Pat McAfee Reacts To Bill O'Brien Being Fired By The Texans 

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Who do you think the next coach hired by the Texans will be?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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6 okt. 2020




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Youtube Commenter
Youtube Commenter 8 dagen geleden
2 years too late. Better late than never I guess.
Santiago Renteria
Santiago Renteria 8 dagen geleden
"john" mcclain not bob
The Amaranthine Man
The Amaranthine Man 8 dagen geleden
It's always a good idea to make the HC the GM aswell. It worked so well for the LA Clippers and such.
Gringo Mandingo
Gringo Mandingo 8 dagen geleden
John McClane
slewofdamascus 8 dagen geleden
I never thought they'd recover from that epic playoff collapse against chiefs, just as the falcons haven't recovered from their epic SB shows how much momentum is a part of a franchise's trajectory. Trading Hopkins without replenishing in the 2020 draft (with the deepest WR class in history) was fool-hearty, to say the least.
Jeff Baker
Jeff Baker 9 dagen geleden
Bill O'Brien was a cancer on the Houston Texans slowly eating away and killing the team...The absolute worst coach in the teams history. This stooge doesn't deserve to even be a high school coach let alone be looked at by any team in the NFL...But the cancer goes a little bit deeper with the ownership as far as I'm concerned. This firing among others should have been done long ago, but what did they do...They also made him GM?!?! By far even worse than Rick Smith ever was. Then it just seems like they are more interested in the money coming in than anything else. They started seeing support for the team dwindle and start losing money and all of the sudden Bill O'Brien is finally fired. Then there is being a season ticket holder...The price of that and parking goes up every year and not by a little bit, at least it did the 3 years I had them. And when the price of a single beer hit $8 I was out of there. Now don't get me wrong here...If the ownership had been doing what they needed to do all these years to insure a competitive and consistently winning team even against the best teams in the NFL (Colts, Patriots, Ravens, Chiefs, Seahawks, Steelers and the likes) then all of that would have been easier to swallow, and I would still have those tickets. I do love my Texans, but I refuse to blindly support and through money at mediocracy and owners that seem to be all about the money. Maybe just maybe they are finally starting to see the light.
The Irishpanic
The Irishpanic 9 dagen geleden
John McLean*
MayhemMac Raider
MayhemMac Raider 9 dagen geleden
I have no idea how he lasted this long. Dude was terrible.
RexAppeal 10 dagen geleden
Brian Gaine was fired because of being racist.
Kris Aro
Kris Aro 10 dagen geleden
He was head janitor to.
No No
No No 4 uur geleden
Janitor got more done, clean as a whistle that place.
Daniel Paschal
Daniel Paschal 10 dagen geleden
B.o.B should have been fired YEARS ago. He could NOT win in primetime. He could NOT beat a back-up QB they didn't study for. He could NOT win big games. In a 17 game regular season stent (2018-19) Houston lost 6 games by 1 poss. @ NE. @TN (up 3, in the 4th and giving up a game winning FG after playing no defense). vs NYG. vs INDY. @Phily when leading with 2:04 left in the game. @NO when leading with 37 seconds left in the game. By winning ANY of those 5 games in 2018 Houston would have been the AT WORST the #2 seed (and depending on who the win was over could have resulted in the #1 seed). ANY of those 5 games Houston lost by 8 or less points they would have had a bye and potentially home field to the super bowl. And, as mentioned the back up QB fiasco that Houston always faced, in the 2018 game against TEN Houston was facing the UN-BEATABLE (clearly) Blane Gabbert... in addition to this ridiculousness B.o.B was witness to Mark Shanchez taking over for Nick Foles in 2014 and losing to him, Matt Hassleback leading the Colts to a win in 2015, Jacboy Brissett leading NE (in prime time) in 2016 to another embarrassing L to a back-up QB, Matt Cassel taking the W in 2016 for the Titans while Mariota missed a game, Jimmy G coming off the beach to beat them in 2017 when Houston played the 9ers, Kyle Allen struck in 2019 when Houston played the Panthers, fear not Drew Lock also struck in 2019 after Flaco got booted to the side Drew Lock led Broncos to a W in just his 2nd start! I know what you're thinking, 8 games over 6 years lost to back up QB's not a big deal, but for comparison: They only won 4 of 12 total games they played against back up QBs in the same stent. 33.3% against back-up QB. And, if you ignore Zach Mettenberger who became a main stay for TN at QB for over half a season the record becomes 3 of 11 or 27%. That is IGNORING the 51 unanswered points in the playoffs against KC. IGNORING 30-0 in the playoffs at home against KC. IGNORING getting thumped @ NE in the playoffs. IGNORING the 21-7 playoff lose at home to the Colts. His 2 playoff wins were against a Bills team that had a monster debacle and the Raiders who were led by Connor Cook... 2-4 in the playoffs. Oh, and that's also ignoring the fact they have ZERO draft capital, they took on multiple under-water contracts, they traded a top-3 WR for a back-up RB that was going to be let go and exchanged 4th round picks. They paid Tunsil $50M guaranteed and the most in the NFL for an O-Line man all to have Watson getting sacked over and over again. They had ZERO rookies play in the Steelers game on offense or defense, only 1 special teams play involved a rookie. They have no rookies, no first rounders, no real capital, nothing. They're absolutely fucked.
James Cetnar
James Cetnar 10 dagen geleden
Bill O'brien is Chip Kelly that knew how to draft.
NYC Think LAb
NYC Think LAb 10 dagen geleden
Another one fired from the bellicheat tree
Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump 11 dagen geleden
Crennel had some success as a head coach. He may be one of the better candidates for the position.
TheFlyest52oover 11 dagen geleden
Why did billy gotta trade hopkins I don’t hate our wr core but we don’t got that when in doubt throw it that way guy, Hopkins was that guy😂😂
Jeff Hines
Jeff Hines 11 dagen geleden
Watch Josh McDaniels get the Texans job
Mario 11 dagen geleden
As a cardinals fan I’d like to formally thank bill obrian for his service. Most people hate him but not me
Kameron McConnell
Kameron McConnell 11 dagen geleden
Falcons should take notes
Lets keep it real
Lets keep it real 11 dagen geleden
He shoulda been fired b4 he traded DHop
Kakashi Uchiha
Kakashi Uchiha 12 dagen geleden
Did pat just ask a 4 minute question??
William Patch
William Patch 12 dagen geleden
About time he was there to long
Bdubz_Det 12 dagen geleden
I can only hope the lions do the same thing
Ryan McCorvey
Ryan McCorvey 12 dagen geleden
Its John McClain not Bob
Real Thrills
Real Thrills 12 dagen geleden
Why did they allow him to get rid of nuke if his seat was this hot??
Terrence Gibbons33
Terrence Gibbons33 12 dagen geleden
Jack Esterbey visited Epstein’s Island
Benjamin Burrow
Benjamin Burrow 12 dagen geleden
Pat, Bob McNair died and left his team to his two sexy daughters and his one son. NONE of those kids knew how to run an NFL team, bob came in and acted like he knew what tf was up. He’s a cheese dick, everyone from Houston hated bill. We all wanted him gone. Aside from his dumbass trades,How the hell do you blow a 24, 0 lead in the playoffs?
Monkey Luffy
Monkey Luffy 12 dagen geleden
John McClain*
Colton W
Colton W 12 dagen geleden
Now they do this lol After he completely took a hatchet to the team. Clowney and Hopkins shipped out for absolutely nothing in return.
BOT Chad
BOT Chad 13 dagen geleden
Yo shoutout to C Rob from Yahoo; he's been loyal to them and his takes are GOOD. Guy deserves a lot of credit.
Carlos 13 dagen geleden
Bill O'Brien is, and always will be, the all time Texans' worst anything!
Carlos 13 dagen geleden
BOB gave up Duane Brown, Clowney, Honeybadger, Kareem Jackson, Aj Bouye, DEANDRE HOPKINS, yet somehow throughout the years we acquired, as fans, the highest nfl roster for 2020 with an 0-4 start. Yeah BOB get the fook outta here. We are going to feel the aftershocks of this the next season while trying to peice something up to become a superbowl team with no draft picks and no mula
Cloud House Design Group
Cloud House Design Group 13 dagen geleden
Why does this guy keep calling the former Texans coach”Billy O’Brien”? It makes him sound like a jackass.
EaST CoAsT MaCHete
EaST CoAsT MaCHete 13 dagen geleden
Texans fans are having a cookout after this news.
fmthebaron 13 dagen geleden
Romeo was a horrible coach for the Browns.
OG James
OG James 13 dagen geleden
i think you should bring chris simms on for a different would love to see you guys collab btw
Samuel McMillin
Samuel McMillin 13 dagen geleden
bill o brian made the playoff to spite his actions not because of them
Samuel McMillin
Samuel McMillin 13 dagen geleden
bill o brian got fired why because bill o brian is an hack
Just a Falcon
Just a Falcon 13 dagen geleden
Falcon fans can only wish for news like this
Travis Battles
Travis Battles 13 dagen geleden
Jeff Fisher 2.0
conor27 13 dagen geleden
If they can swoop the chiefs oc they’re going to be back to work
conor27 13 dagen geleden
Can’t believe the giants or somebody didn’t try to get him last year
Googler B
Googler B 13 dagen geleden
I said 6 months ago it was stupid of that organization to have Bill as Hc AND Gm. They should have been looking for a new Hc as soon as that happened. Idc abt DHopkins, thats not what will make/break them.
Matt Frey
Matt Frey 13 dagen geleden
Crazy he got fired before Adam Gase
Alex Shegstad
Alex Shegstad 13 dagen geleden
I’m sorry, but how much goodwill could BoB Have had to be allowed to take charge of all those roles? He hasn’t done nearly enough in his time there to earn that, has he?
JeRsEYZ FiN3sT 13 dagen geleden
the jets must be thinking lets get Bill O’Brien now
James Vandenbrink
James Vandenbrink 13 dagen geleden
I couldn't disagree more on regards to the idea that whoever is hired must be onboard for deshaun watson as your quarterback. This franchise has seen it's future gutted with the trade of hopkins and the decision to let clowney go. At this point the only player on the roster with marquee trade value is Watson and trading him will help the Texans reload much quicker. The alternative is to try and make do through free agency and later round draft picks while watching watsons career slide by and hoping that he doesn't fall prey to a career impacting injury
Tom Savage
Tom Savage 13 dagen geleden
its JOHN Mclain pattie
ScrewstonTexxas 13 dagen geleden
His name is John McClain lol get it right pat
Amish HACKER lul
Amish HACKER lul 13 dagen geleden
Sloooowwww down pat breathe
The Lurchness Monster !!
The Lurchness Monster !! 13 dagen geleden
Like it or not,in the Texans 18-year long span as an NFL team,Bill O'Brien is their greatest head coach. He had a winning record,won the division & went to the playoffs multiple times,had a 24 point lead in a Divisional round playoff game against the eventual SB champion, & was HC of a Defensive Player of the Year(JJ Watt). Jets fans are like... "Sign me up"!! Lol!!
DirtyMason133 13 dagen geleden
Could have kept Hopkins, Clowney, and used those picks to fix that O-line. Could have dominated for years. All they needed was a decent line for Watson. Now the future looks grim. No O-line and no superstars players. It’s heartbreaking and I’m not even a Texan fan.
DirtyMason133 13 dagen geleden
Bill salted the earth in Texas. No draft picks, terrible decisions. It’s gonna be a tough few years.
Rob reviews Tech
Rob reviews Tech 13 dagen geleden
Romeo Crennels' first head coaching job was in Cleveland. Head coach of the Cleveland Browns. It was a horrible experience for Cleveland Browns Fans.
Cornelius Kilgore
Cornelius Kilgore 13 dagen geleden
They better be better than what he done when they replace him.
Mikael Haggard
Mikael Haggard 13 dagen geleden
John McClain
Zach Owen
Zach Owen 13 dagen geleden
We need Dabo Sweeney !!!!
13jr562 13 dagen geleden
Get the interview of all COLTS interview on what is ANDREW LUCK is up to and how he is doing ... GO COLTS !!!
Dark Hawk
Dark Hawk 13 dagen geleden
So... Why is Josh McDaniels' name always floated out? First head coaching gig: Denver, starts 6-0, then goes on a massive losing skid, drops audible F-bombs on national tv, gets fired amidst a Patriots-esque cheating scandal. Second head coaching gig... he agrees to a job, then basically backs out on his way to the press conference. Why do people want this unreliable known cheater?
Jaden Ayala
Jaden Ayala 13 dagen geleden
Bill O Brien sucked from Day 1 ~ He shoulda been fired after trading Hopkins away
Ethan R
Ethan R 13 dagen geleden
As a Pats fan I would love to know how our old team chaplin became the damn interim GM lol. Dude has basically zero football operations experience.
Bubbub2020 Topps
Bubbub2020 Topps 13 dagen geleden
Obrien should've been fired after the Kansas City debacle in the playoffs last season. DeAndre Hopkins would still be a Texan if that idiot hadn't been allowed back on the plane after tanking a 24 point lead and momentum!
felixculpa 13 dagen geleden
Bill, you traded Hopkins into my division and wasted the best years of two more generational talents. And for those reasons: I’m out.
retrotvandmovies 13 dagen geleden
Watson's contract will come back to bite the Texans in the ass.
James Green
James Green 13 dagen geleden
John McClain is his name. I think he is actually in the HoF as a sportswriter and he is on the HoF Selection Committee.
David Pitts
David Pitts 13 dagen geleden
Bill Obrien was a freaking moron, His Scheme does not work for Watson. Plus he lost the Players.
Ken Cranston
Ken Cranston 13 dagen geleden
When Pat played in the NFL he called his leg the boom stick. Now he calls his coke tooter the boom stick. Take it easy Pat, you're giving me a heart attack just listening to ya.
Ken Cranston
Ken Cranston 13 dagen geleden
Dude didn't deserve to get the boot after a quarter season. Maybe take away them GM privileges.
Josh Culver
Josh Culver 13 dagen geleden
Thanks for the clarification that the reporter was not Lil Naitch!
Michael D
Michael D 14 dagen geleden
I haven't even watched this yet but potentially
vincent hammons
vincent hammons 14 dagen geleden
as the owner as soon as i heard the trade was being done with hopkins i would of fired him and put a stop to that deal.
Riley 14 dagen geleden
As a cardinal fan it sucks to see him go. Thanks for giving us Hopkins for free. Respect ✊
K HAM 14 dagen geleden
But fatty matty patty still employed in motown???? Damn this world
Walter Skoruppa
Walter Skoruppa 14 dagen geleden
Rumors have it JJ Watt got into a heated argument with OB right before he was canned. I thought that JJ would be next after Hop was dealt for a bag of peanuts.
Dominic Willis
Dominic Willis 14 dagen geleden
Pat had way to many vitamins
Lkng4 14 dagen geleden
Now let Watson run the Run and Shoot like Warren Moon use to. Spread the defense out and sling the ball around.
Byron Wright
Byron Wright 14 dagen geleden
Knew this thing you got here is something special. But my phone gimps for 48hrs and Oh my god it was like there wasn't sunshine. Pat if you and the boys ever stop doing this show I'm gon go ahead and hack the nuclear launch sites and just end the planest. Cause I dont want to live in a world of billions, AND BILLIONS!, of other humans and not see you and the boys every Mon-Friday 12 ET. And Sat. and Sun. for any special events, live games, and reruns if there isn't anything gon Dannn with my favorite sports talk group ever. Thank you Pat and the boys, for bringing happiness to life that hasn't experienced such an emotion in many a fort night.
The Real
The Real 14 dagen geleden
“Charles Robinson...Not the WWE ref” 😂😂😂 another W for mcAfee
Corn Juicer
Corn Juicer 14 dagen geleden
y'all finally compress your audio
Andrew Vohl
Andrew Vohl 14 dagen geleden
Bob McClain, it's pronounced pan·keiks. Like the word pancakes. Just FYI.
MattyS 14 dagen geleden
Pretty sure Romeo was also HC of the Brons back in the day. Didn’t work out too well, but it hasn’t for a Brons HC in a while.
Utah Jazz Baller Swoosh
Utah Jazz Baller Swoosh 14 dagen geleden
The people saying they should’ve fired O’Brien when they blew that 24 point think about this way. The Texans didn’t lock down the chiefs the chiefs locked themselves down only one touchdown in those 24 points that they actually drove down the field one was a goal line muff and one was a 60 yard touchdown off a miscommunication at the end of the game the better team bled through bill O’Brien doesn’t have a game plan he hopes on his players being better not his game plan beating them that’s how an upset happens the game plan is better
Utah Jazz Baller Swoosh
Utah Jazz Baller Swoosh 14 dagen geleden
Coming from a bears fan I never liked bill o’brian i always thought he was trash and he never would never win a chip as a head coach or a play caller Bill o’Brian is truly a poser pretending like he knows what he’s doing but he’s hurting everyone else cause he can’t admit he doesn’t know what he’s doing
Adam LaTour
Adam LaTour 14 dagen geleden
And the next lions coach is.........
Matthew Grisham
Matthew Grisham 14 dagen geleden
Nobody was shocked by his firing. We all knew it would happen the minute he traded Hopkins.
Phillip Hensley
Phillip Hensley 14 dagen geleden
They should've dropped him a long time ago. There's been parties all over Houston because of this.
mtorngren15 14 dagen geleden
Not the WWE referee...lmao
Jonathan 14 dagen geleden
Bill O'Brien good coach for under talented teams to get decent records, but the division ultimately was trash. He was a mediocre coach & with a college-meets-pseudo-Bellicheck mentality. He couldn't do anything with talented players and the Texans were *always* unprepared, undisciplined, and uncreative for big games. Sprinkle a historically disfunctional franchise and him becoming the worst GM in NFL history... And you're out of Houston. And I *swear,* if we hire Josh McDaniel there will be protests for the McNair's to sell the team.
star wars fan 77
star wars fan 77 14 dagen geleden
He should have ben fired 2 years ago
roger nallie
roger nallie 14 dagen geleden
I wish the Texans stop trying to be the Patriots ,
Yetimelly57 lor
Yetimelly57 lor 14 dagen geleden
Texans front office Cult Leader J Easterby, and the owner fired BO because JJ Watt had a disagreement with him. SMH. 👎👎👎👎
Gregory Maurice Hollman
Gregory Maurice Hollman 14 dagen geleden
*john McClain.. the General
William Childress
William Childress 14 dagen geleden
They should have been fired this guy.. now he done flubbed up tha season n next year wit no picks.
Tyler Bryant
Tyler Bryant 14 dagen geleden
This is what happens when you try to be Jackie Moon. Too bad your washing machine can't catch passes like Hopkins.
Huncho 8thHokage
Huncho 8thHokage 14 dagen geleden
Yall shoulda did this before y'all got rid of D Hopkins
Cody Bennett
Cody Bennett 14 dagen geleden
Adam Gase still has a job 😂
M Murry
M Murry 14 dagen geleden
John McLain
Lead Huncho
Lead Huncho 14 dagen geleden
*John McLain
G 14 dagen geleden
Good/solid coach Awful GM
Evan Fortunato
Evan Fortunato 14 dagen geleden
Bill O'Brien was a good coach, but a horrible horrible GM
Cody G
Cody G 14 dagen geleden
We all know the Commissioner and the refs in the NFL wanted the Chiefs to go all the way to the SB, so I still think the game became rigged at some point after halftime. Imagine all the money that Roger Goodell, Eric Reid, Bill Vinovitch, Scott Novak, Terry McAulay, Clete Blakeman, Brad Allen, Carl Cheffers, and whole bunch of others would have lost in betting if the Texans managed to win that game! Also, I care little for the Texans. Never been a fan.
Steel Curtain
Steel Curtain 14 dagen geleden
Love seeing Pat transcend one dream career into another
Blues Fan
Blues Fan 14 dagen geleden
Get bill o’brian straight to Tennessee’s dc spot