Pat McAfee Reacts To Melvin Gordon's DUI Charge 

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This is an insane lack of judgment by Gordon.
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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14 okt. 2020




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Chris Dag geleden
Gordon sits out for more money from the chargers. Then ends up losing money getting suspended.
Alpha 2 dagen geleden
Players think there above the rest and can do anything... millions of dollars and can't uber to possibly save a life..embarrassing for the NFL
bob cl
bob cl 2 dagen geleden
a punk moron who should be in jail and lose $7 million
Devin Claycomb
Devin Claycomb 3 dagen geleden
Dude is a loser hope we drop him.
Jeremie Johnson
Jeremie Johnson 4 dagen geleden
was he drunk or high????
Chris Salmon
Chris Salmon 4 dagen geleden
Not relevant to this video, but what's the deal with all that crap on your desk? Make a video to explain your cyclone.
Will Schramm
Will Schramm 4 dagen geleden
I guess we know why the Chargers weren't too keen on keeping this baby.
Jon Radke
Jon Radke 4 dagen geleden
Let's remember DUI or OWI doesn't just mean Alcohol. He is in a legal Marijuana state, where it also illegal to drive high, which would also be considered DUI or OWI.
Big Andy
Big Andy 4 dagen geleden
just happens to be on my fantasy team
Yellow Jesus
Yellow Jesus 5 dagen geleden
When if the urber driver is drunk?
SimpleSock 5 dagen geleden
I wish Pat wasn't always so desperate to defend players. Some of these dudes are clearly just scumbags, it's okay to admit it.
AIR WHITEY 5 dagen geleden
You can take the man out of Wisconsin, but you can't take the Wisconsin out of the man.
Paul Osborne
Paul Osborne 5 dagen geleden
Stink ! Love this man
Brandon Vigil
Brandon Vigil 5 dagen geleden
Rather have Lindsay starting anyway prove em wrong again phil
R. William Comm
R. William Comm 5 dagen geleden
Broncos released Chad “Swag” Kelly w/out hesitation. I was against that because Broncos didn’t investigate or see if Chad needed help before they released him. Same w/Gordon. Take time to look into this. Sometimes the fear a player has for losing everything actually makes him react worse.
steven silva
steven silva 5 dagen geleden
I have the story, I was out at the same bar with him. I can tell you the bar and how long he was at the bar for. I also have screenshot to my cousin saying I just met melvin gordon. I have the time and date that i sent the text.
Insane spada Man
Insane spada Man 5 dagen geleden
Just happened to trade him in fantasy 0_0
DPR Arizona
DPR Arizona 5 dagen geleden
A really good friend of mine was killed by a drunk driver last week. Melvin let a lot of people down right now.
zachary welsh
zachary welsh 5 dagen geleden
Big Melvin Gordon fan but bad look and I just hate that he is a bronco
Sebastion Envi
Sebastion Envi 5 dagen geleden
im a simple man i see Stink on a thumbnail I click on it.
Marco 5 dagen geleden
i just traded gordon and julio jones for mixon and lockette
Danny Torrealba
Danny Torrealba 5 dagen geleden
There goes RB2 for fantasy
Liquid Snowy
Liquid Snowy 5 dagen geleden
Good now Lindsey can get more touches
Denver___ 5 dagen geleden
this sums up broncos year... :(
Michael Davis
Michael Davis 5 dagen geleden
NHSTA National Highway Safety Traffic Administration
Isaiah Gilchrist
Isaiah Gilchrist 5 dagen geleden
Lindsayyyyyyyyyyyyyy make him the starterrrrrr againnnnnnnnnn
felixculpa 6 dagen geleden
Who else pronounces it “dewey”?
felixculpa 4 dagen geleden
@FishGuyJer * I support this message. ☝🏻
FishGuyJer *
FishGuyJer * 4 dagen geleden
Gotta co worker that we call that. Also his initials are DW. It’s the owners son and he sucks at his job 😂 we have fun making fun of him Edit: also he is the biggest douche and dumber than a box of rocks. He deserves all the hate he can get.
Zach H
Zach H 6 dagen geleden
Pat your forgetting it's allegedly a DUI
Trent Schell
Trent Schell 6 dagen geleden
One of vons friends from the rapids throws bangers every weekend
Johncas416 6 dagen geleden
This wouldn’t be a big deal if he was wearing a mask
Cooper Stevens
Cooper Stevens 6 dagen geleden
This year just keeps getting better, doesn’t it? (Broncos fan)
connor c
connor c 5 dagen geleden
Tell me about it
FillHerGuts 6 dagen geleden
Mark is a real one
Donny Morocco
Donny Morocco 6 dagen geleden
Doesn't the NFLPA still have a ride service?
Donny Morocco
Donny Morocco 6 dagen geleden
I like Gordon but this wasn't a good signing. He got paid more than better RBs when we already had a pro bowler in that position too
Brandon Greenhalgh
Brandon Greenhalgh 6 dagen geleden
Marks take was incredible and spot on.
craze station
craze station 6 dagen geleden
For everything who's wondering he went back to practice but it's still unsaid whether he's going to be suspended or not
Mike Richardson
Mike Richardson 6 dagen geleden
Lets beat the Bills! GO CHIEFS
Dan Stevens
Dan Stevens 6 dagen geleden
NFL has lots of pros.....and cons!
Commander Doom
Commander Doom 6 dagen geleden
A true Wisconsinite lol. Represent
Almighty Sosa300
Almighty Sosa300 6 dagen geleden
For any YMH fans, I got a DUI baby whooooo! Ha ha we up outta here
riley glynn
riley glynn 6 dagen geleden
John elway is a drunk too. This team is gonna be fucked for 2 decades of they dont change their management
Michael Haburay
Michael Haburay 6 dagen geleden
"I assume he was saving someone who was dying" 😂😂😂
steve baumgardner
steve baumgardner 6 dagen geleden
He was going to pick up Jon Jones because Jon needed a designated driver.
Getzlafmydeck !
Getzlafmydeck ! 6 dagen geleden
Covids a joke, people lost their jobs and homes because the world overreacted to a disease with a 99.6% survival rate
Colby McClelland
Colby McClelland 6 dagen geleden
Not even a disease... a virus.
Jayden Gravelle
Jayden Gravelle 6 dagen geleden
How drunk are you to seriously know you’re drunk and still fly over the speed limit lmao when I drive after smoking some weed I’m going maybe 5 over just because you’re more suspicious now adays for going the speed limit lol
bsmccrunner4 6 dagen geleden
Just an fyi you are better to go the speed limit even...if you go over even just 5 mph you give them a legal reason to pull you over
bsmccrunner4 6 dagen geleden
Ppl don't even know the details of the DUI. He could have blown .08 even (just over the limit). Ppl like to act a DUI would never happen to them but many have driven at or around a .08 without knowing it. Not saying it's ok just letting ppl know that it's easier to get a DUI than u think.
hatedheretic 6 dagen geleden
it's a choice.
Amir Xeropros
Amir Xeropros 6 dagen geleden
I followed him on Instagram for a few years. He is a clown. He has his posse that he hangs with and all he cares about is himself and just partying. I’m so glad Chargers let him go.
Kxgarashi 6 dagen geleden
he was doing good for me too 🙄
Yas 6 dagen geleden
From my hometown this is disappointing mans a beast
Daniel Campbell
Daniel Campbell 6 dagen geleden
Maybe he was partaking in the legalized vitamins in CO
Zach Martinez
Zach Martinez 6 dagen geleden
I call dibs chauffeuring for the party
Zach Martinez
Zach Martinez 6 dagen geleden
Didnt have enough money for an uber
SoCal Golf
SoCal Golf 6 dagen geleden
This dude bet on himself and lost big time
Ju 6 dagen geleden
27 is not young bruh
usmcrave99 6 dagen geleden
Gordon was only getting all those reps because Lindsay was injured. Don't know why Freeman didn't get more of Lindsay's reps.
david mumbower
david mumbower 6 dagen geleden
I don’t know about where my guy Pat is but here everyone is back to their daily lives. Almost everyone I would say.
Sean G
Sean G 6 dagen geleden
Chargers making good moves fr fr.
The Master
The Master 6 dagen geleden
Diamond 777 (iPhone), It’s the casino game to get!
Scott Smith
Scott Smith 6 dagen geleden
He needed to find a place to go? The bars never shut down in Wisconsin due to Covid lol
Casey Baker
Casey Baker 6 dagen geleden
I feel like the NFLPA has a private car service for these guys too.
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 2 dagen geleden
I’ve heard that before. Of course they would right , an Uber ride across a big city is what $30? $40 maybe
The Concret3Cowboy
The Concret3Cowboy 6 dagen geleden
Dwight Freeney was my idol as a 14 year old football player. Bring that man back on the show!
Julian Zamudio
Julian Zamudio 6 dagen geleden
Good ol Pat ‘your dui is way worse than my dui’ mcafee
Adrian Flores
Adrian Flores 6 dagen geleden
He misses the Chargers so much he wanted to drive back to LA. LoL.
Not Mick Blotters
Not Mick Blotters 6 dagen geleden
Oof very Wisconsin. Definitely affecting how I feel about him going forward which sucks cuz I’ve touched his moped. Hope this is his one big hiccup off the field.
Ben Jones
Ben Jones 6 dagen geleden
Clearly pat has never tried to get an Uber in Denver...
Alex Friddle
Alex Friddle 6 dagen geleden
Have fun going through the drug and alcohol protocol
Adriana Lopez
Adriana Lopez 6 dagen geleden
You can’t Blame the dude he’s from Wisconsin and we love to drink and eat cheese curds
John Mapu
John Mapu 6 dagen geleden
Rivers got into it with him before about effort and that he wasnt doing things LT did..this was like his 1st or 2nd year on the league but I knew then..he doesnt have it
dax daxi
dax daxi 6 dagen geleden
His famous and earns millions. Please make it hurt!! If i did this i would lose my license and work and i live from paycheck to paycheck.. He lives an comfortable life and they will just tap him on fingers? Why do people that have it better deserve to so bad things?
Kyle Rittenhouse
Kyle Rittenhouse 6 dagen geleden
Love how we hold black football players from the hood to a higher standard then the trumptards in office
Andrew Guerrero
Andrew Guerrero 6 dagen geleden
I'm over drunk drivers. It should be one strike, you lose your license for good.
RustCole01 6 dagen geleden
Schlereth dropping bombs! Buncha people in my apartment building have been moving out. Few of them were prohibited from operating their businesses because of the lockdowns. Closing up shop, filing chapter 11, losing their insurance etc. I consider myself to be extremely lucky because I have a city job and the building could not possibly close. We all got paid and even got some additional paid time off. I mean, I don't even really have money but I got no kids and I'm single so I ended up floating my neighbors the $1200 from my stimulus check and I get the feeling that they are desperately waiting for another round of checks to get passed. Some of these dudes tweeting about the hardships of not being able to enjoy strip clubs and caviar parties is pretty fuckin tone deaf
matt williams
matt williams 6 dagen geleden
Big name athletes doing this stuff is unacceptable. Do a 30 second ad and get free Uber for the rest of your career.
The Burns
The Burns 6 dagen geleden
Phillip Lindsay, am I starting him in Fantasy this week? FYI..I don’t have Melvin Gordon lol
Jose Alonso
Jose Alonso 6 dagen geleden
I wouldn't againts the pats but volume is nice
Juicy J562
Juicy J562 6 dagen geleden
See why the chargers didn't pay you
King Reese
King Reese 6 dagen geleden
You can get a dui from ONE BEER or a Wine Cooler. A Dui is saying there was something in his system but it doesn't mean your drunk. He's dumb for going out regardless but everyone is acting like he was wasted. Im sure quite a few people criticizing him have driven after having a single beer if not more🙄. Drunk driving is not ok but this man my just be a dumbass not a drunk.
King Reese
King Reese 6 dagen geleden
@hatedheretic a sip of any alcohol will make you fail a dui test. All im sayin. Everyone is just assuming.
hatedheretic 6 dagen geleden
dude busted at 1 AM and it's a ONE drink thing eh... 😂😂😂😂
bsmccrunner4 6 dagen geleden
Rob Hamilton
Rob Hamilton 6 dagen geleden
Love schlereth
Andrew Beveridge
Andrew Beveridge 7 dagen geleden
Gordon went to school at Wisconsin. I'm from there. We're basically the Tom Brady of alcohol consumption. He's just carrying on habits from 6 years ago.
JdubPierce 7 dagen geleden
Denver isn't the worst team in the NFL, just the most pathetic and most unlucky team.
Jordan Marsh
Jordan Marsh 7 dagen geleden
What is drunk? - Ray Trailer Park Boys
BigMapGuy 7 dagen geleden
Chrck out brandons video on thatsgoodsports
Chizzie Lovell
Chizzie Lovell 7 dagen geleden
Being paid that much money, and that idiot can't call an Uber. He should be suspended one game.
John Samora
John Samora 7 dagen geleden
The love of my life and my sons mother was killed by a drunk driver with my son in the car no excuse for driving drunk especially with how much money he makes even a 50 dollar Uber is better than potentially taking a life you’re a grown ass man playing a stupid game you will win stupid prizes
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 6 dagen geleden
I am so sorry that happened to you and your family, no person in the world deserves what happened to you. Drunk driving is one of the stupidest/dangerous things you can do, hundreds if not thousands of people die every year because of it.
Sam 7 dagen geleden
NHTSA is a government agency FYI, but even they have an indoor practice facility
Devin Jackson
Devin Jackson 7 dagen geleden
I live in Denver, and love listening to stink on the radio
Trevor Vogel
Trevor Vogel 7 dagen geleden
And that's why we love Mark Schlereth
Derek M
Derek M 7 dagen geleden
WVU alum. Nice video Pat!
Chase 7 dagen geleden
Stink with the 'IDGAF" was great.
ifeeltheneedfospeed 7 dagen geleden
Don't let this distract you from the fact that the bangles still don't have an indoor practice facility
Luke Hewko
Luke Hewko 7 dagen geleden
No excuse to get a DUI EVER, nevermind in the current era where ridesharing is so easy to use and so common. Not to mention he's one of the richest humans on earth so it's not like he can't afford an uber.
dsmith377 7 dagen geleden
ratt pack
ratt pack 7 dagen geleden
Should have listened to Cris Carter and had a fall guy lol
Alex Nemechek
Alex Nemechek 7 dagen geleden
Stink is the man!
Ceez B
Ceez B 7 dagen geleden
Damnnnnn HOW SHHHTUUUPIIIIIDDDD! Gordon was always a good dude with the San Diego Chargers but he choked and made a bad decision. Making millions with future MILLIONS more on the line and he does this. I like what Marc Sh said, millions of people struggling with Covid and Gordon complaining about bye week. And why not Call Uber Black?! Wow 🤦🏻‍♂️
A & N B
A & N B 7 dagen geleden
since when is 1:30 late? Also "stink" schlereth doesn't fully understand the players' perspective here. Injuries are at an all time high and some teams are having to practice all through their bye week which is not normal and it doesn't give their bodies much needed time off to heal up. Especially when you're talking about a position like running back that takes a lot of hits week in and week out the time off is important.
A & N B
A & N B 6 dagen geleden
@Darth Vader no obviously theres no excuse for that, i'm not defending that at all, its just "stick" was calling him a whiner for voicing his very real concerns.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 6 dagen geleden
He is doing it on Tuesday during a extra week off, he was one of the people getting upset with the game being moved and he was driving under the influence, their is no excuse for him to be driving well the influence, he could have called an Uber or lyft or a taxi or asked a friend or teammate to pick him up.
Michael R Nelson
Michael R Nelson 7 dagen geleden
What's going on with these guys 👦
BlackHawk 1290
BlackHawk 1290 7 dagen geleden
He actually got pulled over in front of his house. Fumbling at the 1
Jayjay Okoro
Jayjay Okoro 6 dagen geleden
his specialty
DSC Mamba
DSC Mamba 7 dagen geleden
That Colorado breeze is a killer
Tyb Laneyy
Tyb Laneyy 7 dagen geleden
Nobody is quarantined anymore pat 😂
Rod Best
Rod Best 7 dagen geleden
I guess everyone is wearing Melvin shoes
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