Pat McAfee Reacts To Falcons GM Saying Julio Jones COULD BE TRADED!? 

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Do you think we will see Julio Jones in another uniform next season?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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27 apr. 2021




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The Pat McAfee Show
The Pat McAfee Show 10 dagen geleden
What team should Julio Jones play for if he is traded?
Fred Nolan
Fred Nolan 22 uur geleden
@Stetson Layne yup, I have been watching on Flixzone for months myself :D
Stetson Layne
Stetson Layne 22 uur geleden
pro tip : watch movies at flixzone. I've been using it for watching all kinds of movies recently.
Tyler Ory
Tyler Ory 4 dagen geleden
@Jimmy Hebs bill would never make that trade
Jamie Galvan
Jamie Galvan 8 dagen geleden
The AARP, dude can't finish a season, ever.
illusive1 8 dagen geleden
Barr 4 dagen geleden
Send him to Tampa 🏴‍☠️
Jiffykid 4 dagen geleden
Would Rodgers 100% stay in GB if they brought in julio 👀. Come on Gutey keep our golden boy happy
John Taylor
John Taylor 4 dagen geleden
Looking for draft picks. Possible they now seeing the downside of Jones last season and will shop for picks
Zac WELLER 4 dagen geleden
I don’t see the point rlly, it’s To late for the falcons to rlly upgrade their defence coz the draft has passed, they’ll have an amazing offence if they keep him as they’ve brought a young generational TE, so the only way they can win is getting into shootouts with other teams
jimthar17 5 dagen geleden
Tampa doesn't need him.
Big Will
Big Will 5 dagen geleden
The only thing the falcons have needed for the last ten years is a qb
H W 6 dagen geleden
Go to the Bears with Justin Fields 🐻⬇️
Bark-aholic 8 dagen geleden
Give Matt Stafford Julio Jones deep with Robert Woods, Kupp in the slot?
B Die
B Die 8 dagen geleden
Bucs enter chat
MICKEY GUIDRY 8 dagen geleden
Julio is so overrated. Between the 20’s guy that struggles scoring.
Andres Sanchez
Andres Sanchez 8 dagen geleden
A 2nd a 3rd and Mike Williams for Julio
Adam R
Adam R 8 dagen geleden
Call up Jerry in Dallas. We will give you Michael Gallup and a 4th round for Julio
Horacio 8 dagen geleden
Julio should finish his career here in Atlanta.
King Drew XI
King Drew XI 8 dagen geleden
Hes gonna be a Raven tomorrow
Matthew Horn
Matthew Horn 8 dagen geleden
Andrew Swofford
Andrew Swofford 8 dagen geleden
Julio to the chiefs for Robertson, next years first, and forth. They even where the same number.
Sabian Esco
Sabian Esco 8 dagen geleden
Pls don’t trade Julio 🥲
Mckever Lewis
Mckever Lewis 8 dagen geleden
Dumbest thing they ever did next to letting Brett Favre go.
Neo II
Neo II 8 dagen geleden
Imagine they send Julio in the division to the Bucs for their 2021 first and 2022 first, 2021 2nd, and Scottie miller.
Ryan Rouse
Ryan Rouse 8 dagen geleden
Packers Receive: Julio Jones and restructure/extend Rodgers to afford Julio Falcons receive: Jordan Love, MVS and a 3rd round 2022 pick. Packers get to stop talking about Love, and push for a superbowl for the next 3 years or so. Spread Loves contract out so it is minimal against cap. Falcons get to send Julio to someone who can get him a ring he deserves, someone across from Ridley they can extend if they like, a future QB who learned under Rodgers and Ryan, and finally have a bidding war for the 4th overall pick and get a bunch of future picks helping their cap.
RedT 9 dagen geleden
Julio has been pretty average the past few years, and he getting old. Just facts.I wouldn’t trade or pay anything crazy for him.
Sean Hecht
Sean Hecht 9 dagen geleden
Frank Musick
Frank Musick 9 dagen geleden
eagles need to get julio
Antonio Rezik
Antonio Rezik 9 dagen geleden
KC to get Jones?
Cody Ivey
Cody Ivey 9 dagen geleden
Aj brown idolizes Julio , might as well put them together 😎
CeCe Smith
CeCe Smith 9 dagen geleden
I never been so mad in my life at the Falcons. Matt Ryan need to go too
Brian OSullivan
Brian OSullivan 8 dagen geleden
Do you see the amount of dead cap against Ryan? No way in hell they’re trading him.
Marty 9 dagen geleden
I hear raiders are asking about a trade for Julio.. I don't see how they could afford it and with the weapons raiders already have it would be nuts...
DarkDenDan 9 dagen geleden
Alexander York
Alexander York 9 dagen geleden
Swaggyshaggy 9 dagen geleden
Wasted Matt Ryan’s career and Julio Jones career. About time Julio gets out of Atlanta
Logan mills
Logan mills 9 dagen geleden
2nd 4th and Paris let's gooooooo
Numba12Cede 9 dagen geleden
I wouldn’t even be surprised if he goes to Tampa lmfao
Dennis Silva
Dennis Silva 9 dagen geleden
Randy Moss was traded for a 4th rounder though
cj gooch
cj gooch 9 dagen geleden
Colts aren’t gonna pick up Julio 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ we are too cheap and invested into the draft
XxTreytay27xX J
XxTreytay27xX J 9 dagen geleden
Packers trade for Julio
Mellow NES Superstar
Mellow NES Superstar 9 dagen geleden
LFG Tampa! Good Lord that would be awesome.
RDE 9 dagen geleden
as a falcons fan, I think matt ryan can go... julio jones, we gotta keep
Andrew VanCura
Andrew VanCura 9 dagen geleden
Probably a first and a 5th similar to the digs deal
Just Dreaming
Just Dreaming 9 dagen geleden
Julio come to Baltimore!!! We’re one receiver away from a Superbowl
Eldritch_Panda31 9 dagen geleden
They either trade him or cut him. They won't be able to get much I'm sure.
MLGivens 9 dagen geleden
I’m still wondering why the Packers haven’t gotten Randall Cobb back yet. He showed he is still an animal in the game against them last year. He showed he still has speed, catching and playmaking ability. Not to mention he and Rodgers are friends and he is a proven veteran. If they don’t, at least, make a call about him they are stupid. The Texans are exploding they could probably get him for a roll of quarters.
Alex Mammoth
Alex Mammoth 9 dagen geleden
I think every fan is going to say their team so I'll add the Titans to the mix. Imagine having to stop A.J. Brown and Julio while not letting Henry run all over you.
justin beleski
justin beleski 9 dagen geleden
Larry Fitzgerald,DeAndre Hopkins,AJ Green,Julio Jones...Airzona CARDINALS!!!!!
Malik Dunston
Malik Dunston 9 dagen geleden
Moss came for a fourth! 😉
steven mcilwain
steven mcilwain 9 dagen geleden
Imagine him going to Tampa lol
Phillip Ollis
Phillip Ollis 9 dagen geleden
A lot of teams would want julio jones.... really?! When is the last time he played a full season without injury? I can't even remember the year its been so long.
Stephen Guinan
Stephen Guinan 9 dagen geleden
Eagles make a f#%king move!!!!
Ceez Velasquez
Ceez Velasquez 9 dagen geleden
Pat wtf? Nobody ever called it a randy!!!! You just got randy'd!??! No bro mossed lol you just got MOSSED
Jeremy McGee
Jeremy McGee 9 dagen geleden
He definitely not going to the colts
D&M Sports Debate
D&M Sports Debate 9 dagen geleden
Raven all over him
T 9 dagen geleden
Pat is definitely on the Colts payroll. Lmao
T 9 dagen geleden
"Covid Cowboy was on a BS pony when he rode in with that source" lmao
Dj 9 dagen geleden
Cambo Flo
Cambo Flo 9 dagen geleden
Come to TAMPA!!!
Rodney Chandler
Rodney Chandler 9 dagen geleden
send Mr. Jones to GB, or Tampa please.
Rodney Chandler
Rodney Chandler 9 dagen geleden
that would kill that team . he is the go to guy for them.
ZackTheGamer 69
ZackTheGamer 69 9 dagen geleden
Pat love the podcast
Bud Waller
Bud Waller 9 dagen geleden
I'm an aaron rodgers fan, but he should take a team friendly restructure to get julio and get another ring. Give aaron rodgers the years he wants. Rodgers give the packers the money freedon they need and trade jordan love! OH! And if this all doesn't work fire Mark Murphey...
Evan Chong
Evan Chong 9 dagen geleden
As long as he’s not a Buccaneer..
Ryan White
Ryan White 9 dagen geleden
Lol--- just gonna wait && wait && somehow the Chiefs are gonna get him.. That would be SO fuckin sweet for Chiefs fans.. But totally unfair for the rest of the league.
Donavan McElroy
Donavan McElroy 9 dagen geleden
Does anyone else think that Square Head AJ Hawk smoking a cigar while doing these segments is reeeeally tacky?? It just doesn’t seem appropriate to me...🤷‍♂️
jm0ney 9 dagen geleden
Man, you can just feel the pain in Ty’s voice when AJ brings up the packers 😭😭
A.R. T. ll
A.R. T. ll 9 dagen geleden
Drool on other nfl fans. As a diehard ATL fan from waaaay back...WE DON'T WANT TO GET RID OF HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
birger munter
birger munter 9 dagen geleden
birger munter
birger munter 9 dagen geleden
Boston connor 😁
BanditBlu 1776
BanditBlu 1776 9 dagen geleden
Anthony Miller and 2 second round picks 😂
Tom S
Tom S 9 dagen geleden
Julio needs to start warming up those hamstrings NOW because he missed half the season last year. This is probably why he wasn't sign as soon as he went on the trade block. 2020 Stats: 51 receptions (tied for 24th), 771 yards (tied for 44th) 3 touchdowns (tied for 82nd...Matt Ryan is terrible throwing TD's in the red zone).
Libertas Americana
Libertas Americana 9 dagen geleden
Julio Jones would look great in a Raider jersey.
Ronnie Rivera
Ronnie Rivera 9 dagen geleden
Green Bay make it happen!!!!
MVISH 9 dagen geleden
Ravens can trade their draft picks for them
Chronic Truth
Chronic Truth 9 dagen geleden
Ravens please, I want people to shut up about Lamar being a running back
Joey Moyer
Joey Moyer 9 dagen geleden
Tell me he wouldn’t be a good trade for the Jets... give them our late first round pic either this year or next season
Adventures with Wednesday
Duh 🙄.. the chiefs will get him.
Hedy Did
Hedy Did 9 dagen geleden
Ill trade up to at least a 1st & a 4th rounder for Julio Jones
Justin Sumner
Justin Sumner 9 dagen geleden
They cannot trade Julio until June 1st. Unlike a cut, you cannot designate a trade as a post June 1st trade. You have to wait until then to do it. So they cannot trade any picks, officially, in this year's draft. Now what they do behind the scenes, secretly, may be different. But until June 1st, there will not be a Julio Jones trade.
Hedy Did
Hedy Did 9 dagen geleden
Randy Moss was a cancer at the raiders in a cancerous environment. I freaked out and couldn't believe the raiders were stupid and, only traded Moss for a 4th round pick to Patriots.
Lil Dave
Lil Dave 9 dagen geleden
Atlanta fan here hopefully we'll get a really great deal, two first round picks let's go
MCM 9 dagen geleden
Corey Withers
Corey Withers 9 dagen geleden
You trade whatever picks it takes to get Julio, what are the odds those picks turn into a player just as good, let alone better than Julio
Corey Withers
Corey Withers 6 dagen geleden
@Brian OSullivan ok?
Brian OSullivan
Brian OSullivan 8 dagen geleden
Don’t ever be a GM.
DRC drdoct
DRC drdoct 9 dagen geleden
Ty is right. You could give away all 7 of GB's picks because if GB is left to pick them, they'll be horrible picks that won't improve the team. May as well go with a proven player who you know can provide immediate results, but Green Bay isn't built that way for some odd reason.
theweap0n221 9 dagen geleden
I wouldn’t even be surprised if Tampa some how found a way lmao
Kristrumentals 9 dagen geleden
Yzerman's GM talents seem to have radiated out to our other sports franchises lmao I love it!
Chris Kane
Chris Kane 9 dagen geleden
I want Julio to Miami I’d give up a pick for him
tannercollins9863 9 dagen geleden
49ers? Did kyle draft him?
Keion Bias
Keion Bias 9 dagen geleden
At this point I'm mad with the falcons. If they trade Julio, my allegiance goes with Julio
William Stabe
William Stabe 9 dagen geleden
Get him on the Chiefs!!!!
techdive 9 dagen geleden
Can yall think of any super bowl teams that won with the highest paid receiver in the league?
Hugo ramirez jr
Hugo ramirez jr 9 dagen geleden
AJ got a library behind him!
Yeahsure 9 dagen geleden
It would take two 2nd round picks eh? Brett Veach work your cap magic.
Bustedcheekss 9 dagen geleden
If by some miracle Miami pulls something out of their ass and lands him I might actually cry to the point where I pass out
Steven James
Steven James 9 dagen geleden
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Kahlil Poet
Kahlil Poet 9 dagen geleden
I would be pissed if we traded Julio!!! If he was to get traded, i wish it would withe Arizona or the Chiefs
Mason Rahal
Mason Rahal 9 dagen geleden
Moss was younger
Juan Colon
Juan Colon 9 dagen geleden
Okay please trade him to the Dolphins-I got my cc ready for a -#10 jersey.
alex totman
alex totman 9 dagen geleden
Yall are hyping him and forgetting how good obj really is
Zeb Shrader
Zeb Shrader 9 dagen geleden
Baltimore, you wanted a WR. Here's your chance.
Kyle D
Kyle D 9 dagen geleden
Haha haha Lamar Bing a good passing QB.
avegoodtime 9 dagen geleden
NE will trade for Matt Ryan mark my words
Johnny C
Johnny C 9 dagen geleden
It might be fun to see Julio as a FA, but it's going to require a team with very real cap space. He's easily worth a big hit to *any* team, but not all teams can afford *that* hit. I can't see Jones taking a sweetheart deal for any team. He's too damn good.
bizzybodyna 9 dagen geleden
I’m calling it now atlanta are drafting a qb for whatever reason y’all gon call me crazy
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