Pat McAfee Reacts To Alex Smith's Return To The NFL 

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It was huge that Alex was able to return, but man were we puckered on our seats watching
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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12 okt. 2020




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Machado Dag geleden
Just for returning Smith is already a legend.
tcnascar1 4 dagen geleden
Smith!! Gutsy performance!! Rams Donald did a bonehead play on that sack - wth?! Jump on his back???? Just grab’um and hold him up - its sack for goodness sake! I know its football - but damn - thats just selfish - you are an elite D lineman - totally unnecessary!!! Sportsmanship for once would have a bigger impact!!
Nathaniel Ochs
Nathaniel Ochs 5 dagen geleden
Bear down
Steven Griffin
Steven Griffin 6 dagen geleden
What not ever said is Alex is very FAST, why still can play . His arm didn’t leave him
dandre2K 6 dagen geleden
When I heard him say Dak , I instantly liked the vid. Should be on tv I like your takes.
Mr Ladz
Mr Ladz 6 dagen geleden
Then Alex proceeded to get the stuffing beat out of him by that rams D line. I'm convinced Washington were trying to kill this man.
Dro 7 dagen geleden
Niners should go get Haskins!!!
PrettyBoy23 7 dagen geleden
They’re not trading Haskins, they are just not developing him.
The Star Wars Guy
The Star Wars Guy 7 dagen geleden
Alex Smith's injury was worse than daks
Jerry Thao
Jerry Thao 7 dagen geleden
Love the show. Love the contents. Keep up the great work.
Erik Kirk
Erik Kirk 7 dagen geleden
Mad props to Alex Smith. It takes a large pair of stones for a QB to go out and face the abuse that defenses can bring down on them. For Alex Smith to go back out there after all he has endured is an incredible statement in determination and will power. So much respect for him.
M 7 dagen geleden
Alright Alex!
The Datchubbyfrog69
The Datchubbyfrog69 7 dagen geleden
I forgot he played football😂😂
Fritoz 7 dagen geleden
Seriously Pat? Nobody knows why Dwayne Haskins is being run out? He's damaged goods and is terrible. That being said, you're 100% right that Alex Smith being on a football field off the bench is damn stupid.
DC 8091
DC 8091 7 dagen geleden
Haskins didn’t even go to the game
Dre Day
Dre Day 7 dagen geleden
Cowboys should go grab Alex Smith
Jake Harris
Jake Harris 7 dagen geleden
Dak is gonna get a metal rod in his leg and be even better than before just watch
Arch Angelo
Arch Angelo 7 dagen geleden
I wish Pat would bring some energy
MrBigSkizz 8 dagen geleden
As a 49ers fan, I know this guy is a warrior. People forget how many injuries he had in his first 3-4 years.
Steve Noble
Steve Noble 7 dagen geleden
Not to mention how San Fran fans treated him. Remember the boobird game where y’all clamored for David Carr to take over? His mental toughness is unparalleled.
Bill the Butcher
Bill the Butcher 8 dagen geleden
Alex, be careful against the giants. They have a history of ending qb careers (Theismann) and seasons (Dak)
Jebadaiah1 8 dagen geleden
Alex Smith got done dirty, He got sent out there to take 8 sacks, EIGHT SACKS.
Hunter Biden's Crack Pipe
You think the O Line wanted Haskins? I mean it looked like The Longest Yard where the offense quit on Sandler. lol
elijah joseph
elijah joseph 8 dagen geleden
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M Chaney
M Chaney 8 dagen geleden
he looked terrible, but so did our O-line.
Rubio 8 dagen geleden
Could tell Dwayne Haskins was gonna be a bust as soon as they showed his pouty face during the draft. What a child, no work ethic and it shows
matthew mauran
matthew mauran 8 dagen geleden
Loved seeing Alex Smith back! Alex Smith showed he could take getting hit. Doctors didn't clear Alex Smith 100% till they were sure he could take it. Alex Smiths injury was a very freak accident the chances of it happening to Alex again the odds,are astronomical!! Go Alex Smith!!
Corey 8 dagen geleden
It was really awesome.
Landen Weathers
Landen Weathers 8 dagen geleden
Not gonna lie every play I watched Alex Smith take I feared for his leg. When I saw Donald just crush him, I thought the worst. I'm very happy to see him back on the field. By no stretch of the imagination am I a Washington fan, but Alex Smith's recovery story had me strongly rooting for them against LA
Seth Benson
Seth Benson 8 dagen geleden
He is better then trubisky and foles.
Joshef francis
Joshef francis 8 dagen geleden
1:59 I stopped my job because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
The Great
The Great 8 dagen geleden
Its incredibly stupid that he’s playing. You have nothing to prove, its life after football.
Samuel Hiatt
Samuel Hiatt 8 dagen geleden
What we have to remember about the Smith/Dak comparison is that Smith's injury was MUCH worse. Meaning anyone around Dak should be thinking "If he came back, there's no reason Dak can't"
Naeem Akhtar Tv
Naeem Akhtar Tv 8 dagen geleden
I need 1k friends plz pin my comment
RySing89 8 dagen geleden
Dak Prescott is literally following in the footsteps of his predecessor. Great QB, badly led organization. Romo was great, Dak is great. Build a full team around your star QB and dont blame them when the TEAM loses. Its a team.
Giovanni Mendoza
Giovanni Mendoza 8 dagen geleden
Haskins to the steelers hell be a perfect big ben replacement in a few years
Jayde David
Jayde David 8 dagen geleden
I'm disappointed how the offensive line treated him in that game Dude gets back from a potentially life ending injury and they let him get sacked 6 times 🤦
bigsmokiee55 8 dagen geleden
Alex Smith is a miracle to be playing. Dak broke his ankle the way Gordon Hayward did and Hayward is back 100%. Dak will be back
Austin Milholland
Austin Milholland 8 dagen geleden
Redemption? Anyone forgot teddy was gonna be the staple and future of the Vikings before his gruesome injury? And now he's battled out backup QBs jobs and became relevant again and found a starting QBs job with the Panthers. That's redemption
B. E
B. E 8 dagen geleden
Alex Smith is awesome period so shut up
mike hunt
mike hunt 8 dagen geleden
Alex Smith as courageous as he is is not the answer. Time to retire Alex NOW. You have no line to protect you. Walk away with your health and enjoy your life. You have nothing to prove and it's only going to get worse. Walk away while you still can.
Bret Rogers
Bret Rogers 8 dagen geleden
Woah woah woah just cause you don’t know why doesn’t mean we don’t know why
mike hunt
mike hunt 8 dagen geleden
The only person that needs to leave the team is little Danny Snyder
Levi Leveille
Levi Leveille 8 dagen geleden
Alex Smith’s injury was life threatening, Dak’s injury was bad but it’s not even career threatening let’s not compare them
Jean Vieira
Jean Vieira 8 dagen geleden
Glad to see him out there. Dude got bounced for Kap and it's his time to shine
Michael Riddick
Michael Riddick 8 dagen geleden
His wife looked ill, I cant imagine the conversation they had after that 😢😢
Random Guy
Random Guy 8 dagen geleden
Washington's Offensive line is crap 😐
MLB Highlights
MLB Highlights 8 dagen geleden
Alex Smith is just a beast i hope he keeps on playing like he did!
Skyguy 5
Skyguy 5 8 dagen geleden
Jesus anytime I click on Pats vids he’s already yelling
Twinkie 87
Twinkie 87 8 dagen geleden
What sucks, is that Ben Roethlisberger on any other year, would win comeback player of the year. But this year bc of Alex Smith, good or not, is gonna win it regardless. Good for him tho.
Joshua Allen
Joshua Allen 8 dagen geleden
Thanks Pat, for talking about a guy that almost died, and went onto the field to play. Sorry for Dak, and hope a healthy recovery, but lets hear it for some positive news in 2020. High hopes for both of them!
Luis Guerrero
Luis Guerrero 8 dagen geleden
Love Alex smith but I don’t think they should play him that’s just scary man the dude almost lost his leg
Ryan Pelopero
Ryan Pelopero 8 dagen geleden
Andy Dalton, Alex Smith, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Ryan Tannehill, and Joe Flacco all starting for teams... What year is it again?
Xaj Otama
Xaj Otama 8 dagen geleden
Haskins wasn’t even there or would of been back up
BOT Chad
BOT Chad 8 dagen geleden
Let's just get this straight: whatever Dak has to go through with compound fracture and dislocation is NOTHING compared to what Alex Smith has come back from.
John Riccio
John Riccio 7 dagen geleden
@BOT Chad people getting up in their feelings because you said the simple truth.
BOT Chad
BOT Chad 8 dagen geleden
@Fektthis I'm not hating on anybody and I think you're reading a bit too much into it
Henry Jimenez
Henry Jimenez 8 dagen geleden
The severity of Alex’s injury was life threatening. He definitely had a worse injury, but it doesn’t invalidate the chance that Dak may never return to normal
Fektthis 8 dagen geleden
That's not true. Is it the same thing? No. Is it nothing? Hell no. How about you go recreate Dak's injury on your body and then tell us how it's nothing. You want to compare the two, fine go ahead. But it's still something. It's something significant. I'm not even a Dak fan but I'm not gonna hate on the guy. I am an Alex Smith fan and have been for years. Don't try to use one to marginalize the other. That's just showing a lack of empathy sounding like a borderline sociopath.
I G 8 dagen geleden
Why do you have sleeves.
Yokoyama Taichi
Yokoyama Taichi 8 dagen geleden
Refs blew the whistle on that play so fast but I don't blame them
naytron 8 dagen geleden
Dewayne “jamarcus Russell” Haskins
obibyn 8 dagen geleden
Haskins wasn't the 3rd QB, he wasn't even there.
Aronposner 9 dagen geleden
Kyle Allen showed more heart and potential in that game than haskins in 15 games. People tried making it a race thing, he’s just not the guy.
Kersh 9 dagen geleden
I was just saying how crazy it is the game Smith comes back Dak gets hurt! Cursed!!
Johnny Woo
Johnny Woo 9 dagen geleden
If you look at the pictures of the damages caused by MRSA infection he had in his leg, the first you would think he would lose a portion of his leg. At best, he would never walk normally. Play football?, you have to be joking. Not only should he receive the come back player of the year, the award should be named after him. Incredible.
Drew Holton
Drew Holton 9 dagen geleden
Alex Smith is an alchemist.
mayhemlolz 9 dagen geleden
I hope the niners get Haskins, I’m tired of ripping Garopolo. He would be a solid bridge QB tho.
J Mill
J Mill 8 dagen geleden
@mayhemlolz What exactly has Haskins accomplished that makes you think he'd bring home a trophy for the 49ers?
mayhemlolz 8 dagen geleden
@J Mill that kind of attitude is what is holding us back from holding a trophy 😂😂 Enjoy mediocrity
J Mill
J Mill 8 dagen geleden
Hell no. No thanks.
Krohe Gaming
Krohe Gaming 9 dagen geleden
Wanna see Alex Smith on the cover of madden now
Big Easy
Big Easy 9 dagen geleden
This covid thing could work in Daks favor say they extend the season bla bla . He will have plenty time to get ready for next year .
Paul Gosu
Paul Gosu 9 dagen geleden
Screw Aaron Donald for doing that to Alex, so unnecessary and super risky to injure him
Nerrt45 9 dagen geleden
"Yeah we benched him. Why? Oh, it's no big deal really...he was struggling in some games and was a poor leader behind the scenes. But he's a good kid y'know? Nothing a little TLC and your 2nd round pick wouldn't fix! C'mon....come get him!" I mean, I know Haskins is still cheap being on his rookie contract but how unattractive can you make an "available" trade asset?
jon snipe
jon snipe 9 dagen geleden
If smith can start Washington can win division
steve baumgardner
steve baumgardner 9 dagen geleden
Loved the skins back in the day. Riggings, Monk, Green , Manley, Grimm, Theisman, Mosely, Williams, Rypien, Portis. Been garbage for decades. Have you ever put trash out at the curb for big trash days and it wasn't picked up? That's the skins.
Jeremy Ruh
Jeremy Ruh 9 dagen geleden
Amazing. Just amazing
Omar Aellos III
Omar Aellos III 9 dagen geleden
Alex Smith should go to Minnesota or Philadelphia. Pull a Nick Foles there if he can’t in Washington.
g metz
g metz 9 dagen geleden
See people dont know how these surgeries work..first your told no you didnt slice through your Achilles tendon. Talked to someone 2 weeks later oh no you need surgery asap me tendon retracted up my leg after the 2 weeks. My boss must of thought this was like an easy surgery or something asked me every day b4 i even had surgery when i could be back to work. First surgery went well went to get H y staples out and theres a huge hole in my leg guess the slice from the accident split open. 7 months later taking me 1.5 hours to walk 2 miles. My food was in so much pain i thought it was normal constantly puss coming out of the hole and blood. Eventually my body was started to reject the rope they use it was pushing out of my skin. So this this was sawing my tendon trying to reject. Finally second surgery and its about 85 to 90 percent 3 year see later. So i advise everyone please if thi happens do not take payment from your boss go straight to workmans comp or youll be out for almost 1.5 years no job. So yes pat im glad you said hopefully the doctor's did good because its up to them and his bodoes healing ability
Mike 9 dagen geleden
As a Redskins fan, I was ashamed as to how bad the offensive line played. I thought he was gonna get hurt again.
I stole your girl
I stole your girl 9 dagen geleden
Let’s go skins
Russell Wise
Russell Wise 9 dagen geleden
Washington Redskins!
Luke Gramith
Luke Gramith 9 dagen geleden
Alex Smith is just glad he didnt face Troy Polamalu in the C Gap
Joseph G
Joseph G 7 dagen geleden
TheQuadLaunchers 8 dagen geleden
I miss these comments. 😂😂
Brandon Mcmullen
Brandon Mcmullen 9 dagen geleden
Well he had Aaron Donald rushing him so not exactly an ideal first game back.
Josh H
Josh H 9 dagen geleden
After all this time and the work, and that line let him get sacked like, what, six times in a half or something? Maybe he held it too long but that line should have been holding, selling out or something to keep that dude upright.
jamison allen
jamison allen 9 dagen geleden
Teddy Touchdowns!
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 9 dagen geleden
Its suprising that Pat doesn't know Kyle Allen is starting next week.... Which means im starting... oh crap.
Steve Hammer
Steve Hammer 9 dagen geleden
It's sad there was no crowd, he deserved a standing ovation.
The Amazingly Randy
The Amazingly Randy 9 dagen geleden
Dwayne Haskins is immature and lacks work ethic. That's according to Urban Meyer and Doug Williams. He's not a "first in the building, last one to leave" kind of guy.
J Mill
J Mill 8 dagen geleden
@Bubba Hyde They can have a cookout at Jamarcus's house.
Bubba Hyde
Bubba Hyde 8 dagen geleden
Give him Johnny Football's number. They'd be good for each other. Oh, might as well invite AB.
J Mill
J Mill 8 dagen geleden
Didnt he basically blow through his signing bonus in like 72 hours or less? He's a bum. And the Redskins should have known that to begin with.
Pammy Rutledge
Pammy Rutledge 8 dagen geleden
Plus his attitude was horrible when he got drafted to the Redskins. He was pissed the team he wanted to go to didn't draft him. He's just a salty diva at this point. He really needs to grow up or he won't have a future career to think about.
Surge VII
Surge VII 9 dagen geleden
* absolutely pouring rain making an already bad field even worse and we have an offensive line thats pretty much just cardboard cut outs, AND aaron donald on the other side of the ball* Washington: “hey lets put in that guy who nearly had his leg amputated” Its like we have a fetish for killing quarterbacks
Hayden Cook
Hayden Cook 9 dagen geleden
Was it a glitch in the matrix? Or a coincidence that Dak gets an Alex Smith like injury on the day Alex comes back...
TheBorrego25 9 dagen geleden
I wish this man a great comeback. Hope he finishes the season and retires feeling accomplished in life and football!
Jeremy Non
Jeremy Non 9 dagen geleden
People dont realize Tyler eifert had a very nasty ankle injury last year and he's back playing. Dak will be ok. From someone who's had a pretty nasty sports injury, its not easy but he'll get through it.
William James
William James 9 dagen geleden
Best to Alex Smith...
Rmm26 9 dagen geleden
Haskins to pats?
YaBoyChewie 9 dagen geleden
Welcome back Alex! OK now go give Aaron Donald a piggyback ride
Ross Montreal
Ross Montreal 9 dagen geleden
Haskins to Dallas
Ravens3547 9 dagen geleden
Moronic and selfish on all parts. Team, Smith, Smith Family. Dude's leg is paper mache. Absolutely idiotic to go out there. Retire and coach, think about your family and stop being so insanely, egotistically selfish.
David Barnes
David Barnes 9 dagen geleden
I give this a solid Meh
Jaime Romero
Jaime Romero 9 dagen geleden
Prayers for Dak
TV Raise
TV Raise 9 dagen geleden
I hope dwayne haskins comes to Indianapolis
Nicholas Francoletti
Nicholas Francoletti 9 dagen geleden
Alex Smith is back! Let's see how he plays! *Proceeds to get sacked 6 times* 😐
Christopher Grimm
Christopher Grimm 9 dagen geleden
We need an O line. The beginning and end of story
Zachary Morrison
Zachary Morrison 9 dagen geleden
Alex Smith is my favorite human being
Emmie Bieber
Emmie Bieber 9 dagen geleden
Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
PMS Store
PMS Store 9 dagen geleden
Leo Farron
Leo Farron 9 dagen geleden
WFT is on route for having among one of the best redemptions in NFL history (I doubt they will have a winning season, the fact they won at all with that team is pretty amazing). Rebuilding with a rebuilt star. Here's to hoping Alex Smith can stay healthy.