Pat McAfee Reacts To Colts False Positive Tests 

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Darren Waller is balling on the field, but his story is nuts.
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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16 okt. 2020




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James Johnson
James Johnson 2 dagen geleden
As a colts fan I can say that I
PMS Store
PMS Store 3 dagen geleden
Austen Hilton
Austen Hilton 4 dagen geleden
The same thing happened to the UFC they had a fighter and Jon Anik tested positive for covid then they came back negative after two other covid tests
B Miles
B Miles 4 dagen geleden
I love how Pat thinks anyone cares enough about Indy to sabatoge them.
torrestheman _
torrestheman _ 4 dagen geleden
as a native of the city. Ouch.
July July
July July 4 dagen geleden
Na we do know.. we all know corona is full of 💩.. and the test are full of 💩 also.. the test don’t target corona.. the test target flu antibodies.. which almost everyone had the flu before .. do your research ppl don’t jus regurjatate what does news says.. p.s. I don’t know how to spell regurjatate
Joe Muffalo
Joe Muffalo 4 dagen geleden
People still believe covid is a threat? Lol
Nightwishmaster 2 dagen geleden
Well it was to my coworker that died from it a little over a month ago...
Mary M0NR0E
Mary M0NR0E 4 dagen geleden
2:58 🤷🏾‍♀️😆
Jaden Shaulis
Jaden Shaulis 2 dagen geleden
Jason Thoresen
Jason Thoresen 4 dagen geleden
We’re on to Cincinnati
BOT Chad
BOT Chad 4 dagen geleden
Reminder that the Feds don't have a live sample of the virus so they can't have a valid test.
Justa Servant
Justa Servant 4 dagen geleden
Four false positives on a roster of 53 people, minimal staff, and other personnel really makes you wonder how many people who don't have quite the urgency nor resources of a large organization to go in for second tests across the United States there are. Just looking at it from a percentage stand point in a country of 328,000,000 makes you wonder how inflated our rates really are in The US. Quite frankly it could be upwards of four million people who tested positive and just accepted it when in fact they didn't truly have it, and in the unfortunate case of subsequent deaths due to other underlying health factors, those deaths were just attributed to the false Covid positive test. Things that make you say mhmm. But I digress.
D. Jake McClure, MD
D. Jake McClure, MD 3 dagen geleden
The actual rate of false positives for these tests is like 0.5-1%. 4 Colts players/staff/personnel testing positive and they’re ALL “false” is biostatistically implausible. statistically-speaking, for every 4 false positive results there will be at least 396 true positive results. Have you heard anywhere close to that number of players/coaches testing positive and actually considered a true positive?
Tru Faux
Tru Faux 4 dagen geleden
Totally agree that what you said could be possible. I think the chances of the case numbers being inflated are really high. Sadly, it is a political thing. Cities are trying to use these inflated case numbers so they can ask for more money in a stimulus bill, even though they are asking for the money for reasons that have nothing to do with Covid. Which is why we have yet to get another stimulus. It’s frickin heartbreaking what Nancy Pelosi and the House are trying to do right now.
Braedon Lock
Braedon Lock 4 dagen geleden
Anyone else feel like if they have a low number of cases. Like 1-4 they will just say “false positive” rather than shut down the facilities/cancel a game. And lose all that $.
Steve Bob
Steve Bob 4 dagen geleden
I’m not sure but my understanding was that they aren’t tested on game day, possibly for that reason. When they’re tested literally every day of the week, except game day, the odds of NOT getting a false positive is basically 0 over the course of a season.
Jordan Uecker
Jordan Uecker 4 dagen geleden
I have medical professionals in my family and friends. All of them will tell you that the COVID tests are largely inaccurate and were rushed to make people feel better. Same with the death rates the media shoves down our throats. If someone is on their DEATH BED from a pre existing condition like end stage cancer. But they happened to test positive for COVID, it’s marked as a COVID death. I’ve spoken to several nurses who estimate the test is around 60% accurate because they have had patients who CERTAINLY had it but tested negative. But they have had patients who CERTAINLY did not have it but tested positive. 60% isn’t a good number and it would have flunked you out of high school
Templar Bear
Templar Bear 5 dagen geleden
It's detrimental to the players' mentality. They have a bogus weak a$$ flu that mostly affects the elderly and they lose work time and days because of a p*ssy league full of b*tches. Tell the league to eat sh*t and die and play ball.
maxpowr90 5 dagen geleden
Can't say "good Luck" about the Colts.
RANDYLAYHE 5 dagen geleden
yep no problems here just a few false positives
Indy Studios
Indy Studios 5 dagen geleden
Titans definitely had spies that went into the Indianapolis facility, falsified the tests, to try to sabotage the practice week and the possibility of a game on Sunday. It’s fine, they’ll learn how overrated they are when we sweep em this year
Adam Gates
Adam Gates 5 dagen geleden
Seems a little odd how many false positives theres been. Definitely not hiding anything
D. Jake McClure, MD
D. Jake McClure, MD 3 dagen geleden
In reality, it should be 0.5-1% (it’s what we call “specificity” in the diagnostic testing jargon)… there are 99-199 true positive results for every 1 false positive. So if the Colts have 4 false positives, where are the 400 plus true positive cases? What the NFL is reporting is biostatistically implausible. Given that positive test results threaten the viability of owners’ billion dollar enterprises, I’m not shocked at all what’s being reported in the media. In fact, when is the last time you heard of a player or coach considered a true positive?
Mary M0NR0E
Mary M0NR0E 4 dagen geleden
Normal false positive rates are in the 90% range but I also see it like the NFL doing stuff. Stay home if u 🤒
Rory Wynhoff
Rory Wynhoff 5 dagen geleden
False Positives = Worthless Tests! When are people going to figure out that the PCR DNA manufacturing process was never meant to be a testing mechanism? You can easily get the results you want by increasing or decreasing the number of cycles it is run. It is Not a yes or no test!
D. Jake McClure, MD
D. Jake McClure, MD 3 dagen geleden
@bmw2552 Lol. Agree. PCR is used all across the healthcare system.
bmw2552 5 dagen geleden
I hope you don't work in a clinical lab.
T85 Reloaded
T85 Reloaded 5 dagen geleden
So the Colts players caught a cold...come at me you psychopaths who wants this nonsense to be real bunch of sheep...
Nightwishmaster 2 dagen geleden
I'll make sure to tell that to my coworker. Though considering he died a few weeks after contracting it I suppose I'll have to chisel it on his headstone...
OG LP 5 dagen geleden
Are we not going to acknowledge Pat rockin the choker Cuban?! Lookin good
Mike Morris
Mike Morris 4 dagen geleden
Thinking the same thing. Like damn he's really wearing probably 10k on his neck
Duvalier World
Duvalier World 5 dagen geleden
A virus so deadly you have to get tested to know whether you have it or not, and when you do get tested it can show false positives. But watch out!! Just because you are asymptomatic it doesn’t mean you can’t give it to someone else, so everyone must wear a mask and everyone must get vaccinated to stop the spread! 😂
Mary M0NR0E
Mary M0NR0E 4 dagen geleden
wolfhunter 4 dagen geleden
sounds like the perfect boogeyman to keep everyone living in fear and dissolving our liberties (what little we have left)
T Rocka
T Rocka 5 dagen geleden
Can we talk about how tf we got False Positives?
D. Jake McClure, MD
D. Jake McClure, MD 3 dagen geleden
@Evan Elkins for starters, every OL and DT is clinically obese, and I’d bet 10-25% have high blood pressure (45% of American adults do), so that’s far more than your requested 2 players
Evan Elkins
Evan Elkins 4 dagen geleden
According to the cdc only around 8-10% of covid deaths actually died from only covid. The remaining 90% had on average 2.6 comorbidities, I bet you can’t even name a single nfl player with 2! Also over 45% of covid deaths came from nursing homes! We gotta wake up people.
T Rocka
T Rocka 5 dagen geleden
@sYmboloGy FN has already done that no doubt.. they fooled some people though
sYmboloGy 5 dagen geleden
The WuFlu tests are 80% wrong. Plus, the WuFlu isn't gonna kill anyone. The fake news will however.
philip martin
philip martin 5 dagen geleden
So with all the false positives in just the NFL, could that possible mean that the number of the cases in the entire nation is way lower than reported. Imagine my surprise !
philip martin
philip martin 3 dagen geleden
@OptimusCrime9900 That's just incorrect though, at the beginning of testing months ago the false positive rate was close to 50% which is HORRID for a test that is used for a virus. The tests now may have a false positive of 0.5% or lower, but there were thousands of tests that were using the less reliable system. And again we have already seen the number of false positives in the NFL, which means in America in general there could be a lot of them.
Randal Smith
Randal Smith 5 dagen geleden
@OptimusCrime9900 dontchew come in herr spewin that nonesense! It's a CON SPEE RAAA SEE. OBVIOSLY.
OptimusCrime9900 5 dagen geleden
These tests normally have a probability for a false positive of about 0.5% or lower. Even if it was one percent: having a false positive is better than having a false negative. Btw: the US isn‘t the only country testing for covid: in germany the amount of positives for recent tests is 0.6% which means the percentage of false positives HAS to be waaaay less than that.
BradyBaseball13 5 dagen geleden
That’s what I’m saying
Mike Love Thyself
Mike Love Thyself 5 dagen geleden
We need to say allegedly every time they say someone tested positive
Armando Almendariz
Armando Almendariz 5 dagen geleden
That shirt is fire brother Pat
Hank Amarillo
Hank Amarillo 5 dagen geleden
the nfl and these false positives should wake people up to the inflated numbers nation wide
b b
b b 4 dagen geleden
​@J B You can die from covid19 if you dont contract it. People that are dying from car accidents and other causes are being listed as covid deaths, on top on the ridiculousness of labeling those as "covid deaths" what if they were false positive? Also Say you are false positive and are put on a ventilator "like 90% of people put on a ventilator die or have a bad reaction to drugs etc. Atleast 250,000 people die from iatrogenesis every year, more then the current total covid death count.
Christopher Cain
Christopher Cain 4 dagen geleden
@J B they never put a bunch of old people in nursing homes with the flu either. Cases don’t matter because most people recover or have recovered, don’t show symptoms or false positives. I thought we’re supposed to be concerned about the deaths?
Christopher Cain
Christopher Cain 5 dagen geleden
@J B cases don’t mean anything, There’s always going to be cases. Just like there are cases of the flu or cold and It’s never going to be eradicated.
Christopher Cain
Christopher Cain 5 dagen geleden
You’d think but unfortunately they won’t.
JoshuaTimes7 5 dagen geleden
False Positives? Are we sure the 2nd tests weren't False Negatives?? We literally don't know anything. hah.
D. Jake McClure, MD
D. Jake McClure, MD 3 dagen geleden
@Daniel You’re logic would be accurate for antibody tests though. When few people have had Covid, a positive result on an antibody test in a person who never had a diagnostic test and is otherwise asymptomatic is likely to be false positive for the antibody result. That’ll seesaw in the other direction as the pandemic evolves but that’s the basic biostatistical principle in the early part of a pandemic
D. Jake McClure, MD
D. Jake McClure, MD 3 dagen geleden
@JoshuaTimes7You’re correct. False positive rate of these tests are on the scale of tenths of a percent-so what’s the statistical likelihood of all 4 being false positives: 0.5% x 0.5% x 0.5% x 0.5%
Daniel 3 dagen geleden
@JoshuaTimes7 yah you’re right, this was just knowledge I had of testing in general. Not quite sure why covid tests seem to have the exact opposite results, really strange.
Putt Bot Jr
Putt Bot Jr 3 dagen geleden
I honestly think NFL teams are going around the system & aren’t taking this serious, wild that all those teat were “ wrong “
JoshuaTimes7 4 dagen geleden
@Daniel There are very few "False Positive" results- it's usually due to a contamination or error in the testing process. However, False Negative results happen every single day, especially if someone is tested too early during the onset of Covid.
MasterChief 15
MasterChief 15 5 dagen geleden
Gotta wonder how many false positives were documented in the national total. 🤔🤨🤦‍♂️
Joseph K
Joseph K 4 dagen geleden
and most of these are from tracing, not testing.
MasterChief 15
MasterChief 15 5 dagen geleden
@The Randy Tomato Good question. The guy who made these tests said it wasn't made for Covid testing. So who knows🤷‍♂️
The Randy Tomato
The Randy Tomato 5 dagen geleden
How many false negatives slipped through the cracks?
Christopher Cain
Christopher Cain 5 dagen geleden
@trikso "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
Andre Leite da Silva
Andre Leite da Silva 5 dagen geleden
@Patrick LawrenceI agree! My Grandfather used to say that we must question our position and vision regarding anything, whenever we notice that such positions and views are in line with the opinions of the majority! Most people do not form their opinions based on fact, logic reason and historical precedent
Seth Sters
Seth Sters 5 dagen geleden
4 false positives? Yeah right... calling BS. They just don’t want to have their game postponed.
Christopher Cain
Christopher Cain 5 dagen geleden
Happens all the time
Logen Brand
Logen Brand 5 dagen geleden
There all tested in the same lab in the same group. Before the season several groups of test from the same lab tested false positive. Sometimes certain test just aren’t right.
SnapTime 5 dagen geleden
Why isn't anyone worried about these tests providing "false negative" results as well?
A A Ron Rod Gers
A A Ron Rod Gers 5 dagen geleden
@Booty Messiah so true
Booty Messiah
Booty Messiah 5 dagen geleden
Now think how many false pos/neg happen when millions of tests are issued hmmm
Ernesto Balcazar
Ernesto Balcazar 5 dagen geleden
True...there’s so many of them
Matt Kelly
Matt Kelly 5 dagen geleden
Sounds like they are gonna have to start giving multiple tests in a day especially Friday's and Saturday, even prior to game time, multiple tests from different places or people could and probably would rule out this Chance of a false positive ruining a gameday.
andrew papastefan
andrew papastefan 4 dagen geleden
Sounds like the test results are just not reliable...hint hint
Jordan Uecker
Jordan Uecker 4 dagen geleden
The medical professionals I’ve spoken to think the test is around 60% accurate. Tossing more tests out doesn’t solve how Inaccurate it is. It kills me how much science has been tossed out the window since the outbreak. Numbers have been skewed to fit agendas. And all logic and reason regarding precision and accuracy discounted simply because people are afraid
Mike Wazowski
Mike Wazowski 5 dagen geleden
I wonder how many test given vs. false + they have had and that makes ya kinda wonder about all the other testing with the asymptomatic stuff
7700Football 5 dagen geleden
Tens of millions (AND MILLIONS) of false positives in this country. But, unlike the NFL, the government continues to call them positives.
Shawn Hunt
Shawn Hunt 4 dagen geleden
Tens of millions of false positives? There have only been 8 million cases.
Flying V
Flying V 5 dagen geleden
And the Bengals still don’t get an indoor facility
Nicholas Francoletti
Nicholas Francoletti 5 dagen geleden
That's good news. If they did actually test positive, then the game against the Bungles would be postponed or even canceled, which would mean that the Colts would miss out on their free win. lol
Jaden Shaulis
Jaden Shaulis 2 dagen geleden
Nevermind we came back down 21
Jaden Shaulis
Jaden Shaulis 5 dagen geleden
ikr we'll find some way to lose tho
Jonathan Dee The One And Only
Bold prediction: whoever wins the Super Bowl will either have the least amount of positive COVID tests or the most with nothing in between.
RedAssassin274 5 dagen geleden
@Devin Fischer bro that's some biological warfare right there. Knock out the competition for next season lmao
Devin Fischer
Devin Fischer 5 dagen geleden
The super bowl will be the team with the most positives versus the team with the least positives.
FBI Agent
FBI Agent 5 dagen geleden
BTW pat the description was probably copied and pasted from the darren waller video so you should change it. Love the vids tho
John Smith
John Smith 5 dagen geleden
Of course you idiots are just catching on
Barrett Lowe Show
Barrett Lowe Show 5 dagen geleden
Anybody else think the Colts should go back to Jacoby Brissett?
Jaden Shaulis
Jaden Shaulis 2 dagen geleden
good UNTIL he got hurt but then what ended up 7-9 because of brian hoyer losing to the dolpins not to mention ty hilton was hurt but im not mad we got deforest buckner
Gabriel Carter
Gabriel Carter 5 dagen geleden
Barrett Lowe Show
Barrett Lowe Show 5 dagen geleden
@Randal Smith nah it’s actually a great football team aside from the quarterback position. Great defense, great o-line, good backs, just a quarterback that hasn’t been good. Brissett was great if you look at the first half of the season until he got hurt.
Randal Smith
Randal Smith 5 dagen geleden
@Barrett Lowe Show statistically he wasn't as good as Philip Rivers has been through 5. Look it up. Not a Rivers apologist, just stating facts. FACT: Colts don't have a superbowl caliber QB on their roster. Nor do they have their long term future QB at this time. Eason ain't proved jack. So put in JB, play Phil, sign the local cashier, it doesn't matter. This is a mediocre football team. Gotta learn to live with that, as sour as it tastes.
thekingbradable 5 dagen geleden
I do. I really don’t understand why they gave up on him.
Rohan Paranjape
Rohan Paranjape 5 dagen geleden
That really annoying I’m gonna guess
Jack Williams
Jack Williams 5 dagen geleden
Garner Thomas
Garner Thomas 5 dagen geleden
SapperEngr 5 dagen geleden
The reporters are the Imposters!
Jaden Shaulis
Jaden Shaulis 2 dagen geleden
Flying V
Flying V 5 dagen geleden
They’re among us
TotalLyric 5 dagen geleden
Phillip Rivers will just replenish the team with his 200 offspring
Malak 4 dagen geleden
200 of his children liked this.... his phone bill must be out of this world
justinbt 4 dagen geleden
That’s Cromartie
druu jenkins
druu jenkins 4 dagen geleden
His name is P. River, thank you You really don't want that river to stink up society... JK! I have to make fun of someone if their initials basically imply a river made of... P! P River >>>>> I CUP
Ryan B
Ryan B 4 dagen geleden
Yes 👍
Chad M
Chad M 5 dagen geleden
I really wanna see all his kids play football.
AARONXPXP 5 dagen geleden
Of course I’m first
The Bengals Don’t Have An Indoor Practice Facility
False like the Bengals having an indoor practice facility.
Jaden Shaulis
Jaden Shaulis 2 dagen geleden
AtGame7 3 dagen geleden
Well played.
CadenLisa 4 dagen geleden
@Ron Burgundy it’ll happen when the bengals get an indoor practice facility.
Ron Burgundy
Ron Burgundy 5 dagen geleden
Someday I hope I’ll be able to come to the comment section of a clip and not see you posting the same thing for the 1,000th time
Estevan Macias
Estevan Macias 5 dagen geleden
Borv 5 dagen geleden
GetRektFN 5 dagen geleden
To the Early Squad Reading This: Sending Virtual hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe and healthy *Mrbeast commented on my new video 🎓*
Nick Thrasher
Nick Thrasher 5 dagen geleden
"They had in the first half ngl"
JPG 5 dagen geleden
Nothing Free
Nothing Free 5 dagen geleden
False Positive
Parv Tahiliani
Parv Tahiliani 5 dagen geleden
Lownyn 4 dagen geleden
@JPG fr
Jaden Shaulis
Jaden Shaulis 5 dagen geleden
this comment's first
JPG 5 dagen geleden
nice pfp where did ya get it m8?