Pat McAfee On If Patriots Traveling To Kansas City On Game Day Will Hurt Them 

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Do you think the Pats can put up a fight?
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5 okt. 2020




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Softnumnums 13 dagen geleden
It will.
mxamiss5 15 dagen geleden
Oh so this is why Hoyer sucked? Hahaha
Tanner Cox
Tanner Cox 15 dagen geleden
Flying on a plane across the US and then playing a football😳 that has to suck.
VOODUU PRIEST 15 dagen geleden
Apparently, yes. But they would have been smoked anyway.
Nate Sarfo
Nate Sarfo 15 dagen geleden
Honestly Pat could’ve strapped up and played for NE tn
Mark Arren
Mark Arren 15 dagen geleden
The hoodie doesn't want to waste his false positives on this game, which is even with Cam Newton, a long shot to win. He'll keep that for when he has to play an easier opponent.
Super Saiyan Blue Goku
Super Saiyan Blue Goku 15 dagen geleden
Oooohohoho, can’t wait to see the show tomorrow 😁
Chase Farris
Chase Farris 15 dagen geleden
Sounds like high school hahaha
Eric Russell
Eric Russell 15 dagen geleden
Kc gave the patriots the foot long extra mustard since Hoyer couldn't cut it
KoomaAppa 16 dagen geleden
Lol, Butler still salty about getting thrown out of the club by Gronk & the numerous ass kicking he got when playing 😂😂😂
Connor Kramer
Connor Kramer 16 dagen geleden
Chiefs offense looked awful but pats offense was even worse
Gerardo Reyes2
Gerardo Reyes2 16 dagen geleden
I don't mind having different package QBs
ericsinchina 16 dagen geleden
Not having a QB is probably a bigger problem.
Zucchini bread
Zucchini bread 16 dagen geleden
As a chiefs fan I am actually sorry for the patriots
Twistamillion 16 dagen geleden
Just get out there and play 😂😂😂😂😂😂 had me dying
maninredhelm 16 dagen geleden
Does this season even really count? It feels more legit than the other major sports, but it still doesn't feel entirely legit.
E46 M52
E46 M52 15 dagen geleden
Like Russ breaking the TD records through the first few games. I respect the hell out of the man, but it is a whole other animal when 65,000+ screaming psychos are involved.
Prophet Future
Prophet Future 16 dagen geleden
This is the time, this is Stidham’s Brady moment, or he fails miserably and stays a backup qb forever 😂
yurboy 15 dagen geleden
@Bryce Peters stidham did good. The ones around him didnt do good
Prophet Future
Prophet Future 15 dagen geleden
Well they will both be backups forever 😂
Bryce Peters
Bryce Peters 15 dagen geleden
Shameful display by both QBs. It hurt to watch.
Alex Gaspar
Alex Gaspar 15 dagen geleden
@Diego Villagomez looked better then stidham. Also they didn't get a chance to practice before hand after Cam tested positive and they travelled today
Diego Villagomez
Diego Villagomez 15 dagen geleden
@Alex Gaspar hoyer sucked
OG LOC 16 dagen geleden
Not watching the game for OBVIOUS reasons 🗑
Steve Connors
Steve Connors 16 dagen geleden
All other major sports do it regularly. Football players should be able to handle travelling in first class
ddt 16 dagen geleden
How did those old school football players do it in the 60s and 70s? Those men were beasts.
Sun Wukong
Sun Wukong 15 dagen geleden
Bryce Peters This is kind of like the LeBron vs Jordan arguement. The game might have evolved, but it’s also literally changed. If it were by the old rules, the new guys would literally die. If it was the new rules, the new guys wouldn’t even need to play, they’d win on penalties.
Bryce Peters
Bryce Peters 15 dagen geleden
They did it because no one else did it. Put the the worst team in the NFL today against the best team in the NFL back then, and it will be a slaughter. Its just what happens when the sport evolves.
PMS Store
PMS Store 16 dagen geleden
froglaps40 16 dagen geleden
Switch it around, if it was KC flying today, would the outcome be different?
Bryce Peters
Bryce Peters 15 dagen geleden
Get rid of mahomes? Yah. Bill would be licking his chops at an easy W.
Jay 16 dagen geleden
The chiefs have had it easy these 4 games
DVD 0410
DVD 0410 16 dagen geleden
bill o stooge is fired
Rodney Hall
Rodney Hall 16 dagen geleden
I just wanna say this is so dumb idc who the coach is
Gary Patterson, Jr.
Gary Patterson, Jr. 16 dagen geleden
I am a patriots fan and I have accepted the fact that we will lose today
Daboi358 Rules
Daboi358 Rules 16 dagen geleden
Gary Patterson, Jr. Me too :(
Garbanzo123 16 dagen geleden
LMAO people acting like the patriots ever had a chance of winning this game...
E46 M52
E46 M52 15 dagen geleden
Gary Patterson, Jr. WITH Cam.
Gary Patterson, Jr.
Gary Patterson, Jr. 16 dagen geleden
Garbanzo123 what do you mean bro have you watched these past games with cam they been going off. They almost beat the Seahawks
DEKUtheKID 16 dagen geleden
This is RIDICLOUS the pats r having to play this game tonight and without cam, easy win 4 the damn chiefs .
Carson Anderson
Carson Anderson 16 dagen geleden
If the patriots make this game even somewhat close, Bill Belichick is easily the GOAT. Aside from the given travel situation, he has lost his starting qb, many other pieces, and is playing one of the most dominant teams (if not the top team) and Super Bowl champion Chiefs, who are also well coached and stacked on both sides of the ball. If Bill can make something happen with the very little he has, he is undoubtably the GOAT.
sYmboloGy 15 dagen geleden
He's already the GOAT...sober up.
rxibot 16 dagen geleden
Let's see what you got Hoyer!
rxibot 15 dagen geleden
@sYmboloGy So isnt Stidham. I wonder who else we could get.
sYmboloGy 15 dagen geleden
He bad. Really bad.
samc0lt 16 dagen geleden
Don't do that. Don't give me hope.
Jeffrey Kamke
Jeffrey Kamke 16 dagen geleden
I'm glad Brady converted me to a bucs fan. Patriots are going to get throttled tonight.
sYmboloGy 15 dagen geleden
CSMGRP 16 dagen geleden
You mean you’re glad you decided to be a bandwagon?
Joey Fletcher
Joey Fletcher 16 dagen geleden
If they lose by less than 2 scores, that will be respectable... and im a pats fan lol
Yugo RC
Yugo RC 16 dagen geleden
Pat McAfee dosen't like Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills
Tony Zheng
Tony Zheng 16 dagen geleden
Just let you guys know, Bill o' Brien just get fired
Derrick Miree
Derrick Miree 16 dagen geleden
New England Patriots are here to study the Chiefs!
Derrick Miree
Derrick Miree 15 dagen geleden
@sYmboloGy Yes, he should have! He was showing Cam how KC works.
sYmboloGy 15 dagen geleden
@Derrick Miree Hoyer should have never played. Belichick never should have started him. Ugh...
Derrick Miree
Derrick Miree 15 dagen geleden
@sYmboloGy No, wait till the playoffs! They did good till the 4th Quarter .
sYmboloGy 15 dagen geleden
LMAO...sober up idiot.
Greg Palmer
Greg Palmer 16 dagen geleden
Just play.
lazlo featherhinny
lazlo featherhinny 16 dagen geleden
@ pat McAfee. Whats your thoughts on bill obrien being fired
Metal Fan Dave
Metal Fan Dave 16 dagen geleden
Poor babies, lots of people have to travel and work the same day. Suck it up, tha's why you get the big $$$$
Sayso 16 dagen geleden
Pat can put butter on his FanDuel teaser....cause it's toast 🍞
Joe McKim
Joe McKim 16 dagen geleden
Patrick Mahomes vs. Brian Hoyer, the Patriots are going to get torched today.
Cam 16 dagen geleden
If the chiefs don’t win by at least 15+ that’s sad.
Ethan Jamison
Ethan Jamison 16 dagen geleden
Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Evan McMaster
Evan McMaster 16 dagen geleden
If the Patriots even make this game somewhat respectable Bill Belichick is from another planet...
Eric Russell
Eric Russell 13 dagen geleden
@Bryce Peters nah he just looks bad compared to kc
Gmartinez 210
Gmartinez 210 15 dagen geleden
OG LOC not really
JaVale 15 dagen geleden
@Tony Gaertner they hold chiefs to a 6 point first half, touchdown was at less than a minute at the third quarter, that's very good against probably the best offense, if they have cam they win
Tony Gaertner
Tony Gaertner 15 dagen geleden
So since they lost by 16 points are u morons going to say Bill carried Brady?
OG LOC 15 dagen geleden
@Connor Kramer BIG FACTS
Eric 16 dagen geleden
A lot of these players probably haven't done this since high school! lol
Nick Francis
Nick Francis 15 dagen geleden
Not even really the same in high school if you gotta travel 4+ hrs whether it be a tournament or whatever you’re not playing the same day this is appalling
Mayo Luck
Mayo Luck 16 dagen geleden
Exactly what i was thinking
tallen4880 16 dagen geleden
Yeah don’t get off script, do your job...Cam sure as hell don’t get off. Yet the clear excuses are already flowing. Be a man, tell truth...McHomie is gonna kill you!!! Chief Nation!!! We wanted Cam 100 for this more than any paid personality, don’t get stuff twisted!!! Home of the CHIEFS!!!!!!! CHAMPS!!!
MT35 16 dagen geleden
Shut up bandwagon
Evan Sanford
Evan Sanford 16 dagen geleden
Texans fired bill O’Brien
sYmboloGy 15 dagen geleden
Way too late...
C Cardinal
C Cardinal 16 dagen geleden
should have been fired two seconds after that Dhop trade
jessup631 16 dagen geleden
He should of been gone a long time ago. Like day 2.
Evan Sanford
Evan Sanford 16 dagen geleden
Yes fr
TGLK 16 dagen geleden
Matthany Fiedtano HAHAHA
Francisco Gonzales
Francisco Gonzales 16 dagen geleden
Y'all overeating. Bill will find some luggage boy TODAY to run for 105 and two TD.
itssammyboy 16 dagen geleden
Srdjan Stavljanin
Srdjan Stavljanin 16 dagen geleden
JJ Taylor's the name 😁
Francis Mendez
Francis Mendez 16 dagen geleden
i call it Texans starting fresh
Kashi Tumbapura
Kashi Tumbapura 16 dagen geleden
Adam McRill
Adam McRill 16 dagen geleden
Ok now I know why there was a ton of cops out on that route.
Zachary Dunham
Zachary Dunham 16 dagen geleden
Pat's fans in here acting like they had a shot, if they did have the overrated cam newton
Zachary Dunham
Zachary Dunham 16 dagen geleden
@DrumKiller2 ehh kinda overrated
DrumKiller2 16 dagen geleden
Yaaaa definitely would’ve had a shot lol.
MixDatSalt 16 dagen geleden
The went from having a 1/10 shot at winning with Cam to 1/1000 with Stiddam lol
david sanders
david sanders 16 dagen geleden
Bryan Hoyer for DA WIN
The Thomahawk
The Thomahawk 16 dagen geleden
@Alejandro Alvarez Stidham isn't on IR, just got a nagging injury in camp, and Hoyer beat him out.
Alejandro Alvarez
Alejandro Alvarez 16 dagen geleden
I think Hoyer is playing, stidham was in IR
BosSox 16 dagen geleden
As a Pats fan looking at this game, biggest problem is going to be keeping Mahomes off the field. It would have been interesting to see which Pats defense showed up tonight (the one against Seattle or the one against the Raiders), but a lot of that was going to hinge on cam and the run game keeping the defense and Mahomes off the field. I don't think Hoyer will be able to do that and over time the Pats defense will be out there to long and Mahomes will find the holes and gash them. It was already going to be a really difficult game, now I'm just hoping Cam can somehow play next week against the Broncos, cause I guess there is a way he could return, but Im not very clear on it cause I thought Quarantine for Covid-19 was supposed to be 2 weeks.
Zachary Dunham
Zachary Dunham 16 dagen geleden
Josh allen > covid 19
nathan d
nathan d 16 dagen geleden
They really should cancel the game.
nathan d
nathan d 16 dagen geleden
Ask Me If I Care that has nothing to do with it favors lmao. Need to know the full extent of who has covid and be absolutely sure everyone is negative, me stating they should cancel is about safety where did you get “special favors” out of what i wrote?
Ask Me If I Care
Ask Me If I Care 16 dagen geleden
Players don't get special favors. If the team is able to play, then they play, regardless of who is out.
Smith. E3
Smith. E3 16 dagen geleden
Patrick mahomes laughing now.
matthew hall
matthew hall 16 dagen geleden
As somebody that travels from Boston to KC for the fam, it’s an insanely easy trip. I’d be more concerned about how long Cam is out
Brandon Hardesty
Brandon Hardesty 16 dagen geleden
Better to hurt em than squirt em...
FB TV 16 dagen geleden
Congrats pat!!! Stay grinding
Braeden Cooper
Braeden Cooper 16 dagen geleden
There’s a reason teams travel early...even at college level
Ken Morris
Ken Morris 16 dagen geleden
High school too....if I remember correct, you'd get to a school across town about 3-4 hours before the game.
Yep, still heartbroken - wanna fight about it?
Sounding like a Mike Tomlin statement
Dustin Kern
Dustin Kern 16 dagen geleden
Congrats on 1 million subscribers. Road to 2 mil starts now
CamperVan Clark
CamperVan Clark 16 dagen geleden
Old School
Old School 16 dagen geleden
87 to 1 like ratio
Alex Christopher
Alex Christopher 16 dagen geleden
Congrats on 1 million Subs, Pat!
JJ 16 dagen geleden
Well this is a slaughter.
hangtime 7190
hangtime 7190 16 dagen geleden
I was excited for this game, now its just ginna be mahomes beating the piss out of the pats lol
Bierstadt54 16 dagen geleden
I am still looking forward to it, because if anyone is going to figure out how to keep Mahommes in check it's Belicheck, and he still has his defense and everyone else needs a template for how to defend the Chiefs offense.
Richforever !
Richforever ! 16 dagen geleden
Bill Belichick needs to forfeit the game
Evan McMaster
Evan McMaster 16 dagen geleden
@Paul Mann Don't lose hope my friend Bill will have us covered
Rodger Mendoza
Rodger Mendoza 16 dagen geleden
Gonna be just like last week mnf
Zachary Dunham
Zachary Dunham 16 dagen geleden
That makes it even more exciting...josh allen > cam newton
Le Dingle
Le Dingle 16 dagen geleden
if this gets 100 likes my kidnappers will let me out the basement
David Morales
David Morales 16 dagen geleden
Patriots went from having a 50/50 chance to beat kansas city with cam newton at quarterback to a slim chance . but! With the best Coach in football royalty he might pull the bunny out the hat and show he doesn't need a big name qb to beat the best
kyle grant
kyle grant 16 dagen geleden
I guess you have never watched Hoyer play. This games over
Michael Lamantia
Michael Lamantia 16 dagen geleden
Caleb_ _MTZ 100% chance with Brian hoyer😈😈😈
Corey C
Corey C 16 dagen geleden
Nah they went from having a slim chance to needing a miracle..
Caleb_ _MTZ
Caleb_ _MTZ 16 dagen geleden
Lol you have to be a Pats fan to say they had a 50/50 chance
Connor Berglund
Connor Berglund 16 dagen geleden
Not sure it was 50/50 but yeah, I was excited to see that game.
Chris Clark
Chris Clark 16 dagen geleden
1 million subs 🙌
Time Out Humanity
Time Out Humanity 16 dagen geleden
They'll be fine
Time Out Humanity
Time Out Humanity 15 dagen geleden
@Bryce Peters as a bills fan, i try to use reverse psychology
Bryce Peters
Bryce Peters 15 dagen geleden
They werent fine.
Pedro Camargo
Pedro Camargo 16 dagen geleden
I sure hope so
jeffrey king
jeffrey king 16 dagen geleden
1 mil
Graham Shuman
Graham Shuman 16 dagen geleden
Not having Cam Newton play will be the biggest disadvantage of all
sYmboloGy 15 dagen geleden
Tony Corrupte never helped things...he's such a POS ref.
OG LOC 16 dagen geleden
BIG FACTS The coaches better make some type of magic tonight
Cam 16 dagen geleden
Michael Lamantia Hoyer the *Destroyer* but fr I hope the patriots actually do good with hoyer
Michael Lamantia
Michael Lamantia 16 dagen geleden
An Brian hoyer boughta go dummy😈😈😈😈
Kyle Huang
Kyle Huang 16 dagen geleden
Palmer Donnan
Palmer Donnan 16 dagen geleden
Top 10 Pat McAfee Moments
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