Pat McAfee On If Drew Lock Is Done In Denver After Teddy Bridgewater Trade 

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Do you think there will be a battle for the starting spot in Denver?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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28 apr. 2021




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Man with no name
Man with no name 19 uur geleden
Let the kid play. He has the talent, the desire to be great and the leadership skills. He only needs to work on his footwork. If, he cleans that up he's a top 10 QB. Go Drew! Go Broncos!
Adam Baarman
Adam Baarman 2 dagen geleden
Every Pat Mcafee subscriber should chip in 2,000 dollars for a minority stake of the franchise. That ends up adding up to enough money to purchase a team.
Kyle 4 dagen geleden
I finally subscribed.... I like his take. And I respect his mind. Let's go
Chad Jensen
Chad Jensen 4 dagen geleden
ANYONE who thinks TB is a better QB than Drew Lock, just go back to last season and watch the Denver @ Carolina game. There is no comparison. Drew will beat him out without much trouble
Kyle Wright
Kyle Wright 4 dagen geleden
Hi, lock fan here. He’ll win the job and be the franchise QB for Denver. Chilllllll
Sean Douglas
Sean Douglas 4 dagen geleden
Drew lock blows
Christopher 4 dagen geleden
Bridgewater should threaten to retire like Rodgers, you are not allowed to have a younger backup in this league!
Steve 4 dagen geleden
Smoking crack if you think Drew loses out to Bridgewater lol...Teddy is coming to be a glorified backup..Drew already knows the system and is our leader atm...your judging a kid who came in and changed coaches and coordinators, QB coach and now GM....your were expecting too much from Drew who just needed to learn a steady system...he will be amazing this year watch!!! Oh and he has been with P.MANNING this off season 🧐
Aaron Beaulieu
Aaron Beaulieu 5 dagen geleden
Denver paid virtually nothing for Teddy so they have the flexibility to have him be the backup if Drew Lock takes a big step forward.
Jonathan Simmons
Jonathan Simmons 5 dagen geleden
I don’t hate Drew Lock as a Broncos fan. What I hate about the team is the fact that a solid O line is non existent. It’s been weak since way before Peyton’s time. Peyton was just good enough he could dissect a defense before he got sacked. The young blood needs more time and he doesn’t get it.
Opethian 5 dagen geleden
As a Bronco whose still hopeful for Drew, I appreciate the kind words!
Steve McComas
Steve McComas 5 dagen geleden
Life long Bronco fan and I have not given up on Lock. Hopefully his time with Manning will help him stop throwing off his back foot. He has a hell of an arm. Any QB in Denver lately never gets the back of the organization.
Benjamin Metcalf
Benjamin Metcalf 5 dagen geleden
Bills were a disaster during the Flutie vs. Robo-sack QB controversy that lasted 3 seasons. The fans loved Flutie but the coaches had a boner for a QB that spent the whole game on his back....set the franchise back for decades
Hairtrigger83 5 dagen geleden
Would you be that worried about Teddy taking your job? You'd have to play pretty damn bad for that one, some disrespect to Teddy intended.
Fit Tennis 60
Fit Tennis 60 5 dagen geleden
clutchplayer19 6 dagen geleden
Bridgewater .... come back to Minnesota!!
Akkbar 6 dagen geleden
I’m a dyed in the wool Broncos fan for life. Drew deserves another year. Needs to stop trying to win the game with each play. He’s failing at the mental aspect of the game. Plus he hasn’t had decent pass protection yet. Last year was an improvement, but still not so good.
Fraser McArthur
Fraser McArthur 6 dagen geleden
From Rodgers to Teddy... Oh snap the broncos are still going to be terrible
socalrcr 6 dagen geleden
I want to see the broncos go get ian book from notre dame.
cre8urf8 one-line
cre8urf8 one-line 6 dagen geleden
Drew will not be the starter this season! But he'll be a good backup to Aaron Rodgers!!!
The Guardian
The Guardian 6 dagen geleden
He is done for sure of Rodgers gets traded there. He was a terrible WB, fourth string back up at best.
Stinky10R 6 dagen geleden
Broncos fans are happy now
D M 7 dagen geleden
Yeah he's done because they're about to trade for Aaron Rodgers then Teddy Bridgewater will be a backup again
Indivian 7 dagen geleden
I really found it hilarious that all the exact same draft 'experts' that claimed Lock was a 'developmental prospect that needed three or so years to be ready' were saying that Denver should get another quarterback after 1.5 years with almost 0 offseason either year becasue Lock 'didn't work out'
Rockerrock32 32
Rockerrock32 32 7 dagen geleden
If like to see Pittsburgh trade for him. He's got potential and worth giving a chance
James Eveland
James Eveland 7 dagen geleden
Y does AJ look like hes on downers i mean he looks zoned the fook out
Salty Merkin
Salty Merkin 7 dagen geleden
Love me some Drew Lock
david wilkinson
david wilkinson 7 dagen geleden
Drew Lock is gonna be great!!!!! 🐴🐓🔒 Drew Lock is working hard right now to improve!! Lock has all the talent he’s watching film he will fix all the little stuff!!! I think lock has MVP potential
The Hotspot Gamer
The Hotspot Gamer 7 dagen geleden
Man this video didnt age well
Assuntay Cleaver
Assuntay Cleaver 7 dagen geleden
Lol he's trash. Doesn't matter who he is or how nice a guy he is. He doesn't play well
MJoStriker 7 dagen geleden
Another Broncos fan checking in, this is Locks make or break year. I like the guy I hope he is the one to finally put it together for us.
John’s Thinking
John’s Thinking 8 dagen geleden
He hurt every year
Ryan Tierney
Ryan Tierney 8 dagen geleden
Broncos have done this before with Chris Simms and Kyle Orton
BubbaJo 8 dagen geleden
Bringing in teddy seems like theyre tryna bring in a mentor to help refrine lock but if teddy or lock starts widening the gap then one has to go
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 8 dagen geleden
I love Lock I want him to succeed and I hope he pops off this year Drew Lock Will win The job He has more raw talent.
Andrew Decaul
Andrew Decaul 8 dagen geleden
I'd love to grab Drew Lock on the Cowboys for a maybe a mid round pick next season.
BlackOpsoXXo 8 dagen geleden
The one Broncos fan I know wanted Minshew
DahDoctah 8 dagen geleden
As a Broncos fan it never ceases to frustrate me at our inability to commit to a QB. How long has it been since we’ve had a QB for 5 seasons?
Daniel Tayong
Daniel Tayong 8 dagen geleden
Lock was a 2nd round pick. He won’t get the benefit of the doubt.
PeroyT 8 dagen geleden
From a broncos fan… me…. And it’s not what everyone else thinks….. drew lock hasn’t even got a chance yet. What happened to sticking with a guy? We did it with Elway as a player.
Diego Abarca
Diego Abarca 8 dagen geleden
He’s trash
shawn simmons
shawn simmons 8 dagen geleden
Lock is garbage 🗑 will be a career back up 🆙
Swimmy 8 dagen geleden
having two quarterbacks splits the locker room howie roseman: i can’t hear you over my quarterback factory
sykesjb 8 dagen geleden
Love Drew but still would pick up high 1st round QB regardless.
Bryan Jackson
Bryan Jackson 8 dagen geleden
He's going to pull a Garret Boles this year!! Boles went from a crap LT to one of the top LT in the league after his 3rd year thanks to Munchak. Lock is working with Peyton and he gets OTA's & Training camp this year. You cant expect a huge jump doing zoom calls all year. And not having any time to work with your receivers.
tommyoshady 8 dagen geleden
Buying low on Lock.
Donald Overbeek
Donald Overbeek 8 dagen geleden
If a QB falls to the Broncos. There will be 3 in organization
Midnight Blaze
Midnight Blaze 8 dagen geleden
Been done since he started rappin jeezy
Bruno 8 dagen geleden
Quarterback competition that led to success, AJ? How about Tom Brady vs Drew Bledsoe? The beginning of the greatest dynasty of all time.
Victor Vegas
Victor Vegas 8 dagen geleden
Denver fans thought their team was a sb contender last preseason. Now its locke "needs more time". The truth is he is mediocre at best .
Armilli 8 dagen geleden
If I sucked ass at my job for two years straight would I have the luxury of still being around? The answer is no, no I wouldn't.
JordaniusVonRhod 8 dagen geleden
Lock is better than Teddy lmaooo
Joe Kerr
Joe Kerr 8 dagen geleden
Huge mistake by the Broncos. Teddy B is garbage and Lock just needs some more time.
Tom Hill
Tom Hill 8 dagen geleden
It's fine, Teddy gunna come back to the Vikes in a few years
Perceptious37 8 dagen geleden
Drew Locke reminds me of Mitch Trubisky.
Parris Styles
Parris Styles 8 dagen geleden
They said they were all in on lock for this season, or had high confidence in him, but also wanted competition. Paton has been straightforward with his info, and he pretty much hit on what the future holds this season.
Parris Styles
Parris Styles 8 dagen geleden
My guess is if the guy they want drops to 9, they will shoot, but if not, they will go BPA
Kyle Powell
Kyle Powell 8 dagen geleden
2008 ravens open Qb competition and went to afc championship game
Byron ‘92
Byron ‘92 8 dagen geleden
AJ Hawk just sits and says nothing 😂
Lora Geiger
Lora Geiger 8 dagen geleden
Bridgewater isnt the answer but he can win some games with that team with another WR (picked at 9) with Sutton and Fant etc. Think Lock is who they want to be the guy and he's got the potential but now he has to show it
Wormtail42 8 dagen geleden
Nice to see AJ contributing to these conversations with his lovely smile and nod
T Beck
T Beck 8 dagen geleden
Never heard of Drew!
curtis_browning 8 dagen geleden
What a shame, I feel like the league moves way too quickly now. What happened to developing players? I feel bad for the players that don’t get to prove themselves. League expansion coming? Imagine 40 or 50 teams ...
Stephen House
Stephen House 8 dagen geleden
Pat Shurmur is the problem look at what he did to Eli Manning and the Giants offense and how the offense was being run last season running the ball 2 downs in a row and forcing him to make a play on 3rd when the defense obviously knows a pass is coming you can't succeed at QB if the defense knows when you are throwing the ball
huskerfanman 1989
huskerfanman 1989 8 dagen geleden
Denver fan: I like the move because I feel comfortable with Teddy B as a backup. Lock should be the guy I remember what he did with Sutton in those 5 games he started. Denver should have a top ten offense this year with Sutton returning.
abradolf lincler
abradolf lincler 8 dagen geleden
Teddy is still only 28, he just needs to have a good relationship with his offense and since we are young, maybe he can have a good impact. I like drew but he just panics and doesn’t help the offense in crunch time. Getting rid of Lindsay was kind of wack, if anything I don’t believe in fangio
Brian Ropel
Brian Ropel 8 dagen geleden
Who is this Lock guy?? Never heard of him
Tie One On
Tie One On 8 dagen geleden
Teddy isnt a starter....but having someone like him, Winston, Fitz as backup or switching it up definetly helps a team. I loved watching Marriota coming in for Raiders last year
Beau Breaker
Beau Breaker 8 dagen geleden
As a Broncos fan I feel like Bridgewater is just a lackluster BAND-AID and I think with Lock the inevitable is just being delayed. We will have to go down other avenues for a permanent qb in Denver Lock has shown flashes but I think his skill caps out at like a Derek Carr level which we might not even see him amount to
ZillTheGOAT 8 dagen geleden
I always wonder how many QBs coulda been GREAT maybe even HOF had they been given enough time to grow into their potential... The window to succeed in the NFL gets shorter and shorter every year it seems. Aaron Rodgers: 3 Years before Starting Drew Brees: 1 Year Bench 2 Ehhh Seasons starting Phillip Rivers: Rode bench behind Brees for 2 yrs Kurt Warner: Only got the Helm because of Tm8s injury. Just a few examples sure there's many more
Derrick Sylvester
Derrick Sylvester 8 dagen geleden
Matt Leinart was the guy until Kurt Warner came in and took over. Naming a guy doesn't work of the guy you named isn't as good. Pros see what's really going on.
mike fuller
mike fuller 8 dagen geleden
Lock did not have things easy his second year, covid restrictions impacted pre-season, sutton was lost 1st week leaving Lock with two rookie wrs
JGB 8 dagen geleden
When Russell got drafted by Seattle
APC 8 dagen geleden
They need to give Lock another shot, period !!!
Flame9x Yt
Flame9x Yt 8 dagen geleden
As a Pittsburg fan I would love to have lock on the team
Hoover Redman
Hoover Redman 8 dagen geleden
Drew lock is trash
b mckee
b mckee 8 dagen geleden
Bronco fan here, too. Lock has never had a veteran behind him to show him how to be a pro, and he's had two terrible OCs. Flacco was there but publicly said he wasn't there to be a mentor. I'm not sold on Lock as the Next Coming, but he's better than the 3, 4 & 5 QBs in this draft. Don't forget that most 1st round QBs are busts, so there's no reason to draft someone who isn't better than what you got. Give him another year in an offense he knows and see what happens. Teddy won't win you games like Drew can.
Troubled eNVy
Troubled eNVy 8 dagen geleden
Drew will be a backup to teddy
Jimmy G
Jimmy G 8 dagen geleden
Josh Rosen has had the Worst luck....had a good first season him Sam Darnold and Josh Allen all had around the same stats....but he didn’t stand a chance when cliff came in as coach, he called it before he had the job that he would draft Kyler givin the chance it was his guy same thing with Miami and Tua.....I wanna see Rosen get a real shot and watch him tear it up‼️💯
Ernie is Gaming
Ernie is Gaming 8 dagen geleden
Lock had a tough break last year, and honestly there were ups and downs. I watched every single game. I dont gasp when he drops back I feel good about him. Even when he fucks up and makes a terrible forced throw I just see someone trying to win. The locker room loves him and he is fun to watch, I dont get the hate on the kid at all. Yeah his footwork could use some tweaking, but later in the year you could see he put work in. He didnt have a no 1 wr, major guy on the oline out, von was out which chubb did well with the double teams, but also put secondary was outmatched alot because of injury and suspension... omg. Give the kid another year. If he had short field and we didnt run lindsay up the middle like assholes and if Gordon didnt fumble like crazy, and we had a healthy team.... c'mon guys. It just was not our year. Not to mention, as a broncos fan I hope our o coordinator can figure something out because scangerello had no issues with lock. Idk there is alot there that isnt being talked about. It just definitely was not our year and lock isn't to blame for ever little thing.
Jon Paul Guzman
Jon Paul Guzman 8 dagen geleden
I feel Drew can be what Baker is in Cleveland. He had a good few games his rookie year, a pretty tough 2nd year. Just cut down on the turnovers.
Paige Miller
Paige Miller 8 dagen geleden
I felt Denver would have been a bad spot for Lance with no veteran to learn from. I could see Denver grabbing Lance for the future. Fangio might want to win now but he isn't making the pick.
Dick Vitale
Dick Vitale 8 dagen geleden
Drew Lock needs some time behind a veteran he has potential but I think he try’s to do too much some times. Like it was said he looks great at times but terrible others when he is trying to win games on every play. He was terrible in the first game against the Raiders last year but not bad in the second.
sensoriko 8 dagen geleden
Not a Broncos fan, but live in Denver. The Broncos just had an open competition controversy a few years ago. When it was Lunch vs Simien, there were reports about frustration in the locker room because there wasn't a set starter lewding up to the start of the season. The two were splitting reps down the middle and it made it hard for the offense to connect and build a chemistry. What was the old quote? "If you have two starting qbs, you actually have no starting qb."
Elvis A McGhee
Elvis A McGhee 8 dagen geleden
Broncos traded a SIXTH round pick plus the Panthers paid $10 million of Teddy’s contract. Broncos pay just $3 million. I think it’s a QB competition. That’s all
stuuppidmonkey 8 dagen geleden
Yo AJ id say its the bears with groesman n orton in 2006 10 n 6 went to the superbowl.... I think u know tge rest.
Tanner Lemke
Tanner Lemke 8 dagen geleden
Sure you can say that teams that have an open competition don’t do as well but I would say it’s usually because teams that have an open competition normally don’t have that great of QBs to begin with so they will grab a couple different mediocre guys and hope somebody breaks out of the pack
BrunoVaughn 8 dagen geleden
Teddy Bridgewater is a big bag of nothing.
Jake piemme
Jake piemme 8 dagen geleden
Teddy clearly gonna start. Drew needs to find a new home under a quality veteran qb he can learn from
Mike R
Mike R 8 dagen geleden
Why does Lock look like he is about to cry in his pictures.
jonny goodson
jonny goodson 8 dagen geleden
Screw mitt or mick whatever his name is. Broncos forever babay!!
Roy Collins
Roy Collins 8 dagen geleden
Schlereth(“Stink”) nailed it, the QB needs a line first.
PenguinREA008 8 dagen geleden
Give drew a chance
PenguinREA008 8 dagen geleden
jay Sturm
jay Sturm 8 dagen geleden
Teddy would be a top 5 QB if he had a different personality. He has this passive non aggro personality and allows himself to be pushed around. He should seriously be the starting QB somewhere.
brein stobb
brein stobb 6 dagen geleden
I feel like he doesn’t have the it factor that burning desire to win at all costs. He’s a smart enough guy I just don’t think he is confident in his game like he was showing flashes of at Oregon.
13 Amp
13 Amp 8 dagen geleden
It's more than his attitude, he doesnt have a big arm and throws check downs constantly. Hes never had more than 15 passing tds in a season, he isnt a game winner, he was 0-8 in game winning situations last season. Lock had 16 tds last season, teddy isnt an upgrade, hes not even good He has never progressed and has always been a back up at best
Anthony Boehmer
Anthony Boehmer 8 dagen geleden
I haven't watched yet, but no. Drew has all the potential to be great. Struggling against one of the hardest schedules in the league while throwing it to the youngest receivers in the league. Doesn't mean a young qb sucks. Was his first year really. He's been putting in all the work. Gotta give him a chance
Baylee Lunday
Baylee Lunday 8 dagen geleden
As a die hard Broncos fan Drew Lock should be our starter. He has only played 17 games and is 9-8. He has damn near similar stats that Josh Allen did in his first 17. Let him get a second year in the same offense and go from there. Teddy will serve a guy to push him to be better and as a teacher.
michael perry
michael perry 8 dagen geleden
Fun fact Tim Tebow would only be 33 coming into this year js
Hank Amarillo
Hank Amarillo 8 dagen geleden
the guys not an nfl qb... denvers been f-ing up since peyton left. this is on john elway. hes gotta go
AverageGamerMike 8 dagen geleden
most people don’t talk about this but it starts with your O-line liking the qb. directly affect him every play and if that trust and love isn’t there it’s gonna be brutal
Winston Cannady
Winston Cannady 2 dagen geleden
Come on bro. If your work ethic depends on whether you like the qb you are PAYED TO PROTECT you dont need to be there
mrdisco 8 dagen geleden
Broncos fan here: Lock is talented but doesn't have it mentally. The guy seems immature and simply not smart enough to be a good NFL QB. He can't beat good teams and only looks good in meaningless games against trash defenses. Don't be fooled by the flashes. I personally hope I never see Lock take another snap in a Broncos uniform. Also, the Bridgewater trade does not rule out drafting a QB. Lock could still be moved - perhaps as part of a package to move up.
Axel Jericho Hawk
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