Pat McAfee React To Jalen Ramsey And Golden Tate Fight During Rams vs Giants 

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Seems like this beef spilled onto the field. Reports say that Ramsey even waited outside the locker room for round 2.
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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5 okt. 2020




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Ez C1APS 10 dagen geleden
Who won the fight
BNE 26
BNE 26 11 dagen geleden
I got respect for Tate but be really got cracked
Student William Campbell
Student William Campbell 11 dagen geleden
i need to call the police he committed a feeline
Andrew Land
Andrew Land 12 dagen geleden
Jalens a POS it's that simple
B Ulmer
B Ulmer 14 dagen geleden
I have no respect for a man who gets a girl pregnant and leaves her. End of story. Don’t matter ur situation, u just don’t do it. This country needs less people like Jalen Ramsey
IsmokeHiphop Live
IsmokeHiphop Live 10 dagen geleden
so what we don't care. now go join a movement pale.
Mike Wasowski
Mike Wasowski 14 dagen geleden
jalen is a scumbag for what he did to tates sister
Dorian White
Dorian White 17 dagen geleden
And they both from nashville lol so it’s homegrown beef 🤦🏾‍♂️😂
Carlos M
Carlos M 17 dagen geleden
I've hated golden tate since he blind sided Sean lee and hurt him
Amir Mcclain
Amir Mcclain 17 dagen geleden
Jalen left her found someone else Jalen signed a contract and the contract has benefits that benefit his daughters. Jalen loves his family he just moved on to someone else but yall hate on the man
Jeff Krueger
Jeff Krueger 18 dagen geleden
More black kids growing up without a father
SuperJohn12354 18 dagen geleden
Banging a team mates sister is strike 1 , knocking her up strike 2, leaving her to bang stripper in LA strike 3 , Tate should get a free shot at Ramsey
Frater Sol
Frater Sol 18 dagen geleden
Ramsey used to be with tates sister but left her for stripper... while she was pregnant he shot gap
Ryan Daley
Ryan Daley 19 dagen geleden
Thought Jalen was gay lol
Money Power187
Money Power187 19 dagen geleden
I forgot he tweeted that 😂
StoppinBulletz 19 dagen geleden
What's the outro song on these vids?
Aaron Levy
Aaron Levy 19 dagen geleden
Nick Gates should be a wrestler
Esaie Prince
Esaie Prince 19 dagen geleden
next on the family feud two grown men acting rude the smell of beef in the air sets the mood
Eric Matterson
Eric Matterson 19 dagen geleden
If it's true that Holden Tate had sex with Russell Wilson's wife while Russell was married to her then he is no better than Jalen Ramsey
Ricardo Hawkes
Ricardo Hawkes 20 dagen geleden
Ramsey is trash human but a great player. Those are my thoughts.
Ricardo Hawkes
Ricardo Hawkes 14 dagen geleden
dad is that you
dad 14 dagen geleden
So he's like every good nfl player in the past 20 or so years
RoLa Sign
RoLa Sign 15 dagen geleden
Ricardo Hawkes maybe not a thug but he ain’t lie bout everything else
Ricky like Bobby
Ricky like Bobby 15 dagen geleden
@Ricardo Hawkes you’re one ignorant clown hahah.
Ricardo Hawkes
Ricardo Hawkes 15 dagen geleden
Ricky like Bobby naaa he's a thug
Aaron Celathian
Aaron Celathian 20 dagen geleden
body cams on NFL players MAKE IT HAPPEN
justincarnes1 20 dagen geleden
Who won
Daniel lll
Daniel lll 20 dagen geleden
Between the photo I see Golden Tate but no Jalen
Michael Haburay
Michael Haburay 20 dagen geleden
I hate being a giants fan rn
jean parker
jean parker 20 dagen geleden
Jalen r sucks overrated. He does that everyone that fertilizer him try get them off there game cause his real play not working
Craig Nelson
Craig Nelson 20 dagen geleden
That's how it goes. If you're in the secondary in the NFL and you gotta beef w a WR, you let everyone know he's your guy. Game plan out the window. I need to settle a score... (Sarcasm). Could you ask a dumber question? Belichick: "McCourty, tell me when your beef is settled so we can start with our game strategy"
Rob reviews Tech
Rob reviews Tech 20 dagen geleden
Jalen Ramsey has anger issues. This isn't the first time Ramsey has been in a fight on the football field and to be honest, he should be thrown out of the NFL.
Not a gamer
Not a gamer 19 dagen geleden
K are you trying to be racist?
K 19 dagen geleden
Alright whitey
BList 20 dagen geleden
"legitimately swinging" poking each other's face mask
LaBronco 75
LaBronco 75 20 dagen geleden
Can you not show the beef-tackle for copyright issues? That’s all I wanted to see 😐😏
King Baldwin IV
King Baldwin IV 20 dagen geleden
Wow, that clip sucked. Could you please talk some sense? Lay it out for us, I was depending on other guys posting in the comments for info.
Evan Ripple
Evan Ripple 20 dagen geleden
1 m
Ben Goodell
Ben Goodell 20 dagen geleden
Slap a C on his chest
milky titties
milky titties 20 dagen geleden
Golden Tate had every right to fight him.
Drew Gamezzz
Drew Gamezzz 20 dagen geleden
I know it was a nice surprise hearing AJ commentating the Southern Miss game Saturday!
Matthew Wende
Matthew Wende 20 dagen geleden
Ramsay was reported waiting outside giants lockeroom for Tate. Tate also allegedly landed more punches
blaz. 3 dagen geleden
@K you stupid if u think Ramsey can whoop Tate lol short old man strength
K 17 dagen geleden
Matthew Wende u see that hit he layed on him 😂😂😂 had that boy apologizing
Hunter Hilkirk
Hunter Hilkirk 17 dagen geleden
Ramsey gets his ass beat all the time bruh he just dont learn his lesson 🤣
Matthew Wende
Matthew Wende 19 dagen geleden
“Ok” delusional rams fan
K 19 dagen geleden
@Matthew Wende word is Ramsay beat him up, lol Golden Tate was very upset about that tackle too
Raphael Rau
Raphael Rau 20 dagen geleden
Thank god for Pat because he tells us the facts and treads where NBC won’t dare!
Devonte Montfort
Devonte Montfort 20 dagen geleden
Congratulations on the 1 million
Aaron Boatman
Aaron Boatman 20 dagen geleden
1 mill looks good pat
Doug styles
Doug styles 20 dagen geleden
Baby momma drama...millionaire edition.
Charlie Echo
Charlie Echo 19 dagen geleden
They all idiots smh
Sentinel creed
Sentinel creed 20 dagen geleden
Jalen Ramsay is a total thug. He isn’t as good as he used to be so he results to dirty tactics to win (not a giants fan or anything, just a football guy)
DarthKane 20 dagen geleden
Gates shows some SAC I hope he works out in the long term, GIANTS SUCK thou
Nick Nelson
Nick Nelson 20 dagen geleden
Could have swore Ramsey was gay
Nick Nelson
Nick Nelson 8 dagen geleden
IsmokeHiphop Live his mannerisms, his looks, the way he talks, but most notably, the fact he likes male genitalia in or around his mouth.
IsmokeHiphop Live
IsmokeHiphop Live 10 dagen geleden
Connie B
Connie B 20 dagen geleden
Juju handled Pittsburgh Antonio Brown’s beef with Burfict of Cincy a few yrs ago but Antonio threw Juju under the bus along with all his other Pittsburgh teammates.
Collidiscope 19 dagen geleden
Good point. JuJu deleted Burfict and stood over him.
Connie B
Connie B 20 dagen geleden
Sorry Rams gave him that contract. We don’t need his mess in locker room. It puts other players at risk.
Dylan Dort
Dylan Dort 19 dagen geleden
Not a gamer hes nothing like AB. AB is a cancer to the locker room with literal brain damage. Ramsey just talks trash like 90% of the other players in the league. They’ve also payed Suh, Talib, Peters, Jenkins, Fowler, more in the past, and its not like any of them have caused issues.
Not a gamer
Not a gamer 19 dagen geleden
Dylan Dort sometimes it’s not worth it like ab
Dylan Dort
Dylan Dort 20 dagen geleden
He’s the best corner in the game. Sit down. AD has a hot head too, they gonna get rid of him?
Transcendence 20 dagen geleden
Ed Kokosko
Ed Kokosko 20 dagen geleden
Who is banging who's sister. Why do I care? I'm sure some kids will lose.
Adam Gates
Adam Gates 20 dagen geleden
The Gates way
PMS Store
PMS Store 20 dagen geleden
Futt Buckerson
Futt Buckerson 20 dagen geleden
the two biggest markets in football with no discipline
Andrew McGalliard
Andrew McGalliard 20 dagen geleden
Didn't Golden Tate sleep with Russell Wilson's first wife?
Snoochy Hoochies
Snoochy Hoochies 20 dagen geleden
Yeah and he got laid out for it. Lol
Dee Wile
Dee Wile 20 dagen geleden
Pat just straight up called it out in the first 30 seconds 😂😂😂
Notorious CJ
Notorious CJ 19 dagen geleden
😂😂😂😂 true
Lance Handy
Lance Handy 20 dagen geleden
Wait.... Ramsay isnt gay???? Two kids? Nah lol. That one "you tell me" video still the frutiest thing Ive ever seen
Lance Handy
Lance Handy 10 dagen geleden
@YD 223 you just pulled a never ending staircase scenario but with words
YD 223
YD 223 10 dagen geleden
If Ramsay is Straight then Will Smith is a ladies man
Ben Isaiah
Ben Isaiah 20 dagen geleden
Patty’s out here dry snitchen lol
Curtchrisdagod 20 dagen geleden
Pistol Pete Shoots
Pistol Pete Shoots 20 dagen geleden
j brooks 16
j brooks 16 20 dagen geleden
Bill O'Brian go fired
Tyler Hawn
Tyler Hawn 20 dagen geleden
Thank god I can finally be a Texans fan again lol
Jorge Ledesma
Jorge Ledesma 20 dagen geleden
Why is Tate hating, didn't he sleep with russell Wilson's fiancee while in Seattle that's the reason he was traded.
Scotty Haines
Scotty Haines 10 dagen geleden
@IsmokeHiphop Live do you actually have proof ? Cause if you do post it. If you don't you're blowing hot air.
IsmokeHiphop Live
IsmokeHiphop Live 10 dagen geleden
@Scotty Haines friends have nothing to do with it. they got very close and were caught together by the ex wife cousin. the teammates did allege to this affairs'. wilson him self showed clearly why he divorce his wife around the same time the affairs' came out. The cheatings news came out way before the divorce.
IsmokeHiphop Live
IsmokeHiphop Live 10 dagen geleden
@GoBrady 12 how old are you? everybody know Tate slept with WIlson wife because the brother and ex wife own cousin already admitted to this thru tweets.
IsmokeHiphop Live
IsmokeHiphop Live 10 dagen geleden
Golden Tate also blindsided Sean Lee and injured him, Tate did a petty beef with percy harvin.
FriedToast 17 dagen geleden
@Jorge Ledesma They traded him also because he supposedly wanted to go to a pass-first team. He wasn't getting the touches in Seattle. Going to play w/ Stafford in Detroit was going to put the ball in his hands more. One of my all-time favorite plays is when GT waved at the Rams as he cruised in for an easy TD. The disrespect was thick- and I loved it. Still brings joy to me every time I watch it.
bradley w
bradley w 20 dagen geleden
I kept reading Gordon Ramsey and I was more hyped/confused than you could imagine
IsmokeHiphop Live
IsmokeHiphop Live 10 dagen geleden
no we can't Imajin because unlike you we actually watch football. Not go back to your Broadway plays I think your on the wrong channel buddy.
Dallas Wood
Dallas Wood 20 dagen geleden
not even an NFL player would fight that dude, anyone that loses it over microwaved food to that degree you don't want to actually give him a reason to be mad lol
Wolfe Skill
Wolfe Skill 20 dagen geleden
Pat airin out the dirty laundry... the real mvp
Troy Peterson
Troy Peterson 20 dagen geleden
Seattle footballs worst kept secret is that golden Tate slept with Russell Wilson’s first wife
Literally Who
Literally Who 20 dagen geleden
@Michael he didn't get with Ciara until 2015. The Tate incident happened during the 2013 superbowl week.
Troy Peterson
Troy Peterson 20 dagen geleden
Michael shout out to Golden Tate’s burner youtube account
Michael 20 dagen geleden
This is untrue. This story was perpetuated to make Russell Wilson not look bad for leaving his very pedestrian looking wife for a pop singer just before he signed his first big contract.
Christopher Rivera
Christopher Rivera 20 dagen geleden
Facts. Which is why Seattle chose not to resign Tate.
Souls of Present Grace Thompson
What were the NJ Giants thinking when they hired the former Dallass coach?
Dylan Dort
Dylan Dort 20 dagen geleden
Zayne simard moore U serious? How dare they protect their lives at the downfall of your entertainment. Valid for them to sit out, especially huge guys like them that are high risk.
Zayne simard moore
Zayne simard moore 20 dagen geleden
Yeah keep telling us about what we already know. We know we suck and we don’t need anyone to tell us otherwise. I blame it on Mara for having his head too far up the coaches asses. My dad blames it on the manager. Most blame it on the players. I blame it on the 3 former pro bowl lineman that decided to sit out this season. It’s clear we need them.
Austin J
Austin J 20 dagen geleden
These guys remind me of Proud Boys
Justa Servant
Justa Servant 20 dagen geleden
Tbh Jalen is kinda sus, and I think he overcompensates by being a terrible dude, what he thinks masculinity is.
Justa Servant
Justa Servant 10 dagen geleden
@IsmokeHiphop Live a man that is controlled by his emotions, not in control of his emotions is immediately sus in my book. I dont care how "hard" they are or the world perceives them to be. Real recognize real. But go ahead, snap sis.
IsmokeHiphop Live
IsmokeHiphop Live 10 dagen geleden
why is he sus? to tell you the truth most of the grown sensitive men hating on Ramsey are the real "SUS" ones facts. I even questioned do you type of weak men even like football?
Joseph Rush
Joseph Rush 20 dagen geleden
Michael same it’s a bad deed but u can’t sit here threatening dude I’d just try to get him to apologize at most wouldn’t try to fight him unless he thought it was funny
Michael 20 dagen geleden
Hey, I have two daughters and they're the greatest thing in the world to me, but I get that not everyone cares about things like that and I can understand someone wanting to go around and bang strippers instead. Maybe I'm a better guy because of how I am, but....I can't completely blame a guy for living that life either.
P D 20 dagen geleden
Jalen Ramsey clearly has a personality disorder
IsmokeHiphop Live
IsmokeHiphop Live 10 dagen geleden
Justa Servant
Justa Servant 20 dagen geleden
Daddy fighting uncle. Sheesh
No Sir, Not I
No Sir, Not I 20 dagen geleden
Did Jalen cheat on Tate's sister? You tell mEEeEeEe
Jon Zimmel
Jon Zimmel 18 dagen geleden
@K obviously now an ex...wasn't always an ex or else it would be really hard to get her preggers
K 19 dagen geleden
@Jon Zimmel he left his ex u mean that was pregnant lol if that’s your ex why stay with her he a free man
Jon Zimmel
Jon Zimmel 19 dagen geleden
he left her while she was pregnant for a "dancer" in vegas then she left him for his infidelities. he is gonna wind up broke. and dumb dancer thought he's leave his pregnant gf for you but wouldn't cheat on you? hahhahaha
Mj Goat
Mj Goat 19 dagen geleden
Jake Despres
Jake Despres 20 dagen geleden
2 mil is coming soon congrats
Jay 20 dagen geleden
Flog 19 dagen geleden
Mike Reynolds Hello no it was a stale bag of those cheddar jalapeño ones
Mike Reynolds
Mike Reynolds 20 dagen geleden
@Flog was it the flaming cheetos?
vlun121 20 dagen geleden
He is a good family man. I wish him the best in the future.
Flog 20 dagen geleden
Lol y’all still let him trade dhop for like 6 pennies and a bag of Cheetos.
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay 20 dagen geleden
VP still there
sYmboloGy 20 dagen geleden
Two dbags beat down each udduh...
Brandon Gaw
Brandon Gaw 20 dagen geleden
LETS GO BOYS!!! Congratulations pat at the boys definitely well deserved
JxM 20 dagen geleden
Nick gates finally getting some respect
Wolfgang Brandt
Wolfgang Brandt 18 dagen geleden
I watched him coming up through nebraska and not the giants. I love that kid. He has a ton of heart
Jon Zimmel
Jon Zimmel 19 dagen geleden
@I'm Batman becton was a backup, came in due to injury and left right after with an is that performing?
Demure 20 dagen geleden
Aaron Donald would kick his ass any day
Armoni 20 dagen geleden
I'm Batman Andrew had way tougher rushers than becton and will most likely struggle this season dude to who he has to guard but becton probably won’t
John Doe 2:30
John Doe 2:30 20 dagen geleden
@I'm Batman Thomas went up agasint way better pass rushers out the gate his protection isn't bad cam Fleming who's been around for like 4yrs is arguably having the worst time besides Hernandez Steelers bears and then the rams that's some damn good pass rush top five defence the first 2 games. I thought Thomas would get destroyed by the Pittsburg game 1 with no preseason but he held bud Dupree and company off so I'm okay with the pick especially since Isaiah Simmons hasn't dominated he was benched I think. Benton is good to tho but what happens in 2 or 3 yrs of he gains 20-40 pounds that's the scare with Becton I would have went jedrick if not Thomas but I'm okay with the pick Thomas has longer arms and is a much better prototypical tackle build. Peart the 3rd round pick on minimal snaps looked better than flemming in my opinion. We have Mark Columbio to so next year I full expect this offensive line to take a step forward and gates is playing a brand new position and is struggling but far from the worst that's to be expected I guess at least he has a lot of fight in him.
blazinpyromaniac 20 dagen geleden
Golden Tate is always around controversy when it comes to other players
MayorJohnnybeats 20 dagen geleden
Same with Ramsey
blazinpyromaniac 20 dagen geleden
Buccaneers Are a Beacon of Hope for Tate it’s always been more personal issues between other players. He had those rumors regarding Wilson, got into a fight with Percy Harvin, and now with Ramsey
Christopher Rivera
Christopher Rivera 20 dagen geleden
Russell Wilson
N P 20 dagen geleden
So is Ramsey your point?
alex barboni
alex barboni 20 dagen geleden
Ahh an nfl player walking out on his baby mama what a surprise
Ian M
Ian M 20 dagen geleden
alex barboni
alex barboni 20 dagen geleden
Jay Bennett you know Bill Clinton isn't president anymore right?
ChillPLUG 20 dagen geleden
Jay Bennett no
Jay Bennett
Jay Bennett 20 dagen geleden
Just like the president
JonRakos 20 dagen geleden
Walked out on the Jags, too. Rams are next, unless he knocks up someone else's sister first.
Caleb w
Caleb w 20 dagen geleden
big L for golden tate
Jared Hypsomnus
Jared Hypsomnus 20 dagen geleden
Gates earned a C after that
Evan Sanford
Evan Sanford 20 dagen geleden
Texans fired bill O’Brien
David MB
David MB 20 dagen geleden
They should’ve fired him the moment he traded DeAndre Hopkins
ATRAiN904 20 dagen geleden
Jalen Ramsey took level up energy he built from Florida State & from his time here in DUVAL COUNTY for my Jaguars all out in LA and WHAMMMED Golden Tate. This move on & off the field is 1000% Duval county approved certified
ELECTRON 20 dagen geleden
ATRAiN904 of course everything started at FSU
Adam 20 dagen geleden
Ramsey got his ass beat! Go Giants!!!!!!!
MayorJohnnybeats 19 dagen geleden
Derek Thompson how do u know she had side dudes. There is nothing on that.
Derek Thompson
Derek Thompson 19 dagen geleden
Johnnybeats , one more thing way Ramsey git to stay with this woman , if he don’t want to be with her , all he git to do is provide for the children, so forget The BM feelings , she had a side dude anyways
MayorJohnnybeats 19 dagen geleden
Derek Thompson we don’t know who won the first fight. And jalen allegedly cheated on her when she was pregnant with kids.
Derek Thompson
Derek Thompson 19 dagen geleden
Johnnybeats , Jalen whipped that Azz and Tate a sucka , his sister grown , if Jalen was beating Tate sister or wasn’t taking care of those kids , then Tate got something to say but the fact that he left her , that should’ve been a her problem, so Tate got slammed and beat up and The Giants lost and you know it
MayorJohnnybeats 20 dagen geleden
Derek Thompson na jalen lost so he wanted round 2. That’s why he was waiting outside his locker room.
Steven McCaffrey
Steven McCaffrey 20 dagen geleden
Need to show that hit on the block and on tate... Damn!!!
Victor Ralev
Victor Ralev 20 dagen geleden
Nick gates secured his starting spot for all I care
Christian Coleman
Christian Coleman 20 dagen geleden
former CornHusker
Gabriel Suarez
Gabriel Suarez 20 dagen geleden
Yup, tough dude.
Cassius King
Cassius King 20 dagen geleden
1 mill boyz Let's Go!!! Should have been sooner cause u deserve it!!
LMT QB7 20 dagen geleden
Congrats Pat. Been watching for a while, keep up the great on the way to two mil. 💪🏻💪🏻
jose cespedes
jose cespedes 20 dagen geleden
Jalen Ramsey was waiting for golden tate outsider the giants locker room after the fight , so you know who won
K 19 dagen geleden
Rams won, Jalen won has more money, Jalen won laid that monster tackle, both of their faces look the same except Golden Tate does have a bruise so...... lol yes we do know who won
MayorJohnnybeats 20 dagen geleden
Glo Soldier lol facts
General Schwarzkopf
General Schwarzkopf 20 dagen geleden
True dat! Lol!!
Glo Soldier
Glo Soldier 20 dagen geleden
That's how you know he lost waiting for a rematch
Luc Frechette
Luc Frechette 20 dagen geleden
jose cespedes vro who won
Anna P.
Anna P. 20 dagen geleden
Jalen didn't just dump Golden's sister he left her the second he got a big contract to play and party in LA
Southern Skeptic
Southern Skeptic 16 dagen geleden
@Hunter Deskin Only of you kept everything you read on NLblock 100 percent seriously. So you can argue nonsense like millennials love to do.
Hunter Deskin
Hunter Deskin 18 dagen geleden
Southern Skeptic hes a smart man for leaving the mother of both his kids
Jeremy James
Jeremy James 18 dagen geleden
Only a degenerate would think a guy dumping his girlfriend and kids in favor of partying is smart
Ian M
Ian M 20 dagen geleden
zoltan szorfi just bums with money
Cowboy Sushi
Cowboy Sushi 20 dagen geleden
Cuz you know him peronally riiiight stop making assumptions
David Howe
David Howe 20 dagen geleden
Do the video again and say why they had beef. Jalen is the baby daddy to tates sister and he left the kids and her pregnant to bang strippers. Tate called him out on it before the game and little jalen was mad now everyone knew.
GildedWarrior331 20 dagen geleden
Right how they just gonna assume that ...I wish they would have done some easy research
Luc Frechette
Luc Frechette 20 dagen geleden
Jalen cheated on Tates sister while she was pregnant with their second child.
Derek Thompson
Derek Thompson 19 dagen geleden
Devan Williams , that Dnt make it right , Tate a hypocrite
Mj Goat
Mj Goat 19 dagen geleden
He siding cheat
GetShmanged 19 dagen geleden
james priest that's been claimed to be false
christian 19 dagen geleden
Bellaco Chilli oh gosh I didn’t know that Yea that’s not good but Tate denies the rumors so idk
Jeremiah Nicolas
Jeremiah Nicolas 20 dagen geleden
@Creed Boal Lol, punching someone with their helmet on doesn't qualify as them getting rocked... According to what Tate told the Giants, Ramsey connected with his punches and threw more... Plus being bullied by Ramsey in the game, I'd give the L to Tate!!!
Le Dingle
Le Dingle 20 dagen geleden
can u like this im trying to prove a point
Southern Skeptic
Southern Skeptic 20 dagen geleden
You're trying to prove you have to beg for likes?
Chris Arce
Chris Arce 20 dagen geleden
Le Dingle no
Shadow Ranger
Shadow Ranger 20 dagen geleden
Love the content!
Ethan Harrison
Ethan Harrison 20 dagen geleden
Nick Barbosa
Nick Barbosa 20 dagen geleden
Tob0bby 20 dagen geleden
I guess I’m early🤷
Mason. 20 dagen geleden
Both from Nashville. Big age difference dough
Rob Davis
Rob Davis 20 dagen geleden
@Kool Kitties for growing up in a big city that's two whole separate groups of people you come up with
Kool Kitties
Kool Kitties 20 dagen geleden
Big age difference? What like 5 yrs?
TheUnsilentMajority Bigmouth
Beef 🥩
Francis Clark
Francis Clark 20 dagen geleden
Act like I said something smart
WhyNotMini 18 dagen geleden
I never thought of it that way
Literally Who
Literally Who 20 dagen geleden
Indubitable my good sir
David Brown
David Brown 20 dagen geleden
I see where your coming from.. But id have to disagree sir.. Sorry not sorry 💁💁
Andrew Scocozza
Andrew Scocozza 20 dagen geleden
That’s exactly why Adam Gase is the quite possibly the best head coach of all time, well said.
Will Corry
Will Corry 20 dagen geleden
Man that analysis was impeccable
Giovanni Mendoza
Giovanni Mendoza 20 dagen geleden