Pat McAfee Reacts To Dak Prescott's Horrific Injury 

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All of our positive energy is out for Dak. We want nothing more than for Dak to get better and come back better than ever after this.
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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12 okt. 2020




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Dark Days
Dark Days 2 dagen geleden
Who doesn't smile before surgery? Usually higher than a giraffes ass at that point.
S B 4 dagen geleden
Should had taken the money the boys were going to offer him but he got greedy and look at your punk ass now
Kevin Wais
Kevin Wais 4 dagen geleden
I broke my elbow ten years ago when I got into powerlifting, thought my career was over. Now I have 4 bench press records and a world title. Wish you a speedy recovery 👍
folumb 5 dagen geleden
If Jerry has any credibility as a MAN, he will pay Dak his money. Wishful thinking
SJW 8008
SJW 8008 5 dagen geleden
Didnt get life long money for his family? Lol he got over 30 mil in one year lmao
Guthrie McLain
Guthrie McLain 6 dagen geleden
Just keep saying it as it is Pat. Hope Dak has a speedy and steady recovery.
Jesse Garcia
Jesse Garcia 6 dagen geleden
Red rifle is going to be the QB for Cowboy
Jim Logan
Jim Logan 6 dagen geleden
The smile was made by some good pain meds
Will Power
Will Power 6 dagen geleden
Dalton is better then dak anyway.
TacoSplash !
TacoSplash ! 6 dagen geleden
Denver whould pay him if he hits the market
Craig owen Lindvall jr
Craig owen Lindvall jr 6 dagen geleden
Broken bones heal a lot better than ligaments or muscles though. Depending on the severity of the damages. I mean if you have the bone crushed into 60 pieces things would be bad. But a clean fracture even if it was open will heal well. Remember kevin Wares injury. Dak will be good man. The reason Joe theismann was a big deal was because of his age in a fact he was already on decline. This won't effect Dak at all. Bones heal fast and are even stronger after healing unlike ACL or MCL tears
Mingura666 6 dagen geleden
People seem to forget that every body is different and just because Bridgewater or Smith recovered doesn’t mean Prescott will. It all about time, rehab, Laws of Physics or God depending or your beliefs. Hopefully he will be back we all hope.
seth thomas
seth thomas 6 dagen geleden
Same injury riding bmx.. he'll be fine..
Big Johnson
Big Johnson 6 dagen geleden
0:07 he did get offered a deal but turned it down lol
Dylan Hinds
Dylan Hinds 6 dagen geleden
Must be nice to have the best doctors money can buy. My mom did the same thing minus bone breaking the skin while coming down the stairs and it she still can't walk very good.
Patrick Lemire
Patrick Lemire 6 dagen geleden
He got a long term he just didn't sign it. When you get offered $100MM guaranteed take it. His people gave him bad advice.
Chern69 6 dagen geleden
dak should have taken the money...dude is not worth patty money, at most 17 mill a year for 5 years...
Sue 6 dagen geleden
I wish Dak well in his recovery. I hope he comes back and gets a long term deal somewhere. He has such a positive attitude and a strong spirit, I am rooting for him
Xander Simmons
Xander Simmons 6 dagen geleden
There’s no way he doesn’t put a cowboys jersey back on and takes the first snap for us next season. We also might have to franchise tag him next year to see how the injury affected him but if he’s the same and or even better there will definitely a long term deal
misterb1080 6 dagen geleden
Jerry looks like a genius not signing Dak. Huh.?
Lone -Star Customs
Lone -Star Customs 6 dagen geleden
Whoa, he turned down 5yrs, $175 mil.
harold floyd
harold floyd 6 dagen geleden
Poor Dak’s family has to scrape by on the tens of millions he’s already earned. So sad.
David Van Horn
David Van Horn 7 dagen geleden
Could you show the damn footage??
James Clemons
James Clemons 7 dagen geleden
If he can’t secure his family’s wealth with the money he made off that franchise tag then he’s an idiot sorry not sorry. I don’t feel bad for someone who has made all that money doing something they love. Does it suck yeah but big deal he made more as a rookie than most people make in their life
D R 7 dagen geleden
Cowboys are now the favorite to win the super bowl
Nick Thai
Nick Thai 7 dagen geleden
They offered 100mil guarantee, so i don't feel that bad, in terms of money wise
“The Taylor Made Man”
Dak will be gone next year. Jerry won!! The bet. Jerry wouldn’t give Dak what he wanted with two good ankles what do you think Jerry is going to do with Dak’s one ankle.
David Razzaboni
David Razzaboni 7 dagen geleden
Maybe if he hadn’t asked for a stupid contract he would’ve been protected with security of guaranteed money. Never want to see an injury like that but don’t make Dallas out to be the bad guy. Dak wanted to be paid like no other QB. Sorry...he wasn’t and won’t be worth it.
Ivan Corey
Ivan Corey 7 dagen geleden
Dark bet on himself. And lost.
Zachary Persinger
Zachary Persinger 7 dagen geleden
Tell me about life changing football injuries. My doc found out my tibia was messed up and it needed totally reconstructed or my ACL would keep tearing after its second tear. I am 15 and would love to play football. Hey pat have me on the show?
RedRum3814 7 dagen geleden
Man that’s why u just get the bag when they offering it especially in a sport like football
ski vermont
ski vermont 7 dagen geleden
Best nfl show out there. The value of someone who played the game makes this show the best
Shane Henderson
Shane Henderson 7 dagen geleden
God can you imagine being worth 30M and not having long term stability.Idk what they are eating but it’s not on my menu 😂
Zach Watson
Zach Watson 7 dagen geleden
Dak to Indy. You heard it here first
matthew langley
matthew langley 7 dagen geleden
as a cowboys fan it just hit me we might not see him in a cowboys uniform
Magnus Samuelson
Magnus Samuelson 7 dagen geleden
He will be back. He will be wearing a helmet with a star on it. He will get paid.
theArchive1O 7 dagen geleden
Look up to Dak so much and it breaks my heart. But as Shannon said, ‘God gives his strongest soldiers the toughest challenges’
Christopher Miller
Christopher Miller 7 dagen geleden
Dak was smiling because he was pumped full of painkillers and HIGH AF!
t w
t w 7 dagen geleden
Dak the EPIC leader!!
Mike Willett
Mike Willett 7 dagen geleden
Let this be a lesson NEVER skip leg day in the gym
john smith
john smith 7 dagen geleden
my family could live on a million bucks for generations.....i guess he will struggle living off of millions.....AND MILLIONS
Michael Frandsen
Michael Frandsen 7 dagen geleden
I do sincerely hope this is not another DeMarcus Cousins bad decision
BizSuperCharger 7 dagen geleden
I Pray for a Speedy Recovery for Dak. I am glad he is out of the Hospital. And he has given us all a lesson in what happens when you are Greedy. Less money over a longer career means more money via endorsements, sponsorships, talking, book deals, investments. The on the field money is paltry compared to the off the field money available for figures like Dak
Gykal 7 dagen geleden
The first 3 minutes summed up this show pretty well. Him just yelling nonstop
jmkidd2002 7 dagen geleden
the most horrific injury I ever saw on the field was Joe Theismann the second was Alex Smith...ironic that both happened while playing for Washington. Theismann never came back but Smith time will tell about Prescott.
Mike Wagner
Mike Wagner 7 dagen geleden
Should of signed that big 35 mill a year deal. Greedy
Jeremy James
Jeremy James 7 dagen geleden
You know damn well Dak is hoping Dalton fails
Giovanni V
Giovanni V 7 dagen geleden
“Why is he smiling” When pat says “stfu” you need to stfu and listen.
Jestivius Jovial_Emperor
Jestivius Jovial_Emperor 7 dagen geleden
Towards the end the guest says Dallas can’t take a cap hit of $ 37 Million next year, so they will sign him to a long term deal to lower his cap hit. Drop the cap hit to $ 25 Million next year, but then take cap hits of $ 55 million for the next three ? Do these announcers have relatives who have a government decree enabling them to print all the counterfeit money they like ?
Jawn Hansen
Jawn Hansen 7 dagen geleden
Please don’t let the redskins sign him when the cowboys drop him. Please lord you’ve done us bad enough already.
Jestivius Jovial_Emperor
Jestivius Jovial_Emperor 7 dagen geleden
He didn’t get a long term deal because he was listening to an agent and sports announcers who said that nothing less than to completely reset the QB Market and become the highest paid QB was going to be considered. He rejected multiple long term contract offers that were quite generous.
Jestivius Jovial_Emperor
Jestivius Jovial_Emperor 7 dagen geleden
I sympathize with his injury. That was a dirty tackle. Hanging your weight on a man while letting your legs swing free into an ankle chop is dirty. I can see doing that in a fight if someone attacks you but in football NO.
desertvet0506 7 dagen geleden
The money Dak has made in the NFL so far and the guaranteed money he receives this year, IS MORE THAN ENOUGH to secure a financial future for him and his family! FOH with your long term deals!
TJ97tim1 7 dagen geleden
Jerry Jones can actually go after Trevor Lawrence without any hidden intentions.
Bek Smith
Bek Smith 7 dagen geleden
I was in the stadium for the game, and we were all chanting, “Prescott, Prescott, Prescott.” So much emotion, and SO MANY 4 JERSEYS in the stands. Get the deal done, Jerry!!! We want Dak back!!!
Glamprince89 Rockking77
Glamprince89 Rockking77 7 dagen geleden
Love Dak. I hated seeing that. Cards fan for life but I have always been a huge Fan.....Ring that bell loud AF.
Formula Wrestling
Formula Wrestling 7 dagen geleden
If you havent seen, there was a soccer player who i believe had the same injury as Dak a couple of days before. Pray for Dak
A Google User
A Google User 7 dagen geleden
I broke my ankle and it is fine now. Of course I'm not an NFL quarterback.
Niriv Singh
Niriv Singh 7 dagen geleden
Good news its an ankle..... not knee or shoulder. It makes it more doable
Niriv Singh
Niriv Singh 7 dagen geleden
He'll be back. Replace him with who? 😂😂😂PR disaster for Cowboys. JERRY pay the man! He's a top 15 QB
turd boi
turd boi 7 dagen geleden
I say saints get him Drew Brees getting a little old
michael torres
michael torres 7 dagen geleden
Why does this dude have to talk like an idiot. Why cant he just announce it without talking like a moron.
Rose Najar
Rose Najar 7 dagen geleden
Will he keep the same agent?
Ashley and Micah English
Ashley and Micah English 7 dagen geleden
Omg... these idiots lost dak all that money talking leverage bs and are still going at it... won't be satisfied until the man is utterly ruined... should be ashamed and humbled but are back louder than ever... selfish retarded pricks!
Free Thinker
Free Thinker 7 dagen geleden
People saying Dak is a great qb are nuts. He is mediocre at best. I hate to see injuries so hoping he gets healthy quickly but this is also a learning lesson not to way overrated yourself. The cowboys offer was overpaying him and he still wanted much more. Either way there is no crying for a guy getting 33 million dollars.
Allen Marples
Allen Marples 7 dagen geleden
The word "horrific" is definitely overused
Wan Shi Tong
Wan Shi Tong 7 dagen geleden
0:07 I see pat and I just want to cry on his shoulder (cowboys fan)
Wan Shi Tong
Wan Shi Tong 7 dagen geleden
@Tito Gonzalez stfu
Tito Gonzalez
Tito Gonzalez 7 dagen geleden
*hug* “there there” it’ll be alright, Cry baby.
Honestly Speaking
Honestly Speaking 7 dagen geleden
All that sounds good but reality is we all know the nfl is a business first so what makes them think Dallas is going to invest any more money in a QB who they were skeptical about when he was healthy? If andy has a good year or makes the playoffs its definitely a wrap for Dak, should've taken the deal i thought it was more then enough for a slightly above average QB hell at least dak would've been secured. Daks agent overplayed his hand
Holy Family Crusader
Holy Family Crusader 7 dagen geleden
“The Red Rider” 😂
Brennan Brown
Brennan Brown 7 dagen geleden
Pat should be on NFL Sunday countdown!
Dan Stevens
Dan Stevens 7 dagen geleden
Yates forgets that the NFL is a BUSINESS! Theres no reason to pay Prescott now. He is also a very average qb. Not great, top top 3 tiers. He has been in the league for a while now, and still hasn't taken his Uber teams to the superbowl. He's crap. Alsp, his injury was SELF INFLICTED! He ran instead of sliding. He did this to himself. Dumbest
SilenceOf TheYams
SilenceOf TheYams 7 dagen geleden
hope dak makes a full recovery. hes gonna need to be in top shape to play for Jacksonville next year.
The Master
The Master 7 dagen geleden
Diamond 777 (iPhone), looking like the hottest casino slot machine game out right now!
Gottiline Ace The OG
Gottiline Ace The OG 7 dagen geleden
I had the exact same injury myself. I broke it during baseball season. I was back for the next football season. Dak is a beast of a man, he'll be back! Dallas better keep him!!
Chief 7 dagen geleden
They gonna use this during contract negotiations
Matthew White
Matthew White 7 dagen geleden
A speedy recovery to Dak, he seems like a great guy and deserving of everything he gets, but... Pat: "didn't get a longterm deal to secure his family's longterm wealth"? So, the 30+ million from the franchise tag this year is what? That doesn't do it? Doesn't give his family enough security?? I mean jesus christ. Let's keep things in perspective can we? Your average american family could live off that for generations! And ya'll are worried about the guy and his financial future. Seriously? 🤮
Animals are Perfect
Animals are Perfect 7 dagen geleden
Lol he has leverage huh, not a chance after this injury
pmac 7 dagen geleden
Kinda off topic , but he turned down 35 mil a year because he wants at least 45??? Wtf is wrong with some of these guys. Yeah these guys are fun to watch but let’s remember at the end of the day they are throwing a ball around. To think that there are people who think a 35 mil salary is below them just pisses me off.
Franco Barrera
Franco Barrera 7 dagen geleden
As a Cowboys fan, he's earned that big contract he's asking for. 400+ yards per game in the first five weeks this year. Pay the man when he comes back, he's been consistently improving.
Jack Wilcox
Jack Wilcox 7 dagen geleden
I love how people say he dodnt get paid errr no the man was alresdy earning more than most could ever DREAM of.
mr. asshole
mr. asshole 7 dagen geleden
While this is fuckin terrible.....that extra year on that contract doesn't sound so bad all of a sudden.
Ali Jordan
Ali Jordan 7 dagen geleden
Why don’t you ever talk about russ or Seahawks? Are u just another hater in the media or do u only care about Rodgers nut sac?
Willam Tafaro
Willam Tafaro 7 dagen geleden
King Kino
King Kino 7 dagen geleden
1bbasket 7 dagen geleden
Didn’t the Andy dalton cowboys win???? And score 37??? Dak Who????
landon quavis
landon quavis 7 dagen geleden
You have to hope he only sprained it
Tony Odom
Tony Odom 7 dagen geleden
Depends on how dalton does he did lead them to victory
you troll
you troll 7 dagen geleden
What's the difference from a one year 37m contract or paying him that plus 7m every single year for the next 6-7 years? I would franchise him again and make sure you know what your buying bc that is a lot of money to spend on one player and I'm a Cowboys fan and I don't think he is worth 45m a year or even 40m a year...he should have took the contract they offered him imo that is top dollar for him and a great win for him
J T 7 dagen geleden
Man this is just sad ...kinda crazy how Alex Smith came back the same fkin night
Darth Phaser
Darth Phaser 7 dagen geleden
The expression on Dak's face when he left the field says it all. If he can come back, he definitely will.
BigPapaPump 7 dagen geleden
More field Yates please
Beau Chang
Beau Chang 7 dagen geleden
Pat made Field blush when he swore
Chad Hipfner
Chad Hipfner 7 dagen geleden
Dak isn't going anywhere he will be back with Dallas next year
Randy Guttery
Randy Guttery 7 dagen geleden
Two sides to a coin. As a Dallas native, and a Cowboy fan, I see this. First. I hate that Dak was hurt. Understand, I wish the man no ill will at all. Especially considering everything he has gone through as a man. But truth. I see a QB that about 3 out of 5 passes are behind, over thrown, or in front of the receivers. The long "accurate" throws are absolutely spectacular, but those are the outliers. Being a consistent, short and long throw QB, accurate most of the time passer. Is far more important than hitting an occasional good play. His running ability has been completely abused under offensive play calling. He has the freaking heart of the biggest lion on the savannah. But he has never shown to be a top five level in this league. I hope he get's all the money he deserves, but it ain't top five.
Erik R.
Erik R. 7 dagen geleden
Hope dak has that Campbell and oikos money still coming in Soup from the recovery bed
MotherLoveBone 7 dagen geleden
Covid will not end on account of a new year...
StoppinBulletz 7 dagen geleden
What's that background song at the beginning of the vid?
ث ث
ث ث 7 dagen geleden
dudes name is field
André Ranch
André Ranch 7 dagen geleden
They will pay Dak after this
Jay Patterson
Jay Patterson 8 dagen geleden
He was smiling because, well, morphine. After that injury you know they had him loaded. Hope he comes back as good as ever.
Braxton Young
Braxton Young 8 dagen geleden
Love the shirt
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