Pat McAfee Reacts To Michael Thomas' Drama With The Saints 

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Do you think this could end with Thomas out of New Orleans?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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14 okt. 2020




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Alma Karma
Alma Karma 14 uur geleden
This is why T.O was the perfect franchise WR, he never had drama and even cried for his QB
Ralph Martinez
Ralph Martinez 23 uur geleden
Mike evens all day over this fool no drama
Thomas has been getting throws from one of the all time greats during his young career. I think he’ll be in for a rude wake up call when he gets traded to a team with an average QB.
Run DMC Lovato
Run DMC Lovato Dag geleden
Steve smith broke Ken lucas’s eye socket in practice . Michael Thomas got his ass whooped from what I heard Steve smith >Michael Thomas
Chop Chop
Chop Chop Dag geleden
I mean Thomas is good...but not that good...there’s always another guy!
Joe Knapp
Joe Knapp Dag geleden
I don’t care what the ask is, I will give up ANYTHING to get Michael Thomas on the Ravens. ANYTHING!!! 💯😈
Proud Straight White Christian Conservative
This breaks my heart. Michael Thomas is my favourite receiver 😢
Johncas416 2 dagen geleden
White dude in Indiana puts on his best WR deva black guy voice
Jordan Hobbs
Jordan Hobbs 2 dagen geleden
Yes the NBA is rigged
Chris Dropulich
Chris Dropulich 2 dagen geleden
Thomas is a good guy, the saints just dont want to pay him because they have Sanders.
Aurus 2 dagen geleden
y’all overreacting, it’s not rare to see a fight happen in a football practice.
I’m Boras The PortaPotty
I hope he ends up leaving the saints and the lions pick him up
Mark Ketterer
Mark Ketterer 3 dagen geleden
You don't suspend a player that talented for no reason. He probably did/said something that would get a bench player cut and now he is playing the victim.
Mark T
Mark T 3 dagen geleden
Perfect time to say " He don't know no better"....
Jesse Bull
Jesse Bull 3 dagen geleden
Guy described assaulting his teammate as “a set back” lol . Get that guy a roid test
Gage Long
Gage Long 3 dagen geleden
Literally wasn't healthy to play & got into a fight at practice. Was fined for it. That's all that happened 😂
Christian Fajardo
Christian Fajardo 3 dagen geleden
Creating fantasy stories, u weren’t even close to there Ur so stupid 🤦🏿‍♂️
Scotty Carreiro
Scotty Carreiro 3 dagen geleden
I've seen this before with someone, with there head getting so big that they start thinking they're more important than the team , Allah AB ..... why is it always a star WR that become a headache and team cancer ! Why do they always think its all about them, they need to realize it's not the NBA , its the NFL and a TEAM sport and everyone must play great to win . For an example, without the OL playing good he won't get the ball it won't matter how open you are , if the O-line don't block well on that play the DIVA WR won't get the ball
Vic Crown
Vic Crown 4 dagen geleden
Watch, the Saints release Michael Thomas and he signs with Kansas City 🤣🤣
Oliver McDonnell
Oliver McDonnell 4 dagen geleden
When Michael Thomas got in a Twitter battle with Devante Parker that was some funny sh*t🔥 ... Look it up it's funny lol
Fly solo 28
Fly solo 28 4 dagen geleden
This is why Nuke is the best WR Metcalf, Adams, Hill , and Jones round out the top 5. guys like Lamb, and Thomas will just be another AB.
Doni Anthony
Doni Anthony 4 dagen geleden
Oh boy, i want everybody who shunned my guy OBJ for being a diva needs to do the same with Michael Thomas. You all crucified Odell for being mad about being on a losing team, YOU all need to do the same with Michael Thomas for being on a WINNING team. I swear people will just bash the new york sports media but every other market gets a pass (except antonio brown)
Weese Bowski
Weese Bowski 4 dagen geleden
Bill Rubbing his belly button, eating hot Cheetos, watching WWE oldies and watching this on his work tablet. Don’t ask me how I know...
Petty Wap
Petty Wap 4 dagen geleden
i knew he was a weirdo when he was laughing at vikings for losing to eaglee and 49ers BOTH times after being eliminated by them
Petty Wap
Petty Wap 4 dagen geleden
hes mad he got called slanty
Jojo Finn
Jojo Finn 4 dagen geleden
Weird take but wouldn’t this dude make a great PE teacher
Wan Shi Tong
Wan Shi Tong 4 dagen geleden
Dude needs to humble himself big time. Like bro, you catch footballs for a living stay in your lane.
Eddy Reyes
Eddy Reyes 4 dagen geleden
Man i miss Calvin Johnson
Noah Chuttey
Noah Chuttey 4 dagen geleden
This happened last year with CGJ and MT, I'm not too worried
Come to the bucs bro lmao saints can have j wat and a draft pick
Mitchael Nowell
Mitchael Nowell 4 dagen geleden
Another diva showing his true colors after he gets paid. That's why none of you roid heads are worth millions
what’s up
what’s up 2 dagen geleden
Jerome Garcia
Jerome Garcia 4 dagen geleden
So you don't know what happened...
ms t
ms t 4 dagen geleden
Many of these athletes have anger issues, no coping skills and a lack of respect for authority figures. Got serious attitude problems but usually goes unchecked until some incident becomes public knowledge or they break the law. That's a lack of accountability, emotional development and discipline from youth up.
JJON 4 dagen geleden
5-0 in all my fantasy leagues, make me a gm or sum💀
Khasan F Fazilov
Khasan F Fazilov 5 dagen geleden
Give him to the Seahawks, let the offense be unstoppable. They would have best trio WR with slant and deep treat 🤗.
Andrew Bloniarz
Andrew Bloniarz 5 dagen geleden
I think receivers that are this good is because they're just a little crazy
Jamari Akinjide
Jamari Akinjide 5 dagen geleden
It's probably drew breese racist self
Anthony Arrett
Anthony Arrett 5 dagen geleden
Michael Thomas pits up 4 pts so far on the season. Traded him for Derrick Henry today, I have DeAndre Hopkins anyway.
Bill and Bridget Basquin
Bill and Bridget Basquin 5 dagen geleden
Arod and Michael Thomas
Ignatius Dana
Ignatius Dana 5 dagen geleden
Well that seals it the saints are definitely fucked
R W 5 dagen geleden
You solve this by letting him go to the buccaneers
Vintage Jeff
Vintage Jeff 5 dagen geleden
More like has beef with Drew Brees bc he didn’t back down from his anthem response until they all came at him. Screw Thomas and all that crap
Forresy Woolum
Forresy Woolum 5 dagen geleden
$12mil n $15mil /yr is a steal for Mike Thomas, so that don't make sense
I believe
I believe 5 dagen geleden
Mike Thomas caught the BLM virus !
Dev broward
Dev broward 5 dagen geleden
He was just singing a lil durk lyric brah THINK WHAT YOU WANT AINT TRYNA CLEAR NO RUMORS UP
Marcus Greer
Marcus Greer 5 dagen geleden
I’m sitting here hoping no more stories come out because cmon mike don’t act up after getting that pay😂
Lauren Williams
Lauren Williams 5 dagen geleden
I think Mike is pist his team is loosing and he desperately wants to play. But the Saints don’t want to risk any future damage to Mikes health and would rather sit him another week.
Lauren Williams
Lauren Williams 5 dagen geleden
Those Jeans are so 20 years ago rofl
Lauren Williams
Lauren Williams 5 dagen geleden
Was just an attempt to put him line before the saints pull a move like what the ravens did to Earl Thomas.
Eyeball Chambers
Eyeball Chambers 5 dagen geleden
Collidiscope 5 dagen geleden
Try acting like Larry Fitz. Whats the worst that can happen.
Mike Riley
Mike Riley 5 dagen geleden
No matter what happened, Michael Thomas would be smart to lay off Twitter imho.
Michael Hand
Michael Hand 5 dagen geleden
grats on a million subs, Patty
Joeshortstop !!
Joeshortstop !! 5 dagen geleden
Issue is with Brees promise u
SiSo 5 dagen geleden
I knew when he responded to Parker on a ig post that this dude was sensitive.
SiSo 5 dagen geleden
This dude is sensitive af.
Alvin Anthony
Alvin Anthony 5 dagen geleden
Davante Parker > Michael Thomas anyways. Thomas is hot trash without Brees.
Ryan Ross
Ryan Ross 5 dagen geleden
Thomas gonna get himself traded next lol , last person to disrespect saints coaching staff was Adrian Peterson and we saw how that ended up with a trade...
Salty 76 Lax
Salty 76 Lax 5 dagen geleden
From a Steelers fan I don’t want to say it and I don’t have all the information but this Kinda reminds me of Antonio Brown
Jadon Lemons
Jadon Lemons 5 dagen geleden
Hey pat, I was wondering what happens with peoples weekly game checks when they’re suspended ?
Jack Adragna
Jack Adragna 5 dagen geleden
Gets a 99 overall in madden and doesn’t know how to act
Zackary 5 dagen geleden
MT is the biggest douche bag in the NFL. I don't know how anyone could argue it.
Marco 5 dagen geleden
trade him pls i got emmanuel sanders on my fantasy
Riichie freshkidintown
Riichie freshkidintown 5 dagen geleden
Bet his comment on Drew Brees about standing for the flag play a part of it
No Sir, Not I
No Sir, Not I 5 dagen geleden
Just saying, Mike, Carolina is looking pretty good for receivers and we play them Saints twice a year
paulyrockyhorror 5 dagen geleden
A lot of bad takes here.
Unc Zay
Unc Zay 5 dagen geleden
Let’s go trade MT for Amari Cooper lol we’ll love him in Dallas
Catic Irvin
Catic Irvin 5 dagen geleden
In a week or two he is out of New Orleans and signed with Pats.. Dont at me
RANDOM Blips 5 dagen geleden
That a lil dirk song lines he tweeted🤣🤣
Eric The Intern
Eric The Intern 5 dagen geleden
Thomas needs to grow the f up when he looks back at this he's gonna be like man I was a dummy lol
James Ross
James Ross 5 dagen geleden
He needs to just come on to Kansas City. He won't be fighting with Tyraan Mathieu
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 5 dagen geleden
He has daddy issues .. Like most of NFL
Chris Foxwell
Chris Foxwell 5 dagen geleden
God forbid someone be held accountable for their actions.
adamgraves617 5 dagen geleden
That stone cold reference made the whole video just saying
charles delone
charles delone 5 dagen geleden
Micheal Thomas acts like a clown on social media, has thin skin, then gets suspended by the team and we’re supposed to think that the team did him wrong? Your credibility isn’t infallible, especially when Thomas has not proven that he can act like an adult.
Nazzy Sosa
Nazzy Sosa 5 dagen geleden
He was quoting Lil Durk in the tweets
kyle mccoy
kyle mccoy 6 dagen geleden
We are going to put bounties on everyone!..... How dare a player be disrespectful to us...... 🤔 F the saints
Christian Maas
Christian Maas 6 dagen geleden
You got targeted 200 times last year. Shut up Mike
Bruce Simmons
Bruce Simmons 6 dagen geleden
Emanuel Sanders isn't the exact same player as Micheal Thomas. They play the same position & are both black, that's about all they have in common. I highly doubt Peyton is sitting around thinking of how to save cap space for next season. The simplest explanation is the altercation was seen by majority of team, he was wrong & behaved like a dick. He refused to squash beef & continued to defend his actions by being a dick with Coach.
Rik3n 6 dagen geleden
I think it was last year Kenny Stills? was asked if covering Michael Thomas or beating Stephon Gilmore was harder. He picked Gilmore and Thomas went full-on diva on him, so I'm not even surprised this happened
Scott -O
Scott -O 6 dagen geleden
A million subs in just over a year. Pretty impressive Mr.McAfee
John Galatas
John Galatas 6 dagen geleden
hes been a diva. aint been watching but its been going to his head since his new contract last yr or yr before. hes drop the ball in big games
SnacKing 6 dagen geleden
Lol hes such a little baby. Imagine being handed your numbers with the proper system, coach and qb and thinking its ALL you. Sure he is great and executes well but he needs to be humbled. Hopefully he comes around and doesn't do anything stupid.
La Rue Riecks
La Rue Riecks 6 dagen geleden
Trade him to KC🤷🏻‍♂️
TheShubbah 6 dagen geleden
6:20 what sunglasses are those?
China Expat
China Expat 6 dagen geleden
Travanti Martin
Travanti Martin 6 dagen geleden
Did he not read the full, report LOL. They did not void anything.
China Expat
China Expat 6 dagen geleden
mike wallace
mike wallace 6 dagen geleden
3 reasons why this show is the sports show in the game 1.)Very easily accessible you find all the topics from the show on the tube 2.) Cover a huge variety of topics from all sports instead of just focusing on the top 3 teams in the leagues or having 20 segments about the cowboys every dam day like undisputed 3.) They bring the full context of the story without any bias and do so in a non political manner they just give you what they think straight up with no bs and do it for the major stories down to smallest team that no one really cares about
Fliic 6 dagen geleden
Send him to Seattle what would stop them at that point?
Jay Jackson
Jay Jackson 6 dagen geleden
This man went to posting lil durk lyrics😂⚜️
Jacob Lawrence
Jacob Lawrence 6 dagen geleden
So Drew Brees gets nothing for his comments in the off season, but Michael Thomas sticks up for himself during practice and now they want him out the door? Cool. Do you remember how terrible the Saints were before Drew Brees? Archie remembers. As soon as he can’t play like the Drew Brees during his prime, it’s probably back to the bottom feeders for The Saints. What a damn shame.
OG Bean
OG Bean 6 dagen geleden
Some of these comments don't even make sense. Some of you fools need to take the blinders off and look at the real world.
K xXPACK8Xx 6 dagen geleden
Michael Thomas needs to go, he threw his QB under the bus before the season, and has been focused on other things, he’s just turning into an SJW Antonio Brown, why these receivers turning diva?
s0ulEaTeR1012 6 dagen geleden
Wide receiver position seems to create a mindset that leads to drama. 😂
Quinton chapman
Quinton chapman 6 dagen geleden
Michael Thomas and his Jordan cleats are about to be in free agency
Zach 6 dagen geleden
What is it with these wr divas?! Dont become the next AB bruh 😂🤣😂
THE SOLIDICEMAN 6 dagen geleden
How are y'all gonna compare my guy to Antonio? Haha Mike Thomas is fine.
Benny No Bull _
Benny No Bull _ 6 dagen geleden
Whenever there’s drama with an all pro player and his team, I think of Larry Fitzgerald. Losing franchise, zero drama. Loyalty is RARE
Raina B.
Raina B. 6 dagen geleden
Is it just me or is MT trying to do a speedrun of Antonio Brown's career?
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