Pat McAfee Reacts To Jerry Jones Saying Kyle Pitts Is NOT Worth Trading Up For 

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Where do you think we see Kyle Pitts land in the draft?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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27 apr. 2021




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Trade Jerry!
Kenny Popsicle
Kenny Popsicle 7 dagen geleden
Pitt would have been awesome in Dallas
CAMDOJA 7 dagen geleden
Being a Cowboy fan, Jerry is to blame for everything.
Karan Phull
Karan Phull 7 dagen geleden
I’m just waiting for the news of Jerry dropping from this world. ThTs when Dallas will do anything with their pathetic organization
Mr. 4leafClova
Mr. 4leafClova 8 dagen geleden
Jones is a Delusional lunatic... SMDH😒 Them boys aren't winning another SB for the Rest of his tenure.
HTH 8 dagen geleden
If we don’t draft a CB, Jerry might be burned at the stake
A B 8 dagen geleden
I think they consistently overrate their players, and have really weak depth. Remember pro bowlers are based on fan votes. If you have a bigger fan base, you typically get more pro bowlers.
A B 8 dagen geleden
For example falcons gave up 2 firsts 2nd and 2 4ths for julio. Trading up seems to the top 5 seems to rarely work out, even when you get a hall of fame talent. Kyle pits is really good though. Closest thing to Calvin Johnson in the last decade. One commenter said it best. "is he a wide receiver or a tight end? Doesn't matter. He's the you can cover me guy". If amari and a 1st (throw in a 3rd why not?)gets you the deal its 100% worth it. Tough to justify more draft capital.
Andy Bianchi
Andy Bianchi 8 dagen geleden
Pitts is a monster but Dallas doesnt need anymore weapons. The need secondary or o-line help
DamperEmu 8 dagen geleden
They have greatest o-line in the league. They need “depth” more than help with o-line. Also they need d-line help
Samuel 8 dagen geleden
LMAO, the saints quarterback room goes hard, im dead
Owen Johnson
Owen Johnson 8 dagen geleden
You have to be crazy to trade up in the first round for a tight end
DamperEmu 8 dagen geleden
Guss daBuss
Guss daBuss 8 dagen geleden
Jerry wanted Manziel before being talked out of it. He can't evaluate talent haha
pigspigs76 8 dagen geleden
Jamie Newman is a pocket passer
Takeiteasy24 8 dagen geleden
King Drew XI
King Drew XI 8 dagen geleden
I feel like this is not gonna age well haha
James Robbins
James Robbins 8 dagen geleden
Jerry play poker? Just asking
Dallas Abernathy
Dallas Abernathy 8 dagen geleden
The cowboys will pick corner if its pat from Bama or horn from s. Carolina both sure fire picks i think one of the two will be great and the other really good. That being said the cowboys should use a piece of that pie and get Richard Sherman on a one year deal. Let him not only do what he does but let these two young corners the boys have and work with someone who's had such great success..
BassStrangla 8 dagen geleden
Thanks for shouting out my CARDINALS Connor! 🙌🏿☝🏿
Youare Afool
Youare Afool 8 dagen geleden
Trey Lance or Pitts to Carolina, remember this folks if you see it, I said it first boi
Brendan Forster
Brendan Forster 9 dagen geleden
Kyle Pitts gonna look good in Atlanta
Ryno Mclaughlin
Ryno Mclaughlin 9 dagen geleden
The two best TEs in the league were drafted in the third and fifth rounds, I'd rather spend a pick that high on a QB, Pass rusher or Linemen, I can find skill position players elsewhere
Dave Burrows
Dave Burrows 9 dagen geleden
Jerry Jones is a smart wild loose cannon. I love it. Riverboat gambler.
twiztidjigga 9 dagen geleden
Cowboys stink go birds!!!
That Boy
That Boy 9 dagen geleden
Why are Cowboys fans mad they aren't getting another offensive weapon? Your defense almost broke records for being bad last season
Austin Hall
Austin Hall 9 dagen geleden
Let's be real, Jerry Jones ain't exactly the smartest guy out there.
Thirdeye3pic 9 dagen geleden
Jerry Jones: I don't make bad deals. Dak: SHOW ME THE MONEY!
Brayden Fletch
Brayden Fletch 9 dagen geleden
Honestly I think Pitts is the best player in the draft
Akkbar 9 dagen geleden
Pat McAfee’s flunkies don’t think thumbnails are worth checking for typos.
Seth Grebbien
Seth Grebbien 9 dagen geleden
So you're saying Pitts is a guaranteed HOF? Canton is lined with TEs that Jerry thought were worse than his TE pick. David Lafleur anyone?
rmyukon 9 dagen geleden
Pitts made Florida's offense work. Without him, they were average, at best. With Pitts, they were dynamic and high-scoring. Just look at the 2020 Florida/LSU game vs Florida/Alabama game. Florida gave Alabama a run for their money because Pitts absolutely destroyed Bama's defense.
FxckingHell Satan
FxckingHell Satan 9 dagen geleden
Cause they already have good TE’s so why would they want another. Plus next year more good TE’s could possibly enter the draft
LA 9 dagen geleden
Matt cassle still went 11-5 and made the playoffs tho
James Fitzgerald
James Fitzgerald 9 dagen geleden
Pitts in GB. I can dream 😊 Go Pack Go
Isaac Ramirez
Isaac Ramirez 9 dagen geleden
Jerry does pick well. The problem is he gets attached to them and pays the hell out of them with contracts that don’t pan out well
Noah Maynard
Noah Maynard 9 dagen geleden
Kyle pitts will be a bust
David Caunter
David Caunter 9 dagen geleden
This is clickbait and it worked! You would have a better chance of getting the truth from a politician than an NFL coach, GM or owner at this point.
justin beleski
justin beleski 9 dagen geleden
TheJoern 9 dagen geleden
Why are people talking this much about a franchise that has 4 playoff wins in the last 25 years???
Holstorr Sceadus
Holstorr Sceadus 9 dagen geleden
That video header needs natural male enhancement it's a bit low on T.
Marc Luft
Marc Luft 9 dagen geleden
I get where Jerry is coming from. He knows Pitts is going to be legendary, but Jones knows he needs more than just an incredible TE. They need a defense, Pitts could score 21 points a game for his entire career but that defense will never let them go better than 9-8
Gimi Supreme
Gimi Supreme 9 dagen geleden
Pitts Is going to do cowboys bad like Randy moss
Fallen G
Fallen G 9 dagen geleden
Kyle Pitts is gonna be a monster.
Jon -Michael
Jon -Michael 9 dagen geleden
People trash Jones but hes just running the team like you would on Madden. All offense and ticket sales.
Tyler Grove
Tyler Grove 9 dagen geleden
Let’s not get carried away guys... we are talking about the cowboys here... they will get off to a hot start and then end the year 8-8 (9-8 or 8-9 now) and miss the playoffs like usual
Barbara Lovenvirth
Barbara Lovenvirth 9 dagen geleden
What he has done badly is choosing Coaches!!
Ryan Spencer Lauderdale
Ryan Spencer Lauderdale 9 dagen geleden
Stephen Jones probably talked some sense into him. Dak and the defense are the two suspects on this team. Hopefully Dan Quinn can light a fire under this defense. I’m not convinced yet that Dak can carry the team, without needing a lot of stuff to go right for him. Now he’s injury-prone, and I don’t trust injury prone QBs when they get paid big money. I think the Jones family might have played themselves by paying Dak.
omar westmaas
omar westmaas 9 dagen geleden
I get that jerry might love Pitts. But honestly as a cowboys fan I would hate moving up to get him. Pitts is a mega talent but the cowboys do not I repeat do not need more pass threats we need to built up our defense and our o line back up
L Ll
L Ll 9 dagen geleden
Taking bets over under... how many of the draftees girlfriends do you predict will embarrass themselves in the first round of tomorrow's draft? the number I assume is 3
Kempt Carter
Kempt Carter 9 dagen geleden
Pitts gunna make these teams regret not picking him
Matthew Lewis
Matthew Lewis 9 dagen geleden
Dallas QB stats Dak- going to tear it up, just look what he was doing before he got hurt Romo- yeah I played that same game, ended up with good looking stats because we were always playing behind. Analysts- dak going to be huge, look at his numbers. Same analysts- Romo wasn’t great. Look at the numbers, they were all second half gimme’s because they were behind. Fan- and we are seriously questioning a player if he takes a knee during the anthems.
jacob meglich
jacob meglich 9 dagen geleden
Pitts is if Lebron choose Football over basketball
ernest smith
ernest smith 9 dagen geleden
Cowboys aint seeing the SB for years.
ernest smith
ernest smith 9 dagen geleden
The only thing Jones knows is how to kill a club. The single worst owner in football. Dude thinks he still has it and he aint for atleast 30 years
heylo lp
heylo lp 9 dagen geleden
Pitts in my opinion is a TE that will get drafted by an organisation that if they'd be smart play him as WR while teaching him to block Edit: obviously after he developed his blocking a bit the move back to TE is very much a move to be discussed
Woodrow Leake
Woodrow Leake 9 dagen geleden
He should just stay at tight end practice with the tight ends it should come to him in time (hopefully) by year 3 if he still hasn’t improved his blocking ability I think the team should talk about moving to wideout and play him in year 4 and the 5th year option as wideout we know he can play wideout. In my opinion though I do think he has a good shot at being one of the best to ever do it I’m a little bias though I’m a gator fan lol
Keith Mcnamara
Keith Mcnamara 9 dagen geleden
How about them cowboys
EXG21 9 dagen geleden
WORH TRADING UP? Come on guys, at least one of you guys should spellcheck, especially the thumbnail.
SuperJohn12354 9 dagen geleden
Green Bay should move up to get Pitts, and im a Brady fan
Karter Pate
Karter Pate 9 dagen geleden
Jerry can pick a great offense. But the defense picks have been pretty bad
drewcliff82 9 dagen geleden
It's not the man, it's the position. TE isn't worth selling the farm for. Pitts could be great but he's not even a great blocker.
Mark Ribble
Mark Ribble 9 dagen geleden
Kyle Pitts in year 3 will assert himself as the great te in the league there is no reason you shouldn't trade up to get him if he's your target
Joel T
Joel T 9 dagen geleden
Cowgirls will always suck as long as Jerry Jones is in control. That clown needs to let his gm and coach do their jobs. No other owner is involved like him.
Thomas Martinez
Thomas Martinez 9 dagen geleden
Definitely one of the best in the draft no doubt ,,, would be nice to see them bring in a TE that can fill Witten's legendary cleats or at least do them justice.
BigSlime 223
BigSlime 223 9 dagen geleden
Delusional cowboys fan always want weapons... look at that atrocious defense
IPlayOldSchoolRunescape 9 dagen geleden
Ima say and keep repeating it, dak will not make the superbowl no freaking wayyyyyyyy this year for sure. Seems like all teams are pulling all types of strings getting good players and more. And the cowboys seem like theyre barely putting effort. Ill take the browns going to the superbowl over the cowboys pssshhhh f outta here.
Brent Gustafson
Brent Gustafson 9 dagen geleden
Figures the guy who's last superbowl was on VHS doesnt see bonified talent when it's right in front of him. They need to focus on their defense
Scrooge McDuck
Scrooge McDuck 9 dagen geleden
People believe he means that? 🤣
World Peace
World Peace 9 dagen geleden
Shat ahht Conner saying the bird gang let’s go
Blaine Mendoza
Blaine Mendoza 9 dagen geleden
The NFL knows how to hype its fanbase up. I'm loving all the draft rumors and smoke screens. It's been awesome.
Gavin Hall
Gavin Hall 9 dagen geleden
I hope mel makes another appearance this yr at the draft 😂
PRODIGYofW4R 9 dagen geleden
i would buy that shirt .... bc Jerrrrryyyy jones says soo
Anime Dude
Anime Dude 9 dagen geleden
Cowboys need a new line and so much on defense
Tama Toa
Tama Toa 9 dagen geleden
Jones is still riding the coattails of Jimmy Johnson and taking credit for those Superbowl wins. For those that will argue Dallas won a Superbowl after Jimmy Johnson left. They only won because he left them in a position to win. Where have they been since? The modern day Al Davis.
j j
j j 9 dagen geleden
hammer dahn!
bhillis99 9 dagen geleden
Stephen is the shot caller. Stephen is show.
bhillis99 9 dagen geleden
Title is misleading. He said that you don’t move up unless it’s a qb.
Hedy Did
Hedy Did 9 dagen geleden
Imagine Jordan Love get's traded at the 2021 draft.
Stephen Shortt
Stephen Shortt 9 dagen geleden
Comments such as this is EXACTLY why Dallas HAS NOT & WILL NOT win a Super Bowl or even play in one anytime in the near future.
michael hinton
michael hinton 9 dagen geleden
Cowboys need defense...I'm a skins fan if they did trade up it be good for us my D is hungry
cenzo intravaglia
cenzo intravaglia 9 dagen geleden
Adventures & Survival in Thailand
Why is AJ so brainwashed by the Cowboys? LMFAO Pat and the boys were almost trolling AJ and his Cowboys infatuation
BlimpCityFeeder 9 dagen geleden
I guess J. Jones forgets that MIN game when R. Moss#84 literally shredded Da Boys on Thanksgiving. If K. Pitts#84 is this TE generations J. Witten #82, DAL better take him before he goes to NJ as this generations M. Bavaro/J. Shockey/K. Boss. He'd be amazing with T. Kelce#87 if he drops, though if Lamar is in a 'contract year' BAL could use him to free up TE M. Andrews.
Jay Dunn
Jay Dunn 9 dagen geleden
What is the job role/description of these armchair Qb's sitting around Pat? Or did I just answer my own question? Seems a sweet gig!
Big Dan T
Big Dan T 9 dagen geleden
As a Cowboys fan Dak had a lot of yards, sure, but he did not win games. I wanted them to let him go. Now he is back look for lots of yard but only maybe 5 wins.
Robert Kelly’
Robert Kelly’ 9 dagen geleden
Definitely not worth it, they have so many other needs. Literally any position might work other than HB, QB and WR. Coming from a cowboys fan
Sean Stevens
Sean Stevens 9 dagen geleden
Anyone else notice it says "Worh" on the thumbnail?
Increase 9 dagen geleden
Jerry is a marketing genius, I guarantee where ever Pitts goes, he may end up playing football at Dallas
Troubled eNVy
Troubled eNVy 9 dagen geleden
Cowgirls are trash
Joseph Gideon
Joseph Gideon 9 dagen geleden
lol, you better listen to Jerry Jones, he has such a wonderful track record as a GM
Franandwood 9 dagen geleden
Jerry is stupid for keeping around McCarthy
Loren Nerhus
Loren Nerhus 9 dagen geleden
Gumpy at 4:13 🤣
OG LP 9 dagen geleden
Pats deal is going to be massive. We can all agree we watch him and the boys every day Dahn there in Indy.
Robert Garza JR
Robert Garza JR 8 dagen geleden
@Rory Lynch smack down
Rory Lynch
Rory Lynch 9 dagen geleden
What deal
tomonkysinatree 9 dagen geleden
HIs son, Stephen Jones, leads a lot of the draft decisions and they have drafted very well in recent years. Jerry gets the blame because he is in charge of all aspects of the team. When they aren't successful the blame comes to him. Probably also has owned a single team longer than most NFL owners
Yeahsure 9 dagen geleden
Isn't worth trading up our isn't worth the very high price he would have to pay to trade up? It would probably cost him half his draft this year and half of it next year.
C.S Hunter
C.S Hunter 9 dagen geleden
Defence! Cowboys! Defence! No more offensive weapons needed
Zach Grosser
Zach Grosser 8 dagen geleden
Spell defense right
Chilly Dawgg
Chilly Dawgg 9 dagen geleden
At some point we really need to stop letting walking corpses run everything
Caleb Piszczek
Caleb Piszczek 9 dagen geleden
“The division Tom Brady is in.” 😂 Pat didn’t play enough NFC East teams
Erik Rodriguez
Erik Rodriguez 9 dagen geleden
Brady is in the nfc south
Brandon Lucas
Brandon Lucas 9 dagen geleden
Is AJ a cowboys fan? He’s the only one that doesn’t talk trash about them
Dubya Last
Dubya Last 9 dagen geleden
Criticism of Jerry isn’t about drafting.... Jerry REFUSES to hire a head coach that is going to take the spotlight away from him ever since Jimmy Johnson. He would rather have a middle of the road HC and never win another Super Bowl then win a Super Bowl with a HC who is given all the credit. It’s a weird blind spot for someone who’s clearly a successful businessman
Jay 9 dagen geleden
He’s smart, I feel like pitts could be a bust
Scotty M.
Scotty M. 9 dagen geleden
Pitts will likely be a generational talent, but you can only throw the ball to one receiver at a time (Cowboys have plenty) and they have much bigger needs. It wouldn’t surprise me to see them trade down to later in the 1st, get an extra pick, and take a CB or lineman.
Billy Benton
Billy Benton 9 dagen geleden
Wished the Titans would
War Rogers
War Rogers 9 dagen geleden
I can feel the neg energy comin aj in this ep..