Pat McAfee Reacts To Michael Vick Running A 4.72 40 Yard At 40 YEARS OLD 

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It seems like that entire "aging thing" doesn't apply to Michael Vick
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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3 mei. 2021




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Mitchell Guntrum
Mitchell Guntrum 2 uur geleden
Just watched the clip of Ray Ray running a 5.0....sorry, Pat, but I got $20 on Ray
Arron/ B
Arron/ B 3 uur geleden
What about TO he’s pretty quick still
Dr. Zu Zularious
Dr. Zu Zularious 4 uur geleden
Vic is in the best shape of most of these rookie quarterbacks
Pushing Forward Back
Pushing Forward Back 5 uur geleden
Vick the dog killer....WtF and Who gives a Fu*k
Paul Neitz
Paul Neitz 5 uur geleden
Mike Vick is one of my favorite Eagles of all time...
Kyle Hollars
Kyle Hollars 6 uur geleden
Michael Vick is still the Goat
Bork19 6 uur geleden
That’s nuts, I was a 4.85 at my peak (17 years old) Last summer at 31 years old I trained a couple of high school football players. In June I was clocked at a 5.00, after training hard for 2 months with them I clocked a 5.8. When I started asking what the hell? They said David screwed up my time in June but was afraid to tell me. I’m slow as dirt.
nodonny8 8 uur geleden
Too bad those dogs he murdered could’nt run away from him
Eddie Wallace
Eddie Wallace 9 uur geleden
The sad thing that's he's really not in tip top shape!! SCARY😲😳😲
Michael 13 uur geleden
And T.O at 43 was still running a 4.4
Andres L
Andres L 14 uur geleden
TO still got the juice too.... Open the hall of fame league!
Butternubs Hambone
Butternubs Hambone 17 uur geleden
Let's never forget Darrell Green who the 40 in 4.5 at 50 years old.
NhuTech Foundation
NhuTech Foundation 19 uur geleden
Randy Moss is still faster than him too. Go join the Bucs, Moss!
RahlDynasty 20 uur geleden
Darrell Green ran 4.2 at 40.....js
Only Ylno
Only Ylno 20 uur geleden
I dont think Vick tried that hard honestly..
1slow5point0 23 uur geleden
Chasing a pitbull to kill?
Totally Rad
Totally Rad Dag geleden
Arguably the most talented football player in history. Too bad he was not smart and didn't work as hard as some of these other guys.
Matt Blank
Matt Blank Dag geleden
Mobile QBs are, at this point, still less successful in terms of Super Bowls.
bojay2 Dag geleden
Next year Vick running a 4.4 40 heard it here first!!
tchaika Dag geleden
Vick is only 40? wow.
Jose Corrales
Jose Corrales Dag geleden
Got to have Vick on the show!
M Murry
M Murry Dag geleden
Look up Mike Vick's cameo on Atlanta. That is one of the best cameos in television history. My opinion.
Dustin Rhodes
Dustin Rhodes Dag geleden
Wow, I ran a 5 flat as a 16 year old and was excited haha
Cody Schoonover
Cody Schoonover Dag geleden
Imagine Vick in Atlanta, with his Eagle’s mindset, playing with Tyreek Hill 😳
Theokolese The Shadow Of Death
Darryl Green ran a 4.42 40 time at 50 years old.
Aaron McCoy
Aaron McCoy Dag geleden
Darrell Green ran a 4.40 at 40 years old
Tie-on's Adventures
The dogs he was abusing chasin him,, I'd run fast too.
Cat 5
Cat 5 Dag geleden
NFL railed Vicks career...
Anthony Lee
Anthony Lee Dag geleden
So basically Mac Jones and Mike Vick would be a photo finish 🤔... 😅😂🤣
Jesse George
Jesse George Dag geleden
Have you never done a Math-A-Thon for St. Judes? Lol. I remember doing them back in school. St. judes is an excellent place to donate too!
Frank Reberto
Frank Reberto Dag geleden
Black don’t crack
MauricioRoy88 Dag geleden
well he ran 4.72....andyou can bem ur ass he probably had to catch his breath and move the least possible for a while
Scott Humphreys
Scott Humphreys Dag geleden
Funny story about Michael Vick. He didn't get very much attention in highschool because the QB of the other team in town was Allen Iverson. What ever happened to that guy? He never even played a snap in the NFL. :)
Blaze Hall
Blaze Hall Dag geleden
I’m not “woke”, but it’s lame that mcafee is speaking about Vick after what he did.
RB Tellaz
RB Tellaz Dag geleden
He didn't even look like he was trying to really sprint as hard as he could
And the there was the time Willie Gault, aged 48, ran a 40 yard dash in...
Nick Pan
Nick Pan Dag geleden
A 4.7 when a bunch of pits chase him
Matthew Mcgarvey
Matthew Mcgarvey Dag geleden
Remember old school Madden rules. No one can use the Falcons.
yadda yadda yadda
yadda yadda yadda Dag geleden
Dog Killer ...
Casey Geilenfeldt
Casey Geilenfeldt Dag geleden
He’s been outrunning pitbulls all his life
Nickel City Gritty
Nickel City Gritty Dag geleden
Maybe he can run fast but he's still a sociopath who enjoys torturing animals. You all just like to kiss his behind now for some unknown reason.
jj18057 Dag geleden
Good thing dogs can run faster than that...
Stephen Dodds
Stephen Dodds Dag geleden
Watch T.O. race Tyreek Hill
Todd Weller
Todd Weller Dag geleden
4.7 holy crap he's almost as fast as me. /sarc ... 40 yrs old that's awesome!
Fred Leeland
Fred Leeland Dag geleden
It's Michael Vick.
B Smith
B Smith Dag geleden
People say lamar is better?????? Lmao nah. Vick was a real qb.
Ryan Dag geleden
Next year pat
Killer Klown
Killer Klown Dag geleden
Pshhhh. Darrell Green ran a 4.4 at age 50!
Butch Reed
Butch Reed Dag geleden
Does anyone remember the wide world of sports on abc where athletes competed.
PJohnson Dag geleden
Before the dogs case. Mike Vick was going to be the Mike Jordan of the NFL. Hype and energy was crazy. Madden 2004 never forget.
Pat W
Pat W Dag geleden
I'm dissapointed Vick didn't give it his all in the NFL. Nobody had his skill set. had he had the work ethic of Peyton on Brady the Falcons would have won the Superbowl for 10 straight years.
Nathon Richardson
Nathon Richardson Dag geleden
Vick Will Forever Be A POS
Kyle Alexander
Kyle Alexander Dag geleden
I know some guys this quick that play or coach soccer. We have races sometimes
Kregslee Dag geleden
If Vick actually trained for it he is definitely running faster than a 4.72, even at 40. I'm positive he could hit a sub 4.6
scottvillain Dag geleden
I mean Darrell Green ran faster than that at 50 lol
Yes You Are Right But
Mac Jones ran a 4.79 and he is considered "slow"
Rowdy_Roddy67 2 dagen geleden
xXOOMYXx25 2 dagen geleden
Vick, Chad Jonshon, Terrell Owens and them guys in that flag football League can still play. Probably better than some of the guys in the league now even.
Devin Zentmyer
Devin Zentmyer 2 dagen geleden
What a rah rah
Brandon H
Brandon H 2 dagen geleden
Michael Vick and Allen Iverson were star highschool QBs at the same time. I think they even competed against each other. Allen had to choose between football or basketball scholarships.
Travis Marion
Travis Marion 2 dagen geleden
Am I the only one who really never cared about his involvement dog fighting? 🤷🏻
heinz heinz
heinz heinz 2 dagen geleden
Oh are we all supposed to be shocked the fastest Madden Charectar of ALL Time is still fast at 40?
Wavy Callan
Wavy Callan 2 dagen geleden
im 15 and dont even run a lot and i can run a 4.57
Mike K
Mike K 2 dagen geleden
With this speed , how did the cops catch him ?
Jarno Maattanen
Jarno Maattanen 2 dagen geleden
Vick ran when he thought he couldn't pass. There was virtually no designated runs and the Atlanta offence for sure wasn't tailor made for him.
Harry Balsamic
Harry Balsamic 2 dagen geleden
And Mike vick still stinks as a quarterback
Adam Hall
Adam Hall 2 dagen geleden
So he didn’t throw it out for real?
Todd the Modd
Todd the Modd 2 dagen geleden
I am not one bit shocked. Don’t see why anyone would be. I mean dude is a beast. You think he quit training just cause he don’t play. I still think Favre could prolly start for Washington.
Todd the Modd
Todd the Modd 2 dagen geleden
And yes I know he can’t because of the HOF. Before the newbs chime in
splettimer 2 dagen geleden
Where are all the Ron Mexico comments at?
bigcitymillionaire 2 dagen geleden
He gotta come out of retirement
Brian Wilkinson
Brian Wilkinson 2 dagen geleden
He was always my first trade on madden to my Phins..he was unstoppable 💯
Brian Wilkinson
Brian Wilkinson 2 dagen geleden
Vick is the best athlete to ever play the QB position 💯
keegan mccann
keegan mccann 2 dagen geleden
Everytime Vick dropped back with the ball you thought magic was about to happen. Think Devin Hester returning kicks but every play.
Adam Baarman
Adam Baarman 2 dagen geleden
Every Pat Mcafee subscriber should chip in 2,000 dollars for a minority stake of the franchise. That ends up adding up to enough money to purchase a team.
PenguinREA008 2 dagen geleden
Lets go mike
Rob Rybin
Rob Rybin 2 dagen geleden
wait... he didn't actually throw it out of the stadium?
Glenn Shark
Glenn Shark 2 dagen geleden
Did you get injured Pat? Otherwise why did you retire from kicking, you were great.
j s
j s 2 dagen geleden
that throw was real
Will Wal
Will Wal 3 dagen geleden
I saw mike play I’m Mo’town when he was in college...You would not believe all of the “Suck My Vick” shirts being worn.
Bofi 3 dagen geleden
Where is that clip from? Is it on NLblock?
Serene Solace
Serene Solace 3 dagen geleden
How the hell is Pat 3 years younger than me?! I swear he is 43!
Gary Darland
Gary Darland 3 dagen geleden
Wonder how fast he could run with a pack of wolves chaising him? Sorry not sorry, he will always be an absolute monster and the fact that he was "let back in" is a stain that will never go away.
amstel 54
amstel 54 3 dagen geleden
34!?! Why aren't you still punting?!!!
Christian Hornig
Christian Hornig 3 dagen geleden
Darrel Green was running a sub 4.5 at the age of 40
Wiley jp
Wiley jp 3 dagen geleden
Bro i remember Miami was playing Atl and there qb went down. Mike Vicki subbed in and ran behind the line of scrimmage like 34 yards. Running in circles. Turned upfield. Gone. He started from then on.
james bond
james bond 3 dagen geleden
He should be starting for falcons Now call Arthur Blank
Xervello 3 dagen geleden
He can run fast, he's my HERO!! Also Michael Vick: personally strangled dogs with chains and left them to choke to death by hanging. *claps*
Kip Hood
Kip Hood 3 dagen geleden
That’s insane. 40!!!!!
RedT 3 dagen geleden
Uhhh teams without a QB should be looking at Vick 🤣
Aaron 3 dagen geleden
Look up Darell Green at 40....
Intel-Pick 3 dagen geleden
DE are much faster? ? rubbish, if so the times at the combines would be steadily decreasing last 20 years. at best they have stayed at the mean n the early 1980s, Baylor's Gerald McNeil ran a 4.19-second 40-yard dash before being signed to the United States Football League (USFL). Deion Sanders ran a 4.27-second 40-yard dash in 1989.
Dex R
Dex R 3 dagen geleden
Yo Vick …4.7 at his age shows HOW FAST he was. Maaaannn 4.7 technically out of shape is CRAZY fast
Robbie Gee
Robbie Gee 3 dagen geleden
Tim Smith
Tim Smith 3 dagen geleden
As far as mobile qbs vick is the goat
Scuba Bro
Scuba Bro 3 dagen geleden
No one would ask Michael Vick to dog sit for them when they are out of town but you can’t deny that this man was blessed with natural athleticism 😮
Yashar MJ
Yashar MJ 3 dagen geleden
TO runs like 4.5 still
mike M
mike M 3 dagen geleden
Why do you think his police record isn't much bigger than it is? Isn't because of his responsible decision making😃
Nakita Lealao
Nakita Lealao 3 dagen geleden
Man when you guys did the rocks “Millions and Millions” just brought me back to the couch/living room warrior days!
Kevin Dee
Kevin Dee Dag geleden
He's currently doing commentary Friday nights on SmackDown.
David 3 dagen geleden
Well I'm sure he has to chase a dog down every once in a while.
Micheal Barret
Micheal Barret 3 dagen geleden
Vick is easily the most talented human being to ever play QB.
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