Pat McAfee Reacts To Le'Veon Bell Being Dropped By The Jets 

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Looks like a team will be able to get Bell for cheap. Where do you think he is going?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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14 okt. 2020




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Hugo E. Suarez Jr.
Hugo E. Suarez Jr. 3 dagen geleden
Well, he's at the Chiefs now..Going to be interesting : )
Jacob Diller
Jacob Diller 4 dagen geleden
chiefs ftw
Tim Gaynor
Tim Gaynor 5 dagen geleden
hes goin to the chiefs
Skoal91 5 dagen geleden
should drop their terrible coach next
DistantFungus20 8 dagen geleden
Bell’s ego is too big for football
Test tube babies 2.0
Test tube babies 2.0 8 dagen geleden
If Ezekiel got hurt insted of dak the cowboys I’m sure would be looking to sign bell.
MOTommy Boy
MOTommy Boy 8 dagen geleden
A little off on Bell landing predictions, lol. Great content!!!
derek morton
derek morton 8 dagen geleden
Ted Milonski
Ted Milonski 8 dagen geleden
Le'Veon Bell to Detroit? AP and Lev Bell in the backfield??
CJ% Almighty
CJ% Almighty 8 dagen geleden
Lmao everybody talking bout "🤓he should've stayed with the Steelers." Yall need to stop fronting like the Steelers will make it through the playoffs. Those starter-level receivers and that rookie safety won't be good enough for the Ravens, Mahomes, or the BROWNS😂😂😂😂
David Prevost
David Prevost 9 dagen geleden
Why were the boys not talking about the most obvious spot in Kc.
tr3v0r100 9 dagen geleden
Nobody says KC lol
Brandon Wesley
Brandon Wesley 9 dagen geleden
here after he signs to chiefs😳
Eddie Sanchez
Eddie Sanchez 9 dagen geleden
Well now the chiefs picked him up, excited to see how it works out
Mr Deepstroke Into the Abyss
No love lost. Bell and Brown screwed the steelers.
Hakeem TheDream
Hakeem TheDream 9 dagen geleden
If I was the jets I would ask bell if he wanted a new coach fired Adam gase and if he didn’t play well then cut bell cause the fact of the matter is the have to pay bell regardless and gase is a joke
Warren Mazengwe
Warren Mazengwe 9 dagen geleden
Bell to the Bears is he best situation that I heard proposed. Bears need a running game.
zeke 11
zeke 11 9 dagen geleden
Change of scenery = Get away from Gase
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez 9 dagen geleden
I heard news on the bears wanting to sign him
Josh Gustafson
Josh Gustafson 9 dagen geleden
Josh Gustafson
Josh Gustafson 9 dagen geleden
add some depth.
Nick Hunter
Nick Hunter 9 dagen geleden
Chargers or pats
JOEKURR 9 dagen geleden
Hope he goes broke
Amonte Cantrell
Amonte Cantrell 9 dagen geleden
Bell to the saints?
Mike Richardson
Mike Richardson 9 dagen geleden
Lets beat the Bills! GO CHIEFS
Connor Dodson
Connor Dodson 9 dagen geleden
we all know hes going to the patriots
A.J. Zalar
A.J. Zalar 9 dagen geleden
Back the the Steel City
Stack X
Stack X 9 dagen geleden
Adam Gase is Peyton Manning’s biggest practical joke ever. He got two teams with it 😂😂😂
Kitson Motawi Dong
Kitson Motawi Dong 9 dagen geleden
Read option with Cam and Bell would be scary
rich dieso
rich dieso 9 dagen geleden
BUcs are extremely overrated pat!!!!!!
K xXPACK8Xx 9 dagen geleden
He’s going to the Chiefs...which pisses me off, but he’ll be in KC
rich dieso
rich dieso 9 dagen geleden
Ab is the best rapper ever!!!!
QuiK Scoping
QuiK Scoping 9 dagen geleden
It’s either the end of the world or the end of the Jets...I think they might be just discontinuing the team
Chad Leniger
Chad Leniger 9 dagen geleden
Bell is a nutcase anyways..hes a locker room nightmare. Good riddance. 👋
Dark Demonik
Dark Demonik 9 dagen geleden
I wonder who the next advice they take for HC.... Let me guess John Elway?
catshavesouls 9 dagen geleden
Come to the Colts!!!!!
billy clint
billy clint 9 dagen geleden
Hmm belichek raises eyebrow
BigNrecon925 9 dagen geleden
Get bell to indy
Andre Arce
Andre Arce 9 dagen geleden
He should go to buffalo
Ed gAr
Ed gAr 9 dagen geleden
This team is delusional. If it’s not the offense, it’s the defense. Plays go off and then go on. We stop 3 and out, get hit with PI or holding, We let solid players go and they go off. We sign free agent or draft players who get hurt or dont show up. We hire bad coaches and managers, we waste picks and nothing goes right. Not to mention we killed the most recent team with a lot of potential yet was plagued with injuries and dumb play calling
Jayjay Okoro
Jayjay Okoro 9 dagen geleden
Leveon Bell is toast. he's done being an RB1. the steelers knew what they were doing. Best he should hope for is to get a nice, cushy backup job somewhere...10 carries/gm, with 5 catches. that'll extend his career for many years
Eric T
Eric T 9 dagen geleden
Patriots don’t need a RB
Ray Pelino
Ray Pelino 9 dagen geleden
Does anyone really care where bell goes and throws a fit next
Eric T
Eric T 9 dagen geleden
McCarthy would have been a bad choice, give me a break
Eric T
Eric T 9 dagen geleden
How about the Rams for Bell?
Bennett Brown
Bennett Brown 9 dagen geleden
He's going to the chiefs or bucs...IMO
dark night gaming
dark night gaming 9 dagen geleden
Bell in Chicago would be amazing just amazing and would give the bears an edge against the packers bear down 🐻
Eric Horner
Eric Horner 9 dagen geleden
Bell to the Pats :)
bzebarth 9 dagen geleden
With Cohen out for the year I'd love to see him go to the Bears.
Craig 9 dagen geleden
Don't get upset when he goes to Kansas City
Josh Johnson
Josh Johnson 9 dagen geleden
The thing with " badly run nfl organizations " is , most owners ( I'm assuming ) do not have an invested fan interest , they aren't emotionally attached to a football teams winning percentage , they are operating intentionally with focus on fiscal year analysis , it may seem foreign and idiotic to continue aiming for less than mediocrity , but keep in mind overhead, they aren't comfortable adding expenses and going through the life cycle of contention
snake man
snake man 9 dagen geleden
He going cry his way out the league!
Brek Erickson
Brek Erickson 9 dagen geleden
The rumor mill is circling the chiefs as his most desired landing spot
Derek Tyler
Derek Tyler 9 dagen geleden
@Brek Erickson yeah even though the video may be old the like was very recent. Who knows though I guess we'll see
Brek Erickson
Brek Erickson 9 dagen geleden
@Derek Tyler no you are absolutely right. If you look on his Twitter and go to his likes you'll see him liking a video of him and Chris Jones talking about signing with the chiefs
Derek Tyler
Derek Tyler 9 dagen geleden
@Brek Erickson yeah plus bell apparently followed mahomes recently on Twitter? I could be reading into things that aren't there. To be fair though the Bills wouldn't be too bad either they need an RB, but on the other hand the Chiefs is definitely very appealing especially since he's friends with Jones. I think we'll find out later today what the decision is.
Brek Erickson
Brek Erickson 9 dagen geleden
Lol agreed. I mean the bills are enticing but if you're looking for a ring you can easily disqualify the dolphins
Derek Tyler
Derek Tyler 9 dagen geleden
Yeah between chiefs, dolphins, and bills per report. How is that such a hard choice though. 😶
Benjamin 9 dagen geleden
I hope lev gets signed by the chiefs. He deserves to play for a winner and a coach that can actually utilize his talents
Matt Briner
Matt Briner 9 dagen geleden
My opinion? The first guy who should've called Le'Veon Bell? Dwayne Johnson. "THIS IS THE XF-BELL!!"
Connie B
Connie B 9 dagen geleden
Bell don’t want to play.
John Christiansen
John Christiansen 9 dagen geleden
Chiefs are bringing him in for workouts
B Bailey
B Bailey 9 dagen geleden
Bell sucks and nobody wants him.... period
Dillon Roeland
Dillon Roeland 9 dagen geleden
He’s going to Miami
Daniel Walker
Daniel Walker 9 dagen geleden
0:27 I quit my work because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Dylan .M
Dylan .M 9 dagen geleden
Pat's will half to pay cam next year but thats a good fit two cry babies playing with eachother
Jake Pophal
Jake Pophal 9 dagen geleden
Chicago is high on montgomery no way they pick up Bell
Ryan Coyte
Ryan Coyte 9 dagen geleden
bears or dolphins. chiefs don't need him.
Jake Pophal
Jake Pophal 9 dagen geleden
Mike mccarthy is trash 🗑️🗑️
Royce Chaney
Royce Chaney 9 dagen geleden
What about the bills
Chris Ondo
Chris Ondo 9 dagen geleden
Cleveland browns should get him
Daniel Osborne
Daniel Osborne 9 dagen geleden
I think he’s exactly the type of guy to take 6 million and sit on the couch this year especially being the year it is
Shawn Leach
Shawn Leach 9 dagen geleden
No Fn way
Peyton Vanest
Peyton Vanest 9 dagen geleden
i think he should go to the browns
Anthony Minervini
Anthony Minervini 9 dagen geleden
The only good thing about being a jets fan? When someone asks you about your team you get to say,” at least you know I’m not a bandwagoner” 🙃
Blair Hicks
Blair Hicks 9 dagen geleden
Zito called it.
J V 9 dagen geleden
Buffalo Bills. Watch.
Robert Killian
Robert Killian 9 dagen geleden
Gase is gone once the season is over. Next year, new coach, new QB.
giants discord
giants discord 9 dagen geleden
Jets: if you even think about winning, gone. If you have a chance to make that TD pass for the win, you drop that pass. Leveon bell: I want to win Jets: get out
Carlos Tyes
Carlos Tyes 9 dagen geleden
for that 28 mill he made...he probably got about 19 of that after taxes
Vida Lott
Vida Lott 9 dagen geleden
Hmmm. Brady does need a third down back...
Carlos Tyes
Carlos Tyes 9 dagen geleden
Like they say...its a business...I believe Lev was being paid more than the coach. Hense, him being let go first. Still surprised they havent fired Gase. Yet, i think he will be gone by week 10.
DRAG0NS GAM1NG 9 dagen geleden
He’s gonna go back to pittsburgh
Peter Sedesse
Peter Sedesse 9 dagen geleden
you said there is drama with the Jets? Bell has been nothing but drama for 4 years now. Also, 100% he gets picked up by NE, that is just what they do.
Jermaine Vining
Jermaine Vining 9 dagen geleden
Seattle should pick him up. Would be a good fit for Russell Wilson
Luc Farr
Luc Farr 9 dagen geleden
He’s going to the Chiefs by this afternoon
Rein Pold
Rein Pold 9 dagen geleden
New England or Washington make the most sense
urgan p
urgan p 9 dagen geleden
Gase has really pnly been good when peyton was his qb
Z J 9 dagen geleden
Bell should go to cardinals Offense would be DYNAMIC
colesdad2000 9 dagen geleden
Bell to ravens
TheSixonezero 9 dagen geleden
Arizona has the cap space and could use someone to free up D Hop
Carl The One
Carl The One 9 dagen geleden
Does he lose some of money owed over the remainder of his contract?
CandyPaint KILR GTA5
CandyPaint KILR GTA5 9 dagen geleden
NYG while Barkley is out for the season or going to the bills
Alec Gold
Alec Gold 9 dagen geleden
If Im Lev Bell, Im going to the pats, Jest are paying me anyway and they are missing a good rb while having some core ones injured. The question would then become to be if Bell could handle the discipline in New England or not.
Bo Horn
Bo Horn 9 dagen geleden
Classic video lacking any real opinion or information, nice. I like Pat, but almost all his videos could be summed up by the title and I always regret actually watching.
Adub26 9 dagen geleden
Bell to the Seahawks?
Henry Jimenez
Henry Jimenez 9 dagen geleden
Peyton Manning smh
Eddie Carlson
Eddie Carlson 10 dagen geleden
I don’t see anyone laying him what he thinks he is worth after the fail with the jets. If he goes to New England and blows up he’s gonna have a big head that is gonna be legit swollen and his ego will be back
Rich83 10 dagen geleden
Why the hell would they cut the guy if they have to pay him regardless?
Stephen Womack
Stephen Womack 10 dagen geleden
Panthers I bet
C S 10 dagen geleden
If I'm bell I'm loving life right now
Simon Nieblas
Simon Nieblas 10 dagen geleden
Giants need him
Andrew Corley
Andrew Corley 10 dagen geleden
Leveon bell gonna go to the Rams
oscar gonzalez
oscar gonzalez 10 dagen geleden
Lev going to the Seahawks it's obvious fit pat c'mon man
jjcampbell80 10 dagen geleden
I hate L Bell....I also disliked Cam but when he came to the Pats I became a fan, I’m all for it...don’t really need him but might as well block anybody else in AFC like KC who might be interested...they have plenty of cash to spend so that’s not issue..chemistry is the issue but he’ll be motivated like brainer
Cristobal Ybarra
Cristobal Ybarra 10 dagen geleden
Arizona should pick him up After the cowboys game tho