Pat McAfee Reacts To Lamar Jackson Missing Practices Over Knee Injury 

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Do you think we should be concerned over this?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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8 okt. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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SpartanSun21 10 dagen geleden
Who is being interviewed here?
Jayde David
Jayde David 13 dagen geleden
🤦😂 He didn't run in the last game and passed like crap Now he continues to have a nagging injury watch this guy become another RG3
Brax Qtry
Brax Qtry 14 dagen geleden
I think it’s the madden curse
Grant Bling
Grant Bling 14 dagen geleden
I was starting to like that dude in the white shirt, but when he started talking about intentionally hurting Lamar, and players in general, I lost all respect for him
J da high roller
J da high roller 15 dagen geleden
So much for mvp, hello Russell Wilson
Jacob Aaron
Jacob Aaron 15 dagen geleden
Am I confused. RgIII is their second string right? Not this trace guy
EJ Wiksten
EJ Wiksten 15 dagen geleden
Trace wouldn’t play. RG3 is the backup. Come on now people
xg05 12 dagen geleden
That’s what everyone thinks
Patrick Hoey
Patrick Hoey 15 dagen geleden
Lamar Jackson isn’t going to be it
Gage Whitfield
Gage Whitfield 15 dagen geleden
Dominic Herrera
Dominic Herrera 15 dagen geleden
The Madden Curse got to him
Austicus 1000
Austicus 1000 15 dagen geleden
U are all wrong
Jesus Bernal
Jesus Bernal 15 dagen geleden
Who is this chump? First off, you have to get to Lamar to hit his knee 🤣
The Interesting Carrot
The Interesting Carrot 16 dagen geleden
333 Comment! Madden Curse huh
Antonio Uzzle
Antonio Uzzle 16 dagen geleden
ZimClutch 16 dagen geleden
It’s Trace McSorely time😈😈😈💪🏾
ClipZy King
ClipZy King 16 dagen geleden
He is fine it was not serious
Harris Alamgir
Harris Alamgir 16 dagen geleden
Everyone’s talking about Trace Mcsorley....... But what about the madden curse
K Majik
K Majik 16 dagen geleden
I don’t understand how Ingram, Dobbins, and whoever the other running back is isn't pissed their on a team where the running backs aren't the leading rushers every week. Perhaps I'm just biased because I run a 10 team fantasy league and Jackson and the Ravens make their running backs as useless as Bill Belicheck with the Patriots running backs.
NE Playbook
NE Playbook 16 dagen geleden
Pat speaking on why the Pats are the Pats is 100% facts!
Kazaam818 16 dagen geleden
OOPS I guess he can’t sustain this type of game BYE BYE LAMAR IN TWO YEARS
NukezSZN 16 dagen geleden
They call me trace mcsorley
King Holmvik
King Holmvik 16 dagen geleden
About damn time, put a QB on the field
A-1 16 dagen geleden
Fix dude's camera on the right.
MichaelKalkowski 16 dagen geleden
Madden curse back with a vengeance
Johnny Five
Johnny Five 16 dagen geleden
Don't be fooled! Lamar is hurt. He'll start, stay in the pocket, but won't last.
Graham B
Graham B 16 dagen geleden
Briar Woods would kick our asses every season :(
Fly solo 28
Fly solo 28 16 dagen geleden
Who is on the cover of that trash nfl game again
isaac debeila
isaac debeila 16 dagen geleden
Ravens are putting fear in Lamar which will hold him back they need to let Lamar play like Lamar, all this he might get hurt business will only work against him, humans who live inside protection bubble tend to get hurt outside of it cause they body gets used to not getting hit or sick
Xonimus 16 dagen geleden
Trace McSorley
_____dre_______ _
_____dre_______ _ 16 dagen geleden
We need some reciever help... Dez would fit as a solid big target or we sedate AB.
Vincent Perpetua
Vincent Perpetua 17 dagen geleden
Y’all know what time it is...
TankBromansky 17 dagen geleden
Is this like the trace fan club in here or something? What are yall smokin'
Colton Crawford
Colton Crawford 17 dagen geleden
Love honest defenders. Mans game for real.
d4rthk1d 17 dagen geleden
That damn Madden curse...
TheTEN24 17 dagen geleden
Lmao real answers on this show are the best
Michael L
Michael L 17 dagen geleden
Bruh they have the best Qb in the league who cares if Lamar don’t play
Nathan Motz
Nathan Motz 17 dagen geleden
Trace Time 💪🏻💪🏻
josh36047 17 dagen geleden
They did this same thing last year after he had a knee injury from Buffalo smacking him around and that week they played Thursday night. He didn’t look himself that game. He only threw 5 touchdowns in it.
Raansu 17 dagen geleden
Bound to happen. QB's like him don't last long.
Brett Sowards
Brett Sowards 16 dagen geleden
Raansu Lmao he’s not even hurt.
Austin Bae
Austin Bae 17 dagen geleden
AttilatheThrilla 17 dagen geleden
R. William Comm
R. William Comm 17 dagen geleden
Precautionary? 30 ppl are going to lose their jobs if LamJack can’t run like a deer for 12 more games & the playoffs.
David Atwood
David Atwood 17 dagen geleden
I'm a Bengals fan and I can't lie im crossing my fingers
Anirudh Holavanahalli
Anirudh Holavanahalli 17 dagen geleden
Lamar please dont have Calin Kapernick luck plzzzzzzz
Tim S
Tim S 17 dagen geleden
Ask Michael Vick what happened when his speed fell off !! Can’t run, Lamar can’t play
Lil Peep
Lil Peep 15 dagen geleden
You talking about 2010 Vick after he was slowing down??? Cuz he still could play great football
Dan 1031
Dan 1031 17 dagen geleden
Start of the M
Dawson Lawrence
Dawson Lawrence 17 dagen geleden
Lamar Jackson was in the madden cover have any of you heard of the madden curse if not look it up
Parker Haby
Parker Haby 17 dagen geleden
Trace mcsorely
Ty Lito
Ty Lito 17 dagen geleden
Y'all annoying af in the comments
De Jun Gabriel
De Jun Gabriel 17 dagen geleden
I mean come on the dude is a running quarter back I'm sorry to say but his injuries are coming and they won't be good it's football and it's it's unavoidable
Ty Lito
Ty Lito 17 dagen geleden
Guys, Lamar is the Russell westbrook of the NFL
Matt Lawler
Matt Lawler 17 dagen geleden
Traaaaaace Mcsooooooorley
Blake Mitchell
Blake Mitchell 17 dagen geleden
If lamar jackson can't run, that makes him a second rate qb. That's why he's not in the top 5. Being fast does not make you a good qb.
Scotty Haines
Scotty Haines 16 dagen geleden
He can still throw, its not like he's Michael Vick. He has much better arm talent than Vick ever had. Vick had a good arm but couldn't make half the throws Lamar can.
Pop Clutch Co.
Pop Clutch Co. 17 dagen geleden
madden curse
PMS Store
PMS Store 17 dagen geleden
Kellen Bickelhaupt
Kellen Bickelhaupt 17 dagen geleden
Just a kid a from Briar Woods might be starting this week.
Steve Hauptmann
Steve Hauptmann 17 dagen geleden
Bountygate is open for business. /s
Cash on Deliver
Cash on Deliver 17 dagen geleden
Go for lamar knee you might end up on a career highlight clip 😂
Bacons Strip
Bacons Strip 15 dagen geleden
It’s worth it though since if you get it, game is over. For a division rival, season over.
Matthew Sebring
Matthew Sebring 17 dagen geleden
RD3 been teaching him to much
xg05 12 dagen geleden
*RG3 *too
Sean & the Guinea Boys
Sean & the Guinea Boys 17 dagen geleden
Welcome to the trace Mcsorley comment section. Leave a like if you think trace can throw it on a dime!
John Payne
John Payne 17 dagen geleden
But they got Trace McSorley
Brett Sowards
Brett Sowards 17 dagen geleden
He stinks lmao.
Raul Ambriz
Raul Ambriz 17 dagen geleden
Trace mcsorly
Russell Wise
Russell Wise 17 dagen geleden
Austin Smith
Austin Smith 17 dagen geleden
Ravens fan. Not worried at all. This is the 2nd time Lamar has had a significant injury that caused him to miss practice
Cameron Robertson
Cameron Robertson 17 dagen geleden
Trace McSorley
Antonio Marcos Dos Santos
Antonio Marcos Dos Santos 17 dagen geleden
Well ... I guess have a “Running” QB is not such a good ideia after all !!! 😂😂
B.J. Jordan
B.J. Jordan 17 dagen geleden
RGIII let’s gooo
Luke B
Luke B 17 dagen geleden
madden curse
DustyZBrick 17 dagen geleden
Madded curse is here
Scott Gibson
Scott Gibson 17 dagen geleden
Shocker, a run crazy qb. has a sore knee. Lamar needs to learn how to run less and pass more. That's what running backs are for.
Brett Sowards
Brett Sowards 16 dagen geleden
Scott Gibson But that’s how you are wrong. He actually is a good passer. Most accurate passer at 23 years old by metrics. What you haters seem to forget is he’s 23 years old. Some rookies like Joe Burrow are already 23. Also LJ would benefit from a sure handed slot route runner. He doesn’t have that. Hollywood is very inconsistent. Snead doesn’t get open. Boykin doesn’t seem like he is going to pan out. Need the two rookie WR’s to play more. He’s only reliable target for the most part is Andrews.
Scott Gibson
Scott Gibson 16 dagen geleden
@Brett Sowards The difference is Lamar is not a good passer. He has relied to much on his running to get it done. As his body goes so will career. If he does not learn to throw the ball his career will be very short. He is very athletic so I don't see that being an issue. He just needs to make a priority.
Brett Sowards
Brett Sowards 16 dagen geleden
Scott Gibson No he doesn’t. This year he has thrown 98 times and ran 39. Throwing 72% of the time. Any QB can get hurt. Plenty of pocket passers get hurt every year.
Scott Gibson
Scott Gibson 17 dagen geleden
@Brett Sowards He is the leading rusher often on his team. He runs way to much.
Brett Sowards
Brett Sowards 17 dagen geleden
Last year he threw 70% of the time...
Noah Hurst
Noah Hurst 17 dagen geleden
If they put in Mcsorley I’m not sure if as a Steelers fan I will want them to win or lose
L 3rd
L 3rd 17 dagen geleden
Patrick had a knee injury last year and came back to Win KC a Super Bowl. Go CHIEFS!!!
Griffin Semona
Griffin Semona 17 dagen geleden
Dj Harris
Dj Harris 17 dagen geleden
Bengals win. Upset of the week !
Eh Trey
Eh Trey 17 dagen geleden
Might be the start of the downfall of Lamar...😬
Gonzo 17 dagen geleden
Godfather 17 dagen geleden
Lamar dosent play Everyone - trace mcsorly will play Ravens - plays Robert griffin Everyone - you weren’t supposed to do that.
Jaryd Jackson
Jaryd Jackson 17 dagen geleden
Don’t worry guys, y’all still have Trace McSorley!
NRG 17 dagen geleden
Trace from penn so he def could start! Go Steelers.
NRG 17 dagen geleden
And they say the Steelers won’t win the division. Steelers going to the super bowl.
De 17 dagen geleden
Big oof! Lamar's 2nd year and he's already having potential knee issues. It might be controversial to say, but scrambling/ running focus quarterbacks don't last long. They make a splash for a year or so. But if they can't fall back on solid passing, they don't last long in this league. I wish Lamar a speedy recovery with whatever he's going through. But for the sake of his future career, I hope he moves to focusing on passing more, with scrambling as essentially a check down option to move the chains. Kinda like Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Steve young to name a few.
Tony H
Tony H 17 dagen geleden
3rd year just saying 🤷‍♂️
Deakie Herring
Deakie Herring 17 dagen geleden
As a bengals and buckeyes fan, my greatest fear is coming back And his name is Trace Mcsorley
xg05 12 dagen geleden
@Connor Iony Oklahoma State University?
Connor Iony
Connor Iony 17 dagen geleden
Cause he threw dots all over osu
A B 17 dagen geleden
Next Up Trace Mcsorley
Chance Ives
Chance Ives 17 dagen geleden
Madden curse makes its grand return
Jack Kaczmarski
Jack Kaczmarski 17 dagen geleden
Ameer Zarzis
Ameer Zarzis 17 dagen geleden
*briar woods
Tommy Gunn
Tommy Gunn 17 dagen geleden
Trace Mysorley
Alex Cotter
Alex Cotter 17 dagen geleden
Trace McSorley
Ryan Xander
Ryan Xander 17 dagen geleden
The madden curse, it came back...
Da'Shawn Thomas
Da'Shawn Thomas 17 dagen geleden
please stop with the unfunny ass trace mcsorley meme
Sprenten 17 dagen geleden
Trace Mcsorley
Dylan Matias
Dylan Matias 17 dagen geleden
Madden curse... why does it have to effect my team lol
Hazards 13 dagen geleden
@Dylan Matias and we got hot to early last year and lost in the playoffs to bums, this might be what we need tbh
Hazards 13 dagen geleden
@Dylan Matias We got the same exact team from last year, they’ll be cool. Lamar just gotta hit the passes more accurate and the receivers needs to stop dropping them.
Dylan Matias
Dylan Matias 13 dagen geleden
@Hazards the offense is sub par this year... this doesn't help lol
Hazards 17 dagen geleden
He not even ruled out yet😂
Sentinel creed
Sentinel creed 17 dagen geleden
See, it’s what people have been saying for a long time...these types of run first QBs have short shelf lives. Even if he’s good for another few years, it’s only a matter of time before the injuries start to pile up🤷‍♂️
Gregory W Jr
Gregory W Jr 17 dagen geleden
I see a lot of Trace McSorley comments, RG3 will start not McSorley if Lamar Jackson can't play right now.
Wyatt Winterfeld
Wyatt Winterfeld 17 dagen geleden
Kenneth Eric
Kenneth Eric 17 dagen geleden
Is trace actually good or is it like nathen perterman
Gerardo Reyes2
Gerardo Reyes2 17 dagen geleden
I'll trade him next week LOL
KAEP 17 dagen geleden
1. Trace McSorley song blows up 2. Lamar gets injured 3. Now Trace might play! *COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT*
Jayde David
Jayde David 13 dagen geleden
He's not gonna play 🤦 RG3 is the backup 😂
Benjamin Handzel
Benjamin Handzel 16 dagen geleden
I hope Trace McSorley plays
KAEP 16 dagen geleden
Chayden Hackett, Ight bet, all Trace has to do is step on RGIII foot
Chayden Hackett
Chayden Hackett 17 dagen geleden
Dude Trace is #3 on the depth chart, RGIII would play😂
First name Last name
First name Last name 17 dagen geleden
Rg3 the back up before trace
Commander Nametager
Commander Nametager 17 dagen geleden
Madden curse
Kyle Buonocore
Kyle Buonocore 17 dagen geleden
I got Lamar and Cam newton on my fantasy :/
Christian Ramirez
Christian Ramirez 17 dagen geleden
All these people mentioning Trace McSorely, why not RGIII?