Pat McAfee Previews The Broncos vs Jets Week 4 

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This is set to be the most exciting game in the NFL's history...
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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1 okt. 2020




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Zach Wells
Zach Wells 22 dagen geleden
Tank bowl
Lucas Ferreira
Lucas Ferreira 22 dagen geleden
The famous "suck bowl"
Wolfster106 22 dagen geleden
Who ever is in charge of Thursday night football scheduling must love toilet bowls...
Matt 23 dagen geleden
I parlayed broncos and over the total 😉
Ravex24 23 dagen geleden
Damn... missed the passing under by 4.5 yds. The guy's good, though. I'll give him that.
The Rogue Titan Artificial Meta Intelligence
Dead @gameofthedecade 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
nallen100 23 dagen geleden
See, you stop protecting these diva qb's and you get some great football.
Scott Barron
Scott Barron 23 dagen geleden
pretty sad that Darnold hit the over by 5 yards...
Nick Lund
Nick Lund 23 dagen geleden
In the movie Little Giants they use Alka-Seltzer not Tums.
David Samuel D
David Samuel D 23 dagen geleden
More people will watch Bonanza re runs.
Hunty49 23 dagen geleden
29% of the Broncos starting line up is on IR. I think this is stealth tanking cos nobody's thinking they are both intentionally playing THIS bad.
Dan R Goodnight
Dan R Goodnight 23 dagen geleden
in eight games they have a combined ONE win LMFAO
Eddy 67
Eddy 67 23 dagen geleden
I wish I would’ve seen this before the game
Zachary Wiebe
Zachary Wiebe 23 dagen geleden
He said Maga
Jadon Bandimere
Jadon Bandimere 24 dagen geleden
WTF is that picture of Brett Bill?
Seth smietana
Seth smietana 24 dagen geleden
Remember when people thought sam darnold and josh Rosen were the most nfl ready in the 2018 draft?
EXPLODYZ 24 dagen geleden
Remember when they bear picked mitc trubisky over mahomes and Watson
A R Musc
A R Musc 24 dagen geleden
QB with the mis-pronouced last name worked those bums from NY. The over rated bust QB from NY still getting optimism???
David Koch
David Koch 24 dagen geleden
Says a no name rypien when his uncle won Super Bowls🤦🏼‍♂️
Below Average-Gamer
Below Average-Gamer 24 dagen geleden
Broncos with the dub!
tom burton
tom burton 24 dagen geleden
I predict the Broncos by 2.
Joku Sekou
Joku Sekou 24 dagen geleden
It won't
Logan Wilson
Logan Wilson 24 dagen geleden
Self awareness here fellas. Brett *Rip-pen* won a lot of games at Boise state
Joseph Copeland
Joseph Copeland 24 dagen geleden
Looking at the stats rn, Darnold barely scraped the over with 230
D C 24 dagen geleden
This game SUCKED!! But the Jets... 😂 😂
Jonnie5 Bgood
Jonnie5 Bgood 24 dagen geleden
230 for Sam, so close....
Gavin Weltmer
Gavin Weltmer 24 dagen geleden
“They are bad at football.” -The End
RoNīN GaījīN
RoNīN GaījīN 24 dagen geleden
Get at me... Here's my picks... Indy @ Chicago -2.5 o/u 43 Take INDY 23- 21with the points and the over. New Orleans -4 @ Detroit o/u 54 Saints 31-20 with the under. Arizona -3.5 @ Carolina o/u 51.5 Arizona 27-19 with the under. Jacksonville @ Cincinnati -3 o/u 49 Cincinnati 28-24 with the over. Cleveland @ Dallas -4.5 o/u 56 Cleveland 21-24 with the under. Minnesota @ Houston -4 o/u 53.5 Houston 31-26 with the over. Seattle -6.5 @ Miami o/u 54 Miami 27-25 with the under. LAC vs TB -7 o/u 43 LAC 24-27 with the over. Baltimore -14 @ Washington o/u 45.5 Baltimore 24-0 with the under. Rest of my picks: Rams -13 New England +7 Bills +3.5 Eagles +7 Packers -7
RoNīN GaījīN
RoNīN GaījīN 21 dag geleden
Not as good as last week but still on the plus side. 8-4-1 this week bringing my total to 16-5-1. Better jump on this money train!
Mack Sermon
Mack Sermon 24 dagen geleden
It's Brett Rypien (rip-en). His uncle Mark was a QB1 for The Washington FC back in the day. He's probably better than Drew but that's not a high bar if we're being truthful.
K0ol- Aid Packet
K0ol- Aid Packet 24 dagen geleden
White Wolf
White Wolf 24 dagen geleden
What about the Vikings gettting screwed? They don’t get a delay for their game Sunday but have to play with missing practice due to the titans mistakes
RoNīN GaījīN
RoNīN GaījīN 24 dagen geleden
Ugly game
cj coyle
cj coyle 24 dagen geleden
Broncos qb threw a interception at 204 yards while the the undr/ovr was 205 smh lost 2k
ac rohrs
ac rohrs 24 dagen geleden
The battle for 0-16
Adeeb Komari
Adeeb Komari 24 dagen geleden
hands down the best sports show out there god bless youtube for making this kind of stuff possible without cable or radio making it cookie cutter
Ouynx 24 dagen geleden
Hey guys, as a broncos fan I know this too well we only play good as underdogs so stop complimenting us please ty
Nicholas Francoletti
Nicholas Francoletti 24 dagen geleden
Zayne simard moore
Zayne simard moore 24 dagen geleden
Rye-peen? I think it’s pronounced Ri-pen. He was Boise States QB for 2 seasons and had about 22 wins at Boise State.
Jason Martin
Jason Martin 24 dagen geleden
1st thing I do after post work shower, is watch this show on you tube!!😃
jeremiah jones
jeremiah jones 24 dagen geleden
That awkward moment when you think to yourself. What if adam gase gets fired and they go out and hire Greg Williams to replace him and they win some games. Then you see Greg Williams on the jets sideline already.....
C. NIX 24 dagen geleden
It’s the game of the injuries so far
Hwy 33
Hwy 33 24 dagen geleden
The sacko 🥚🥚 bowl
BountyHunter Butch
BountyHunter Butch 24 dagen geleden
As a Denver fan. It's sad that all the injuries have made us a joke 😢
Pablo Castaneda
Pablo Castaneda 24 dagen geleden
I wasn't hyped for this, but now I am.
Brad Shoffner
Brad Shoffner 24 dagen geleden
Watching this during the game when you said "electric" Sam Darnold just had that incredible, don't know how to tackle, run!
maxpowr90 24 dagen geleden
UrinatingTree calls them "tank bowls": *cue the NBA on NBC music*. Pat would love a fellow Yinzer.
FluffyPancakes 0323
FluffyPancakes 0323 24 dagen geleden
Pat was wrong there have been 3 winless teams. The buccaneers, Lions, Browns. So the Jets would be the 4th
Dany Sheply
Dany Sheply 24 dagen geleden
“They are playing against a team with a guy with no name”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Charles Gee
Charles Gee 24 dagen geleden
I fuckin love Lil giants I'm so glad they never remade it
Nordic Viking
Nordic Viking 24 dagen geleden
I like this dudes take on the game and how he explained the pre-snap looks and coverage 👌
Rowan 24 dagen geleden
This felt like the opening monologue to SNL, but in this instance, It’s Thursday night football.
Zachary Snyder
Zachary Snyder 24 dagen geleden
As a die hard New York Jets fan. I want us to cement our place in immortality. Amongst the lions and the browns. The worst teams to ever lace em up. 0-16 baby. Let’s make history.
Zachary Snyder
Zachary Snyder 24 dagen geleden
Broncos 28. Jets 17.
Damari Brackett
Damari Brackett 24 dagen geleden
😂ending score: 3 to 5 and the referees are winning
Nick Fama
Nick Fama 24 dagen geleden
How the hell does this channel have less than a million subs!?
Neil McSkimming
Neil McSkimming 24 dagen geleden
Let Blake cook
Ed Lochridge
Ed Lochridge 24 dagen geleden
Rypien is gonna tear apart the jets tonight
Mr Dressup
Mr Dressup 24 dagen geleden
Hunter Brooke
Hunter Brooke 24 dagen geleden
Call me the jets, cause ill only be good for one night
Hunter Brooke
Hunter Brooke 24 dagen geleden
I mean if you win you get the second first round pick... if you lose you get first... whos the real loser?
Im Biscuit
Im Biscuit 24 dagen geleden
Bahahaha im excited for the game now😂you're right we were starving back then sometimes when your hungry ya gotta eat a ham and bread sandwich
Bi-Han 24 dagen geleden
Madden 21 needs Pat McAfee
Trevor Phillips 2020
Trevor Phillips 2020 24 dagen geleden
But are the NY Jets as bad as the 2008 Detroit Lions?
KingHrb 24 dagen geleden
Actually, that left side defender who's so good? He's out for this game
Gabriel Silva
Gabriel Silva 24 dagen geleden
Nah jets fans want that first overall draft pick that’s all 😂😂
A Boii Called Sunni
A Boii Called Sunni 24 dagen geleden
watch this game be epic af lmaoo
Unhai x
Unhai x 24 dagen geleden
Its mark rypien's nephew. The first canadian to win superbowl mvp for the Washington "team"
Ravens Kryptonite
Ravens Kryptonite 24 dagen geleden
The bottom feeders bowl! Don't think I will waste 3 hours of my life.
Ron Paul
Ron Paul 24 dagen geleden
It's too early to call it tank bowl so Stank bowl 2020 it is !
HumanSucksAt Stuff
HumanSucksAt Stuff 24 dagen geleden
Tank Bowl!!!
Jackson Ando
Jackson Ando 24 dagen geleden
Not a tank bowl if only 1 team is tanking
Darth Soldier
Darth Soldier 24 dagen geleden
Prime The God
Prime The God 24 dagen geleden
Imagine being a jets player watching this
Dynamic Solution
Dynamic Solution 22 dagen geleden
Imagine getting paid $100,000 a day no matter how you perform. Im sure they can justify it in their minds.
The Rogue Titan Artificial Meta Intelligence
LMMFAO!!!!!! 💀💀💀💀💀💀
Stop Bad Recommended Videos
~30% of the Broncos salary cap is currently on IR. Could be worth going for the tiebreaker in the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes
Dimetime35c 24 dagen geleden
The 1-31 browns have to be the worst team. At least the Jets have won a game in the last year.
Pupperoni Pizza
Pupperoni Pizza 24 dagen geleden
Game of the decade 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Fi fo
Fi fo 24 dagen geleden
Jets you are worse than Cleveland dolphins 🐬 etc etc etc
John Henry de Klerk
John Henry de Klerk 24 dagen geleden
Denver should win this Jeudy and Hamler arent injured right?
Mac Muller
Mac Muller 24 dagen geleden
Jackson Ando
Jackson Ando 24 dagen geleden
Not a tank bowl if only 1 team is tanking
Prophet Future
Prophet Future 24 dagen geleden
Playoff baseball>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>everything else
Matthew James
Matthew James 24 dagen geleden
worst team to be assembled... didnt they say that abut the dolphins lol
Evince420 24 dagen geleden
👀 I could have swore the Little giants used mentos not tums haha. But big ty Pat cuz now I need to re-watch that incredible movie 😁
Denver___ 24 dagen geleden
broncos on top!!!
Jesse S
Jesse S 24 dagen geleden
I’ll wait until the end of the 4th quarter before watching... I wanna make sure that both teams have plenty of time to warm up before it gets good.
Just Awesomee
Just Awesomee 24 dagen geleden
Whoever’s been picking these Thursday night games needs to be fired
Hank Amarillo
Hank Amarillo 24 dagen geleden
probably the 2 worst teams.... on primetime... good job nfl
Azurastrider 24 dagen geleden
Pat how do you walk the line of brutally honest yet sincerely positive and thoughtful so well? Wish there were more people that could/would do this. I'm still learning how
biggs 24 dagen geleden
excited to watch the steelers' future qb tonight
Brian Garrow
Brian Garrow 24 dagen geleden
A Mega Bowl?? It fits. Just like the KFC mega bowl, a conglomeration of garbage products packaged and sold as a quality product.
ginnym72 24 dagen geleden
Start Joe flacco 😎💪🗽
Rahiem Hunt
Rahiem Hunt 24 dagen geleden
They’re just gonna compete to lose but end up scoring anyway Bc they’re that bad 😂
lee maskel
lee maskel 24 dagen geleden
the last QB with that last name won a superbowl with the former washington team
Liam Powell
Liam Powell 24 dagen geleden
Is pat on meth? The waterboys mud dogs won a championship without the Watetboy for a whole half
Jennifer King
Jennifer King 24 dagen geleden
It's pronounced like rippin.
John M
John M 24 dagen geleden
Even if the Broncos win, they are still going to or two starting players.
ramos1258 24 dagen geleden
Put your life saving on the over.
Zap Rowsdower
Zap Rowsdower 24 dagen geleden
There is no way in hell this Jets team is worse than the Browns team that didn't win a game in 635 days. I say this as a Browns fan too. Hue was the worst coach ever. So, so bad.
Poza 24 dagen geleden
It’s called a TANK BOWL
Jackson Ando
Jackson Ando 16 dagen geleden
Poza they arnt tanking, if they wanted to tank why would they have tried to beat the jets? And we don’t have a 3rd round QB, so idk who you’re talking about, Lock will be back this week or next week who is good, 4-1 as a rookie and the only loss was to the Super Bowl champions, this year Sutton is out for the season, KJ keeps having hamstring issues, Fant got hurt, Londsay got hurt, Bouye, Miller, Casey, Harris, all got hurt so our losses arnt because of our QB, if we played Titans, Steelers, Jets, we’d be 100% 3-1, lost by less than a TD vs Steelers and Titans, give us our whole team healthy outcome would’ve been much different. We have yet to play a game while having most of our starters on the field, they have no reason to tank
Poza 16 dagen geleden
Jackson Ando urinating tree called it a tank bowl so that automatically makes it a mf tank bowl. And I bet the broncos are tanking at this point why rely on a 3rd round pick to be ur qb hes not good.
Jackson Ando
Jackson Ando 24 dagen geleden
Not a tank bowl if only 1 team is tanking
steven guevara
steven guevara 24 dagen geleden
G-A-S-E GASE-GASE- GASE / Calamity Sam
Jonathan Griffin
Jonathan Griffin 24 dagen geleden
lasts years Super Tank Bowl WAS vs MIA now that was a show.
Exar Kun
Exar Kun 24 dagen geleden
Thought it was Miami vs Bengals?
BP Lup
BP Lup 24 dagen geleden
"The Jets are a football team." Maybe.
EstParum 24 dagen geleden
Welk yeah Ive heard some rumours also. Mostly from Jersey though
My Teams Suck
My Teams Suck 24 dagen geleden
Broncos by 4
Brian Fox
Brian Fox 24 dagen geleden
Can a game be a 0-0 tie?