Pat McAfee Reacts To Dwayne Haskins Being Benched By The Washington Football Team 

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7 okt. 2020




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Corie Nelson
Corie Nelson 4 dagen geleden
Cant stand Rivera. He loves screwing over QBs.
Andre Bunting
Andre Bunting 8 dagen geleden
Maybe....just maybe Rivera knows this situation will ruin Haskins so he's saving him from it and allowing him to grow
whatever yaw
whatever yaw 8 dagen geleden
He sucks same as darnold and Daniel jones, Winston, bortles, gabbert the list goes on.. yet media were wrong bout rodgers, Brady, Wilson, jackson..
country rdnk
country rdnk 9 dagen geleden
Lifelong redskins fan for over 50 years and i cant watch football/ politics I just dont care anymore.
Miles Sustayta
Miles Sustayta 10 dagen geleden
uhh bruh Jason Campbell got drafted in 2005 my guy
Giustino Scalise
Giustino Scalise 10 dagen geleden
Clearly Ron Rivera knows that Haskins blows.
jimmynickelz 10 dagen geleden
Danny Dimes doesn't have to look in the rear view mirror. Let your #1 pick learn the game.
Nick 10 dagen geleden
Haskins didn’t know the playbook!
DTR MACKAVELL 10 dagen geleden
He was doomed coming to this organization. He needs pieces and a system. This is not best for him.
Iliyan Stoychev
Iliyan Stoychev 10 dagen geleden
Haskins was overrated from the get go. Still feel bad for the guy, very humble.
skip slick
skip slick 11 dagen geleden
They still didn't pick a frickin name?
The Blackpoll Warbler
The Blackpoll Warbler 11 dagen geleden
Adam Bower
Adam Bower 11 dagen geleden
The idea that a GM has to draft his own QB is insane. The constant QB turnover seems to show that just hoping to land a top tier QB in a draft will not solve all your problems. Guys should quit throwing away picks on a QB revolving door, and actually build their offensive line.
jontalusan1 11 dagen geleden
Enuf w the fkn cigar
KingQ (Black Lives Matter)
He didn't look great, but this is not all on him. 3 coaches in 13 starts with a terrible team is not an easy feat. He's consistently had bad o-line play, he has one reliable weapon on the entire offense, and he's constantly playing from behind making the typical pass first offense even easier to pick a part. I hope he finds success somewhere, but the Washington Football Team had nothing to offer from the start.
Jesse M
Jesse M 11 dagen geleden
DWAYNE HASKINS PLAYED GREAT FOOTBALL????????? WHAT TEAM HAS MCAFEE BEEN WATCHING????? Old highlights of Ohio state's???????? Haskins can't make screen/checkdown throws without them going 10 ft too high or straight to the ground. If you can't make those at this stage, then you probably shouldn't have been drafted in the first place?
Jason Jacobs
Jason Jacobs 11 dagen geleden
His college coach said he wasn't mature enough for the NFL. Doug Williams a guy who knows a little about playing QB said multiple times he wished Haskins would spend more time at the facility watching tape , translation HASKINS IS LAZY
Eric Anderson
Eric Anderson 11 dagen geleden
Jason Campbell was drafted in 2005.
Mr Deepstroke Into the Abyss
He's wearing Theismann's if anyone is surprised? He's mediocre, that's not cutting it! Has nothing to do about race. Its all about SKILLS!
Reggie Torian
Reggie Torian 12 dagen geleden
It’s because 2020 accelerated everyone’s personal timelines. Don’t worry about it. 2005 feels like 50 years ago
bdwilson32 12 dagen geleden
Dude jason Campbell was drafted in 2005 lol
mike bower
mike bower 12 dagen geleden
Haskins sucks. He has no interest in investing time and effort to be the starting QB. He doesn’t care to study (which they showed numerous times on video) or even want to work to be first string. He wanted a walk on job. He isn’t that good to begin with. Fan for 36 years. What the skins need is Snyder gone and a new city. This team is trying to hold onto a culture that has dipped bad since 2000
12ondrugs 8oncheeseburgers
Dan Orlowski ran out the back of the endzone and wants to be white Steven A. Davis voice was the beginning of the end to madden and thought Jason Campbell was playing in the 80s and 90s. Thoes guys are idiots. Thank god for The crimson chin. Theres obviously more to the story.
Mikevdog 12 dagen geleden
It's The "Washington REDSKINS", not the "Washington Football Team".
JRock Ofages
JRock Ofages 12 dagen geleden
I think maybe Haskins just needs a little more time in one system to grasp the offense and then once the game slows down for him his decision making will get easier and his mechanics will then improve and be smoother
mxamiss5 12 dagen geleden
Haskins got 18 pts on fantasy last week and Alex Smith got 1 pt. Enough said.
Snakefate 12 dagen geleden
Rosen 2.0
Clint Donovan
Clint Donovan 12 dagen geleden
When he said that I said I remember Jason Campbell then he said 80 or 90s before I was born
aaron breeds
aaron breeds 12 dagen geleden
tell you what, trade him, see how he does with another franchise who wont "ruin his career"... i bet he sucks anywhere else he goes too
aaron breeds
aaron breeds 12 dagen geleden
charles davis: its clear haskins isnt a franchise guy to me... you need to try and develop your franchise wr and rb which haksins is getting in the way of ... if allen or smith cant do better (and theres no way that smith is not a better qb than haskins if youre being honest here) then sure go back to dwayne, but sunk cost fallacy gentlemen, you dont bring down the rest of the guys because of a guys draft capital, you just dont, you should know better
aaron breeds
aaron breeds 12 dagen geleden
haskins is ruining the development of other guys on the team... maybe allen or smith wont do any better, but rivera has to see... its not about the qb success right now its about gibson, mclauren, agg... haskins is dragging the team down, dont make it out to be something its not... additionally the team doesnt like him, hes not leading them hes reportedly immature... "dwayne haskins played great football" ? when? he hasnt played good football at any point this year, he hasnt even throw the ball downfield... cmon guys dont be so soft for this kid hes a pro he gets treated like every other pro, stop holding his hand and wiping his ass for him
jason ortiz
jason ortiz 12 dagen geleden
Send him the pats please. Let them save him. He played decently even with this being his 3rd system in 13 games
Colton Vaughn
Colton Vaughn 12 dagen geleden
I grew up watching Alabama play against Jason Campbell while he was at Auburn. I’m in my mid 20s.
Ed Wagner
Ed Wagner 12 dagen geleden
Rivera said if you don’t do things the right way, you won’t be here. Must not be doing things the right way during the week to prepare for the game.
Ramon Salazar
Ramon Salazar 13 dagen geleden
When u quick to make a racist point, your off in decades when addressing Jason Campbell
Joel Williams
Joel Williams 13 dagen geleden
Bear Down, ya jagoffs!
Jeff P
Jeff P 13 dagen geleden
For some reason all Ohio State quarterbacks suck in the NFL
Stan Keylips
Stan Keylips 13 dagen geleden
I cu m in socks
victoria helburn
victoria helburn 13 dagen geleden
Geaux Tigers
Geaux Tigers 13 dagen geleden
Haskins gets benched. Joey B is starting. I love it when Urban Meyer is wrong.
zzz 13 dagen geleden
I bet him buying a car for 250k and buying his mother a home for 750k is going to bite him in the ass.
PrettyBoy23 13 dagen geleden
Look, Dwayne has his struggles in accuracy and reading defenses but this is essentially his rookie season after only playing 12 games in college. He is a raw talent and his former coach said he needed time. If Alex Smith was healthy last year, he would say behind Smith and that would of been good for him.
Tebo 1997
Tebo 1997 13 dagen geleden
Jason Campbell wasnt during the 80s and 90s 😂😂😂
Lukas Grab
Lukas Grab 13 dagen geleden
Jason Campbell played in the 80s??? He was born in 1981. Was he leading an NFL team at QB while 8 years old??? Get your facts right
Brooks Orlando
Brooks Orlando 13 dagen geleden
Haha..I'm born in 1989 and Jason Campbell wasn't even drafted til I was 16. That was way off lmao
KIN9 KY 13 dagen geleden
What Jason Campbell is he talking about? That man was born 1981...late 80s early 90s???
LuisoftheLion 13 dagen geleden
Thank you for talking about the Jason Campbell correction. That was bothering a lot of us who know football history
Mista Tea
Mista Tea 13 dagen geleden
Haskins is Jason Campbell. Call me a racist because they both f ing suck.
Reggie James
Reggie James 14 dagen geleden
See haskins can get better.
Fly solo 28
Fly solo 28 14 dagen geleden
Aaskins is 🗑 can’t even throw a check down
Gh0st Flow
Gh0st Flow 14 dagen geleden
Trevor Lawrence to the Washington Warriors in 2021. Watch.
The Big Mexican Troll
The Big Mexican Troll 14 dagen geleden
When are people going to realize ohio st quarterbacks make trash pro qbs
Young Bentley
Young Bentley 14 dagen geleden
After listening to charles davis i feel like they might be benching Dwayne because the football team might actually have a shot at winning the division at this point
Young Bentley
Young Bentley 14 dagen geleden
And dwayne was playing like ass
Joe Biden’s Husband
Joe Biden’s Husband 14 dagen geleden
Pat, if you watched the games you could see that Haskins was terrible
Giovanni Bello
Giovanni Bello 14 dagen geleden
Tank for Trevor
TOoNsSQuaD GaMinG 14 dagen geleden
Our O-Line has been bad but they’ve been better with Haskins he’s been extremely inconsistent from missing throws to overthrowing from 2 yards away besides the playbook is limited your running RPOs and all that the simple playbook with Allen u get a Kirk Cousins type who knows the playbook he’ll give u the deep balls we want but he’ll be throwing turnovers we will win games and this an NFC East that’s trash and anyone can take it
Jay inri
Jay inri 14 dagen geleden
"The point remains" (hand motion)🤣🤣🤣😱😭😭😭
B Miles
B Miles 14 dagen geleden
3 certainties in this world: Death, Taxes, and OSU QBs failing at the pro level.
aaron breeds
aaron breeds 12 dagen geleden
enter justin fields for washington in 2021
UnholySermons 14 dagen geleden
Washington sucks no matter what..benching him and giving up on him is stupid.
Dr.Judist Zoinkzki
Dr.Judist Zoinkzki 14 dagen geleden
its simple Haskins isnt good
Bryant Nelson
Bryant Nelson 14 dagen geleden
If they're blaming the quarterback for losing games, they're in a worse situation than most of us have already witnessed.
Mark Gruhlke
Mark Gruhlke 14 dagen geleden
Charles Davis is as bad in Madden as he is talking about Jason Campbell
Brandon Gerhardt
Brandon Gerhardt 14 dagen geleden
I could feel that guy's Canadian accent, it was so heavy.
Jmf Baker
Jmf Baker 14 dagen geleden
I still think it b awesome if Luke kleucky came out of retirement for Rivera
StupidRalph 14 dagen geleden
To be fair...Ron had Kyle Allen play good for him for a few games in Carolina. TBH Haskins shouldn't have been a 1st Rd QB IMO.
michael dailey
michael dailey 14 dagen geleden
There's rumors of Haskins pissing off the coaches and the team by celebrating his stats after a loss !!!
aaron breeds
aaron breeds 12 dagen geleden
bingo... he has maturity issues, it was there last season as well, hes not good for the team, and i give rivera the benefit of the doubt he knows what hes doing
Je11yb3ean 4ever
Je11yb3ean 4ever 14 dagen geleden
Didn't Kyle Allen get drafted by Rivera while with the panthers team
carlos sanchez
carlos sanchez 14 dagen geleden
Why has no one said the same about Rosen?
mark boone
mark boone 14 dagen geleden
Who cares what Orlovsky says. This is same guy who gave up safety by having zero awareness.
Mohammed Hossain
Mohammed Hossain 14 dagen geleden
I love your show but some people smoking in the show kind off make little unhappy
KEigen HUffer
KEigen HUffer 14 dagen geleden
Was that Nelk on the phone? Lol
On Q
On Q 14 dagen geleden
When u black it don’t matter they have no patience with you black qbs get scapegoated all the time I am not suprised
papabear4242 14 dagen geleden
Haskins looked quite bad last year as well. He is dislexit and tragically is not able to handle NFL defenses quickly enough to be a good QB at this level.
pop shitTv pop shit TV
pop shitTv pop shit TV 14 dagen geleden
He said campbell late 80s early 90s lmaooooo stfu
pop shitTv pop shit TV
pop shitTv pop shit TV 14 dagen geleden
So u want a qb that can't read a defence and can't tell man from zone no it doesn't work like that this not college this nfl Haskins is from my town of md he got that draft check and he got away from football simple as dat it's on him to change his ways
Trevor Via
Trevor Via 14 dagen geleden
Im for the benching. He is a check down king. Also. He has a crap attitude about training. Bad work ethic
DMVPRIDE10 14 dagen geleden
This guy said he thought Dwayne has played "great football" LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Watch some film clown before making a statement like that smh....
__brianturnerbodybuiling Turner
Charles Davis must have been drinking lol
Karl Renner
Karl Renner 15 dagen geleden
Haskins is going to be a backup on a good team. Washington is not a good football team or organization and it's not all on Haskins.
cfcdougiecfc1 15 dagen geleden
Why are they acting like haskins is good?
rightsaid matt
rightsaid matt 15 dagen geleden
Haskins is terrible. Pretty obvious he's isn't ever going to be starter. You don't need to analyze stats just watch him play. Probably right that it's a quick pull, no reason not to let him play out the season but at the end of the day he's not going to be on the team next year so it doesn't matter.
John Campbell
John Campbell 15 dagen geleden
Being born in 1991 I’m impressed that I owned a Jason Campbell jersey
isaac debeila
isaac debeila 15 dagen geleden
this makes the Baker mayfield experience look like a luxury cruse ... Haskin has no help at all
Redskinsman10 15 dagen geleden
3:17 he did not just say Jason Campbell played in the 80s and 90s. I think who he meant to say was Mark Rypien. Edit: nevermind. He just got the years wrong. Also Campbell only went thru like 2 or 3 HCs.
cmike123 15 dagen geleden
Cats act like they killed or traded Haskins. The real deal is that few young QBs do well on bad teams. Usually you need a solid base or identity before you can bring in a young buck. That has been Cleveland's problem. Miami's problem. Washington's problem. Arizona's problem. Detroit's problem. etc. Seattle had an amazing Defense which allowed Wilson to learn from them as well as cover any early mistakes. Brady had an amazing Defense and a money kicker for his first few seasons. Rogers got to sit back and learn from Favre. Even Mahommes got to learn behind Alex Smith, and then inherit the fastest Offense in the NFL. Big Ben had an amazing Defense as well as being able to hand off to the Bus. Long story short. Maybe Haskins can learn behind Smith. Leave Allen on the field to get killed this year, while they try to sort out losing their best O linemen.
cmike123 11 dagen geleden
@Jaron Cathcart yeah. I grew up during a time when the QB got his start like 5 years into his career. Rookies literally held the clipboard and studied the calls the Offensive Coordinator made and how the starting QB handled the situation.
Jaron Cathcart
Jaron Cathcart 15 dagen geleden
That's someone who knows his stuff. I truly believe benching him saved his career. I'll he was doing was proving everyone right. He have all the time in the world to focus on his craft now.
One Buffalo
One Buffalo 15 dagen geleden
Boo Hoo he still didnt get shafted any where near as hard as Josh Rosen did lmfao
David Eagin
David Eagin 15 dagen geleden
Haskins has looked pretty bad. If you watch the games, he can't move the ball until the mid-end of the third after teams start trading points for clock. His mechanics are atrocious, he looks like he's on skates, and has a deer in the headlights look. Then there's the locker room issues.
Aaron Burton
Aaron Burton 15 dagen geleden
😂😂😂😂 way off Davis lol I was lost myself
Julian Hogan
Julian Hogan 15 dagen geleden
Alex Smith? 🧐
Ryan Vanden Hul
Ryan Vanden Hul 15 dagen geleden
Jason Campbell played from t. 80’s all the way until the 2010’s?🤯
carl fry
carl fry 15 dagen geleden
Report came out that Haskins became lazy and stopped working hard after named started. Was being being outworked by Alex Smith and Kyle Allen.
Paid Hits
Paid Hits 15 dagen geleden
From the outside looking in, he had all his interceptions in 1 game (Cleveland) and he had 300 yards against the Ravens without a Turnover. Why bench him? You told him to perform and he had 300 yards against a top 5 - top 3 defense and you bench him? Makes no sense. He could of had 500 yards and They still would of benched him
Julian Pouley
Julian Pouley 15 dagen geleden
4th and goal is not the time where you check it down lol plain and simple.
Joshua Jacobs
Joshua Jacobs 15 dagen geleden
Here is what will happen if kyle allen wins games Haskins will be a backup in his career
Jack Wingfield
Jack Wingfield 15 dagen geleden
The previous regime thought he was dyslexic because he was so bad at reading. His football IQ might not be on par with his athleticism.
Haile Bekele
Haile Bekele 15 dagen geleden
RR probably want to see how the other offensive players play with a QB that knows the offense. It can help him to evaluate the other positions better. Haskins will sit and learn and come out a better QB than he is now.
Torpedo Cledo
Torpedo Cledo 15 dagen geleden
Jason candle sucked
J Brown
J Brown 15 dagen geleden
Jason Campbell late 80's, early 90's. 😂😂😂
ReptileLovers 15 dagen geleden
They benched him because Alex Smith will start at some point this season and that's the story they need to play out. Because not even Washington fans give a damn about them anymore
Jake Nishimura
Jake Nishimura 15 dagen geleden
They want to try to win the division now. They benching him to give him more time to learn the system. Kyle Allen knows system better for now. Maybe next year when he learns system more and then he starts and blows up LIKE HE DID IN COLLEGE. Jesus