Pat McAfee Reacts To ESPN's Week 4 NFL Power Rankings 

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What do you think about ESPN's rankings?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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30 sep. 2020




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Bradum 11 dagen geleden
I don't understand why everyone is so high on the Steelers. I'm not saying they're not a good team, but maybe let's not put them in the same category as GB, SEA, etc. when the opponents they've beaten have a combined 1-11 record and they've all been close games.
Ashten Corey
Ashten Corey 14 dagen geleden
Carolina is better than Atlanta, Jacksonville, Denver, Miami, Detroit, both NY teams, Houston, Washington, Chargers, Minnesota, Cincinnati.
Jay Terry
Jay Terry 14 dagen geleden
The Panthers beat the #13 Cardinals and #19 Chargers without Christian McCaffrey. Panthers at #29 is mental.
Jay Terry
Jay Terry 14 dagen geleden
Panthers at 29 wtf
mxamiss5 15 dagen geleden
Patriots are NOT 9. They’re top 6.
volooooo 15 dagen geleden
Seahawks hater wow
Jeron Bundridge
Jeron Bundridge 15 dagen geleden
Yeah we should be at like 4 or 5 steelers fan here
MickleMackleMor 16 dagen geleden
Every one talks about the Washington eagles ranks and how he said russ isn't doing that good compared to Rodgers, BUT are we gonna talk about how texans are in 20th???? Like again as a Texans fan how tf are we at 20
MickleMackleMor 16 dagen geleden
Texans should be last tf as a texans fan
Luke Mccallister
Luke Mccallister 16 dagen geleden
Bucs at 12? This list is a joke
Brandon 16 dagen geleden
Jon O
Jon O 16 dagen geleden
Congrats on the one millionth sub!
Jon O
Jon O 16 dagen geleden
Giants fan here. They are ranked far too high.
MGTOW-Balance 16 dagen geleden
there may be a little play here and there, but that chart is pretty accurate to me
Erik Guzman
Erik Guzman 16 dagen geleden
The 49ers could make a comeback when jimmy g and everyone comes back but Nick bosa would still be out
Not Russian
Not Russian 16 dagen geleden
Why are the Texans ranked so high - Texans fan
BaJa Filth
BaJa Filth 16 dagen geleden
Buffalo Bear
Buffalo Bear 16 dagen geleden
"As compared to his years in the past" - Why the backhanded compliment Pat? Why do you hate Josh Allen?
gumbo 17 dagen geleden
I stopped watching the NFL but I guess this still comes up in my feed. Meh. Didn't grab me. Still enjoying Sundays without the NFL.
devin mcelwain
devin mcelwain 17 dagen geleden
You all sleepin on the panthers 😴
John Stamos
John Stamos 17 dagen geleden
The bears are going to drop to 29 now because the media hates them
KingTen91 17 dagen geleden
Buccaneers ranked way too high 😂 simply cause Brady is there Panthers 29 is way too low, should be up by the Vikings and Texans
TJ Longmoney
TJ Longmoney 17 dagen geleden
Vikings are ranked too high, we are going 4-12 at best
Noah Davis
Noah Davis 17 dagen geleden
Doing my niners dirty 🥴
Corbin Mitchell
Corbin Mitchell 17 dagen geleden
Put the eagles 32. Maybe 31. The bengals and giants have been WAY more competitive in their games. Worst offense in eagles history
Beau 17 dagen geleden
Dude thinks Bills are the 5th best team in the NFL??? 🤣
Suyash Manjrekar
Suyash Manjrekar 17 dagen geleden
Biased list. Jets ranked too high imo.
jonrykersteele 17 dagen geleden
Did he just say that Rodgers is the best QB in the NFL rn..? 😂😂😂
Jake Federio
Jake Federio 17 dagen geleden
Bills fan here, Bills aint high enough
Lofi 17 dagen geleden
Titans Fan here, they’ve played alright, definitely happy with their ranking and I think Titans Steelers are going to show a lot abt the future of both teams this season
Maverick1205 17 dagen geleden
lol, packers really haven't played anyone 2-7 is their opponents combined record......but we know how they are lets wait and see if they choke against the falcons
T W 17 dagen geleden
Guess New York football fans could come on over and cheer for a New York team. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Carlos Rosado
Carlos Rosado 17 dagen geleden
Listen I understand that you and Aaron Rodgers are besties and don’t get me wrong he’s playing great rn but Russell Wilson and pat mahomes are way above him rn
Tony Skyline
Tony Skyline 17 dagen geleden
Go Pack Go!
Jeremiah Jackson
Jeremiah Jackson 18 dagen geleden
I'm a Packers fan but pacs are too 3
Vorp 18 dagen geleden
Jets fam here why are the jets rated so highly smhhh
Brendon Buffaloe
Brendon Buffaloe 18 dagen geleden
The Titans at 6??? Seriously????? They aren’t even the best team in their division
68JCodeCougar 18 dagen geleden
I think the Steelers aren't playing up to their record. They could have easily lost a couple of games. Since they are forced to take their bye week now instead of late in the season it will creep up and bit them. I'm expecting them to lose at least five times.
Gonzo 18 dagen geleden
Bears fan here we know a lotta bout defense carrying a team and yea we deserve to be 14 we’ve been lucky as hell but 3-0 is 3-0 so we’ll take it
steeleru7 Burgh
steeleru7 Burgh 18 dagen geleden
I'd take Wilson any day over Rodgers.
Jake Snyder
Jake Snyder 18 dagen geleden
3:31 hahaha
Luke Murphy
Luke Murphy 18 dagen geleden
Bears ranked too low.
Los Trem
Los Trem 18 dagen geleden
New Jersey teams 31 and 32. Ny team at 5.
Mikeg _33660
Mikeg _33660 18 dagen geleden
Chiefs fan here. Chiefs aren’t ranked high enough KEKW been waiting a long time for that
Calvin Jordan
Calvin Jordan 18 dagen geleden
Steelers are miles ahead of the Bill's and Titans
Camp Camp
Camp Camp 18 dagen geleden
He said Rodgers is the best QBs right now...?
Michael Jurek
Michael Jurek 18 dagen geleden
Cam newton tests positive for coronavirus
Luke Thomas
Luke Thomas 18 dagen geleden
Seahawks and packers are currently playing better than the ravens
epicwolf 18 dagen geleden
As a Niner fan I have no problem with where they are rank right now due to the fact that they lost the opener to arizona which they couldve won also and they playing with so many injuries and a backup qb but I believe they are better than the Saints and Titans
Joshua D
Joshua D 18 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers, best QB! Good story bro!
aidan 18 dagen geleden
aaron rodgers is the one playing very good, russel wilson is the best quarterback in football right now
Daren Lee Bryant- Christensen
How does a Team who hasn't won a game yet ranked higher than a Team who has.
Peter Bruno
Peter Bruno 18 dagen geleden
Saints are too high. They lost to the raiders who are 5 spots below them.
Azurastrider 18 dagen geleden
These lists are always mediocre at best and typically pretty bad. Their only use imo is a debate tool - used well by commentators and such like Pat who don't even need them to start a good debate, and badly by the others who don't know what they're talking about
Quinn Kreider
Quinn Kreider 18 dagen geleden
the saints are 1-2 and they're ten. bears are 3-0 and they're 14
Addison Lucciano
Addison Lucciano 18 dagen geleden
Bucs being disrespected.. No way their 12th. Better than the Saints, and Rams
Brandon Rydberg
Brandon Rydberg 18 dagen geleden
Why does Russell get no respect from anyone
Kyle Strachan
Kyle Strachan 18 dagen geleden
Lol the cardinals are ahead of the bears? I’m a lions fan and that’s so stupid
NFC Least
NFC Least 18 dagen geleden
The game on Monday Night did not look like a game between the top 2 teams in the NFL
Logan Schofield
Logan Schofield 18 dagen geleden
washington fan here, why are the eagles above us? we annihilated them week 1 and they are winless..
Anthony DelBalso
Anthony DelBalso 18 dagen geleden
I’m a giants fan and I think the jets are better 🤔
J da high roller
J da high roller 18 dagen geleden
Didnt even mention the saints!! Guess yall saying Who dat!!!
Nate Kaplowitz
Nate Kaplowitz 18 dagen geleden
“Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in football right now” clearly you haven’t looked at Russell Wilson, pat Mahomes, or Josh Allen😂
Cash The Realest
Cash The Realest 18 dagen geleden
Jets are ranked waaaaay to high.
Excard0n 18 dagen geleden
Miami is too low. They'll go on a tear. Steelers are too high. They just aren't good. Barely beat 0-3 teams.
Josh Davis
Josh Davis 18 dagen geleden
Titans fan here. I'm not sure of we are above the Squealers. I think we are def top 7, though.
Thor Huber
Thor Huber 18 dagen geleden
Tampa Bay is going to keep getting better offensively every week. And they have the best defense in the NFC.
AquaticGamZe 18 dagen geleden
I feel like the ESPN ppl are biased af, they put the steeler at 7 because "close" games with bad teams but they suck off the bills who have also had "close" games with bad team.
shawn199500 18 dagen geleden
Buffalo #5 lmfao.........Patriots will still have their lunch! They nearly lost to the Dolphins and the Rams lol.
K1llez 4 fun
K1llez 4 fun 18 dagen geleden
The Bears are an 0-3 team that went 3-0. We all know they didn’t deserve to win those games.
Neil Murray
Neil Murray 18 dagen geleden
Cardinals just lost to the heavily injured lions with three int
Jalen Walker
Jalen Walker 18 dagen geleden
I’m sorry but I dnt believe aj when he says players dnt care about their schedules or opponents they play. U cnt tell me guys aren’t looking at their schedule and thinking damn we gotta play the ravens twice.
Mike McGirr
Mike McGirr 18 dagen geleden
How the are the ravens 2? hawks 2, pack 3, bills 4, maybe ravens 5
Noah Paar
Noah Paar 18 dagen geleden
Seattle with that Defense?
Eric Huff
Eric Huff 18 dagen geleden
Naw my dolphines got to be higher we better then few of teams ahead of us lol especially once are damn coach puts tua in like the eagles ahead of us plz same with the lions
Demonking324 18 dagen geleden
The Eagles have played terrible no way they should have us over Washington we TIED THE BENGALS 25-28 is are range so far
Joseph Possanza
Joseph Possanza 18 dagen geleden
Wilson is just playing very good football compared to the best in the nfl right now Aaron Rodgers?!?! Hoa much meth you been smoking lately with that statement? Give fuccing credit when it's due. Damn. Wilson best QB in the game 0
Joe Bee
Joe Bee 18 dagen geleden
Why are the Bills ranked so high and the Bears are at 14? Bills maybe had a slightly better year last year but they're 9 spots apart lol.
Wambli Robideau
Wambli Robideau 18 dagen geleden
SEAHAWKS any other team is obsolite
Kurt Labelle
Kurt Labelle 18 dagen geleden
I’ll enjoy 25 ... highest we’ve been in a while
5ivves 18 dagen geleden
It’s so great being a chiefs fan now. I remember when Matt cassel was out starter
Nicholas King
Nicholas King 18 dagen geleden
Russ best quarterback....
The Journey
The Journey 18 dagen geleden
Niners deserve top11
Ryndan Riley
Ryndan Riley 18 dagen geleden
The Rams are probably better than 8. Not much better, though.
IncogSkbb021 18 dagen geleden
Wilson is the best QB in football. Rodgers is second right now
Cj Virginelli
Cj Virginelli 18 dagen geleden
No matter what the bears do they are the worst at what they do. What is that logic why does everybody hate us😭😭
Alex Mercer
Alex Mercer 18 dagen geleden
You barely survived the Giants. Case closed.
RiverLine Bois
RiverLine Bois 18 dagen geleden
Whos here after the Falclowns my bad i mean falcons blew to leads back to back and then julio jones my be on the Patriots
Mikie Cates
Mikie Cates 18 dagen geleden
My dream is for the cowboys to win the division at 8-8, and win the Super Bowl. Just to see the rage amongst the rest of the league
Bryce502 18 dagen geleden
I think the colts are better than 16
Jordan Thompson
Jordan Thompson 18 dagen geleden
Mahomes is the best player in football right now your crazy if you think otherwise
neetrab 18 dagen geleden
0:10 - *Encouragement from an Eagles fan to Bears fans:* Everybody and their mom thought the eagles were trash in 2017 (maybe some of you thought so) because they "played nobody" all year except for a few teams in the regular season. Won the Super bowl....with Nivk Foles, mind you. Same could happen for your bears. Oh yeah..Beardown!!
Cody Sorenson
Cody Sorenson 18 dagen geleden
0 and 3 and some how ranked 21st.
Trap Ak
Trap Ak 18 dagen geleden
Colin Cowherd has the bucs at 2. That’s quite a different take
The Trucking Fish
The Trucking Fish 18 dagen geleden
1. KC 2. Seattle 3. Green Bay 4. Baltimore 5. Buffalo 6. Pittsburgh 7. Rams 8. Pats 9. Tennessee 10. Arizona 11. Tampa 12. San Fran 13. Indianapolis 14. Raiders 15. Saints 16. Chicago 17. Chargers 18. Dallas 19. Cleveland 20. Houston 21. Detroit 22. Vikings 23. Carolina 24. Denver 25. Miami 26. Washington 27. Falcons 28. Jaguars 29. Eagles 30. Giants 31. Cincinnati 32. Jets
SWiFT MK7 18 dagen geleden
How is Rodgers the best in football rn? Russ and Allen are both doing better... lol
Mr TakeItEz
Mr TakeItEz 19 dagen geleden
Broncos... just saying
leo Garcia
leo Garcia 19 dagen geleden
No I think 7 is a right place. For now
kgkustomz97ser 19 dagen geleden
foles didnt have a comeback win... the falcons simply imploded again... its the new normal. get a big lead and throw throw throw and kill no time... other team proceeds to do whatever they want at will.
Anxious Dreams
Anxious Dreams 19 dagen geleden
Makes no sense to me that super bowl champs can have one of the easiest schedules in the nfl. Unless you were the Patriots where you pretty much are forced to face easy teams that you get atleast 5 wins out of. Sometimes the nfl makes it hard for you to not think it's a fixed sport.
TheGermanLukeLP 19 dagen geleden
Rodgers over Wilson? HELL NAH
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