Pat McAfee Reacts To Dak Prescott's Update Video 

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Happy to know that Dak is doing well, and still hoping for him to make ALL THE MONEY.
Watch Dak's video here: BleacherReport/status/1316752302703874048
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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15 okt. 2020




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Robert High-n-Dry
Robert High-n-Dry 2 dagen geleden
Dak too greedy. He could already have a fantastic contract but he was too greedy. He would have been set for life already if he had taken what Jerry offered. His greed is hurting the team and the salary cap.
jim huff
jim huff 2 dagen geleden
Football? Didn't know they had time with all their protesting?
Busychannel Sky
Busychannel Sky 2 dagen geleden
Keep going an inspiration to others.
Michael Cook
Michael Cook 3 dagen geleden
DON’T call them AMERICA’S team. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Matthew White
Matthew White 3 dagen geleden
He ain't getting paid. Come on ya'll. Jerry Jones has to say that right now, otherwise he'd look like the biggest prick imaginable. Dak was still losing games this season and now he's had a MAJOR injury. He's not gonna be the same. He'll be lucky to be a backup like Alex Smith
Blue Eyed Devil
Blue Eyed Devil 3 dagen geleden
I can't stand Pat.... his voice aggravates me... I just wanna hear what Dak has to say.
Phyllis Curley
Phyllis Curley 3 dagen geleden
🙏🙏🙏🙏 still my quarterback!!!
dog bone
dog bone 4 dagen geleden
These people produce nothing of value, they produce zero jobs. We need an entertainment tax of at least 75 % after one million, that these super rich pay to reduce the tax burden on those working fans that watch the games.
Para will
Para will 4 dagen geleden
If Dalton performs well with this offense and makes the playoffs with 10 wins or 9-7 record, Dak will test FA or accept a lesser deal. Dak put himself in a situation where another player’s performance could effectively end his chances of getting the best deal possible that he could have gotten from the Cowboys. No other team in the league is going to offer him anywhere near what he is asking for and the endorsements will end as well. He just suffered a serious injury and missed the opportunity to truly show his worth by beating good teams this year. Andy Dalton could very well be the one to do that with a lousy defense.
Drake LaFleur
Drake LaFleur 4 dagen geleden
Pat...he writes “FAITH”, “FIGHT”, “FINISH” on his wrist wraps all the time and then points up after a are you just now realizing he’s religious lmao
bingly bingler
bingly bingler Dag geleden
@Mr. K2n5pliffey bc its an injury that could end his career, he plays for the cowboys which has more fans than any team in the NFL so he has alot of fans. Nobody wants people get hurt in football even if it is part of the game. The injury hes got is really bad, needed surgery and is going to have to learn to walk again. His bone was sticking out of his leg people are going freak out about that as well.
Mr. K2n5pliffey
Mr. K2n5pliffey 3 dagen geleden
@rob k he's not dead, just injured , idk why everybody is being so dramatic about it , everybody knows the risk of playing football, its part of the game.
rob k
rob k 3 dagen geleden
@Mr. K2n5pliffey real good timing to make fun of dak
Mr. K2n5pliffey
Mr. K2n5pliffey 4 dagen geleden
Cause nobody cares about dick prescott...
John Richter
John Richter 4 dagen geleden
As a Washington fan... not a big fan of Dallas obviously... but I hate that it happened for dak (similar to Alex smiths injury) he’s a great guy both on and off the field... best wishes for a speedy recovery
vic mag22
vic mag22 4 dagen geleden
is this another nick foles story in the making??
King Holmvik
King Holmvik 4 dagen geleden
Is dak gonna play on sunday?
2nd_place 5 dagen geleden
I still think Dak is overrated and won’t ever do anything with the Cowboys.
Jakai Reese
Jakai Reese 5 dagen geleden
Not the time
ONEIRONAUT -1 5 dagen geleden
I think Dalton is going to do great. I think he'll mesh well with that receiver corp. I also think they'll give it to Elliot more, which will extend drives and put less of an onus on the Defense. I say 8 wins to close out the rest of the season. For a 10-6 record. I'm not a Cowboys fan either. Dalton is a pretty Good QB, so its feasible to me. Only because of the division they're in.
Chris W
Chris W 5 dagen geleden
Good luck to Dak but hard work and good doctors will win over prayer.
Luke Gramith
Luke Gramith 5 dagen geleden
Andy Dalton will succeed because the Bengals still dont have an indoor practice facility
nito larioza
nito larioza 5 dagen geleden
If they can get rid of Jimmy Johnson, Romo and Dez DAK will be next! Lets see how BIG RED does that's gonna be the key :) GO BOYS
Heysus Christo
Heysus Christo 5 dagen geleden
Hard to feel too depressed when you're still getting a $2 million check every week and all your medical expenses are paid for.
RustyGaming YT
RustyGaming YT 5 dagen geleden
yeah it’s not like his brother killed himself in april that year and he already lost his mom to cancer
Thomas Brady
Thomas Brady 5 dagen geleden
Money isn’t everything his brother killed himself during the off-season
Ethan Ball
Ethan Ball 5 dagen geleden
I pray he came to the 49ers
Flash Point Blank
Flash Point Blank 5 dagen geleden
Dak wont get nothing from Dallas
Mike K
Mike K 5 dagen geleden
Really great start this guy had . A turnover machine until they are hopelessly behind and then ramping up garbage yards
Team AHGG 5 dagen geleden
Does anyone know what mic he uses?
do re
do re 5 dagen geleden
Trade Dak for as much as you can get, tank the rest of the season, and go after the clemson QB next year. Dak isn't a super bowl winning QB and now is the chance to get rid of him.
do re
do re 18 uur geleden
@grinningchicken yup, because Dak is Kirk Cousins of the South. He will put up stats but somehow barely make the playoffs with great teams, and still lose when he does.
grinningchicken 4 dagen geleden
The plan is trade a QB who was in the midst of a 5000+ yd 30+TD season for a rookie in the hopes that the rookie after going through growing pains for 1-3 season he becomes a 5000 yd 30TD guy?
AttilatheThrilla 5 dagen geleden
30 Mill for 4 n a half games.... I’d be smiling now if I was Dak as well 🤷‍♂️
alan james
alan james 5 dagen geleden
I want Dak in indy
Jake Chaykin
Jake Chaykin 5 dagen geleden
PC culture! People just get offended...
Ignite Bridge III
Ignite Bridge III 5 dagen geleden
If Dalton does good then Dallas drafting Elinger from UT n playing hardball with Dak on a team friendly deal
Ignite Bridge III
Ignite Bridge III 5 dagen geleden
@Demarcus Bailey Damn... Already giving up on Jimmy G?smh
Demarcus Bailey
Demarcus Bailey 5 dagen geleden
That sounds good but there will be about four teams looking for quarterbacks next season my 49ers is one them. Remember Jerry wanna a super bowl before he dies. Drafting a QB is a 50/50 hit or miss. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
Michael Haburay
Michael Haburay 5 dagen geleden
Andy dalton= Nick Foles
DaGuap Getta
DaGuap Getta 5 dagen geleden
People are so sensitive nowadays that Pat says he didn't know Dak was religious and has to immediately follow it up with "not that there is anything wrong with that" 2020 end please
Tristan Phipps
Tristan Phipps 5 dagen geleden
End it
First Bell Productions
First Bell Productions 5 dagen geleden
Oh I agree but sad part is it won't end in 2020 people have developed this sensitivity over every little thing its mind bottling.
Michael 5 dagen geleden
What do you think of the idea of Dak Prescott 49ers?
Ethan R
Ethan R 5 dagen geleden
Dak an idiot for turning down that deal
VAN DANG 5 dagen geleden
I still don't understand how someone can be that GREEDY.... I understand it's business, but does getting that bigger contract that much more important??? He didn't just want a big contract that will cripple his team, he wanted a contract so big that it will paralyzed his team! Him and his agent got so greedy, it's just disgusting to see. I never saw him as making anywhere near Russell or Aaron. His offer was gonna make him higher paid than those two ELITE qbs, and he turned it down... Dak can't hold jock straps for those 2 guys, don't even mention maholmes.
Allis Chalmers
Allis Chalmers 5 dagen geleden
Dak lovers have become delusional.
7700Football 5 dagen geleden
Your spirit is eternal, your life on this planet is a blip. If there is obvious evil in this world, then the opposite must also be true. Dak has acknowledged that the way to eternal life is asking Jesus to become his saviour and mentor in this life. You should too. Think about it ... it's the most important question ever to be answered. God Bless
Oliver McCall
Oliver McCall 5 dagen geleden
James Fox
James Fox 5 dagen geleden
The c gap is the damn devil
bonzology 5 dagen geleden
He’ll still be horizontal in one month, I’m going through this exact injury right now, I’m into non weight bearing physical therapy, but it’ll be 2-2.5 months before I can put weight on the leg to start that physical therapy, Dak is younger than me though, and he has the best medical care and drugs money can buy..., so? 🤷🏻‍♂️
BOT Chad
BOT Chad 5 dagen geleden
God and Christ get you through a lot.
HotHeaded GAMERS
HotHeaded GAMERS 5 dagen geleden
Imagine making 4 mill a month for 12 months and only work 3 months a year then complain about not making enough money WTF???
TehKaiser 5 dagen geleden
It's not only three months. Players don't stay in the league if they come into OTAs and training camp unprepared these days.
Aidan C
Aidan C 5 dagen geleden
Wouldn’t you be mad if you felt you weren’t getting paid your worth
youtube dude
youtube dude 5 dagen geleden
This is a cowboys wet dream. Didnt pay him what he wanted. Dak bet on himself and lost big. Now the cowboys have a ton of leverage to potentially pay him even less than what they were gonna give and still have a franchise QB
EHedges 5 dagen geleden
Why would you pay someone who’s injured. Wait and see how Andy Dalton does at least.
Uncle_salamislap Channel
Uncle_salamislap Channel 5 dagen geleden
Stop with the Dallas cowboys hype they suck and arnt gonna make the playoffs they are trash and that's all so no need to hype over them
Dalton 5 dagen geleden
This AD chance to make a huge impact for himself and Dallas, this year will have a huge bearing on where his career takes him next.
Benjamin Gonzales
Benjamin Gonzales 5 dagen geleden
I love Dak more than anything. But let’s be honest. They make a ton of money. If winning is so important, why not take a lil pay cut to afford to bring in more people for more “ W’s “ ? I always think about this. That goes for stars around the league.
Benjamin Gonzales
Benjamin Gonzales 5 dagen geleden
@Braydo 5 I agree. Tom Brady is the only QB I know who took a cut to keep players on his team. ( hence the wins )
Braydo 5
Braydo 5 5 dagen geleden
Some stars like to win, and others like to make money, but statistically the more your QB makes, the less likely you are to win, look at Russ or Rogers, amazing QB’s but they don’t win in the playoffs
Zach Martinez
Zach Martinez 5 dagen geleden
I don't think anyone deserves or needs that amount of money. Kobe would still be alive if he didnt have more money than he knew what to do with. But I do hope he recovers and gets back on a roster as a starter again
Zach Martinez
Zach Martinez 5 dagen geleden
@Living a Dream Life fact is if he wasnt over paid he wouldnt have died from a helicopter crash. If it was from an automobile, i wouldn't be able to say anything. It wasnt. It was from a helicopter. Because he had so much money it was nbd to him.
Living a Dream Life
Living a Dream Life 5 dagen geleden
@Zach Martinez You could do the “What If’s” all day. What’s your point? For example: If he hadn’t played basketball; If he played for a team other than LA; What if he didn’t have kids? What if he was more patient? What if LA’s traffic wasn’t so congested? What if he’d taken a car and he was involved in a fatal auto accident? See where I’m going with this? Fact is, his pilot’s careless decision in flying VFR in non-VFR conditions killed him. That’s a fact and it’s indisputable.
Zach Martinez
Zach Martinez 5 dagen geleden
@Living a Dream Life coulda shoulda woulda, but that was his pilot for a long time. But if he didnt have the luctury of helicopter travel the way we travel by cars, hed still be here
Living a Dream Life
Living a Dream Life 5 dagen geleden
No, Kobe would be alive today if he’d hired a better helicopter pilot with a mindset that passenger safety is paramount above all else.
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan 5 dagen geleden
nah blurring it out made it worse for sure this is real life nothing gets blurred out we know football is dangerous we know the outcome of tackling , and if u ask me Ryan Shaziers career was ended on the field they didnt blur that out and the guy physically couldnt move his legs. Trust me i get it kids are watching and youths but it teaches em what not to do when u see a QB rolling out your gunna hit him then hit him , dont be draped on him tryna get the tackle i understand its the players job , but safety is whats important live to play another down thats all
D&K RECK 5 dagen geleden
Praise Jesus
Jay Son
Jay Son 5 dagen geleden
Dak is a really religious guy and he refused 35 million a year for 5 years. Hmmm I duno much about religion cuz I don’t care but that doesn’t add up. He sounds like one of the most greedy people I’ve heard of. Cowboys would be crazy to give Dak 10 million.
Dakota White
Dakota White 5 dagen geleden
Boys, going into the conference championship tomorrow... I am the one starting lineman that is eligible, and our qb is quarantined.
pherm10 5 dagen geleden
0:05 - Pat quickly realizes religious people get butthurt over anything and saves it before anyone can call him out on it
Panthro 5 dagen geleden
@pherm10, you're wrong. He simply stated he didn't know it. If someone was of the LGBT community would you have said the same thing, I don't think so.
The White Recluse
The White Recluse 5 dagen geleden
That's an injury that can give children nightmares. It's alright if it's blurred out on television, plenty of places to find it uncensored on the internet in 2020 if you really want to see it.
Adam Russell
Adam Russell 5 dagen geleden
Wellllll....I am still at $1 below Russell Wilson despite the fact Mahomes changed the rate. It's Mahomes money. One thing, I was willing to give $100 miillion+ guaranteed, but the injury kinda changes that in my book.
jason harry
jason harry 6 dagen geleden
Love your stuff Pat & Crew. Weird request... Can we get these videos in 4k?
Anthony Nonya
Anthony Nonya 6 dagen geleden
Religion is nothing more than Santa for adults.
joshua thompson
joshua thompson 6 dagen geleden
Dak to Indy!!!
Marlon Taylor
Marlon Taylor 6 dagen geleden
I say we should listen to special teams on this one...
Tom Wilson
Tom Wilson 6 dagen geleden
Ain't Nobody thinking about him holding his fist up next year if he doesn't get paid. .. Dak was balling this year, didn't Really like the whole black panthers AKA BLM fist go up in the air.... And I don't think Dak is apart of that BS but wld of rather seen a wave or a salute, ANYTHING that didn't remind me of BLM and black PANTHERS, and I know he meant no harm and non taken but damn
Hbomb 823
Hbomb 823 6 dagen geleden
Dak may be feeling good but don't let this distract you from the fact that the Bengals still dont have an indoor practice facility
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment 6 dagen geleden
The Cowboys are fine, they don’t need to pay Dak anymore cuz they got the Red Rifle now
Aiden Gutierrez Fernandez
He will be back with his contract deal completed and Andy dalton will be backup no matter how many wins the cowboys win. Dak deserves his money and more.
Yeah John lol
Yeah John lol 5 dagen geleden
@Jay Son hahahahaha what a garbage take.
Jay Son
Jay Son 5 dagen geleden
Nope not happening. Dak will likely be released
Gurvinder Parmar
Gurvinder Parmar 6 dagen geleden
Yeah, I feel bad for Dak but he's absolutely not in a better spot to negotiate a long term contract now vs before the season. The NFL is a business, not a popularity contest. He wasn't even living up to a huge contract before the injury.
John Doe
John Doe 6 dagen geleden
Dak is better than Wentz :)
grinningchicken 4 dagen geleden
The numbers certainly say so.
Official BNAMusic88
Official BNAMusic88 6 dagen geleden
the G-Wagon flex lol
1rustyboy1 6 dagen geleden
Cowboys need cap space for defence. No 40mil deal, forget it
Jay Son
Jay Son 5 dagen geleden
Half if Dak is lucky
John Chedsey
John Chedsey 6 dagen geleden
My wish for Dak is a quick recovery, good rehab and gets to sign with a team that is not Dallas.
nate blackwell
nate blackwell 6 dagen geleden
2:43 .....smh
Grif Von Holst
Grif Von Holst 6 dagen geleden
Its gonna take all of us
Duncan McGee
Duncan McGee 6 dagen geleden
Daltons only in Dallas for 1 year. Say he does good this season and takes us into the playoffs. Awesome. I dont see that as detrimental to Dak. If anything that sets Dalton up to go to another team. And there or more than enough teams that need him. We could probably even get draft picks for him once the seasons over.
Prince Jamal
Prince Jamal 4 dagen geleden
They don’t have to do good to make the playoffs though there in the worst division in the leugue😂😂 there in first place with 2 wins... which one of the wins should’ve never happened if the falcons were any other team in that kickoff
Josh Hunsberger
Josh Hunsberger 6 dagen geleden
I'm not surprised, he grew up in the bible belt. And with what he went threw with his mom
Taro's Tavern
Taro's Tavern 6 dagen geleden
he'll be alright even if he has to retire...tired of the 'hero' sympathy for this guy honestly....religious or not
No name G
No name G 6 dagen geleden
If Andy dalton leads the cowboys to the playoffs or championship they will do what the eagles did to Nick Foles they will release him on free agency and go back to there starter
Joshua Finn
Joshua Finn 6 dagen geleden
I've got some experience with this exact injury and the prognosis for full recovery is good. The timeline for return may be longer than a year depending on swelling and scar tissue build up tho. There is no reason to think that, with proper rehab, Dak won't return to play.
Joshua Finn
Joshua Finn 5 dagen geleden
@Yeah John lol yes. He'll play again next year. But millions of dollars have nothing to with Daks body's response to post-op comps, and rehab. That response will set the return. I have seen athletes take longer than 6mnths for ROM return, even at top flight facilities.
Yeah John lol
Yeah John lol 5 dagen geleden
@Joshua Finn If it takes twice as long for him to get back as they say it will, there are some problems with the cowboys. Which I wouldn't bet on seeing as they have way more money, resources, and facilities for rehab and treatment than any average person. We'll see what happens but I doubt he doesn't start early next year at a minimum.
Joshua Finn
Joshua Finn 5 dagen geleden
@Yeah John lol yes I understand the reported time-line. This injury can take longer depending on factors that haven't happened yet. Even an immobilization length won't be set for a few weeks. The point of the OP was just that.
Yeah John lol
Yeah John lol 5 dagen geleden
@Joshua Finn It's not though. 4-6 months. Thats it. That literally the official timeline set by the cowboys, reported by cbs news and others. If it was really bad it would be longer, it's not. We'll see but I would bet on nfl medical staffs working for a billionaire and billion dollar company with tens of millions of dollars on the line, being correct.
Joshua Finn
Joshua Finn 5 dagen geleden
Guys, you're both arguing from ignorance. Unless you've seen pre and post-op x-rays. Was the fracture spiraled, how close was dislocation to fracture point? How Daks body deals with post-op swelling? hardware insertion type. Many variables in the case. He has suffered ligament AND fracture damage, but does have a good chance to make a full recovery. Its the time-line for return that is the question.
Bender Bending Rodriguez
Bender Bending Rodriguez 6 dagen geleden
Why would Dallas pay him anything close to what he was asking for??? He just had a major injury, theres no guarantee that comes back and performs the same way pre-injury. Also he's an above average qb, his stats are inflated for this season. He racks up yards and TD's after they're down by 20+. When defenses are playing prevent d, just trying to stop big plays. And the other offense starts playing conservative and trying to kill the clock.
Greg Bazooka
Greg Bazooka 6 dagen geleden
I long for a world where people put faith in themselves before a deity
The Chameleon
The Chameleon 6 dagen geleden
If not for God then what? Some random purposeless life? Naw not for me family. I serve the I Am! Pray he blesses your life
Shoresy 69
Shoresy 69 6 dagen geleden
Its so weird that these days being religious is a joke for everyone
Michael Caffrey
Michael Caffrey 6 dagen geleden
I HATE THE F***ING COWBOYS!!!!!!! But I hope he gets well. But he should have taken the deal on the table, now who knows.
Mark Sprinkle
Mark Sprinkle 6 dagen geleden
The guy's ankle exploded in his shoe less than a week ago and you're ready to give him a big contract, GM McAfee?
Bear Falcon
Bear Falcon 5 dagen geleden
@Bender Bending RodriguezDoesn't win much? Dak is top 3 in wins since he entered the league and is on the same pace as Russell Wilson for game winning drives in his career. lol As far as the injury, it hurts his stock a bit, but it isn't an injury that's expected to slow down his performance. Connor Barwin hit his peak after the injury and started in Philly's Superbowl. As far as Superbowl wins, it's a team game. It took Peyton Manning 5 seasons to reach a conference championship, and 9 seasons to win a Superbowl. Your logic is asinine is my point.
Yeah John lol
Yeah John lol 5 dagen geleden
@S1ICK I would bet almost anything that he'll come back 100%. He's a quarterback, not an NBA player. He had a successful surgery the next day and he's doing fine.
Bender Bending Rodriguez
Bender Bending Rodriguez 5 dagen geleden
@Bear Falcon lol I said he was an above average qb... other than that whats your point. He's not leading any team to a superbowl... if he couldn't do it before the injury it ain't happening after. He's not worth big money, hasn't won much and the injury hurts his stock. Don't see your point.
Bear Falcon
Bear Falcon 5 dagen geleden
@Bender Bending Rodriguez Alex Smith had a far worse injury, and he was much older. Comparing them is foolish. The injury Dak took looks bad, but is much easier to recover from as Connor Barwin, who actually had the same injury, attested to when it happened. You might want to watch some Cowboys games yourself. Yeah his yardage might be stacked due to playing from behind, but that doesn't mean his play early in games was bad. Plus not every second half drive was garbage time. Seahawks, Falcons, and Rams were all 1 score games heading into the 4th quarter. He probably wouldn't lead the league in yardage, but he'd still be considered a very good QB. He's not better than Wilson, Mahomes, Jackson, Brady, Rodgers, Big Ben, and maybe Brees, Watson, and Allen; but he is still a top 10 QB.
Jay Son
Jay Son 5 dagen geleden
Bender Bending Rodriguez riiight. The entire league knows the cowboys are irrelevant.
b s
b s 6 dagen geleden
Don't let this distract u from the fact that le'veon bell went to the chiefs
Scott Harrell
Scott Harrell 6 dagen geleden
@Kelly Über Alles don’t worry he just there to mentor Hyde then Hyde take off next year . I’m raider fan but my whole family chiefs fan so I kinda keep up on the chiefs . Plus I from Kansa city
Isaac Jones
Isaac Jones 6 dagen geleden
@Kelly Über Alles you should feel good cause now we have another possible top at least 15 back and take pressure off Clyde
Kelly Über Alles
Kelly Über Alles 6 dagen geleden
As a chiefs fan, I don't know how I feel
Tommie Jenkins
Tommie Jenkins 6 dagen geleden
Cowboys aren’t paying him if that was the case he would have been payed already there gonna lose some games with dalton and draft a guy in the top 10 and get him on a rookie deal!
Jay Son
Jay Son 5 dagen geleden
Demonstrate ur god
Demonstrate ur god 6 dagen geleden
Dak’s a Christian? 🤦🏼‍♂️... exodus 21😂😂
Anonymous 6 dagen geleden
Is there something wrong with that?
Michael Patrick Miskulin
Michael Patrick Miskulin 6 dagen geleden
That was Dak Prescott’s last game as a cowboy.
Dezboyz Justwin
Dezboyz Justwin 6 dagen geleden
Yes yes please let it be
Will 6 dagen geleden
I disagree, Dak should not get paid by the Cowboys, he's not worth it at all.
Yeah John lol
Yeah John lol 5 dagen geleden
Well, you're wrong.
PMS Store
PMS Store 6 dagen geleden
Dwight Jemtrud
Dwight Jemtrud 6 dagen geleden
Their not going to pay him.
john smith
john smith 6 dagen geleden
nope, he is a mediocre quarterback who even with some of the best talent the league had to offer failed to even hit the playoffs. anybody who thinks he is worth money needs to have their head examined
Dezboyz Justwin
Dezboyz Justwin 5 dagen geleden
@Yeah John lol I ask you why did they lose against Philly you know the answer but will not say he didn’t have to say it because it’s obvious he talking about dak play on the field only dak apologists fans care about other stuff ok nobody prefect but there are people prefect at their craft
Yeah John lol
Yeah John lol 5 dagen geleden
@Dezboyz Justwin Nice straw man. Again Didn't say anything about his play on the field. Nobody is perfect. Bye.
Dezboyz Justwin
Dezboyz Justwin 5 dagen geleden
@Yeah John lol no because of dak had put them on his back and won I would give dak his credit. Answer this why did they not make playoffs last year let’s see was it not because dak bad throws all game against Philly or you blaming defense cause they gave up 17 point and 0 in 4th quarter or Zeke cause defense committed to stop run or heck offensive line cause they didn’t block for Zeke while enough
Yeah John lol
Yeah John lol 5 dagen geleden
@Dezboyz Justwin Lol ok. So missing the playoffs is all on dak but when they make them and win a game it's because of everybody else. You can't have it both ways, which is funny because you just accused me of doing the exact thing you're doing. Braindead.
Dezboyz Justwin
Dezboyz Justwin 5 dagen geleden
@Yeah John lol made playoffs twice and he won like he put team on his back to win that Game he was the quarterback of the team that won but the defense a d Zeke won that game dak fan apologists when cowboys win its dak won but when cowboys lose it defense Zeke coaching everyone but dak
La Rue Riecks
La Rue Riecks 6 dagen geleden
I am going to say 4 years 170🤷🏻‍♂️
Logan Dowell
Logan Dowell 6 dagen geleden
I hope Dallas resigns Dalton for a 20 mil or less and that opens up cap space to improve the defense. Let Dak go.
S Mosq
S Mosq 6 dagen geleden
Pat paranoid of "cancel culture" with the religious disclaimer. Pat you good!!!!
Mykull Davidson
Mykull Davidson 3 dagen geleden
@Oliver McCall Religion literally created cancel culture long before any of us were ever born.
Brosif 4 dagen geleden
God isn’t real
do re
do re 4 dagen geleden
@John Doe Right. That's why Republicans/conservatives have been using the Bible to try and cancel video games/movies/music/art, for decades. Religion was the OG cancel culture, trying to cancel science centuries before Republicans/conservatives tried to use it. Like I said before, though, they are the minority and got it switched on them 😅
do re
do re 4 dagen geleden
@bobwatters you denounce facts for God, then insert your political views.
bobwatters 4 dagen geleden
@John Doe Yup, that's exactly it. They denounce any form of a God then insert their political views.
Daniel Collins
Daniel Collins 6 dagen geleden
Cowboys fans are delusional.
AWORKOF ART 6 dagen geleden
N plus Dallas didn’t have loyalty for romo when he got hurt why for dak ?
Matthew Duffy
Matthew Duffy 6 dagen geleden
I'll tell you what's not good about this f'n fantasy team. He was killing it for me.
zkurtz21 6 dagen geleden
@Alex Smith Goff blows
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 6 dagen geleden
Same here. Luckily some idiot threw goff away 😂
Eva Andrade
Eva Andrade 6 dagen geleden
Xalyc_power 6 dagen geleden
Hearing that he is religious, makes me like him a lot less I’m glad he got hurt
Xalyc_power 5 dagen geleden
@Matt Smith the same as you. See a dude standing there
Matt Smith
Matt Smith 6 dagen geleden
Wow! What’s it like waking up every morning and looking in the mirror!?
Xalyc_power 6 dagen geleden
@Tony Romo #9hunnit #ScrambleGod ???
Xalyc_power 6 dagen geleden
@Jack Farns 🤔
Joseph Wagner
Joseph Wagner 6 dagen geleden
Bring your championship rings to the show 💎💎💎💎💎
Patrick Hoey
Patrick Hoey 6 dagen geleden
Dak turned his nose up to a great deal. He gambled and he lost. Being a nice guy doesn’t win a super bowl. Jerry needs to not be a softy.
Fai Thao
Fai Thao 6 dagen geleden
if it were true that he turned down that much money, he doesnt deserve to be long term for the cowboys. Money > Team
Peen Head
Peen Head 6 dagen geleden
Yeah Dak doesnt deserve to be a top paid qb hes average
Larry Mayer
Larry Mayer 6 dagen geleden
I have never seen you attack someone only criticize someone and you are definitely not criticizing the fact that he has a face and a higher power roll on you're the man Boston firefighter
Shane Labelmaker
Shane Labelmaker 6 dagen geleden
Nothing will keep my QB down