Pat McAfee Reacts To Le'Veon Bell Joining The Chiefs 

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This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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16 okt. 2020




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Average Joe
Average Joe 2 dagen geleden
Clearly Le'Veon Bell is a gifted RB. However his style of running will be a challenge to the O-Line.
TYLER SMITH 3 dagen geleden
Yo PAT Antonio Brown can come back in two weeks
Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball 4 dagen geleden
They signed Hercules and heman
Troy Staunton
Troy Staunton 4 dagen geleden
Kansas City, is the American Sydney city roosters... they don’t have a salary cap, they have a salary sombrero.
Tevon Thomas
Tevon Thomas 4 dagen geleden
Drama Updates 123
Drama Updates 123 4 dagen geleden
I believe in bell 💯💯💪🏾💪🏾
A. Furious
A. Furious 4 dagen geleden
Everybody in this comment section probably wants A raise ....🤣🤣🤣 no matter what your doing you want a raise
Molitoth 4 dagen geleden
Winning attracts. The Patriots did this for over a decade. Vets want rings. Jets pay the money.
Garrett Yeager
Garrett Yeager 4 dagen geleden
Let's just say that I go to the same school and have had classes with the daughter of the Chief's owner and I could just tell from the daughter that the family was multi-billionaires, but then I found out that they own the Chiefs...
qRebelp 4 dagen geleden
The chiefs are officially the lakers of the nfl smh
pa. encema
pa. encema 5 dagen geleden
Bell just became a ring chaser
CPGRAPPLE 5 dagen geleden
Your interviews have been fire lately!!
TEAM TRILOGY 5 dagen geleden
Jarrod Evans
Jarrod Evans 5 dagen geleden
I think LeVeon will be the passing downs guy. I still think CEH will be the main RB for Kansas
Chris Dropulich
Chris Dropulich 5 dagen geleden
And he will play against the Jets soon. Jets are tanking on purpose.
Alex M
Alex M 5 dagen geleden
Just call em LB
Oladele Olawaiye
Oladele Olawaiye 5 dagen geleden
How can they afford Leveon Bell? What kind of uniformed question is that? The Jets are playing most of his salary. This guy sounds like a hater.
Black Knight
Black Knight 6 dagen geleden
Watkins got hurt and may or may not even be good for the playoffs. KC could use AB, but ONLY IF he can act like an adult.
A B 6 dagen geleden
Ur asking the wrong question pat. It’s when he will get 100 receiving yards. This dude could have been a pro bowl wr.
He's trade bait...
Spencer Eastwood
Spencer Eastwood 6 dagen geleden
Am I the only chiefs fan who isn’t ridiculously excited about the signing
Scott Smith
Scott Smith 6 dagen geleden
The Chiefs have discovered that if you pay players using Bitcoin that it impacts the cap differently. Very shrewd.
Ghost Most
Ghost Most 6 dagen geleden
Leveon Smell after 💰 🤑 💸 💲 💶 💵. Bell Resume: 3.3 yds per carry. Chiefs: Your hired. ************************** Al Bundy: "I scored 4 touch downs in one game" Buster Brown inc: Your Hired.
Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia 6 dagen geleden
The NFL should look into the salary cap how do u give extension on allot these players and don't go over the cap 🤔 ... they ain't doing anything anyways they will go as far mahomes take them lol 😆 and bell is a diva he will demand the ball all the time 🤣 and won't get it start crying about it
Call Me Quavo Ratatouille
Le’Veon Durant
Adam Giocondo
Adam Giocondo 6 dagen geleden
Let's copy the NBA chiefs.. well if we're going down this road in the nfl I'll be done watching that too.. dumb
addison turnbough
addison turnbough 6 dagen geleden
It’s bc Bell is a cancer. You don’t pay to get cancer, wise people avoid cancer.
Barry Timony
Barry Timony 6 dagen geleden
Everyone thinks he's gonna just go to a different team and be amazing. Even when he was in Pittsburgh he was never a great back he just had a literally perfect situation. Remember that a 33 year old D'Angelo Williams had better numbers and was better on tape than leveon 5 years ago. And he's a shell of who he was in those seasons regardless of team. Got a ton of volume in Pittsburgh he will hardly get touches in chiefs with a ton of weapons better than him. CEH is light years better and more explosive and leveon should not take away touches from him. He will have little to no impact and potentially make the chiefs worse imo. And im a CHIEFS fan. I hate the signing. The hype will be silenced quick just like it was in New York.
PMS Store
PMS Store 6 dagen geleden
Jeffery Schleng
Jeffery Schleng 6 dagen geleden
The fact that Adam Gase gets jobs for supposedly being the brain behind Peyton Manning is absolutely hilarious at this point.
Zair Pacheco
Zair Pacheco 6 dagen geleden
Lmao. I didnt know the Cheifs were SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!!!😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🥴🥴🥴😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣
Dr. Remulack
Dr. Remulack 6 dagen geleden
He should have went to the Bills. He would have put them over the top. On the Chiefs he’s 2nd fiddle.
tstryker03 6 dagen geleden
Besides Patrick Mahomes Brett Veach is the most important player on the team.
tstryker03 6 dagen geleden
I could totally see KC signing Antonio Brown to a league minimum 1 year deal and to keep him on a leash I would have him live with Coach Reid. I think that might be his only chance at getting back into the NFL sufessfully.
lance bell
lance bell 6 dagen geleden
This signing not that serious lol If anything they need more defensive players.
Bobby Parks
Bobby Parks 7 dagen geleden
How does KC have that much money? It seems like a big fat cheat!
Joshua Cyr
Joshua Cyr 7 dagen geleden
I listen to Pat every day! I love this guy.
Mr. Dan Freeman
Mr. Dan Freeman 7 dagen geleden
Dude jewelry game is hella official. Salute my G. You drippin wit tha sauce.
Charles Kaucic
Charles Kaucic 7 dagen geleden
Yeah it’s super dumb. I’ve always been a Bell supporter. He just wanted a long term contract.
Meyer Eisner
Meyer Eisner 7 dagen geleden
Ramon foster has to suptly flex that he was an all pro
Mj5 7 dagen geleden
chiefs salary cap: Wait there`s money here andy Reid always has been
Dynamex 7 dagen geleden
They are not gonna beat the browns
james 7 dagen geleden
Looks like the chiefs have money to waste on has beens.
Forrest Barrett
Forrest Barrett 7 dagen geleden
Can we get someone to look into the chief's finances already this is getting ridiculous isn't this why the cap was started
September F1nest
September F1nest 7 dagen geleden
Golden state warriors 😂😂
Michael D
Michael D 7 dagen geleden
I was like oh great, this guy says he's not gonna be toxic in the locker room. . . . **2 minutes later** "Yeah, AB should get another chance, he's not a toxic guy in the locker room" 😑😑
Mackel Doo
Mackel Doo 7 dagen geleden
He was plagued with injuries here in Pittsburgh, and the Jets said he looks slow. We will see.🧐
Big Papa Pepper
Big Papa Pepper 7 dagen geleden
It's weird having lived in KC my whole life having everyone talk about KC constantly. Woulda never seen this coming 10 years ago.
kgkustomz97ser 7 dagen geleden
i feel bad for the incoming implosion inside the chiefs locker room. dude is toxic AF. good luck boys.
gary jandereski
gary jandereski 7 dagen geleden
Edwards hellaire still rb1 tho
Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow 7 dagen geleden
845835ab 7 dagen geleden
It's called getting a Super Bowl ring the easy way.
E M 7 dagen geleden
Honestly i don't think it makes that much of a difference, the same way raiders and chargers slowed Kansas city down will be the same
steeleru7 Burgh
steeleru7 Burgh 7 dagen geleden
Thank you, Ramon, for telling the truth!!! I would have loved for him to return to the Steelers. AB, hell no!!! How many times does BA have to say AB isn't becoming a Buc.
Matt Chapell
Matt Chapell 7 dagen geleden
The Chiefs arent under the salary cap they are -10million
Matt Chapell
Matt Chapell 7 dagen geleden
Le’Veon is only a good guy in the locker room as long as he is getting paid and winning. Which is why he is toxic
Matt Chapell
Matt Chapell 7 dagen geleden
Dont act like it wasnt between the Chiefs and Bills. Bills got a phenomenal culture and look poised to win a superbowl within the next 4 years
SirMag 7 dagen geleden
Sheesh I'm glad the panthers picked up robby anderson, the jets just let him walk
ivan leal montecinos
ivan leal montecinos 7 dagen geleden
Leveon Bell run for 150 yards in a Game, absolutely
Gerett Diamond
Gerett Diamond 7 dagen geleden
Golden State Chiefs
SilentShredderr 7 dagen geleden
The Chiefs became Seto Kaiba, "SCREW THE RULES I HAVE MONEY!"
CHRIS TAZ88MAN HODGE 7 dagen geleden
CHRIS TAZ88MAN HODGE 7 dagen geleden
CHRIS TAZ88MAN HODGE 7 dagen geleden
CHRIS TAZ88MAN HODGE 7 dagen geleden
CHRIS TAZ88MAN HODGE 7 dagen geleden
Jim K
Jim K 7 dagen geleden
Ok Pat 13mm 14k 24in Cuban nice piece.
BanditBlu 98
BanditBlu 98 7 dagen geleden
Jets need to move the jets somewhere else and change the name fire everyone
BanditBlu 98
BanditBlu 98 7 dagen geleden
Of course anyone would sign with the chiefs especially Offensive player being on a talent team makes it easy for you to succeed and make money and possible get a ring
Charles Harper
Charles Harper 7 dagen geleden
AB to the Broncos wouldn’t be that bad
Jarius Perry
Jarius Perry 7 dagen geleden
Automatic champion 🏆 cheifs loki cheating
Will Joyce
Will Joyce 7 dagen geleden
I hate how Le'Veon is seen as a bad locker room guy when his Steelers teammates wouldn't help him get his money and ostracized him. That was bad by them if anything.
Joseph Mann
Joseph Mann 7 dagen geleden
Says a lot that AB is still out of the lezgue
Mzjins 7 dagen geleden
wilma dikfit
wilma dikfit 7 dagen geleden
Wonder what the salary cap will be when arch manning hits the stage?...tbd
David Taylor
David Taylor 7 dagen geleden
Don't forget that Adam Lace will get rid of any Alpha male on the team. That is exactly what he did in Miami.
David Taylor
David Taylor 7 dagen geleden
And EVERYONE is terrible under him but all pro after they leave.
Julie N
Julie N 7 dagen geleden
As a Bills fan, the timing on this just couldn't be worse
PAINTnPONG 7 dagen geleden
I like that when pat doesn’t understand basic things he declares “nobody knows” lmao
iii 7 dagen geleden
Yeah everything you said about Leveon being a good guy went oyy the window when you tried saying Brown was a good guy too
Michael Yates
Michael Yates 7 dagen geleden
Breaking news: Tom Brady’s will ride the pine to sit behind Mahomes so he can collect rings! He’s willing coach QBs on how to throw a better screen pass.
Justin Gawlowski
Justin Gawlowski 6 dagen geleden
Cheater sYco
Cheater sYco 7 dagen geleden
Feel bad for edwards elare
silentwulffff 7 dagen geleden
How do they still have cap space?
Donovan Hopkins
Donovan Hopkins 7 dagen geleden
super team
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony 7 dagen geleden
Trevor Lawrence needs to throw this year to not get drafted by the Jets
Shawn Holeton
Shawn Holeton 7 dagen geleden
The chiefs have to be cooking the books somehow.
Paul Montemayor
Paul Montemayor 7 dagen geleden
LeVeon Bell might have put up good numbers in Pittsburgh, but he never got the big contract because he got busted for smoking weed and got hurt in the beginning of an important playoff game vs. New England. Pittsburgh won’t pay you if you’re unreliable!!
Jacobe Hamilton
Jacobe Hamilton 7 dagen geleden
be a disciple of JESUS today if you're not one right now read your bible every day talk to god every day try not to sin jesus did die on the cross for us and GOD gave us this life JESUS might come back soon love JESUS and GOD more than anything try to learn everything that you can about being a disciple............
glenn kreisel
glenn kreisel 7 dagen geleden
I got one name for you, Brett Veach Chiefs GM put some respek on his name
terry sperman
terry sperman 7 dagen geleden
Le'Veon looks like a French name, so I would assume you pronounce his name as (Lay-Vay-On) like Spanish the "E" makes a long "A" sound. I took French in Jr. High. A similar example would be Ponce De León. However, American's are notorious for choosing foreign names for their children and mispronouncing them. So it could be (Lay-Vee-On).
terry sperman
terry sperman 7 dagen geleden
@Erik Lerström actually you can out of ignorance, you are right about names not having ties ergo no name is improper. But an ignorant parent can like a name and mispronounce it. In fact like I said before Americans are notorious for mispronouncing names. Usually when people personalize a name they will slightly change the spelling to eliminate confusion. I can tell by your name that you are likely from Sweden/Norway.
Erik Lerström
Erik Lerström 7 dagen geleden
you cant mispronounce a name you have yourself given. you could call it appropriation or something if you want, but you can pronounce your kids names the way you want and the way that makes sense in your language context. it isnt the same name anymore if it's in a completely different context
Mathew Flores
Mathew Flores 7 dagen geleden
@ 2:10 🤣
Surf Torture
Surf Torture 7 dagen geleden
Brett Veach is a wizard. That’s the story
cmweinreich 7 dagen geleden
As a Jets fan, sad to see him go, but glad that he got away from Gase. Go do your work now Leveon!
EnderYeah 7 dagen geleden
Why can Bell only make the vet minimum?
Austin Carpenter
Austin Carpenter 7 dagen geleden
No respect for sticking up for Antonio Brown. End of story.
Lucan O’Brien
Lucan O’Brien 7 dagen geleden
I hate Le’Veon bell even more now I hate him
C Vandy
C Vandy 7 dagen geleden
Ramon needs to do this more often, he was awesome!
Stephen West
Stephen West 7 dagen geleden
How'd you like to be a safety and look across the line at mahomes under center and antonio brown, tyreek hill, sammy Watkins, travis kelce, and bell in the backfield. That's an absolute nightmare.
Stephen West
Stephen West 7 dagen geleden
On paper the chiefs may have the best offense based on weapons ever. Seriously most stacked team in history
Bear R.-
Bear R.- 7 dagen geleden
Jason Baumhover
Jason Baumhover 7 dagen geleden
They need o line help. Bad