Pat McAfee Reacts To Mike Tomlin's Comments About Facing Myles Garrett 

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This is the first time that the Steelers and Browns are seeing each other since... the incident.
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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13 okt. 2020




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Allen Duncan
Allen Duncan 7 dagen geleden
Mike Tomlin deserves a lot of credit for stabilizing the Pittsburgh Steelers each and every year they're still a competitive football team hes a class act guy what a NFL coach should strive to be and honestly hes ones of the better coaches who is underrated
Connie B
Connie B 8 dagen geleden
Mason Rudolph isn’t playing. So irrelevant. Plus he was so bad. All of Pittsburgh hopes he never has to play on The field Again. Put in a Duck call first!
Krush 8 dagen geleden
I think that situation could've been avoided
Jake Lozano
Jake Lozano 9 dagen geleden
Rudolph and Garrette for coin toss. I can see now, Ref "Gentlement good luck and keep your helmet at all times".
Jay C
Jay C 9 dagen geleden
Myles is a liar and a piece of human garbage
Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor 9 dagen geleden
Hopefully Juju cracks on him like Burfict
Randy Farley
Randy Farley 9 dagen geleden
That's BS, Brady didn't want to shake hands because of Covid-19, he didn't shake his hands when Nick Foles beat him in the SB, so stop taking up for Brady, he doesn't shake hands with no one when he looses a game.
TankBromansky 9 dagen geleden
Tomlin is never getting respect from me cause I remember him tripping my boy on the sideline
Harry Hog
Harry Hog 10 dagen geleden
They didn’t want to shake hands because of COVID, my ass, you just got done playing a game together and threw the same ball. Sore losers, that’s all.
steeleru7 Burgh
steeleru7 Burgh 10 dagen geleden
Coach T doesn't give a crap about Garrett.
Abi Hamal
Abi Hamal 10 dagen geleden
Game bout to be dummy lit!!
Zackarie Newton
Zackarie Newton 10 dagen geleden
I would love to see Myles Garrett pile drive Ben to the dirt
den rich
den rich 10 dagen geleden
I don't think Rudolph would ever say let bygone be bygone because of being accused of the racial slur accusation.
Tom Andriani
Tom Andriani 10 dagen geleden
"Mason better strap his helmet to his neck" pat: "Brady didn't shake hands, mahones didn't shake hands". Wtf
Crayvd 10 dagen geleden
Mike Tomlin’s answer to that question is literally the best answer he could have possibly given. You love to see it.
Ordinary Pete
Ordinary Pete 10 dagen geleden
Pat went full Libtard at end ...
steeleru7 Burgh
steeleru7 Burgh 10 dagen geleden
You went full trumptard.
Target Zeal
Target Zeal 10 dagen geleden
I’m a Steelers fan and mason deserved it. For hitting him first, callin him sum things that shouldn’t be said, and for being so trash to the point where people think juju overrated.
Sour Milk
Sour Milk 8 dagen geleden
You’re crazy if you think he called him that. Myles said that to save his career
dcoder 10 dagen geleden
It annoys me that every time someone brings up the helmet incident, they conveniently forget that the tape CLEARLY shows the Pittsburgh QB trying to rip Miles' helmet off first. He just didn't get it done. His leverage looked a bit off, as he was being tackled, and perhaps he lacks the necessary arm strength. Perhaps Miles just had his helmet strapped on tight. Anywyay: Miles was provoked ... and Miles should NOT have followed through, obviously, and consequences ensued. But he was provoked. If some QB tried to pull my helmet off I would've beat the snot out of him.
This Is My Boomstick
This Is My Boomstick 9 dagen geleden
Wouldnya Liktano
Wouldnya Liktano 10 dagen geleden
Mike Tomlin needs to win coach of the year this year
steeleru7 Burgh
steeleru7 Burgh 10 dagen geleden
He should have last year!
BABA YAGA 10 dagen geleden
Idk why this would even be brought up to begin with the media be trying to reach
poopmannelson1 10 dagen geleden
We do not care -mike tomlin 2020
Toxic Sniper
Toxic Sniper 10 dagen geleden
If Tom Brady didn’t shake Nick Foles hand because of COVID-19 then he shouldn’t shake Aaron Rodgers hand next🤷🏼‍♂️ But then why did Brady shake Herberts hand!??!
David Galinat
David Galinat 10 dagen geleden
There is this little thing about Garrett low key calling Mason a racist, so I don't see him "letting bygones be bygones."
Thomas Jackson
Thomas Jackson 10 dagen geleden
Still not sure why Myles Garrett was allowed back if they are so concerned with player safety
DCUPtoejuice 10 dagen geleden
Could be Big Ben's last game. He's gonna be sore.
Leng Yang
Leng Yang 10 dagen geleden
If you think about it, Myles Garret made Mason Rudolph. We wouldn’t even talking about Rudolph if that never happened. Still an asshole though for that.
WARTIGER714 10 dagen geleden
I like how the media just forgot that the Steelers played the browns two weeks after the incident and won
steeleru7 Burgh
steeleru7 Burgh 10 dagen geleden
It's no different when they played the Bengals. Well, JuJu did knock out Tez😅🤣😅🤣
Otávio Ferreira
Otávio Ferreira 10 dagen geleden
But they're talking about the Steelers facing Myles Garrett as well. He was suspended for the rest of the season after the helmet event
MultiKushie 10 dagen geleden
No cap as a Browns fan, Tomlin did show some huge love
Eric Russell
Eric Russell 10 dagen geleden
What a stupid ass excuse to say why they didn't shake hands. All the players are literally breathing on each other the whole game you dumbass kicker
Zolvez 10 dagen geleden
Oh. I was prepared to make fun of the Steelers for the drama but I guess tomlins a saint all of a sudden
Richard Seeley
Richard Seeley 10 dagen geleden
Let’s blowout the Browns and then let Mason Rudolf run victory formation at the end of the game.
The Dude
The Dude 10 dagen geleden
remember how garrett tried to use the excuse that rudolph used the hard r at him? nothing really came of that
metalboxinc 9 dagen geleden
🤣 and everyone was like “he a quiet standup guy”, meanwhile he lying his ass off crying wolf
Templar Bear
Templar Bear 10 dagen geleden
Not shaking hands "because of COVID". What a bunch of pansies afraid of a low caliber Flu virus. Panty wastes afraid of something less deadly than the Seasonal Flu.
steeleru7 Burgh
steeleru7 Burgh 10 dagen geleden
Come to our ICU and don't waste our PPE
Will Simmons
Will Simmons 10 dagen geleden
Yet that orange pos dumpf and his low-budget administration ended up catching it. Coronavirus loves this comment
Samuel Cruz
Samuel Cruz 11 dagen geleden
Raidersssss we going 2 da ship
IambecomeZ 11 dagen geleden
Who cares about a mason rudolph
Nathaniel Ochs
Nathaniel Ochs 11 dagen geleden
Bear down
Euro Guy 85
Euro Guy 85 11 dagen geleden
Pat, quit sugarcoating it; Tom and Pat didn’t shake hands because they lost, not CoViD-19!
KCKing32 11 dagen geleden
A true leader of men 💯💯💯
BandTheHoorse 11 dagen geleden
I'm a Yinzer since 1990, and I'm a HUGE fan of continuity at Coaching Staff (Dick LeBeau to Butler wasn't by accident). If I see Tomlin go before he actually deserve to go will probably kill me. I've never defended a Steeler head coach as hard and I can't figure out why I've had to. Cowher had way shittier seasons with much better players and he always got a PASS! NEIL MCDONALD ANYONE? TRASH LITERALLY IN HIS FRONT YARD ANYONE?
To each his own
To each his own 11 dagen geleden
Nice strategy myles garrett been a beast this year now he's gonna be alittle distracted smh Steelers 5-0?
Clay McIsaac
Clay McIsaac 11 dagen geleden
Huge, unapologetic Cleveland Browns fan. I've spent years suffering to the rest of the league, and especially the Steelers and I just gotta say, I love seeing the Steelers lose. I love watching the browns win, but more than anything, I hope everyone stays safe and there's no bad injuries on either side. Let's see a good f***ing football game. Respect to the Steelers
Clay McIsaac
Clay McIsaac 9 dagen geleden
@Benjamin thank u for the kind words. As sports fans we love to root for our uniforms and root against other uniforms, that's what makes it fun. But I don't want people to forget that the guys wearing those uniforms are people too. As a Browns fan, I want Big Ben to stay healthy and uninjured, so he can be at his best when he (hopefully) loses to my Browns haha!
steeleru7 Burgh
steeleru7 Burgh 10 dagen geleden
Respect to you💯
Laith 11 dagen geleden
I honestly think this is gonna be a great game and I can’t wait bout to be repping the brown and orange
Benjamin 11 dagen geleden
We need more decent respectful people in the world like you.
Ice 11 dagen geleden
Ravens fan, but I for the most part aside from the Thanksgiving incident, respect the hell out of Tomlin
Raider 5abi
Raider 5abi 11 dagen geleden
Raider fan here. You said that Pat Mahomes didn't shake Derek Carrs hand after the game. He absolutely did.
judy wilson
judy wilson 9 dagen geleden
No he did not
Jerry Giannatos
Jerry Giannatos 11 dagen geleden
Jerry Giannatos
Jerry Giannatos 10 dagen geleden
@jay bee A very low IQ make sure your EBT still works but not for long lol
Jerry Giannatos
Jerry Giannatos 10 dagen geleden
@jay bee Low IQ
Laith 11 dagen geleden
jay bee hello 911 I’d like to report a murder 😂😂😂
jay bee
jay bee 11 dagen geleden
i can recommend about 90,000 doctors in the united states that can comfortably diagnose mental retardation. would you like a phone number for the closest in your area?
Jeremy Abbott
Jeremy Abbott 11 dagen geleden
trent harrison
trent harrison 11 dagen geleden
Lets hope mason doesn't say any racist comments this time round. Everyone seems to forget why myles was so pissed at him.
Nightwishmaster 8 dagen geleden
More like everybody knows that it never happened, because it was investigated thoroughly and there was ZERO proof that he said that.
Matthew D
Matthew D 11 dagen geleden
They played them again after the helmet hit last year.
LuisTheSteel Gonzalez
LuisTheSteel Gonzalez 11 dagen geleden
I think they’re saying Garrett is going to play them again
korlu01 11 dagen geleden
You do that to Ben and 350,000 people will be charged with attempted murder. Mason though... eh, swing away
judy wilson
judy wilson 9 dagen geleden
@steeleru7 Burgh I remember that lol
steeleru7 Burgh
steeleru7 Burgh 10 dagen geleden
@Micah Whitley Exactly! I remember Peezy going after Suggs after a game telling him to get off the bus and Suggs stayed on that bus😅🤣😅🤣
Micah Whitley
Micah Whitley 10 dagen geleden
Imagine doing it to brady lol but fr the whole steeler team woulda been after garret if it was ben
Sanjay Aiyar
Sanjay Aiyar 11 dagen geleden
If we’re being honest, Garrett did the Steelers a favor by knocking Rudolph out for the szn
Kory Macdowell
Kory Macdowell 11 dagen geleden
🖕🏻Miles Garrett though!
Nightwishmaster 8 dagen geleden
@Euro Step Productions How exactly? Him and TJ are about equal in sacks right now but TJ is the #1 right now in pass rush win%, where as Myles is currently ranked at #7.
Euro Step Productions
Euro Step Productions 10 dagen geleden
Best pash rusher in the league 🤷
Forresy Woolum
Forresy Woolum 11 dagen geleden
Better not care if getting paid lol
Teddy Cabuno Jr
Teddy Cabuno Jr 11 dagen geleden
Browns gonna bring the heat ! Be ready Pittsburgh ! Browns 34 Steelers 24
WC&TC 11 dagen geleden
Much respect to coach Tomlin. Gotta love the guy.
Benn Daniel Vai
Benn Daniel Vai 11 dagen geleden
As a Browns fan, it will be sad to see Big Ben retire. What a player. He killed us all these years lol. Mariota would fit the Steelers mould if they look for a QB.
Laith 11 dagen geleden
J.C. McCringleberry god dammit we almost swindled them maybe next time we’ll get you guys to pick up a quarterback that won’t kill us 😂😂😂
J.C. McCringleberry
J.C. McCringleberry 11 dagen geleden thanks to Mariota. I think there will be better options...either in FA or draft.
Nicholas Cook
Nicholas Cook 11 dagen geleden
Myles Garrett already back, yet Josh Gordon has been waiting since June to hear an answer on reinstatement.
Kiahran Adams
Kiahran Adams 3 dagen geleden
@Innu_43 is it only weed? Thought he was also shooting up
Innu_43 3 dagen geleden
@Kiahran Adams druggie bro? Its only weed
J DAN 10 dagen geleden
Agreed - let’s get some rules that actually protect the players lol
Nicholas Selke
Nicholas Selke 10 dagen geleden
Reactionary, first offense. As opposed to breaking the rules time and time again. I don’t really care if players want to smoke weed, but those are the league’s rules. Anyone who wants to play in the NFL must abide by their rules
Kiahran Adams
Kiahran Adams 10 dagen geleden
@Thomas Jackson Myles wasnt trying to kill a man. With a helmet! If you die by a helmet you deserve death lol. Also Gordon is a druggie. Third time suspended
Michael Rudolph
Michael Rudolph 11 dagen geleden
Think everyone’s over it at this point. Hopefully Mason didn’t say it and hopefully Myles apologized to him and hopefully it’s all over with. Woulda been way worse if Myles injured Mason
seanmcerini 11 dagen geleden moving forward until Miles apologizes to Mason for that BS racist claim.
John lisE
John lisE 11 dagen geleden
I know Steeler fans that can’t stand Tomlin. I’m a Dallas Fan, I’d trade any of the head coaches after Parcel for Tomlin in a heartbeat!
Tyler Reynolds
Tyler Reynolds 9 dagen geleden
Huge Steelers fan here. Tomlin is vastly overrated. He hasn’t been able to do anything without having Cowher’s team and personnel. Tripping opponents, allowing Diva-like behavior from players, playing down to the level of competition, making idiotic play calls more often than anyone seems to let on, etc. Are some of his many flaws. I definitely prefer Cowher to Tomlin. I don’t hate Tomlin, but I also can’t say that I like him all that much. I will say that he and Colbert seem to be getting better at drafting players.
Chris Lopez
Chris Lopez 11 dagen geleden
Tomlin is great and he's getting better
J.C. McCringleberry
J.C. McCringleberry 11 dagen geleden
Tomlin has plenty of flaws. We constantly play down to lesser teams and we are often not prepared to play 4 full quarters. Tomlin is solid and better than many coaches, but after 14 years, some of his shortcomings have gotten old.
Silvio Dante
Silvio Dante 11 dagen geleden
I'm a Steeler fan and you're right about some of the fans not wanting him there. But it's usually knee jerk reaction when they say that.
Damari Brackett
Damari Brackett 11 dagen geleden
🤣yall act like mason was completely innocent stop it
EaST CoAsT MaCHete
EaST CoAsT MaCHete 11 dagen geleden
Mike Tomlin is a respected coach players run through a wall for him.
steeleru7 Burgh
steeleru7 Burgh 10 dagen geleden
@ThePlyrMava Sit down and STFU! If you think his job is so easy, why are you sitting on your ass and not coaching the Steelers!
poopmannelson1 10 dagen geleden
@ThePlyrMava you’re delusional. they’ve already won lol. And he’s never had a losing season.
DeadpanFish 10 dagen geleden
That statement needs two periods. Maybe you are limited to one per comment?
Austin Novak
Austin Novak 10 dagen geleden
@ThePlyrMava Hater
ThePlyrMava 10 dagen geleden
He's a dirty coach who lets a toxic culture thrive in Pittsburgh. Good at building defenses and teaching them cheap shots, terrible offensive coach. But it's great he's still in Pittsburgh... They won't win a championship while he's there!
Emanuel Gonzalez
Emanuel Gonzalez 11 dagen geleden
*Let Rudolph start* Let “never say no” Ben sit it out.
Alex Holtzie
Alex Holtzie 11 dagen geleden
Watch ben hit Garret with his helmet 😂
Nick Spallone
Nick Spallone 11 dagen geleden
Man I love Mike Tomlin's no nonsense
PMS Store
PMS Store 11 dagen geleden
OfficiaBIZMusic 11 dagen geleden
Lowkey hope they fight...
Nicholas hartman
Nicholas hartman 11 dagen geleden
You're a fuckin legend pat!!!
CJ Stancill
CJ Stancill 11 dagen geleden
Mike Tomlin 👊
Joseph Reichert
Joseph Reichert 11 dagen geleden
Look iv met myles garrett when he was in college. My mom knew him very well and talked to him all the time. He is a great person. Super nice and respectful. To make him do.that to you. You would have to do something very disrespectful to him. Hes just not a angry guy.
Joseph Reichert
Joseph Reichert 11 dagen geleden
@Evan Zemba my mom knows him well. I didnt say i know him well.
Evan Zemba
Evan Zemba 11 dagen geleden
Just because you met someone doesn't mean you know someone
Benjamin 11 dagen geleden
Everyones saying he's a mild mannered guy. But he got mad and let his emotions take over. It can happen to people who are overly polite and friendly. I know from experience
Mike Gee
Mike Gee 11 dagen geleden
Assault lol. I guess you could say he is mostly peaceful tho.
JOE GREEZY 11 dagen geleden
Lol never forget Mike Tomlin intentionally tripped a punt returner in a live game.
James Nakamoto
James Nakamoto 11 dagen geleden
Garrett still huge POS
Matt Britzius
Matt Britzius 11 dagen geleden
Mahomes and Carr shook after the game. It was on video but tough to see through a couple of players.
ratt pack
ratt pack 11 dagen geleden
Fake news bruh,they did shake hands, it was a quickie tho
Charles McAleer
Charles McAleer 11 dagen geleden
Garrett wouldn’t have hit Rudolph on the end with his helmet if the bengals had an indoor practice facility.
Number 3 Stunner
Number 3 Stunner 11 dagen geleden
Doug Pederson wouldn't have played for the tie either.
Braulio Rincon
Braulio Rincon 11 dagen geleden
@Oh he’s a baaad Man the bengals don’t have an indoor practice facility
Oh he’s a baaad Man
Oh he’s a baaad Man 11 dagen geleden
Someone explain this for me pls?
Jose Amieva
Jose Amieva 11 dagen geleden
Lmfao well done, friend
n1kkoGFX 11 dagen geleden
Alright listen here pal.
John Quach
John Quach 11 dagen geleden
This week on Days of Our Steelers...
UH8meCuzIm RIGHT 11 dagen geleden
John Quach what a tired thing to say
Krohe Gaming
Krohe Gaming 11 dagen geleden
I hope this is game comes down to the last couple seconds. Also I hope Baltimore loses this weekend.
John Truxal
John Truxal 11 dagen geleden
Browns fan above ☝️ wishing and hoping...😂😂😂 Ben has more wins vs the browns than they have wins the last 3 years.💯
Beastquist 11 dagen geleden
Did everyone forgot that Rudolph was the one ripping off Garrett’s helmet first?
Liberal Rod
Liberal Rod 10 dagen geleden
@pedreiva Your argument is light like a feather 😕
Kevin 11 dagen geleden
Did everyone forget B lack L ives M urder
John nie
John nie 11 dagen geleden
@pedreiva and he might have been heavily penalized for it, but.... WE'LL NEVER KNOW NOW CUZ DUMB AZZ PLAYAS GOTTA THROW THE GAME ACTIN STOOOOPID! 😂
pedreiva 11 dagen geleden
@TheTopGun920 Whack-a-mole came when Mason continued pursuing after Garrett was being held back. Honestly, he deserved to be hit for even thinking that charging at the dude who just lifted him up from his facemask was suddenly gonna be cool with him screaming in his face.
Benjamin 11 dagen geleden
When did rudolph pull myles helmet off? He pulled on it,but it never came off
Bigbeefybiscuit *im very beefy*
Imma miss mike Tomlin, he’s a good guy but once he retires imma be sad
Butt Quack
Butt Quack 4 dagen geleden
@Printez Stroman no hes not lol you are a goof. Tomlin is built for football hes robotic
Butt Quack
Butt Quack 4 dagen geleden
@Printez Stroman nah they are two different people. Tomlin enjoys the game idt Cowher did as much considering he went right into broadcasting
NDO Highlights
NDO Highlights 10 dagen geleden
he’s gotta long time to go buddy
Keith Carter
Keith Carter 11 dagen geleden
@BandTheHoorse You are so right. Steelers fans love Cohwer for some reason even though he lost 3 conference championship games at home
Printez Stroman
Printez Stroman 11 dagen geleden
@Derek Esquia All I know is Coach Tomlin's built for a TV gig.
cornfed mule
cornfed mule 11 dagen geleden
So you think they would be ok with tackling each other for an hour but not ok with shaking hands
Awkward Frank
Awkward Frank 11 dagen geleden
QBs don't tackle each other. Even if an opposing QB contracted Covid from a teammate and possibly spread it to his defense, it's still safer to not meet with that QB unnecessarily. It's hard as is to keep track of the people that come into contact with each other inside their own facility. And, not only does QBs deciding not to meet the opposing one protect themselves, it also protects the opposition because people don't really KNOW whether or not they have Covid to spread to anyone else.
Bizzy Bee
Bizzy Bee 11 dagen geleden
Carr and pat had a very brief integration then he ran off.
Obinna E
Obinna E 11 dagen geleden
Mike Tomlin is so dope
Karl Haertling
Karl Haertling 11 dagen geleden
Tomlin dedicated 5 minutes of his presser to gushing about the Browns. As a Browns fan, much respect. Anyone would want the dude as their HC.
Saud Khan
Saud Khan 8 dagen geleden
@Keith Carter speak for yourself lmaooo. i love coach tomlin as a steelers fan
Jimmy Zielinski
Jimmy Zielinski 9 dagen geleden
@Keith Carter Steelers nation loves Mike T, but there are fans that don’t like him but that’s every fan base. Also there is the backwater people in PA that don’t like him due to his race.
judy wilson
judy wilson 9 dagen geleden
Thanks we love Coach T
don primer
don primer 9 dagen geleden
@steeleru7 Burgh didn't think so. He's probably one of those leftards that hate independant free thinkers.
steeleru7 Burgh
steeleru7 Burgh 10 dagen geleden
@sYmboloGy No he isn't. Coach T is his own man.
Kev 11 dagen geleden
“...I called you the N-word, you hit me with a gones be by gones”
Kev 11 dagen geleden
buddymax46 what’s wrong little man? Having a bad day?
buddymax46 11 dagen geleden
@Kev 🖕🏽
Kev 11 dagen geleden
buddymax46 I didn’t know your bad mood was my problem, having a bad day little man?
buddymax46 11 dagen geleden
mexicutioner raicisim Shut up you strunze. Garrett tried to pull an Al Sharpton and it didn't 🖕🏽
buddymax46 11 dagen geleden
Kev Eff you. Garrett tried to pull an Al Sharpton and it backfired.....end of!
Tevon Thomas
Tevon Thomas 11 dagen geleden
Joseph K
Joseph K 11 dagen geleden
Typical tabloid reporters. Sick of these pathetic drama baiting "journalists"
Lucas Ferreira
Lucas Ferreira 11 dagen geleden
Steelers fans are so lucky to have that kind of continuity on QB and HC all these years: Bradshaw, Big Ben, Chuck Noll, Cowher, Tomlin, and of course the biggest player in franchise history and professional dream crusher: Troy Polamalu, the C gapper.
Butt Quack
Butt Quack 4 dagen geleden
@Mason Cook you werent fixing that too much narcissism
Butt Quack
Butt Quack 4 dagen geleden
yeah well some of my peers (steeler fans) SOME was calling for tomlin to be fired couple years ago and i wanted to puke. Good thing the organization didnt fold.
hardtoexplain32 6 dagen geleden
There was a long dark period between Bradshaw and Ben
NmanMETA 11
NmanMETA 11 10 dagen geleden
@Joseph Quinto It's not local, I have never heard that in my life and I'm in Brentwood.
Ja M
Ja M 10 dagen geleden
I still have the notification of your comment “dumbass.” Highly ironic that you call me a “dumbass,” yet don’t know the definition of continuity, then tried to educate me on a word that I know the definition of, and you obviously didn’t/don’t.
Rooky 11 dagen geleden
give mason the start
Magic Joe
Magic Joe 11 dagen geleden
Please for the love of god don’t 😂😂
Devin Pettit
Devin Pettit 11 dagen geleden
He can have the coin flip.
Benjamin 11 dagen geleden
Yeah might as well do it for the lols haha
Tammie A
Tammie A 11 dagen geleden
Klizzard 11 dagen geleden
Myles learned his mistake yeah yeah that was a huge mistake but I bet he won't hit Big Ben
Nightwishmaster 8 dagen geleden
@Turtle 00 There is ZERO justification for what he did, that could have seriously fucked him up for life if he hit him hard enough in the right spot. There's a reason players wear helmets in the first place, to prevent those dangerous, potentially life altering injuries. Mason was stupid for grabbing his facemask, but what Myles did was much worse. If he would have punched him in the face or something, I would say sure he deserved it, but what he did was incredibly dangerous.
amg 5
amg 5 9 dagen geleden
@steeleru7 Burgh yall gave up alot of sacks to the eagles and they suck
steeleru7 Burgh
steeleru7 Burgh 10 dagen geleden
Garrett has only two sacks on Ben since he started and it was in the same game.
amg 5
amg 5 11 dagen geleden
Naaa big ben gonna be rushed all game
amg 5
amg 5 11 dagen geleden
@reality of life naaa he is gonna sack big ben
Matt617 11 dagen geleden
Ham Cast
Ham Cast 11 dagen geleden
@BB11 yup
Jeremy Abbott
Jeremy Abbott 11 dagen geleden
BB11 11 dagen geleden
@Reecefresh_gets YESSSIRRR
Reecefresh_gets 11 dagen geleden
Browns winning
Creme De La Creme
Creme De La Creme 11 dagen geleden
Tomlin has only ever said ONE respectable thing in his life and this was it. Surprised he’s not crying about Myles not being banned forever
steeleru7 Burgh
steeleru7 Burgh 10 dagen geleden
Sit down!
John nie
John nie 11 dagen geleden
That may of been the OLD Tomlin...not this one. He knows this may be the best time for him to take them there. And not to allow the media to corner him or get him to react in the way that they hoped. It takes a lot to get him heated...on camera. I'd LOVE to be a fly on the wall in their LR.
Ace Siegel
Ace Siegel 11 dagen geleden
You sounds stupid
TheTabaK23 11 dagen geleden
I hope you’re kidding and I hope you’re not a salty browns fan making us look bad. I may hate the Steelers because I’m a browns fan, but Tomlin is a class act and a great coach.
John Domingo
John Domingo 11 dagen geleden
@Chad Smalley what do u expect from a browns fan
Matt Zornes
Matt Zornes 11 dagen geleden
Mahomes did talk with Carr quickly after the game.
Derek Esquia
Derek Esquia 11 dagen geleden
TheJoern he said foles bro
Devin Pettit
Devin Pettit 11 dagen geleden
He almost got Covid from Gilmore. He needs to just go to the locker room and stop tryna be friendly. We get it Pat, everyone loves you but there's a pandemic going on.
TheJoern 11 dagen geleden
and Brady did shake hands with Herbert the week before after he won
Jttyler777 11 dagen geleden
Ya I replayed it too, he didnt really try to talk like most qbs just a quick handshake and left dont know what pats talkin bout
Michael F. Bender
Michael F. Bender 11 dagen geleden
Props to Mike Tomlin here. It's a new year, new season.
Matt Cooke
Matt Cooke 9 dagen geleden
Tomlin's a super underrated coach. I'm a spoiled Pats fan but the Steelers are lucky to have him.
judy wilson
judy wilson 9 dagen geleden
@toyotaecw not this time Kareem Hunt has been running his mouth
steeleru7 Burgh
steeleru7 Burgh 10 dagen geleden
@toyotaecw BS! Are you in the locker room?
thekingbradable 10 dagen geleden
Exactly. Ain’t nobody worried about that anymore time to play football
Dang026 10 dagen geleden
@toyotaecw I think the idea he doesn't have control of his players stemmed from the individual player Antonio Brown... Who was in fact so good that he led the league in receptions and yards 5 consecutive seasons. After his nonsense Tomlin still got a 3rd round pick for him because of his insane talent. I think he became a locker room exception and everybody knew that. LBell on the other hand was simply making a business decision not to play which some of his team disagreed with because the organization really drives the team over player message home and that was a hard one but after the time passed I think most of the players made up and understood his point of view. Look at Earl Thomas and Dak Prescott having potentially devastating injury take thier careers before they got paid. He made a business decision for himself and both side understand that. Tomlin has become a top 3 coach in the league overall and there are some really good ones.
Blake Wilson
Blake Wilson 11 dagen geleden
Hey man I’m a huge fan!! If y’all could like so he can see this it takes 1 second
ZeroTo Hero
ZeroTo Hero 11 dagen geleden
Can i get a like butt muchers
DefNotNinja 11 dagen geleden
SAVAGE!! Tomlins a boss 😆😆
steeleru7 Burgh
steeleru7 Burgh 10 dagen geleden
@DefNotNinja 😅🤣😅🤣👏👏👏
Micah Whitley
Micah Whitley 10 dagen geleden
@Parv Tahiliani im confused when has tomlin cheated other than when he stepped on the field on that kick return.
Parv Tahiliani
Parv Tahiliani 11 dagen geleden
​@chris Bronson you dont need to hear to win
chris Bronson
chris Bronson 11 dagen geleden
@Parv Tahiliani who cares the astros literarily just got caught cheating a year ago and most people have already forgot. If you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying my friend
Theo Leslie
Theo Leslie 11 dagen geleden
Yo pat what’s good
Polar Escaped
Polar Escaped 11 dagen geleden
love all these episodes i have been addicted
Colton Chappell
Colton Chappell 11 dagen geleden
Jacob Samaniego
Jacob Samaniego 11 dagen geleden
Reality Tv 😂😂