Pat McAfee On If The Chiefs Could Go Undefeated 

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Do you think this Chiefs team could do it?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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9 okt. 2020




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Kevin Salas
Kevin Salas 7 dagen geleden
Who is here after chiefs losss
Houdini-Ghost 7 dagen geleden
Time to talk about the RAIDERS.!!
Vox Populi
Vox Populi 7 dagen geleden
Turns out, no they cant
Static Fanatic
Static Fanatic 8 dagen geleden
Hacked Fishing
Hacked Fishing 8 dagen geleden
This aged like milk
Lucas Rodrigues
Lucas Rodrigues 8 dagen geleden
Ya totally but Las Vegas beat them
Integrity T
Integrity T 8 dagen geleden
Out of all the undefeated teams left i think Green Bay has the best chance to pull it off.
T -Bone
T -Bone 8 dagen geleden
ChillRichard 8 dagen geleden
Here after the Pat Mcafee Show jinx
Im ColdBore
Im ColdBore 8 dagen geleden
Still waiting for the McAfee reaction video to come out after the Raiders’ win over the Chiefs.
Samuel Cruz
Samuel Cruz 8 dagen geleden
Raidersssss we going 2 da ship
Codt Gilbertson
Codt Gilbertson 8 dagen geleden
this didn’t age well😂
Real Is Real
Real Is Real 8 dagen geleden
This is the ultimate kabash
LN997 8 dagen geleden
Videos that precede unfortunate events
XXXTARNATION ????? 8 dagen geleden
Yeah I’m here after the loss to Las Vegas
ConfuseRay005 8 dagen geleden
Total jinx
Sebastian Villarreal
Sebastian Villarreal 8 dagen geleden
Joshua 9 dagen geleden
No they cant
Check Out The Big Brain On Brad!
This aged like milk 💀
Real Is Real
Real Is Real 8 dagen geleden
Real fast
Zach Taylor
Zach Taylor 9 dagen geleden
1:51... *Gruden after last Sunday’s game
James Duggan
James Duggan 9 dagen geleden
Pizza_ delivery
Pizza_ delivery 9 dagen geleden
broooo that Madden burn was legendary
The WigglyThrone235
The WigglyThrone235 9 dagen geleden
This aged well
Charles Solano
Charles Solano 9 dagen geleden
Ooooooooh but how bout them RAAAAAAAAAAAIDERS?! 🤣
Levi Mahan
Levi Mahan 9 dagen geleden
Thanks for the jinx
Alec Lagos
Alec Lagos 9 dagen geleden
This video didn’t age well
RenaissanceNerd117 9 dagen geleden
I'd say about 0%.
Grant Edson
Grant Edson 9 dagen geleden
This aged well
Mr. Raider
Mr. Raider 9 dagen geleden
Nate Shura-Moore
Nate Shura-Moore 9 dagen geleden
RAIDER NATION🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️
Jimmy Kuhn
Jimmy Kuhn 9 dagen geleden
Infa Mous
Infa Mous 9 dagen geleden
sYmboloGy 9 dagen geleden
The Chefs don't look all that good actually...
sYmboloGy 9 dagen geleden
This aged well...
Coolkid10147 9 dagen geleden
Just a raider fan rewatching this with popcorn and jokes
Mystic Bray
Mystic Bray 9 dagen geleden
This aged poorly
Jonny TBags
Jonny TBags 9 dagen geleden
He spoke too soon
LayLow Tayloe
LayLow Tayloe 9 dagen geleden
Go raiders!
Wolfzy5k 9 dagen geleden
Lol here 2 days later
Ian Kaufman
Ian Kaufman 9 dagen geleden
This didn’t age well
Brian Sorenson
Brian Sorenson 9 dagen geleden
Brady McCullough
Brady McCullough 9 dagen geleden
Not if the RAIDAASS have anything to do with it
Bmonty 9 dagen geleden
Survey says...
Munckin Munk
Munckin Munk 9 dagen geleden
Las vegas
Jr04Sleepy Gaming
Jr04Sleepy Gaming 9 dagen geleden
Well.....This Didn't Age Well😂😂 My Raider won☠
urmanao24 9 dagen geleden
Lol literally was out wit a bud on Saturday & he was like dude we are going undefeated literally 12 hours later got their 1st loss
Alison Crewe
Alison Crewe 9 dagen geleden
This segment didn't age well at all.
Jordan Kruger
Jordan Kruger 9 dagen geleden
This aged well.
mxamiss5 9 dagen geleden
They sucked before they lost yesterday. They barely won any game
zach with ÅÇÎD
zach with ÅÇÎD 9 dagen geleden
this did NOT age well
skittles 893
skittles 893 9 dagen geleden
This did not age well😂
Cody Campbell
Cody Campbell 9 dagen geleden
Pat kept saying Chiefs but he meant Packers.
Drunken BarFly
Drunken BarFly 9 dagen geleden
Looks like they not going undefeated after all. Best teams in the nfl are...#5 Seahawks #4 browns #3 chiefs #2 Steelers #1 Packers.
Nhan Ha
Nhan Ha 9 dagen geleden
Not so much
Penguin1290 9 dagen geleden
Packers vs. Chiefs would be a killer super bowl matchup.
julian cc
julian cc 9 dagen geleden
The DreadNeck
The DreadNeck 9 dagen geleden
Raaaaiiidddeeerrrss raaaaiiidddeeerrrss raaaaiiidddeeerrrss
Divine Comedy
Divine Comedy 9 dagen geleden
Undefeated lmfao. These Chiefs think cos the refs won them 2 that this would keep happenin LOL. mahomes looks like the th best qb in the NFL. at best
VMz VipeR
VMz VipeR 9 dagen geleden
Chris Yokel
Chris Yokel 9 dagen geleden
St.AshHole 9 dagen geleden
William Graves
William Graves 9 dagen geleden
The Autumn wind came for Patty mac
Mitchell Weber
Mitchell Weber 9 dagen geleden
Not the team I expected to stop them going undefeated... well done LV
donfrenchiano 9 dagen geleden
this aged like milk
iHeart Winter
iHeart Winter 9 dagen geleden
This didn’t age well 🤣🤣
Tony Hemetona
Tony Hemetona 9 dagen geleden
Lost to the Raiders lol
Salvador Dalí
Salvador Dalí 9 dagen geleden
Hahahahaha aight
Wardawg 9 dagen geleden
Have anyone seen how the chiefs played this year? How was that even a thought?
howtowhat 9 dagen geleden
tu rande
tu rande 9 dagen geleden
Chief DAHNNN! Raiders
joshua sacco
joshua sacco 9 dagen geleden
Did this show always have the bros in the background? I would prefer it if they weren't part of the show. Are they intending to be funny or contribute in some way?
joshua sacco
joshua sacco 9 dagen geleden
@Nick I listened last football season I don't remember them. Idk 🤷‍♂️
Nick 9 dagen geleden
You must be new here
Watermelon boii
Watermelon boii 9 dagen geleden
Absolute 9 dagen geleden
This aged well. lol
Collin Schafer
Collin Schafer 9 dagen geleden
This aged like fine milk
LickMyEnchilada 9 dagen geleden
Well this aged poorly
Alex Rodrigo
Alex Rodrigo 9 dagen geleden
Daniel Prabahkar
Daniel Prabahkar 9 dagen geleden
How 'bout them Seattle Seahawks 😏 5-0 👊
Brad Fournier
Brad Fournier 9 dagen geleden
This segment didn't age well.. Chiefs fans... thank Pat...🤷‍♂️
MayhemMac Raider
MayhemMac Raider 9 dagen geleden
Aaron Flanary
Aaron Flanary 9 dagen geleden
Eric Del Monte
Eric Del Monte 9 dagen geleden
Literally two days! No doubt this guy works with ESPN...
Steven Soto
Steven Soto 9 dagen geleden
ABMMattStacks 9 dagen geleden
Yaaaa RaiderNation !!!!! Just win Baby
I’m Boras The PortaPotty
This didn’t age well
Henri Amesse-Morrish
Henri Amesse-Morrish 9 dagen geleden
Well this aged well
Mitch 9 dagen geleden
Go Raiders!
Tommy West
Tommy West 9 dagen geleden
This didn’t age well
Dakota Dalton
Dakota Dalton 10 dagen geleden
Supp 10 dagen geleden
i’m gonna go ahead and say.... no
Dalton Heichelheim
Dalton Heichelheim 10 dagen geleden
This didn’t age well
Jacob Thomas
Jacob Thomas 10 dagen geleden
They did not
Landon Davis
Landon Davis 10 dagen geleden
This aged well
J Willy
J Willy 10 dagen geleden
This did not age well
Cordell Erskine
Cordell Erskine 10 dagen geleden
Welp that was a short fantasy
David Alvarado
David Alvarado 10 dagen geleden
Shane Goodale
Shane Goodale 10 dagen geleden
The Patriots and Bucs would be the best Super Bowl
Christian Woodward
Christian Woodward 10 dagen geleden
Well this didn’t age well
RICHARD PARK 10 dagen geleden
Well this didn’t age well
Toasty Kings
Toasty Kings 10 dagen geleden
who here after they lost lol
NBG Nitro
NBG Nitro 10 dagen geleden
Top 10 Pat McAfee Moments
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