Pat McAfee Reacts To Antonio Brown Signing With The Buccaneers. 

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How many Super Bowls do you think Tom Brady, Antonio Brown, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win in this run?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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28 apr. 2021




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Travis Battles
Travis Battles 2 dagen geleden
I have resisted for 20 years to call Tom Brady the G.O.A.T. I can’t say how much his political views bugs the crap out of me. (Trumptard) But damit this man is the G.O.A.T.
alex_de_tampa 3 dagen geleden
We going for two !
Alexander Jones
Alexander Jones 3 dagen geleden
3 Superbowls
Rich Griffin
Rich Griffin 3 dagen geleden
The young secondary is what's really going to shock people this time. Also, Bucs fans know what they did in this draft: improve special teams, which was our weakness. Let's go!
DumDumDev 4 dagen geleden
Maybe it was a good thing they couldn't eat or practice together cuz of covid. They didn't get on each others nerves.
Enrique cristiano AlphaGentleman
Pat can you guys discuss this in your monologue. Is Tom Brady the face of the NFL and if so how long has he been the face of the NFL. I’m not saying Che is just asking what you guys think. He sells the most jerseys with the most chips and all the other records.
Double Doink
Double Doink 4 dagen geleden
Tom Brady is the GOAT!!!
Bad Guacamole
Bad Guacamole 4 dagen geleden
I LOVE A.B. .. media loves to point out the next " crazy black man " . Seems kind of racist to me. A strong minded strong worded black dude that catches anything thrown at him can do what the f*** he wants in my opinion. Assalamualaikum, son.
Billionair Vacation
Billionair Vacation 4 dagen geleden
Tampa right now is good for 4 super bowls with this team if everyone's healthy
Max well
Max well 4 dagen geleden
How sweet would it be for A.B. to get a 2nd Super Bowl ring and have as many as Big Ben. That would have to make him feel sooooo good. And then he'd have a few years left to chase a third with whatever team he thinks has the best chance to make that happen for him. The NFC South has weakened dramatically and now with drama in Seattle & Green Bay, the Saints losing Brees and so many other players...who is going to challenge the Bucs? Those were the top contenders in 2020 in the NFC. I'd still bet against them winning back to back titles but I'd still give is a 20-22% chance of happening.
Randys Collectibles, Cards & Games
All these Tampa Bay haters can suck on the end of our big one
Bruno Simões
Bruno Simões 5 dagen geleden
Keep doing this, I learned more about what is happening in the NFL in such so short time, with a lot of contests.
Themediadog 5 dagen geleden
Hope Brady just plays every third quarter till play offs and protects himself from injury....and besides getting their new qb experience means they can trade him and get more draft pics
Peter Pie
Peter Pie 5 dagen geleden
0:53 "Antonio Brown is a person that, whether you, you like him, or you hate him... which there are people, that do both..." _-Pat "Analyst" McAfee_
Re Pure
Re Pure 5 dagen geleden
Edelman coming to the Bucs. Depth is Unstoppable! Brady effect: makes GM life easier recruiting players.
Cristina Liboro
Cristina Liboro 5 dagen geleden
Remember Jacqueline on Jason Licht's salary guru's team....
BuffaloSoldier 19D4
BuffaloSoldier 19D4 5 dagen geleden
The only motivation BA has to show to the team to get them to work their asses off is the tape of the last game they played. Against the last team to win a Super Bowl. "Hey guys let me show you a team that worked they're asses off and still didn't repeat." Remember that two TD passes were dropped in the end zone by KC. That would've changed the game for sure. Go Bucs!
TB sushi
TB sushi 5 dagen geleden
Big bucs
just some minced garlic
just some minced garlic 5 dagen geleden
Bringing back all 22 is gonna make them even better than last year. What a crazy jump in quality for the bucs over the last 12 months.
Judah Gordon
Judah Gordon 5 dagen geleden
If Brady wins the superbowl and the patriots don’t win a playoff game brady will officially have more playoff wins than any nfl team
John Taylor
John Taylor 6 dagen geleden
They stay healthy, could have a strong run to make it to the super bowl.
virus56777 6 dagen geleden
Is the perfect season. The next target 🎯?? 20-0. ??
T A 6 dagen geleden
Good for AB...I hope he has all the success
Mason McConnell
Mason McConnell 6 dagen geleden
gonna win a 2nd ring and win a super bowl again win for him lol the buccs will be the 1 seed and win the superbowl even tho i dont want this lets be real no one is knocking off the buccs next year.
Advan 6 dagen geleden
That’s what happens when players think of their team as well instead of just them asking for giant contracts
Jack Shockey
Jack Shockey 6 dagen geleden
Tell the chiefs
Troy Porter
Troy Porter 6 dagen geleden
Yes they go win another one this year be Awsome
Saintbow 6 dagen geleden
For the longest time, I'm talking the last 60 plus years. There has only been one athlete who told father time to eat a dick, was ran out of the building he built, came out of retirement, broke more records and brought instant success to laughable teams and leagues because he wanted to play with his adult sons and was the oldest player to play in the all star game (age 52). That was Mr. Hockey himself, Gordie Howe. TB12 can be used in the same sentence as those two legends can be spoken in sports divinity.
MotoMiata Nb
MotoMiata Nb 6 dagen geleden
As a buc fan I'm dumbfounded they signed everyone back. I have no idea what kind of voodoo we've done in order to afford this... and it will not surprise me if we suck for 10 more years because of this but I'm going to ride the wave and hope we win another one cus if we do it makes it all worth it in my eyes.
Hey_Its_Kev 6 dagen geleden
Two years ago no one wants anything to do with my buccs....two years later everyone wants to play for us and be fans of ours....
Zyptic 6 dagen geleden
We're going for 3 in a row!!! Break some records!
John Roland
John Roland 6 dagen geleden
I bet in 5 years Antonio Brown will be broke and/or in prison in 5 years.
Sneaky-Ninja-Man 7 dagen geleden
I’m a Steelers fan and I’m happy that Antonio Brown is back and thriving
TheeGamer360 7 dagen geleden
this year they get brown next year they get julian edelman
jimthar17 7 dagen geleden
Loyalty is how they kept the team together. Remember, some of the players (like Evans) voluntarily took pay cuts so that they could keep the team together. Certain other players could have gone to other teams for much more money if they wanted to. But they didn't. They stayed because they're loyal. They knew they had something and in the end it's the rings that matter, not the money. Nobody talks about Michael Jordan's money, they talk about his rings. And let's not forget Brady isn't making hundreds of millions to play there either. He keeps his own salary low to help as well. As A Tampa Bay fan my whole life, I'm predicting they'll win at least two more Super Bowls with this lineup. Three total. And that suits me just fine. Hopefully when it is time for Tom to bow out for good we can get someone like a Trevor Lawrence in the draft and keep it pushing. Dont forget they also resigned Succoup. He was a major part of this teams winning last season.
Kyle Billeaudeaux
Kyle Billeaudeaux 7 dagen geleden
Buccaneers bout to repeat. Brady is the greatest
Jesrael Robles
Jesrael Robles 7 dagen geleden
Every time I re watch this video 4:14 gets me every time lmao dead ass that is everyone's reaction 😂🤣💀
Tom Whiffen
Tom Whiffen 7 dagen geleden
Go Bucs
Tim Cox
Tim Cox 7 dagen geleden
Im calling it right now. Brady will hit his cliff in the next 10 years
Noah Gibson
Noah Gibson 7 dagen geleden
3peat then tom Brady retires
TyTy0991 7 dagen geleden
And let’s not forget the Bucs get the NFC East and AFC East this yr lol ☠️💀☠️ I think they’ll b pretty good
Shaun Sweeney
Shaun Sweeney 7 dagen geleden
AB is the best receiver in Football, Mike Evans is the second best receiver in Football!
dash4800 7 dagen geleden
The Bucs are probably the first team to win it all and come back the next year significantly better. Nothing gelled until the end of the year and they will now have an off-season, championship chemistry, AB for a whole year, an actual receiving RB, and another stud TE back from injury.
S B 7 dagen geleden
Next week, a punter talks about football but nobody cares because he's a punter
Stuart Otis
Stuart Otis 7 dagen geleden
Ya. But who's punting for the Bucs?
Cynical Red
Cynical Red 7 dagen geleden
So he'll have money for the next time he's in trouble... AB is still a bad person and I wouldn't want him on my team...
wakawaka1976 7 dagen geleden
BREAKING HEADLINE 2062 TOM BRADY RETIRES!!! After winning a Super Bowl MVP and ring with every single team in the NFL TB12 has finally decided to call it quits.
wakawaka1976 7 dagen geleden
It will take Tom probably 5 years to win 3 more rings... but I’m thinking he wants to go for 12. 😜
TheDarknessOfGames 7 dagen geleden
Brady makes 50 mil plus per year he def chipping so he can get another ring
Spencer Dickson
Spencer Dickson 7 dagen geleden
$6.5 mil for 1 year? Didnt this dude have a $60mil contract that he just fucked up? Tough break bro.
Tagerrun !
Tagerrun ! 7 dagen geleden
I hope Tom gets another 3 rings so he can have a ring for every digit on his hands 😂
Drew Andelin
Drew Andelin 7 dagen geleden
People do not understand HOW INSANE the Bucs are going to be next year. They did not even play their best until the Super Bowl.
45 pewterpirate
45 pewterpirate 7 dagen geleden
Repeat bby
Anthony Bostic
Anthony Bostic 7 dagen geleden
Bruh how do we even have 6.5 million to give at this point
tjlift22 7 dagen geleden
AB mouth cost him so much money🤮
Mellow NES Superstar
Mellow NES Superstar 7 dagen geleden
Sweet Saint Peter I'm excited! 😁
Mellow NES Superstar
Mellow NES Superstar 7 dagen geleden
Fire the dang cannons bub!! Go Bucs!
Will Cordelo
Will Cordelo 7 dagen geleden
This should not even be a debate, or you look like Kellerman! This reminds me of when Jeff Gordon won so much everyone hated him. People hate simply because they get tired of seeing the same person win all the time. I guess it's natural, but it's sure not the winners fault. All they can do is be humble and Brady has done a pretty good job of that too!
Nyx 7 dagen geleden
I love AB, I think he showed last year he’s still elite. He even burned tyrann for a td after the beef w Tom. Tom was like watch this tyrann watch AB put a wicked spin on you boy. Perfect
A G 7 dagen geleden
Fuq ab
highlyacclaimed 7 dagen geleden
Dude's team is and was stacked. Bradys good, but he's not great. Never has won SB without an 8th ranked defense or better. Would love to have seen him try and build a franchise for worst to first. Hard to judge guy who always wins the lotto
Logan Foster
Logan Foster 6 dagen geleden
Not many teams win without a top 10 so what's your pint
Mario Salvatierra
Mario Salvatierra 8 dagen geleden
Three times at least!!
Ray West
Ray West 8 dagen geleden
I understand that players want to get paid what there worth but come on if you were offer a couple million dollars to play on a contender then your crazy to pass it up. Either you wanna win or wanna get paid. Can’t have your cake and eat it too.
Christian O
Christian O 8 dagen geleden
Best sports talk show 👍
Assuntay Cleaver
Assuntay Cleaver 8 dagen geleden
They didn't clap for AB like they do for everyone else when they sign biased
Tom V
Tom V 8 dagen geleden
Straight Actor Ian McKellen
It’s very odd that once Belichick cut AB all of those accusations and lawsuits against him just magically disappeared 🤔
Ivan R
Ivan R 8 dagen geleden
The start of another dynasty
Pickle Nik
Pickle Nik 8 dagen geleden
Brady can’t win a SB this year, cause he’s won every other Super Bowl for the past 7 years Gotta keep the pattern up
Zack Bacak
Zack Bacak 8 dagen geleden
Honestly how much longer can he keep doing this? His coaching and GM input is clearly in effect in Tampa, and he’s just had his second highest scoring season of his career. If you didn’t know his age you’d think he’s 25. I’m starting to seriously think he could make it to 50 on the field…
Budster70 8 dagen geleden
Let's just give the Bucs the SB Ring again 😠😠😠😠😠. I hope Sam Darnold kicks Brady's Butt 2x year
Anthony Esmailov
Anthony Esmailov 8 dagen geleden
I m going to say it now 20-0
Spencer Monroe
Spencer Monroe 8 dagen geleden
Almost 7 mill???? Jesus we got teddy Bridgewater a possible starting qb for less than half the price when they paying two times for a 3rd or 4th receiver
Pendst 8 dagen geleden
Helping get AB under control is an underrated achievement in Brady’s career.
Max 43
Max 43 8 dagen geleden
I think 16-0 is available for the bucs this season
Corey Singletary
Corey Singletary 8 dagen geleden
I’m a huge TBBucs fan, here’s what I just thought about, “Tom Brady first QB to win back to back Championships for two different teams!” Is this what we’re considering now??? 👀‼️
DomIsBaked 8 dagen geleden
of they go back to back that’s gonna be the best team in history, and i’m not a buc fan
mike denney
mike denney 8 dagen geleden
McAfee's gratuitous GD's and gutter profanity makes him sound desperate for clicks and adolescent.
Duane Anderson
Duane Anderson 8 dagen geleden
Rumor had it Brady wants to be the first O.B. to take a snap from center on Mars lol 😆
Brady Bryant
Brady Bryant 8 dagen geleden
Lets Go AB
Tyler Roe
Tyler Roe 8 dagen geleden
Tom Brady bringing key players back like fuckin Infinity Stones lmaoooo
Speedyreedy1218 8 dagen geleden
As long as TB12 comes home when he's done and retire in his rightful place as a Patriot, it's all good. We told you he was the GOAT long ago. Don't know why it took him leaving for you to believe it.
cris wood
cris wood 8 dagen geleden
Lukie2131 8 dagen geleden
If I was Robert kraft and I had to choose between Bill I mumble belechik or Tom Brady I would've easily picked Brady! Sorry I think Tom Brady is the Patriot Way.
Adrian Castillo
Adrian Castillo 8 dagen geleden
Brady a walking dynasty
Adrian Castillo
Adrian Castillo 8 dagen geleden
Their chemistry gonna be like a brotherhood after 2 years
R P POKER 8 dagen geleden
AB was worth 20 M’s per year now isn’t worth 3 M’s
Tenchi Jojo
Tenchi Jojo 8 dagen geleden
Tom Brady thinks he's gonna get 10 rings. You know that song Eye of the Tiger? That pucken song was written about him. They just didn't know it back then.
Chris Gannon
Chris Gannon 8 dagen geleden
I watched us win Superbowl 37 as a 13 yr old. Never thought I'd see it in my adult life the way 2019 ended. Now we're talking about repeating 2 YEARS later. Life man
mntnrder 8 dagen geleden
I get the signing but I wouldn’t bet yesterday’s lunch money AB makes it a whole season with no drama
Smido83 8 dagen geleden
I would. Cause AB is a character that needs someone he truly respects to guide him. He didnt respect Big Ben or Tomlin anymore, he never respected Gruden, But he respected Tom AND Belichick. So it would've worked in NE without the allegations. He lost respect for Kraft (if he ever had any) because he dropped him like a hot potato. But he never lost the respect for Bill and Tom. So now in TB he does not only respect Brady deeply, moreso he is gratefull that he once again fought for him and led him to his 1st ring. AB will be a perfect guy this season! So... I hold your bet! ;)
Brolic 8 dagen geleden
If the bucs stay healthy, I think it’s safe to assume we might see them back in the Tom Brady invitational this coming season.
William Byers
William Byers 8 dagen geleden
They will win as long as TB12 IS healthy.
Richard AhMyT
Richard AhMyT 8 dagen geleden
Tear it up!
George Awana
George Awana 8 dagen geleden
So happy AB got signed! I thinking he’s going to have a huge season this year.
Anthony Barros
Anthony Barros 8 dagen geleden
No way BUCs ain’t on hard knocks this year
Buc Wild
Buc Wild 8 dagen geleden
Bowdiddly 8 dagen geleden
Ya, they have all worked together now, but, the entire NFL has seen them and has time to scheme for them. There is a reason it is so hard to repeat in the NFL, it's the best of the best of the best. These other players on other teams want it just as bad as the Bucs. You think Rodgers is going to lay down or Mahomes won't be healthy this time? Buffalo, the Rams. Say what you want, but won't be a repeat, not this year. I bet they come close, it's just too hard.
Bryce Peters
Bryce Peters 8 dagen geleden
Those Bucs uniforms are oozing with swag.
Ynotgoogle Unknown
Ynotgoogle Unknown 8 dagen geleden
My little kids watched your channel... I had to parental-control you due to strong language... They want to know what happened to you, I said you were on timeout for bad words... You looked like a family channel.
Logan Foster
Logan Foster 6 dagen geleden
If you followed him you would have known from ok m the get go
Ivan Herrera
Ivan Herrera 8 dagen geleden
Lol 😆🤣😂
Yeah So What
Yeah So What 8 dagen geleden
Yeah we own this division 😂💯
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