Pat McAfee Reacts To Michael Thomas Benching After Punching Teammate At Practice 

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Do you think this is the right decision for the Saints?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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12 okt. 2020




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Matt 3 dagen geleden
Thomas has thin skin. Throwing a punch at a teammate for a comment or accusation, just shows you're wildly immature. Other greats would use that shade as fire and prove it wrong.
LEGION 13 6 dagen geleden
I'm going to 😄 if the Saints mess up the Michel Thomas thing. They will end up looking like the jets. 😄
Samsung Phone
Samsung Phone 6 dagen geleden
Its what guys do...🥱
Rowdy Kepley
Rowdy Kepley 7 dagen geleden
He always has a bad attitude
Elenora girl
Elenora girl 7 dagen geleden
He's getting paid millions but yet he gets irritated by "slant boy"??? Someone get him help before he's antonio brown!
Jonathan Garmuth
Jonathan Garmuth 7 dagen geleden
Very interesting.... not
Mike McGirr
Mike McGirr 7 dagen geleden
A helmet punch gets you suspended?
Dr Phot
Dr Phot 7 dagen geleden
This is some bull... Was Brees punished for speaking prejudice borderline racist against peaceful protesting for POC?
Nathan Bos
Nathan Bos 7 dagen geleden
Julio Jones is officially goated cause MT and AB are both babies
Holden Brown
Holden Brown 7 dagen geleden
It sounds like there’s a lot of internal conflict that’s transitioning to game time. Could be too many distractions that’s resulting in poor execution.
Tim T
Tim T 7 dagen geleden
When tabulating viewers of games, have folks in sports bars ever been counted?
Rei Kenzo
Rei Kenzo 7 dagen geleden
Michael thomas is the new AB. Watch
David Koch
David Koch 7 dagen geleden
How do you not know who he is he’s a young stud
draco51983 7 dagen geleden
Pat gonna break his thumb with that fist he made if he ever throws it at anyone lol
Obus Wolf
Obus Wolf 7 dagen geleden
Glad to see my first round draft pick panning out.
Josh Braun
Josh Braun 7 dagen geleden
All Michael Thomas does is complain and cry and apparently throws tantrums like a toddler.
The Master
The Master 7 dagen geleden
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SangheiliWarrior 7 dagen geleden
CJ is a starter and actually a really good player btw
Reed Bowden
Reed Bowden 7 dagen geleden
Yet another top receiver getting his money and shortly thereafter losing his mind. Really hope he can turn it around.
SpiceComp 7 dagen geleden
CJ is one of our most valuable players on defense. Put some respect on his name
GDG 7 dagen geleden
Uh oh Micheal Thomas getting CTE This could be the start of AB again
Playa from the Himalayas
Playa from the Himalayas 7 dagen geleden
MT look like a black Sideshow Bob
h61625 7 dagen geleden
Why would they punish cgj if thomas threw the punch
Devin Claycomb
Devin Claycomb 7 dagen geleden
That dude is a joke seriously. This is what happens when a player becomes a diva. Can’t stand this dude looks like a punk. Obviously this dude is a problem for the Saints they’re just keeping everything in house. How could you root for a guy like this you can’t.
Andrew Gill
Andrew Gill 7 dagen geleden
I think there's a chance that the Saints could benefit from being without Thomas. They rely on him so much. Struggling now may lead to figuring some things out that they can use to compliment the usual Thomas stuff.
erika garcia
erika garcia 7 dagen geleden
Remember when Michael Thomas SNAPPED on Devante Parker during the offseason out of nowhere? Now he’s getting into fights with his own teammate (that is serious enough to the point his own team suspends him). Dude is a head case and is going to end up to Antonio Brown in a year or two... watch
Man 7 dagen geleden
“I bet you run a slant”
Glenn Westbrook
Glenn Westbrook 7 dagen geleden
MT also had also went off on some of the coaching staff at the same time. That's why the suspension.
Da Boy712
Da Boy712 7 dagen geleden
McAfee says "You guys might not know Chauncey Gardner-Johnson but we know him" Then proceeds to diss my guy and say He doesn't know if he is off the team or on the Practice Squad 🤣🤣🤣🤣 This just proves that they give anyone a job up at ESPN. CGJ was on of the top Rookie Dbs last year my guy. He's far from a guy just one the "Practice Sqaud" Dude can really ball. I would expect a guy who's a paid sports analyst and speaks on the game for a living to kinda know this. But i guess not
Derek Mays
Derek Mays 7 dagen geleden
Bruh mt should be a leader on that team him punching teammates ain good
Manner 707
Manner 707 7 dagen geleden
I been punched in the helmet by a guy in junior college. It doesn't do much when a guy as bug as a house takes a swipe at you. He is a receiver but 100% sure he can still cause some damage getting a 50/50 shot on a helmet.
Alejandro Sanchez
Alejandro Sanchez 7 dagen geleden
If anything regardless of your status, you’re not above the rules like Antonio Brown
Yo Cool
Yo Cool 7 dagen geleden
Realistic Ross
Realistic Ross 7 dagen geleden
It wasn't about how he was being covered it was cause cgj called him a "slant boy" and Michael took offense to that
Jjjjsjdjdjdj ejjejsnsns
Jjjjsjdjdjdj ejjejsnsns 7 dagen geleden
Michael is a bum and I'm glad we didn't pay his ass
XxTreytay27xX J
XxTreytay27xX J 7 dagen geleden
Can’t help but feel like CJ got disrespected in this clip he’s a second year player and starts over Malcolm Jenkins. He’s a pretty decent player and is young with high upside.
Da Boy712
Da Boy712 7 dagen geleden
One of the best rookie dbs last season. Idk how Pat gets paid to talk football and not know this lmao
Rossi Esqueda
Rossi Esqueda 7 dagen geleden
Please don’t turn into another Antonio Brown
Real Canadian
Real Canadian 7 dagen geleden
Joe Momma
Joe Momma 7 dagen geleden
Slant boy
XxDoom x BestxX
XxDoom x BestxX 7 dagen geleden
if i was Mike Thomas I’d demand to be traded.
Tyrell Davis
Tyrell Davis 7 dagen geleden
CJG is a starter hes a dog on defense one of the bright spots on the secondary hes the defensive version of MT. Both guys are super competitive
Alexander 7 dagen geleden
AB the Sequel
Brandon Flores
Brandon Flores 7 dagen geleden
Imagine getting so heated you throw a punch at someone wearing a helmet.
Niners 5time
Niners 5time 7 dagen geleden
The 49ers will take him and use him at CB.
Christian Maldonado
Christian Maldonado 8 dagen geleden
Antonio Brown 2.0 😂
Exotic Potato
Exotic Potato 8 dagen geleden
Mike Thomas has now finally caught a fade....
Collidiscope 8 dagen geleden
I guarantee Chauncey wouldn’t sell his friend and teammate under the bus like Mike Thomas did. Dude is a trash human.
Adrian Cadillo
Adrian Cadillo 8 dagen geleden
Remember "Justin Hair-Bear" lmao
GC SAINTS 12 8 dagen geleden
MT cussed HC and other coaches out and SP said that’s was that benched his ass
Marz_00 •
Marz_00 • 8 dagen geleden
This Thomas character is a ” diva ” which will be more and more exposed sooner rather than later
Tyler Waldner
Tyler Waldner 8 dagen geleden
The Saints just want to lose
Evan Zemba
Evan Zemba 8 dagen geleden
Chauncey was punched by teammate Michael Thomas after calling Thomas a “slant merchant”. LMAO
Enter the End
Enter the End 8 dagen geleden
Wtf are they fighting supposed to be bloody teammates
Cooper Wensel
Cooper Wensel 8 dagen geleden
Saints aren't good this year
brandon hayes
brandon hayes 8 dagen geleden
Michael Thomas was probably tellin that secondary that they’re soft as Charmin. Jus tryna wake their asses up. This saints secondary needs some work.
Chesscom Support
Chesscom Support 8 dagen geleden
Concussion grenade, aka the "discombobulate."
CODY MARMON 8 dagen geleden
Slant boy
Solo Allen
Solo Allen 8 dagen geleden
Thomas also argued with coaching staff, cussed out the trainer, and did one other thing. He might be good trade bait right now. Could get a nice haul for him.
Ben Dillon
Ben Dillon 8 dagen geleden
Texans will take em! We need a new DHop
Jacob Martinez
Jacob Martinez 8 dagen geleden
Slant boy
Danny Sanchez
Danny Sanchez 8 dagen geleden
Lol what Zito said to do... we use to call that flash bang
Trevor 123
Trevor 123 8 dagen geleden
Thomas is a soft wannabe Antonio brown. He’s so corny, tries to act so hard on Twitter and against little DBs but when he’s G checked on the field by real dudes he bitches up EVERY TIME
Kobi Uta
Kobi Uta 8 dagen geleden
CJ deserve more respect
Austin Keesling
Austin Keesling 8 dagen geleden
Some of these top WRs the biggest divas lol
Dabbing Toaster
Dabbing Toaster 8 dagen geleden
In unrelated news, Saints DB Chauncey Gardner-Johnson is on the trading block.
Neill Baxter
Neill Baxter 8 dagen geleden
CGJ got my respect . Not backing down to anyone
Luke Gramith
Luke Gramith 8 dagen geleden
If the bengals had an indoor practice facility, maybe Michael Thomas could learn something other than slant routes
Spaghetti man
Spaghetti man 8 dagen geleden
Careful telling kids to do the ear slap pat it can blow out your ear drums but otherwise another great show
MisterDrew 09
MisterDrew 09 8 dagen geleden
CGJ was on the all rookie team how you not now that
Richy Striker
Richy Striker 8 dagen geleden
Herbert wednesdays ?
Ryan Bourque
Ryan Bourque 8 dagen geleden
This aged well
Deven Kingman
Deven Kingman 8 dagen geleden
And when u only run slant routes it should be pretty easy to cover them
Deven Kingman
Deven Kingman 8 dagen geleden
Quarantine making everyone stir crazy, i feel like if covid never happened these fights wouldnt be as common or as big
Morgoth Bauglir
Morgoth Bauglir 8 dagen geleden
Why is it being considered the best WR for a season turns most of them insane?
Hoodlum 415
Hoodlum 415 8 dagen geleden
Mike Thomas will be traded after this season. Easy to see no Bress no need.
Bell Huels
Bell Huels 8 dagen geleden
1:56 I do not owe anybody anymore thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Victor D
Victor D 8 dagen geleden
He’s letting that contract and popularity go to his head
Saints_Man10 8 dagen geleden
99 overall in attitude
Design Rhythm
Design Rhythm 8 dagen geleden
Zito is dah best
3lement2010 8 dagen geleden
With how Thomas acts and how he whines on Twitter he's about to be the next Antonio Brown. Great talent gone to waste due to them being a clown.
IEradicate 8 dagen geleden
The dude was playing up on the slant routes too much I guess.. he studied his own team’s playbook, that sly little devil
FinalFirebrand 8 dagen geleden
Far as I know, Thomas was already questionable for that game before the fight. Makes Payton look like a disciplinarian but ultimately means nothing.
Rhett Hardy
Rhett Hardy 8 dagen geleden
Dude that shows how bad our d is he’s a starter and y’all don’t even know him LOL
Naked Josh
Naked Josh 8 dagen geleden
Everyone D is horrendous this year
Brady Bender
Brady Bender 8 dagen geleden
Slant boy got mad
Richard Shea
Richard Shea 8 dagen geleden
Probably punched him for that all the points that sorry ass d gives up. Coming from a saints fan.
Rory Gannon
Rory Gannon 8 dagen geleden
Antonio Brown round 2
Frosty Films
Frosty Films 8 dagen geleden
Waste of a fantasy pick🤦🏼‍♂️
Tuketuke73tf 8 dagen geleden
both herbert and burrow got the kicker treatment 😂
Odin Force
Odin Force 8 dagen geleden
"I dont even know if he's on the team practice squad are whatever" I'm weak
druu jenkins
druu jenkins 8 dagen geleden
NFL teams: Wear protection against physical attacks NFL players: Throw punches, which are also physical attacks Colleges: Well... we didn't recruit them for their grades I get being mad in the moment, but also try to avoid hurting yourself. Especially if that will be the only outcome
Do It
Do It 8 dagen geleden
Fine him, don’t bench him. Taking out one of your best players is only shooting your team in the foot.
Tammie A
Tammie A 8 dagen geleden
Just shows you what kind of people these players are. POS'
voteZDLR 8 dagen geleden
So I think Michael Thomas is pretty annoyed, he didn't get much action in the first game (only to get injured in the last two minutes of it) all this after coming off a record breaking year for himself last year, as well as being named offensive player of the year. He's missed nearly half of the first season. Beyond that, let's talk about what "I don't like the way you're covering me means". It could mean he's frustrated with how well the other guy is playing and covering him, contradicting the whole "Can't Guard Mike" persona he's crafted for himself. OR it could mean "listen, we lead the league in penalties right now and most of the penalties are coming from the defense. Pass interference is a big one with us this year. Stop doing it, I don't like the way you're covering you're gonna get us more penalties."
Josh Arendt
Josh Arendt 9 dagen geleden
Big surprise, another professional athlete who still acts like a child
mark B
mark B 9 dagen geleden
They should suspend Michael Thomas simply because of how ugly he is. Talk about a face only a mother could love.
tlittle8807 9 dagen geleden
Thomas is the biggest diva, took over for AB.
Future Society Of Gentlemen
All of this best wide receiver talk has got Michael Thomas head blowed up
Karl Panton
Karl Panton 9 dagen geleden
That Fork Union popped out of ol Mike Thomas lol
Eleazar Aguirre
Eleazar Aguirre 9 dagen geleden
D.I.V.A We got the next Antonio brown right here boys lol
MrPhantomShade 9 dagen geleden
they dont do the "concussion grenade" because its generally banned. striking someone ears like that can destroy their ear drum and cause them to go deaf or loose their equilibrium.. it does happen some times though.
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