Pat McAfee On If Sam Darnold Can Still Have A Successful Career 

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Do you think Sam can rebound for a good career?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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2 okt. 2020




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D Hosein
D Hosein 13 dagen geleden
Woody is 1000% correct
D Hosein
D Hosein 13 dagen geleden
Can people relax? Darnold has had 2 incompetent head coaches, like 3 coordinators and NO PLAYMAKERS... use the draft 2021 to get him some help. Draft all offensive players...Their top WR is a bench player some other teams and thr rest of thr guys are practice squad guys. Bill Belichik is waiting for the Jets to do something stupid and darnold goes there and wins 3 superbowls smh Jets probably have the worst clueless and badownership and management in sports today.. some high school teams can beat them
James Blatz
James Blatz 16 dagen geleden
What about Andrew Luck? They left him to the wolves? No o line at all? Dude would still be killing it had it not been for Pagano and his lack of effort to protect him?
Danehh 16 dagen geleden
I really want to win that Pat McAfee giveaway. It would change my life
Mick Romine
Mick Romine 16 dagen geleden
They Didn't give there opinion on if he could have a successful career or not....
Chris Morris
Chris Morris 18 dagen geleden
If he’s not with Adam Gase or on the Jets, perhaps. They’d be better off just cutting their loses with Gase first and hope that Darnold can be fixed first, before Trevor comes to the building.
josh pereira
josh pereira 18 dagen geleden
Yes he can he just needs the right coach. Look what Harbaugh did for Alex Smith he looked like a complete bust and the 9ers got to a nfc championship with him and he went to the chiefs and was very successful. It's all about the coach
JabTrill 18 dagen geleden
Darnold continues to show flashes of what he can do. Having Jamison Crowder was huge for him this past week. He just needs a better OL and some better receivers and I think he can be good. And Adam Gase is obviously a cancer who needs to go
Aunchient Pistol
Aunchient Pistol 19 dagen geleden
Naw he done
Elii Bihh
Elii Bihh 19 dagen geleden
Jets are the worse high school team in America
CrocAndBallTorture 19 dagen geleden
People forget how bad Jared Goff was with Jeff Fisher. A good coach makes all the difference.
Harruar 19 dagen geleden
If you draft a good QB. Build a fookin team for him. Or trade him to a team who wont ruin him. Sick of owners who use their team as their business tax right off...
KENBUILT79 19 dagen geleden
Hey Pat, there is ONLY 1 NY team and they are in Buffalo! Ill let it slide since you are hilarious, but just don't let it happen again! haha Bills for life
Nigol T.
Nigol T. 19 dagen geleden
Yea you're riding high out of college, you're an absolute superstar and then you come to the NFL and get dumbed down hard. That is really F**** UP!
farley toussaint
farley toussaint 19 dagen geleden
Jets is straight Doo Doo
Mike McGirr
Mike McGirr 19 dagen geleden
I think the jets should try bringing in a.b. Maybe they can be the steelers 2.0 ..... They got nothing to lose at this point
Huang Chung Chuan
Huang Chung Chuan 20 dagen geleden
I noticed the Cam jersey. He has a one year contract with Patriots. If he doesn't get the job done, watch Patriots pick up Donald and they win a super bowl. :)
Dom Jackson
Dom Jackson 20 dagen geleden
Danny Dimes has was better weapons than Darnold does. This is coming from a giants fan
Jacobi Gilbert
Jacobi Gilbert 20 dagen geleden
More D Woody!
Pierson Ellis
Pierson Ellis 20 dagen geleden
Damien Woody should be on more
Jordan Lovett
Jordan Lovett 20 dagen geleden
Sam Darnold would be a good fit in Chicago or Detroit.
Eli Howard
Eli Howard 20 dagen geleden
Gotta be decent at some point to bounce back lol
Krakken Gaming
Krakken Gaming 20 dagen geleden
Jets should look to trade Darnold to the Bears or Lions. Both teams have QB needs. Although I’m curious as to how starting Foles will be long term for the Bears.
Trent Taggart
Trent Taggart 20 dagen geleden
He is a USC quarterback. Enough said.
Patrick Irwin
Patrick Irwin 20 dagen geleden
Not with that coaching staff 😲
Frank Grimes
Frank Grimes 20 dagen geleden
Darnold > Trubisky
He will have a good to great career if he goes to another team with a strong coaching foundation and one that brings in weapons (Saints, colts, Steelers, patriots).
Damien Daniels
Damien Daniels 20 dagen geleden
I never saw Sam Donald as a starter in the NFL. He has talent; but he's more of a Nick Foles/ Kurt Warner type of NFL QB = would have moderate success, then make large strides at the end of his career (not suggesting he'd win the SB).
Spencer V
Spencer V 20 dagen geleden
He’d be great in Minny.
Krummy Raider
Krummy Raider 20 dagen geleden
Not with Gase coaching
NRG 20 dagen geleden
If he come to the Steelers yes
jron20 r
jron20 r 20 dagen geleden
Bad coaches ruin good players. You see it at all levels, in all sports. Coaches have to understand what they have to work with, and mesh their ideas with the players abilities. I wonder how Eric Bieniemy would handle Sam, maybe we will see.
Darren Porsch
Darren Porsch 20 dagen geleden
Just another in the long line of USC quarterback busts. The Jets don't help cuz they're dysfunctional organization but all the USC quarterbacks turn out to be busts cuz their teams in college are so much better than a competition they make them look good
Samuel Mercado
Samuel Mercado 21 dag geleden
Pretty sure New York doesn’t care about any team besides the Yankees
Leopold aka Leopold, also known as: Leopold
As a Dolphins fan I feel terrible for Darnold. I always tought of him as a very talented and bright guy, he can make every throw, he can run (not as good as Lamar, but who can?). But beeing stuck on a team with Adam Gase has to be the worst thing that can happen to a player... that guy is atrocious
salmanjets718 21 dag geleden
Promote Brant Boyer. Hear me out. When a teams this bad and they fire their coach, they look to promote the best units coach. Jets special teams have been their best unit.
Johncas416 21 dag geleden
Get the dude out of New York the organization STINKS the dude deserves to not see ghosts
Matthew Thomas-erwin
Matthew Thomas-erwin 21 dag geleden
Sam darnold is trash turnover machine and is a bust
H 21 dag geleden
Collingwood sucks 🤣🤣🤣 where’s the love Pat
Jon L
Jon L 21 dag geleden
Get some real players Jets. Get an O line and a D line. C'mon man!
J Gunzler
J Gunzler 21 dag geleden
Darnold can ball. He’s a franchise QB and unfortunately for him, the Jets are a terribly run team.
M Dolinski
M Dolinski 21 dag geleden
Sam needs to summon some ghosts to catch the football for him...
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 21 dag geleden
I’ll take him as a backup for the Bills.
Mad Willi
Mad Willi 21 dag geleden
What do you do when ownership is the problem
Stailzy -
Stailzy - 21 dag geleden
Trade idea Colts and Jets : Sam Darnold is traded to the colts giving them a possible long time Qb jets will nost likely get number 1 overall pick and draft Trevor Laurence And Jets will acquire another draft pick to help rebuild team. Like so Pat can see please!!!
Lance Handy
Lance Handy 21 dag geleden
His accuracy is terrible
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 21 dag geleden
He'll get traded to the Patriots and win multiple super bowls
Benjamin 21 dag geleden
Sam came into the worst situation possible in the league. First he had a defensive minded head coach in todd bowles who was terrible at game management. Then he got adam gase a supposed "offensive genius",but he got that title just for being peyton manning's coordinator and the worst part is the jets lack of O line and mediocre recievers. But even when sam has had time make throws and he's had open recievers he hasn't capitalized nearly enough. If trevor lawrence is available to us I don't see how we can pass up the next best possible qb. The jets have two first round picks so they can take an O lineman or no 1 reciever.
HannibalACP82 21 dag geleden
I expected this to be 2 minutes and 18 seconds of Pat saying "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooo......"
Justin Willitts
Justin Willitts 21 dag geleden
how about dak!
ReeseTheComedian 21 dag geleden
jake08311 21 dag geleden
How quickly they forget Josh Rosen, a QB out of the same draft class as Myfield, Darnold, Jackson, and Josh Allen.
Jah Spice
Jah Spice 21 dag geleden
Sam darnold is not a bad QB
Devin Green
Devin Green 21 dag geleden
I’ll take this guy in Pittsburgh behind Big Ben
Alec Johnson
Alec Johnson 21 dag geleden
Sam Darnold is actually good. His team is completely awful. Crowder is the only half talented receiver & he goes for over 100 yards VERY often.
Jeremy Rossi
Jeremy Rossi 21 dag geleden
Darnold to the Saints..... watch that kid become a super star
Jemp Ski
Jemp Ski 21 dag geleden
He wasn't good at USC and he still sucks in the NFL
Magic Trick88
Magic Trick88 21 dag geleden
If I was a elite rookie QB I wouldn’t sign with jets or Cincinnati
Collidiscope 20 dagen geleden
You get drafted by the team that drafts you and thats that.
Z- Bird
Z- Bird 21 dag geleden
Hell be a 6x MVP with Minnesota........
Quantum Crab
Quantum Crab 21 dag geleden
Adam Gase needs to GO
Brad 21 dag geleden
Send Darnold to the Saints Sean Payton can help him
Dem Bears
Dem Bears 21 dag geleden
Sam Darnold is like Tim Tebow & Johnny Manziel & that is a one hit wonder who never should have enter the NFL draft in the first place & nobody cares about what careers they are doing now since they can’t hack it in the NFL.
Bolt Boy
Bolt Boy 21 dag geleden
No Sam mono is booty I think
Trey Berry
Trey Berry 22 dagen geleden
Jared Goff also after they finally got Fisher out of there.
Griffin Grinnell
Griffin Grinnell 22 dagen geleden
He went to usc so no
Dizzzyyy 22 dagen geleden
adam gase lost his credibility when he showed up to his 1st press conference high on crack.
jlk 22 dagen geleden
Sam needs to practice at the Bengals indoor facility 🤔
Back to Orthodoxy
Back to Orthodoxy 22 dagen geleden
I feel bad for Darnold
Mark Desmond
Mark Desmond 22 dagen geleden
D Wood’s nose looks like a Mr.Potato Head piece stuck in his face
thokim84 22 dagen geleden
NFL is a grossly corrupt corporate organized crime facility.
About Killings
About Killings 22 dagen geleden
He just needs better protection
Ibraheem Rao
Ibraheem Rao 22 dagen geleden
Patrick Mahomes a.k.a. Machine Mahomes.
Ibraheem Rao
Ibraheem Rao 22 dagen geleden
Deandre Hopkins a.k.a. Handy Hopkins.
Ibraheem Rao
Ibraheem Rao 22 dagen geleden
Josh Allen a.k.a. Athletic Allen.
Ibraheem Rao
Ibraheem Rao 22 dagen geleden
Sam Darnold STILL seeing GHOSTS.
I’m stupider than the Guy I’m replying to, but
The dislikes are from the jets o-line and receiving core.
Cisium 22 dagen geleden
Patriots in 2021.
J Kush
J Kush 22 dagen geleden
Get the rock on the show!
Not Mick Blotters
Not Mick Blotters 22 dagen geleden
If he does turn it around he’d be the second stupidest looking quarterback in history
Tim Porter
Tim Porter 22 dagen geleden
At least the Jets have an indoor practice facility
Always Faded
Always Faded 22 dagen geleden
Sam darnold to Minnesota!!
Residual Route
Residual Route 22 dagen geleden
Bryson Adams
Bryson Adams 22 dagen geleden
idk but that run was dirty
Marc Powell
Marc Powell 22 dagen geleden
Hey bro the jets do have one top 15 nfl receiver in Jamison crowder
Anthony Guardado
Anthony Guardado 22 dagen geleden
Sam to the colts
Kick Start
Kick Start 22 dagen geleden
Marcus Mariota made plays look what happened
Noah Allen
Noah Allen 22 dagen geleden
I used to defend darnold until he spun around and sacked himself to lose the game
Noah Allen
Noah Allen 22 dagen geleden
Sam darnold reminds me a lot of tony romo ... without the lovable personality and football playing ability, and that’s not even a joke
Triggs SZN
Triggs SZN 22 dagen geleden
Bro just give Sam a new coach and healthy receivers then he’ll be successful
Erutan Revol
Erutan Revol 22 dagen geleden
Yeah, when Browns out of all teams is doing a better jobs. Fire case alone won't be enough, but it's a good start
Erik Hernandezzz
Erik Hernandezzz 22 dagen geleden
We can put all the blame on Adam gase but the whole organization is stupid it’s basically another lions
Followingfist 22 dagen geleden
Sam Darnold has no weapons to work with. NONE!
poissonfish99 22 dagen geleden
Darnold to Pats Dallas, Chicago or Indy
Levi Blankenship
Levi Blankenship 22 dagen geleden
The Jets being losers IS NOT Darnolds fault. I think he is great talent that is being wasted at the Jets.
Jack Tisdale
Jack Tisdale 22 dagen geleden
Hope Sam goes to Atlanta
Jeffrey Bird
Jeffrey Bird 22 dagen geleden
Put darnold on a team like the saints I think his career is revived like drew brees’s was.
Dallas Wood
Dallas Wood 22 dagen geleden
drew brees was really good in san diego too he just got injured.
EddieThaThird 22 dagen geleden
Danny dimes got some talent, it sucks thst Saquon is hurt he’s a beast, and solid wrs in golden tate, slayton looks like he’s gonna be good and sterling Sheppard got talent but keeps getting concussed and Evan engram is good too.
Vibz shop
Vibz shop 22 dagen geleden
Jets is 🗑 i won't want to play for them🤔 am lying throw that 💰 at me am there😁
BoviceSON! 22 dagen geleden
Sam Darnold showed NO signs of being a championship caliber qb in college, let alone pro bowl. I was so confused by anyone talking him up his draft year.
Padraig Murphy
Padraig Murphy 22 dagen geleden
I mean he's gonna be backing up Trevor Lawrence next year so his days are kind of numbered.
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