone55a 2 dagen geleden
Brian Gosvener
Brian Gosvener 2 dagen geleden
I just watched the game highlights after seeing this video and he played awful really
Tyler Morgan
Tyler Morgan 3 dagen geleden
Arch is going to finish high school early and go to LSU to begin a 3yr domination of college football!!!
HawkingsFyre 3 dagen geleden
Patriots: Why do I hear boss music right now?
Douglas Mcdonald
Douglas Mcdonald 3 dagen geleden
Tom Brady’s his uncle? I think we need to fact check that.
Brock Glaser
Brock Glaser 3 dagen geleden
No Manning will ever play for the Pats...
Jay L
Jay L 3 dagen geleden
Why have 35 sidekicks lol wtf
Wil Crawford
Wil Crawford 3 dagen geleden
He might make me go to a high school football game for the first time in years
Caleb Boyce
Caleb Boyce 3 dagen geleden
Lets slow the hype train down. Got a hot minute before he’s facing anything equivalent to an actual defense. You can look back at some of the biggest busts in the NFL and they looked like that back in High School.
Rock Landers
Rock Landers 3 dagen geleden
Hey pat that thumbnail is ridiculous! You know damn well that young manning kid has tons of football games to be played before he can even be mentioned with his uncle's ... smh how dare you use that for clickbait
Robby Vogel
Robby Vogel 3 dagen geleden
This kid is gonna be solid. Hopefully he continues to ball out
Milky TV
Milky TV 3 dagen geleden
I'm better than Arch
Lil Fella89
Lil Fella89 3 dagen geleden
My Colts better tank when it’s his time to Draft
David Blois
David Blois 3 dagen geleden
So what team do we think Arch is gonna go to?
Jim Lahey
Jim Lahey 3 dagen geleden
Poor kid... he just needs to do what he likes and not worry about the shoes to fill
Real Life
Real Life 3 dagen geleden
What kind of person would wish for a 16 year old to have a bad game... Outside of the other team... Bum ass loser adults who peaked in high school.
Nick Blake
Nick Blake 3 dagen geleden
Jets will draft him in 5 years lol
Arch will go to the New York Giants. Or the New England Patriots.
PMS Store
PMS Store 3 dagen geleden
Recycled Animations
Recycled Animations 3 dagen geleden
Now we all wish he plays for our favorite teams
ballislife TWolvesNation
ballislife TWolvesNation 3 dagen geleden
Peyton manning is so overrated. Pat only hypes him up bc he played on the same team
Dominic Esposito
Dominic Esposito 2 dagen geleden
@Devin Bannish youtube censors brah
Devin Bannish
Devin Bannish 2 dagen geleden
@Dominic Esposito Functionally what? Don't beat around the bush, just say it.
Dominic Esposito
Dominic Esposito 2 dagen geleden
@Devin Bannish anyone who doesn't realize Peyton Manning is a top 3 QB of all time either knows zip about football or is functionally 🤪🔨
Devin Bannish
Devin Bannish 2 dagen geleden
@Dominic Esposito but he's not wrong.
Dominic Esposito
Dominic Esposito 2 dagen geleden
Your right to free speech should be revoked.
Jeffrey Tanguay
Jeffrey Tanguay 3 dagen geleden
The kid is fantastic. Props to his teammates too, diving catches, winning jump balls while outnumbered, one-handers and toe-taps? He puts it there but this school clearly has an eye for talent, it looks like watching a D2 college (minus the size difference at least)
Andrew Sturman
Andrew Sturman 3 dagen geleden
Just wouldn't want all this attention, on him doesn't ruin the game or the fun aspect for him.
Manuel Garcia
Manuel Garcia 3 dagen geleden
3 years feel free to go 0-16? 2023 hell be 18 this isnt the nba . you have to be 20/21 3rd yr of college lol so 2026 nfl draft
Ricky White
Ricky White 3 dagen geleden
As a die hard pats fan I think there’s no way we or anyone can hate this kid. Yes we say we don’t like Peyton or Eli it’s cause of the great things they did and did against us. Anyone who hates this kid is a moron he’s a stud
Brian Stryker
Brian Stryker 3 dagen geleden
Eli is not the third 4th best football player in his house
Stoned Jew
Stoned Jew 3 dagen geleden
Kolton Price
Kolton Price 3 dagen geleden
I’ve been to the MPA cooper is so freaking hilarious he made fun of a kid bc he said I don’t think he got the message that lineman camp had been moved
TannerSmith80 3 dagen geleden
2 picks? And one was a pick 6
Jesse Paiz
Jesse Paiz 4 dagen geleden
This kid either an all time great or todd marivinch
A Live
A Live 4 dagen geleden
Stop grooming this kid just cuz he's a manning! Nfls next great white hope!
ColtonHiggs77 4 dagen geleden
Cooper was the athletic brother
Jamie Craig
Jamie Craig 4 dagen geleden
As a Colts fan, tank for Arch Manning in a few years!
DIAMONDGAME 4 uur geleden
Hey Jamie
Jeff P
Jeff P 3 dagen geleden
He is not going to the NFL for like 6 years
terryfeynman 4 dagen geleden
Pats fan here, why would we hate archie ? He is a kid, and I am looking forward to see him play in college. We do not even hate peyton, why would we ? It was a cool rivalry full of respect for each other between tom and peyton.
Bodie Tyler
Bodie Tyler 4 dagen geleden
Reminds me of the Lebron James talk coming outta high school.
Za Fo
Za Fo 4 dagen geleden
Pats fans upset about way, no how. This kid is dynamite, what people really have to be worried about is by the time he comes to the draft...what if the Pats have a top 5 pick for that kid
Sway Lethal
Sway Lethal 4 dagen geleden
Arch manning to the broncos just watch
Alex McLeod
Alex McLeod 4 dagen geleden
Now here’s the real question. Ole Miss or Tennessee?
The Amusing Spade
The Amusing Spade 4 dagen geleden
I’m a pats fan, and I definitely do NOT hate Peyton or Eli. Peyton and Brady’s rivalry is unmatched all those classic matchups always made for good football, and as for Eli, man could definitely play and has 2 rings to show for it. I’m glad Arch is doing good, dudes lookin like a stud, definitely a next great!
Dallas Wood
Dallas Wood 4 dagen geleden
he could be good or he could be a case of peaking way too early. as mentioned right at the beginning of the video he has access to resources other kids just don't have and that balances out once you hit the college and pro levels.
thegreatpotenza '
thegreatpotenza ' 4 dagen geleden
The prodigy is here
The Hamburgler
The Hamburgler 4 dagen geleden
To hate a Highschool kid is weird to me. He can’t even drive yet
Fredy Khan
Fredy Khan 4 dagen geleden
0:59 my entire life changed thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Wh!t 4 dagen geleden
Duuuude he got on ESPN2 in place for my school’s game. We were going to play on there but the other team couldn’t field a team because of Covid
Steven Kincaid
Steven Kincaid 4 dagen geleden
Bruh if Ole Miss could get that kid for college (saying that he hopefully retains his skill until then) I’d be stoked
Llama One
Llama One 4 dagen geleden
It's a GUARANTEE he will play in the NFL. His life is set up for him already if he was just average. He is a Manning. Meanwhile there are kids playing just like him in towns and high schools we haven't heard of and the kid will not get even close to the NFL. The manning are grooming him to be the Messiah of the NFL lol. It just takes 1 injury to destroy everything. God bless him
Markie Markman
Markie Markman 4 dagen geleden
Where ever Arch goes to I hope to god it's not the Jets.
Jay Lebron
Jay Lebron 4 dagen geleden
Imagine if the patriots get him
Eddie Duran
Eddie Duran 4 dagen geleden
its highschool, relax.
Robert Johnston
Robert Johnston 4 dagen geleden
If he can get those interceptions and pick 6's under control, he'd be much better. I watched that game against Booker T Washington and he made MANY mistakes among multiple pick 6's. Other than that, his physical skills as a QB are phenomenal.
ExploudLOS 4 dagen geleden
Yeah the BTW team didn’t have a good QB
Juan Diego Jinesta Rojas
Juan Diego Jinesta Rojas 4 dagen geleden
Wow wow wow ... hold your horses... Patriots fan love football and we do love Peyton we gave us so much great memories and few not that good so why would you hate the kid? Why if he gets drafted by the Pats?
Knowledge saves And frees
This podcast is so garbo like they got lucky
John Stack
John Stack 4 dagen geleden
They're gonna ruin this kid giving him this much attention.
Dominic Esposito
Dominic Esposito 2 dagen geleden
Na, his family will have him prepared for it. He was bred for this.
John M.
John M. 2 dagen geleden
In most situations yes but I think his mentors can keep him grounded.
JP Bazzano
JP Bazzano 3 dagen geleden
I disagree a lot of kids that have that are younger or they have families where this is randomly a superstar out of an ordinary family. The ordinary family tries to cash in ASAP. The mannings know the fame, and have had several super famous NFL players that know how it goes.
Official BNAMusic88
Official BNAMusic88 4 dagen geleden
He’s gonna go to Peyton’s ....ARCH rival 🧽 💨
Andrew Marchese
Andrew Marchese 4 dagen geleden
They straight breed these dudes.
John Bonh
John Bonh 4 dagen geleden
why would patriots fans hate him? We never considered Peyton a real rival.
Dallas Wood
Dallas Wood 4 dagen geleden
Peyton was 3-2 against Tom Brady and the patriots in the playoffs, that's a cool story though.
Yacan Son of Israel
Yacan Son of Israel 4 dagen geleden
*SCRAWNY AND WIMPY.* He doesn't even play elite HS teams.
TimmyS27 4 dagen geleden
Let's just pray that he's more like Peyton than Eli lmao
Dominic Esposito
Dominic Esposito 2 dagen geleden
gabe ortiz
gabe ortiz 4 dagen geleden
Athletic like cooper and w an arm and Brain like Peyton too good to be true I would come back to the nfl to watch this kid if the hype is real man
Voloroxz 37
Voloroxz 37 4 dagen geleden
Spot on
Max Hovenden
Max Hovenden 4 dagen geleden
Hilarious when anybody tries to sneak in that Peyton is the GOAT
Devin Bannish
Devin Bannish 2 dagen geleden
@Barnowl Hoots What?
Barnowl Hoots
Barnowl Hoots 4 dagen geleden
right lol that's a big old nope and i hate that he gets a free pass on being kind of a dick just because he acts like forest gump half the time
scarlett michanco
scarlett michanco 4 dagen geleden
if you're tanking in 3 years for a QB who won't be eligible to be in the league for at least 5 years(unless he graduates HS early), you're an idiot.
Hoosier Daddy
Hoosier Daddy 4 dagen geleden
Sorry but he won’t be as good as peyton
Scott -O
Scott -O 4 dagen geleden
Only if he had the facilities to groom him
Kaylen Howard
Kaylen Howard 4 dagen geleden
It’s ok, He’ll get to the nfl and fold.
Perry Reed
Perry Reed 4 dagen geleden
How do u not like the mannings?
Tinchote 4 dagen geleden
Jelous for the indoor facility. My son's outdoor warmup for his outdoor game here in Canada begins in an hour. Current temp is -13C (8F for the southern neighbours), with 20km/h wind.
chitalian22 4 dagen geleden
I like how Pat calls Peyton, Rodgers and, Brady all the GOAT lol
J.D. Wolfe
J.D. Wolfe 4 dagen geleden
Id like him to stay away from Ole Miss and Tennessee in College and pave his own legacy
America 4 dagen geleden
me- checks comments sees, the same jokes over and over me- iggght imma head out.
Adam N
Adam N 4 dagen geleden
Fun fact Payton Manning still not the goat.
404 Not Found
404 Not Found 4 dagen geleden
@ 1:22 Peyton Manning is not the greatest QB of all time but.... Yea.
BeCareFul EyeknowWhoEyeAm
His name got him on ESPN, but he is really overrated. I mean come on he's in high school talk about something else that matters and I'm a colts fan.
Michael Carpenter
Michael Carpenter 4 dagen geleden
Ahhh Arch Manning. We will watch your career with great interest
Bryant Scali
Bryant Scali 4 dagen geleden
You would laugh but i literally watch your show just to fall asleep
ike white
ike white 2 dagen geleden
Me too!
Thorbjørn Rollosson
Thorbjørn Rollosson 4 dagen geleden
Buddy said greatest quarterback of all time.... last I checked his uncle wasn’t Tom Brady
Eden Horam
Eden Horam 2 dagen geleden
@osp80 no, you spelled tom brady wrong.
osp80 3 dagen geleden
you spelled joe montana wrong.
Jay Ray
Jay Ray 3 dagen geleden
C'mon STHKiiiiPPP!
Josh Carlyle
Josh Carlyle 4 dagen geleden
He played with Peyton of corse pats going to say him
moronmonkey1 4 dagen geleden
I saw an article that Cooper Manning was by far the best athlete of the three. But was forced to quit at 18 due to a rare spinal condition
Yoshi24 4 dagen geleden
One thing people don’t talk about is how Tom Brady isn’t really close to being the best qb of all time. He is the best player ever with those rings and leading capabilities, but Peyton, Breesus, Aaron Rodgers, even Mahomes. Tom isn’t the best qb ever, he just led a team with the best coach ever.